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Boy on the Wire ➜ [Epub] ❧ Boy on the Wire By Alastair Bruce ➦ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk 'He is a man who lied who told a story a wild fanciful story about the death of a child a hard and unyielding story It is that he finds that he hates most The story that was toldIn 1983 Paul Hyde aged 'He is a man who lied who told a story a wild fanciful story about the death of a child a hard and unyielding story It is that he finds that he hates most The story that was toldIn Paul Hyde aged ten dies falling from a ledge in the mountains of the Karoo His older brother Peter who falls at the same time survives but loses all memory of the event The youngest brother John is the only witnessMany years later John is living Boy on ePUB ↠ in London He and his wife Rachel who knows nothing of the tragedy of his past and nothing of his family make plans to have children of their own Their life together is disrupted when Peter arrives in London and claims his memory is returning Pulled back in spite of himself John returns to South Africa and the home he grew up inHis return makes him uestion his recollection of the tragedy Can we ever be certain of events that happened that far in the past certain we have not completely changed their meaning and our part in them.

  • 216 pages
  • Boy on the Wire
  • Alastair Bruce
  • English
  • 15 August 2014

8 thoughts on “Boy on the Wire

  1. Bookread2day Bookread2day says:

    I loved reading every page of Boy on the Wire by Alastair Bruce I highly recommend this novel There is definitely a lot of suspense running through the pages This is a story of three ordinary loving brothers that were going to jump from high rocks into the water A tragedy happens Which brother is telling the truth into the secret of their young brother's death The boy on the wire shows how uickly an ordinary family life can take one dark fatal turn and nothing is never the same after There is a tangle of excitement to this roller coaster dark tale to find the truth

  2. Emīlija Emīlija says:

    The idea for the plot intrigued me but the execution was super boring the book dragged on forever and I skimmed through about 90% of it

  3. Laura McMahon Laura McMahon says:

    Couldnt get into unfinished

  4. Sid Nuncius Sid Nuncius says:

    I thought Alastair Bruce's Wall Of Days was excellent and I was hoping for great things from this novel It's not bad and has some excellent things about it but overall I found it a bit of a disappointment I'm afraidIt's a difficult book to summarize It is narrated from various points of view at different times sometimes in the third person sometimes in the first – and concerns John Hyde who is now a successful London banker At the age of eight he witnessed the death of his older brother in a fall and has always held his other brother responsible The book concerns his shattered family and his relationship or lack of relationship with them and how returning memories may bring trauma and possible healingIt's a haunting book almost nightmarish book at times in which there is little plot to speak of Bruce is concerned with the nature of memory of how memories both false and true can affect our lives and of how lives may be impacted by shattering events even events of long ago Beginning uietly he creates a strange semi hallucinatory world in which reality memory and illusion become indistinguishable – and if you've read Wall Of days you will know what I mean He's brilliant at it using short direct sentences with few adverbs or adjectives and almost nothing in the way of simile or metaphor It's extremely effective but this time I think Bruce overdoes it The book is only just over 200 pages long but even so the lengthy central section narrated by John in the first person feels too long The atmosphere of isolated nightmarish haunting by lost memories never being sure what is real and what is imagined is built slowly and devastatingly but blimey – it does go on Even the climax felt a bit dragged out not least because it seemed fairly clear from early in the book what was likely to be revealed And don’t look for neatly tied up endings by the wayI rather felt that this was a less successful attempt to tread similar ground to Wall Of Days and although I am glad to have read it and some bits will stay with me I have only reluctantly rounded 35 stars up to four on the grounds that it's very well written and three stars seems churlish I can only recommend this with reservations

  5. Jenny Jenny says:

    If we create a story in our mind and stick to it long enough it becomes our truth But what if that truth is challenged? How deep can memories be buried? What are the ramifications of another's truth? John Hyde leaves his neat London life in search of truth in South Africa's Eastern Cape The reader is swept away on a turbulent stream of consciousness and left adrift with thoughts on child psychology family dynamics truth and forgiveness It's a gripping thought provoking read written in sharp stark language Recommended

  6. Hjwoodward Hjwoodward says:

    I ended up skimming through the book because frankly I found the style too mannered too self conscious Alastair Bruce could take some tips from Margaret Mahy's excellent 'Memory' I also found it unbelievable that parents could handle a tragedy that badly And that an eight year old could behave as the protagonist did A disappointing read I'm afraid

  7. Judy Beyer Judy Beyer says:

    My heart was in my throat throughout the novel so the wishy washy ending was a disappointment

  8. Sreddy Sreddy says:

    Denouement last four chapters wrecked what would have been a great book

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