Systematic Theology vol 1 IntroductionBible Systematic

Systematic Theology vol 1 IntroductionBible Systematic

Systematic Theology vol 1 IntroductionBible Systematic Theology Bethany House ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Systematic Theology vol 1 IntroductionBible Systematic Theology Bethany House By Norman L. Geisler ✰ – This stand alone in depth reference work is the culmination of the author's 30 plus years of study and research In the introduction portion of this two part book Geisler examines the realities of the vol 1 MOBI ð This stand alone in depth reference work is the culmination of the author's plus years of study and research In the introduction portion of this two part book Geisler examines the realities of the Christian faith including the existence of God the reality of truth the nature of revelation Theology vol 1 IntroductionBible Systematic eBook ë and guidelines for interpretation Part two presents the origin of Scripture its inspiration inerrancy and much July.

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  1. Ben De Bono Ben De Bono says:

    I had discussion with one of my professors this past week about Geisler He made the comment referring to Geisler that not everyone who has an intellectual mind also possesses a subtle mind It's a fascinating and important distinction that perfectly sums up everything that is right and wrong with this book Geisler clearly knows his stuff He's a logical thinker capable of building clear arguments in favor of his positions But despite being able to put together a clear logical argument Geisler's approach lacks any of the subtle complexity that makes a systematic theology truly great There is no room for mystery in Geisler's world Every t is crossed and every i is dotted The problem is that that's not how theology works Theology is complex and intricate That doesn't mean that conclusions must be relativistic but it does mean that theologians must avoid brushing off complex counter arguments with brief five point responses something Geisler does repeatedly in his book Reflecting on this first volume I have to wonder if that sort of blunt ultimately simplistic approach is indicative of an evidentialist approach to theology It seems that evidentialism reuires an airtight case which allows little room for the complexity that comes with truly engaging with and internalizing conflicting views That doesn't mean the work is valueless For better or worse Geisler is a good representative of evangelical theology and the way that most evangelicals go about theology He makes the case for evangelical theology in a perfectly evangelical way Unfortunately it's a case that will only be accepted by those already on board with his views Anyone opposing Geisler's positions can for the most part dismantle his arguments very uickly As an evangelical I find this very problematic and it's why I'm being so hard on the book I do hold to many though certainly not all of Geisler's positions but the way he argues them makes those views unsustainable For evangelicalism to survive we must stop accepting easy answers and be willing to engage in complex discussion that doesn't always end with everything as neatly tied down as we might like it to be Through one volume Geisler appears unwilling or incapable of doing so If I'm right about him be an indicator of evangelical thought then evangelicalism is sadly not in good shape Perhaps it's time for evangelicals to end their decades long polemic against Karl Barth and relearn how to defend conservative orthodox theology in an intellectually defensible way that we can actually be proud of

  2. David Close David Close says:

    Very comprehensive but would have benefited from depth into specific topicsdiscussions

  3. Nathan Parker Nathan Parker says:

    This is a solid overview of the Prolegomena and doctrine of the Bible Bibliology in Systematic Theology It is in depth enough for PhD level research as well as Geisler takes an Apologetics style approach to Systematic Theology so this will benefit students of Apologetics as well in addition to those who want a practical approach to studying Systematic Theology I look forward to interacting with the rest of the series

  4. Kingsley Layton Kingsley Layton says:

    A great alternative to people like Grudem without deviating one iota from the truth

  5. Philip Dampier Philip Dampier says:

    Very comprehensive Disagree with his treatment of eschatology but that is a person understanding difference

  6. Bryant Rudisill Bryant Rudisill says:

    Thank God for theistic philosophers Such an exhaustive precondition laid as a foundation to Dr Geisler's magnum opus; and his prolegomena does well in supporting the weight of the first story an intimidating defense of the orthodox view of the Bible of a seven story constructionI give ten stars because there was little to disagree with and much knowledge gained from his near irrefutable rebuttal of classic and modern arguments against a theistic God and the divine authority of ScriptureI understand now why there is such an importance for today's theologian to be WELL educated in philosophy Dr Geisler does immensely well in defending his theology from a philosophical stanceHe argues neatly rather exhaustively while remaining compact and thoroughly being careful to leave no room for error and careful to give no ground or opportunity to be rebuttedThough your mind may well be fried after the closing of this giant its completion is to your advantage

  7. Katie Katie says:

    Grad school read

  8. Michael Michael says:

    Systematic indeed and thorough Hardly ever three points and done get used to reading fifteenthly The prolegomena is an excellent overview of the necessary philosophical presuppositions and refutation of the faulty ones involved in an approach to theologyThe Bibliology section is repetitive but serves to establish exactly what the evangelical position toward the Scriptures is Written at a surprisingly readable level Should be easily read by the layman Will serve well as a bibliographic reference for reading on the various topics discussed

  9. Jacob Aitken Jacob Aitken says:

    Geisler's idiosyncrasies aside I actually kind of liked this book It is very well organized and is sensitive to a lot of critiues raised by Roman Catholics Since he is not specifically dealing with Calvinism in this book he therefore actually takes his arguments to the next level

  10. Jared Daugherty Jared Daugherty says:

    This is a great introduction to systematic theology and why it matters when we study the Word of God If we carefully interpret God's Word with God's Word we cannot fall into heresy nor redundancy

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