Deep Purple PDF/EPUB å Paperback

Deep Purple PDF/EPUB å Paperback

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  1. Colin Murtagh Colin Murtagh says:

    This book describes itself as a collage of the history of Deep Purple and that's a very good description of it If you're looking for an in depth history of the band then this probably isn't the book for you In fact I don't think that book actually exists It seems strange that a band of the stature of Deep Purple don't have a book to compare with for example Led Zepplins Hammer of the Gods or When Giants Walked The Earth this book does not pretend that it is If however you're looking for a uick run through the ups and downs of the band a flavour of the characters and an idea of the legacy then you couldn't do much better The book is in roughly chronological order Starting from the early days before Purple and moving through the various line ups to the current day Unlike say the authors own Black biography or the Gillan autobiography this is up to date The book is arranged in very short chapters most running to 3 or 4 pages and the chapters tend to be thematic For example there are chapters on the links with the Rolling Stones the true story of the loudest band in the world tag or the band's feelings on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame It does give the book a slight feel of one of those Ten things you don't know about Deep Purple lists you would find on the internet and it does break up the flow a bit so to my mind this is one of those books you dip into That way it becomes like a chat about the band The style of the writing is very chatty It would be so easy for this to be a dull dry recitation of facts instead this feels like someone having a gossip down the pub about their favourite band And it is obvious that the author has a deep connection to them It feels like a labour of love He's picked his favourite facts and his favourite stories and presented them with a smile As a long time follower of not only Purple but all the off shoots I would have been prepared to bet this would tell me nothing new I'd have been wrong There's enough of the history in the book that I doubt the casual fan would get lost while still having enough little stories that the longer term fans may not have heard It appears to be well researched and a lot of the photos are new to me The press cuttings from the time are a nice touch although not all are entirely legibleThat's not to say that the book doesn't have issues At times it can get a bit repetitive Ian Gillan being replaced is mentioned than once for example and some of the chapters do feel as if they were shoved in to bulk the book out My biggest gripe however is the horrible shiny paper it's printed on It can make it a bit difficult to read in the wrong light All in I would recommend it as a fun informative book Now if only someone would write the definitive book

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Deep Purple ➠ [Epub] ➚ Deep Purple By Jerry Bloom ➪ – A Matter Of Fact is the perfect companion to Deep Purple's music Full of bizarre obscure and amazing facts that have surrounded the band throughout its career of over forty years If you have ever had A Matter Of Fact is the perfect companion to Deep Purple's music Full of bizarre obscure and amazing facts that have surrounded the band throughout its career of over forty years If you have ever had disagreements with fellow fans about various facts or want to test the biggest fan on just how good their Deep Purple knowledge is then this is the book for you How did Ian Paice and Rod Evans end up supporting Deep Purple Why did Ritchie Black's country and western guitar playing save him from a beating Why did Dire Straits' Mark Knopfler review a Purple gig Who first recorded versions of several Deep Purple songs complete with an orchestra Did Deep Purple's explosive performance at Plumpton really prevent Yes from performing Who did Deep Purple sue for selling bootlegs Which big rock star did the band get in a spat with at Knebworth Why did the Bee Gees receive Purple's lifetime achievement award What was Deep Purple's involvement with a film about a sixteenth century naval explorer that never got produced Why were some of Deep Purple's recent gigs illegal The answers to all these uestions and many amazing facts are revealed in this captivating book Based on interviews with band and road crew members contemporary press articles and drawing on management files A Matter Of Fact helps to clarify the truth behind several stories It also dispels some untruths once and for all as well a few previously un revealed new stories that will appeal to even the most diehard fans.

  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Deep Purple
  • Jerry Bloom
  • English
  • 09 August 2014
  • 9781908724069