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  1. Aymen Ben cheikh Aymen Ben cheikh says:

    Young Michelle is found dead after a party in her town Her mother Lillie can't believe it who would kill her sweet little girl? and why? She decides to look for answers But something is wrong people seem to hide things from her even her husband and her son This book like other Patricia MacDonald's books is addicting i m a slow reader and i finished it in three days because i needed to know what happened and how the story is going to end But i didn't give it a five stars because i think the author could give details in the end but i still find the end strong and satisfying Good mystery

  2. Michael Adamchuk Michael Adamchuk says:

    Based on a true story During a small town celebration in Tennessee a prisoner escapes a local girl is found murdered and a tornado watch is in effect This sets the tone for a suspenseful tour of the townsfolk Who could have done such a thing to such a nice girl? The story is engrossing and suspense Red herrings abound I enjoyed it

  3. Avid Series Reader Avid Series Reader says:

    No Way Home by Patricia MacDonald is a suspenseful tale set in modern day fictional locations in Tennessee The weather tornado watch sets the eerie tone from the beginning Lillie and her daughter Michele battled since Michele's birth to save her life Now she is a teenager glowing with robust health and beauty as they attend the town's Founders Day celebration Lillie's husband Pink is her safe harbor the second husband she accepted for a steady life after her passionate first love Jordan Hill abandoned wife and newborn daughter for a movie star career Lillie's and Pink's son Grayson is a popular teen in school good at sports headed for a bright future Pink is a real estate agent always focused on making a good impression and working his contacts Lillie and Pink go home from the Founder's Day festivities expecting Grayson and Michele to follow later But Michele does not return home She is found murdered A recent prison escapee is initially assumed to be the murderer but evidence suggests otherwise Lillie's world is shattered by the loss of her daughter She cannot celebrate Grayson's sports success as he and Pink do Grayson appears to capitalize on Michele's death in his campaign for student council president and Pink accuses Lillie of neglecting her son to focus on Michele Jordan Hill is devastated at the loss of his daughter and comes to town looking for answers He is not welcome in town where everyone remembers he left his wife and newborn critically ill daughter to chase fame and fortune in NYC A black circuit preacher tries to inform Lillie or the sheriff that he saw Michele that night and also saw a young man near where she was later found Prejudice prevents his eyewitness account from being considered A young teenager with a crush on Grayson is jilted by him for a newcomer to town and attempts suicide Lillie realizes she has not been close to her son for years only Pink has a bond with Grayson The sheriff suddenly leaves town to enroll his juvenile delinuent son in military school Lillie discovers that Pink and Grayson have concealed from her what happened that night with Michele She confronts Pink and leaves home The real truth does not come out until another murder occurs and another attempt to frame an innocent man Lillie and the sheriff are faced with an awful choice The story winds up to a violent confrontation and death In the aftermath Lillie begins life again This was a page turner can't put it down read for me the second time I've enjoyed a suspense novel by Patricia MacDonald first one was The Unforgiven

  4. Kristin Danko Kristin Danko says:

    A teenage girl living in Tennessee is murdered on Founder's Day While her mom wants to investigate the circumstances surrounding the murder those close to her don't want her to

  5. Terri Lynn Terri Lynn says:

    Why didn't I know this book from 1989 exist? I could have read it decades ago That is one thing I love about Goodreads finding good books I never knew about before I will admit upfront I didn't really like anyone in the book though I was fascinated with what they said and did and what happened to them Lillie who to me is just an idiot was married as a teen and had a baby girl named Michele who almost didn't live and reuired at least 15 years of surgeries and treatment Lillie's husband Jordan abandoned them to go be an actor and is doing a soap opera He did come around a bit here and there but has been out of their lives for the most part Lillie never really got over him She married a man named Grayson Burdette in her little town who owned a little real estate business and provided her and sick Michele with a home They had a son together a creepy self centered boy named Grayson His dad is called Pink So over the years while Lillie has been obsessed with Michele she developed no real relationship with son Grayson or with husband Pink Pink is eually obsessed with Grayson I mean it is unnatural to worship a kid the way he does that boy He seems to be living through the kid Lillie's world is shattered on Founder's Day in their little Tennessee town when Pink goes out to find Grayson and Michele that night they had all gone to the celebration and Michele had been in a play and Grayson had helped his team to win the game and they all get the shock of their lives Pink and Grayson come home with the sheriff who tells her that 17 year old Michele has been murdered What she doesn't know is that they are keeping a terrible secret from her They are lying and the secret goes deeper even the sheriff and Pink realizeLillie has to try to solve this mystery herself and much to Pink and Grayson's disgust her ex husband Jordan has come to help find out who killed his biological daughter This makes Pink even jealous and worries GraysonSo who did it? So many secrets and Lillie finds the sheriff and Pink trying to thwart her at every turn Was it the escaped convict? Was it the sheriff's troubled gay son who he rushed off to a military school right afterwards? Or was it someone way too close to home?

  6. Jenn Jenn says:

    Man I wish I could give a book 3 12 stars This book is pretty good it just takes a lot for me to give a paperback murder mystery 4 starsThis was one of those mysteries where I wasn't surprised by the who the killer was but I don't think that's really the point of this book It's like you know what the identity of the killer is but the protagonist doesn't and for me I really wondered what her reaction would beMy comments about this book yesterday were this i'm in that weird head space that comes from living to vicariously through something else and that something else is unsettling a weird combo of Tarkio and a murder mystery wherein the murder victim is a teenage girl and the main character in the story is the victim's mom i have started to suffer from the mom disease where every time i read about a mother and child i instantly say to myself what if that were my child?It was a uick read I'd read the first 30 or so pages a few weeks ago and picked it up again without a problem and finished it yesterday during breaks at work and when Charlotte was napping in the evening One slightly picky criticism that I do have is that there were a lot of female characters whose names began with the letter L and had multiple Ls in their names It wasn't hard to keep track exactly but it was a little distracting at times when I'd turn a page and encounter Lillie Loretta Lulene and Allene

  7. Valerie Valerie says:

    This novel was based on a true crime case which happened in Connecticut The author set her story in Tennessee On Founder's Day in Felton TN a young girl was found murdered It was determined that a boy she had a crush on killed her Unbeknownst to everyone involved in the case the girl's half brother was also present at the scene of the crime The boy accused of killing her happened to be the sheriff's son and he was sent to a military school rather than being arrested The girl's mother suffered greatly over this crime and she feared there was to the truth than the story that was publicized She was right It was a very shocking and terrible story and the truth in this case was much worse than even the mother of the girl and her half brother had thought This fictionalized account is a classic study of a person who is a true sociopath

  8. Sandy Sandy says:

    Maybe this will help you feel better Marye

  9. Sandra Sandra says:

    It took 15 chapters for the storyline to get moving One it did it was okay but predictable I don't think I would recommend it to anyone

  10. Caroline Horgan Caroline Horgan says:

    I am not a fan of mysteries but I did like this one Plot moves along uickly writing was very good

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No Way Home ➵ [Read] ➱ No Way Home By Patricia MacDonald ➿ – Lorsue à l'issue du bal on découvre le corps de Michèle une jeune fille de Felton Tennessee tout le monde est tenté de croire au geste d'un déséuilibré Peut être même certains voudraient ils Lorsue à l'issue du bal on découvre le corps de Michèle une jeune fille de No Way eBook ´ Felton Tennessee tout le monde est tenté de croire au geste d'un déséuilibré Peut être même certains voudraient ils u'on y croie Mais Lillie sa mère n'a ue faire des suppositions Elle veut la véritéPouruoi dès lors rencontre t elle l'indifférence de son mari beau père de Michèle et du fils u'elle a eu de lui Pouruoi semble t on vouloir étouffer l'affaire A l'issue d'une uête acharnée et d'un suspense de premier ordre elle découvrira une vérité atroce et du même coup la véritable nature de ses proches.