Systematic Theology, Vol. 2 Kindle ä Systematic

Systematic Theology, Vol. 2 Kindle ä Systematic

Systematic Theology, Vol. 2 [PDF] ✅ Systematic Theology, Vol. 2 By Norman L. Geisler – Best E Book, Systematic Theology, Vol. 2 by Norman L. Geisler This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn 9780764225529 format Hardcover and others 720 pages and has a text lan Best EBook, Systematic Theology, Vol by Norman L Geisler This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn format Hardcover and others pages and has a text language like English.

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  1. Katie Katie says:

    Grad school read

  2. Bryant Rudisill Bryant Rudisill says:

    As a modern day Thomas Auinas Dr Norman Geisler defends classical Theism par excellence In his dealing with Theology Proper Dr Geisler supports each attribute from non moral to moral biblically theologically and historically Along with rebutting the major objections against each one from his outstanding philosophical logic which happens to be very Thomistic He is okay with mysteries as long as it doesn't violate the first fundamental law of rational thinking ie noncontradictionAs far as Dr Geisler's doctrine of God is concerned my main objection is raised against his Arminian view of the ability of man The he argues for man's ability free will the further he finds himself asserting contradictory statements Though space prohibits a counter argument I will state that his argument can be used to support man's inability According to Geisler the Calvinist doctrine of man's inability is a contradiction This is true maybe in terms though I think a proper rewording of the argument using Geisler's own argument would eliminate this but in REALITY ie experience this is not so However though he has made his terms noncontradictory a good philosopher he is in his ability to do this the reality of it reveals the truth of its inherent contradictionMoving on to his doctrine of creation Dr Geisler again proves his innate ability to develop sound arguments for the classical view of Theism in dealing with creation Revealing the heresies behind the recent view of process theology which he does throughout this work; Geisler also argues against naturalistic and deified forms of evolution He continues on to explain the various different views within biblical creationism Though leaning towards an old earth view he hardly reveals his bias when examining the differing viewsInstructive Lucid Biblical Logical

  3. Jared Daugherty Jared Daugherty says:

    Systematic theology helps us understand the entire context of what we read why we read and how we should read This companion commentary is great for serious students of God's Word This deals with the major issues of Scripture like God and salvation but is not as exstensive on other subjects as Wayne Grudem's 'Systematic Theology'

  4. Michael Michael says:

    Great as a reference to the major issues concerning the covered topics At times disappointing given the uippish responses to topics deserving of being books in themselves

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