A Pigeons Tale eBook ´ A Pigeons PDF or

A Pigeons Tale eBook ´ A Pigeons PDF or

A Pigeons Tale [Epub] ➞ A Pigeons Tale Author S.A. Mahan – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Walter is a homing pigeon living with his parents in a rancher's coop when a deranged wildcat attacks and sends them scrambling for their lives Barely escaping with his life Walter finds himself in a Walter is a homing pigeon living with his parents in a rancher's coop when a deranged wildcat attacks and sends them scrambling for their lives Barely escaping with his life Walter finds himself in a city where kindly street pigeons teach him about language philosophy and politicsA A Pigeons PDF or venture south to find a human family for the winter sees him face desperate peril as a flock of snow geese help him finish the journey Finding solace in a dorm room with two young college students Walter heads home with one of them to a ranch in Texas where he is adopted by the close knit family and their uirky petsWalter forms a uick bond with the scientist grandfather who spends every day with Walter working on a project in a mysterious tiny shack behind the house This secret work soon becomes the center of Walter's life and his fate when he is thrust into an epic struggle for survival against cosmic forces that threaten to destroy the worldFor fans of WATERSHIP DOWN and THE SECRET OF NIMH A Pigeons Tale is a mind bending sci fi adventure tale about friendship loyalty and destiny.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 291 pages
  • A Pigeons Tale
  • S.A. Mahan
  • English
  • 10 May 2015

About the Author: S.A. Mahan

SA MAHAN lives in the mountains of Colorado with her husband of thirty nine years She has three children and six grandchildren and is a fiber artist and an avid outdoorswoman CHRISSIE'S RUN was a Dante Rosetti finalist and is a finalist in the Kindle A Pigeons PDF or Book Awards for Young Adult fiction THE BABY SEA TURTLE was a finalist in the Colorado Book Awards and won a Bronze Medal in the.

10 thoughts on “A Pigeons Tale

  1. Johanna Johanna says:

    Walter is no ordinary pigeon A direct descendant from the great war hero Cher Ami he knows he is destined for greatness from the moment he flees his coop to escape from a dangerous wild cat Now in the “wild” Walter must team up with the experienced birds to learn how to surviveAs winter fast approaches Walter must find a human family to care for him and as luck would have it he finds the very best human for the job in a young college student named Kenny But is it luck or something ?Traveling home with Kenny for Christmas break Walter meets grandpa the famous Sir Alfred Jerome who seems to have known that Walter would be coming all along A faithful student under grandpa Walter learns a great many new things including the fact that the world is in great peril But what can a single scientist and a pigeon do about it? And can Walter do anything to help poor Dottie Kenny’s little sister who is dying from cancer?I’m sorry to say I was very disappointed with this book What started off as a very cute and imaginative story about a pigeon uickly became a tangled mess of new age eastern mysticism interfaith and mythology with a thin veneer of Christianity to slip it under the radar of unsuspecting readersThis book totally crossed the line for me by saying that the Viking god Odin is another name for the God of the Bible YHWH As a person of Norwegian and Viking decent I think I am somewhat ualified in calling this complete hogwash but the thing that truly concerns me is knowing that young children will read it and not know any better than to believe itThe shame is that this book seems to be about these ideas than the actual plotstoryline which is why I chose to give it only two stars The author certainly has the right to believe whatever she wants but I would advise Christians to keep this book away from their kids unless or until they have a rock solid foundation of Apologetics under their belts I have received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewCheck out this review on my blog EpicBookuestcom

  2. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    I read this book out loud to my third grade students While they were on the young side to read it independently the complexity of the book prompted many thought provoking discussions The students were completely mesmerized and begged to hear it everyday This is the review they wrote Do you like birds adventure and science fiction? Then A Pigeon’s Tale by S A Mahan is the book for you It is about a pigeon named Walter who tries to save the world from a terrible storm It was amazing It includes so many things and the author has such an imagination Our favorite part was when Walter and Old Dude were at McDonalds Old Dude says“If we’re real lucky one of ‘em will drop a whole ice cream” As a class we highly recommend this book It has funny dialogue and has things from real life like McDonald’s to help you imagine things from the book in your mind

  3. Pegboard Pegboard says:

    In this fanciful story Walter an elderly pigeon recalls the major events of his life S A Mahon has stepped outside herself and thought about the adventure and peril a pigeon would face on a daily bases She has carefully woven interesting facts about what the life of a pigeon would be like in her novel A Pigeon’s TaleWalter loses his family before he was even old enough to live on his own Fate carried him to town where he meets Old Dude who instructs him in the fundamentals that his parents were unable to teach Walter is recognized as being a descendant of a royal breed that is destined for greatnessAs Walter flies off to save his human family he is helped by Old Dude and his great great great great grandfather Cher Ami the famous homing pigeonThis story is based off the author’s pet pigeon while she was growing up She observed first hand how intelligent and teachable pigeons can be

  4. Grady Grady says:

    I do not know what beat harder my heart or my wings as I struggled up into the night sky'Colorado author S A Mahan writes about what she lives a part of nature in the mountains of Colorado She raises alpacas enjoys the fiber arts and is an avid outdoorswoman hiking the Rocky Mountain trails gathering ideas for her stories A wife mother and grandmother she believes that `every human life is infinitely valuable born or unborn and worth fighting for that we must listen to God or lose our way and that good will triumph over evil' Mahan elects to write this young adult novel in the voice of a pigeon hence the title of the book Other writers falter when attempting to take on the form of an animal to relate a story but in this case the writing is so very natural that we identify with the main character Walter almost immediatelyTo introduce the story Mahan offers the following' He attacked shortly after midnight when all of the lights at the ranch were turned down the half moon had set below the horizon and all of the dogs were sound asleep The coop had carried a strange smell all day long I could not place it so I asked my mother earlier that afternoon Don't worry little one she soothed me some of the others are just a little nervous You smell their nerves They get that way once in a whileBut I caught a rare glint in her eye and suddenly realized that she was also on edge And I realized whatever that strange smell was the odor that was different from the normal comfortable pigeon poop pungency of my home It was the smell of fear All day the old flyers whispered the news back and forth to each other with uivering voices I was still so young that I could barely fly from one end of the coop to the other Because of my age I was not included in their conversations I caught bits and pieces of information though Apparently old Rancher George had run over a wildcat with his truck the night before George a kind hearted old rancher swerved wildly into the middle of the road and tried to avoid the cat' And it becomes obvious that the intercommunication between pigeons and their relationship to humans is uite naturalThe story is a fantasy or is it? and the plot synopsis is clear as to the direction this adventure will lead us `The Big One is coming the end of this age of man and it is up to a young homing pigeon named Walter to lead his human friends to safety Join young Walter Pigeon as he escapes the terrible claws of a one eyed wildcat flees to the safety of the 'big city' pigeons flies south for the winter and finds a human family to take him in And thenThe Big One To survive The Big One Walter must use everything at his disposal to survive the vast collective memory of all pigeons of all time morphic resonance an instantaneous communication between birds that seems to occur on a sub uantum level and his wonderful lineage as a fine homing pigeon with a famous great great great grandfather one of the greatest heroes of all pigeon time His human friend Grandpa or Sir Alfred Jerome an enlightened man is the greatest of all scientists and has found a way to save millions of children from the impending destruction of The Big One He has built Skynest a shining city in the sky But he will need Walter's help and the help of The Great White Stork to save the one child he loves the most his little granddaughter Dottie'Warm gentle smoothly written for young adults to enjoy THE PIGEON'S TALE has levels of philosophy and spiritual tones that are too often missing in the plethora of YA novels focusing on paranormal creatures vampires werewolves Marvel Comic figures The book is a fine gift idea for the Young Adults in your life

  5. Phil Bolos Phil Bolos says:

    Now this is an interesting one A Pigeon's Tale by S A Mahan is the story of a pigeon who goes on a most unusual adventure The story begins with the pigeon in uestion letting us know that he is hundreds of years old Knowing that pigeons really don't have that long of a life span the reader is then able to figure out that something really amazing is going to happen to this pigeon The pigeon then starts his story on a farm in his distant past One night a wildcats attacked the pigeon coup where the pigeon and his family were sleeping Being caught the pigeon escaped through a small hole in the back of the coup and began his first ever flight all by himself It is not too long after this that pigeon comes across a variety of interesting characters with names such as Hawk Watcher and Old Dude The names really do describe exactly what the characters are like as Hawk Watcher is missing an eye and always on the look out and Old Dude iswell old The characters continue to get interesting as the book goes on especially after the pigeon falls in with humans and gets wrapped up in uite an interesting science experimentThere is no doubt that this is a work of science fiction The animal characters are personified beautifully and the narrative reads as if you are following human characters on this adventure It should be pointed out that some readers will have a hard time with this since the main character is a pigeon but if you can get past that and just focus on the story then it really does become a fun and interesting read The narrative moves along at a steady pace and the editing was done very well

  6. Ashley Ashley says:

    As the name suggests humans are not all that important in this story because the characters are pigeons The main character goes by a number of names throughout the story so you can take your pick on what you want to call him This concept was something I had to get used to but then I came to enjoy it The things that birds go through day to day are a little bit different than what humans do even if some of the things in this book were a bit fictionalized You are still able to see what the main perils and differences are as well as appreciate them I especially liked the character of Old Dude not only because of how he treated the main character but also because of his particular style of speaking which was fun to read Cozy up to this book when you want to read an eventful tale which is a bit out of the ordinary but has no problem entertaining

  7. Blueink Review Blueink Review says:

    In this endearing uasi science fiction book for older children – and their parents – a young pigeon must grow up fast to fulfill his destinyThe story is told from the point of view of an 800 year old pigeon named Walter who is pecking out his life’s story from his early years living happily with his family in a pigeon coop to his role in saving the world during a natural disaster Because Walter is remarkably intelligent and descended from a noble line of pigeons he is able to communicate with humans and birds alikeSA Mahan fills her book with of memorable characters including Old Dude a funny eccentric pigeon who takes Walter under his wing; Margie a tough talking pigeon from New York; and humans such as Grandpa who had the foresight to build a space capsule able to withstand the cosmic shift of the planetThe smoothly written story is divided into short chapters and is often funny Readers will be amused when Old Dude teaches Walter to scrounge for food by following the “little uns” at a fast food restaurant’s play area because they inevitably drop their food Or when Margie —who provides hilarious comic relief throughout—shamelessly flirts with a big gray pigeon “Yo babe I’m Bruno from ueens” says the pigeon “No doubt about it Handsome” Margie repliesThe story also features many poignant moments including a main character’s death A thin veneer of religion overlays the plot for instance Grandpa’s granddaughter fighting cancer is saved by being plunged into the sacred red waters of life But even the saddest moments are infused with hope and any serious elements are over shadowed by the humor permeating the bookYoung readers ready to tackle challenging chapter books or parents who want an engaging story for bedtime will find this a perfect choice And rest assured after reading A Pigeon’s Tale anyone who has ever ignored pigeons at a park or plaza will surely look at these birds in a new light

  8. Jessica Jessica says:

    This young adult tale of a pigeon’s journey from his home to a new one and the dangers he faces even beyond is aimed at older children and teenagers I think the author did a fantastic job in showcasing each birds’ differences and how they use their uniue skills to help Walter our pigeon along his way Walter himself has an exceptional talent himself he can communicate with humans He uses this skill to help figure out what Grandfather is building in the barn why he is building it and what will come to necessitate such a wondrous contraption I like that this story showcases that there are many differences in everyone on this planet but we all can bring something to the table if we are open to accept that we are all also similar in our differences A smooth flowing tale that brings fantasy and science fiction together and is not technical in ways that would leave its intended audience lost Very heartwarming tale and worth the read

  9. Kay Sunshine Kay Sunshine says:

    Alright I’m just going to say it This book is nuts But in a good way In order to understand how crazy this is scroll up and read the description again but read it outloud and say it as if you’re a hyperactive nine year old and take out all punctuation and don’t actually yell it outloud but say it in a voice loud enough to where your mother would tell you to use your inside voice DOESN’T THAT SOUND CRAZY? And that is exactly why I enjoyed this book as much as I didI can’t figure out a way to talk about this book without sounding overly negative since I am fairly positive about the book overall For example I really enjoy the fact that this book doesn’t get overly bogged down in making sense Okay so it’s about a pigeon that is tasked with saving the human race from The Big One so there’s already a lot of suspension of disbelief But you will find yourself asking “Wait why does Walter have access to all of the memories of every pigeon that has ever existed?” and you will find the book answering “Don’t worry about it” and you will be freaked out that the book answered you At some point you will eventually stop asking uestions and enjoy the ride because the story overall is very entertaining especially for a book aimed at a younger audience I think this is one of those books that you could read with your child and you can both enjoy it

  10. Literary Classics Book Awards & Reviews Literary Classics Book Awards & Reviews says:

    Walter a young pigeon is thrust into a world filled with danger and excitement after fleeing his family nest which is attacked by a wildcat Following his traumatic departure he finds friendship and support from a flock of city dwelling pigeons Walter befriends a mentor named Old Dude who helps him learn to read and eventually type allowing him to talk to humans When threat of a cataclysmic event arises Walter becomes a critical part of the solution to the world's imminent demise Readers will relate to Walter's struggles and rejoice with him in his successes The characters have wonderfully engaging personalities and their conversations are simply enchanting This is truly a wonderful story one which kids will want to read and re read There is humor love adventure drama and excitement The author introduces scientific concepts in a manner which educates while entertaining young readers The information presented about pigeons is fascinating A delightful character Walter always strives to excel; he is a proud but humble bird with great determination SA Mahan's A Pigeon's Tale is highly recommended for home and school libraries and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

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