The Myth of Rain ePUB Ò The Myth Kindle - Ebook

The Myth of Rain ePUB Ò The Myth Kindle - Ebook

  • ebook
  • The Myth of Rain
  • Seanan McGuire
  • English
  • 24 June 2016

10 thoughts on “The Myth of Rain

  1. Trish Trish says:

    This short story addresses climate change and the extinction of so many animals and plants we've seen already and are seeing nowA few environmentalists are gathering what they can find to put into arks The DNA as well as the live specimen are being taken because mankind has given up on trying to preserve anything and instead moves to use what precious little land hasn't become hostile thanks to climate change yetThus there is no rain in California any no snow people have had to relocate hundreds and thousands of miles no mention of food and water supplies but it can't be goodIt is a cautionary tale about what we have done and are still doing to the planet how shutting our eyes will not make the problem go away why some people can't just let it go but are fighting 'til their dying breathThere is one point in particular in this tale that I disagree with while rich people and mostly coporations and developers are the ones with influence thanks to their wealth influencing politicians and therefore laws poorer people are NOT innocent in what is happeningHow many prefer to use plastic plates and cups and forksknives so they don't have to wash up later? How many stand under the shower for up to 30 minutes? How many drink through plastic straws for no reason? How many STILL use plastic bags instead of always carrying cotton ones? How many don't use thermos cups but the paper ones when getting a coffee? How many keep the lights on in all rooms at home even if they are sitting in only one? How many don't invest money in electronics in order to ensure they are recycable and have a better energy efficiency and we're talking about amounts that they could invest if they chose to? How many choose comfort over doing what is better for the environment? How many aren't even interested in what's out there in the natural world and are also so not passionate about preserving anything? Consumer's desires can shape what companies are able to sell Money has precious little to do with it the poorer masses through their sheer numbers can do just as much damage There are so many things every individual can do and even things governments and industries have or should have to do We are indeed already past the point where we can save the natural world But we could at least save some of it still The longer we wait the longer we refuse to wake up and face the truth the longer we're too lazy and too greedy or stingy the less we can save And no it won't be all that bad in my lifetime or yours though it has already begun and is not actually pleasant but it will be in our children's already and our grandchildren's generation is truly fucked and I cannot even wrap my mind around people not caring about that because they will be dead by thenIt seems the author is not only aware of it but highly frustrated and incredibly sad and out of her resignation this story was born It's not her best writing but it's an important topic and she addressed is nicelyYou can read the story here

  2. Amelia Amelia says:

    If you're interested in reading around the theme of climate change you might also enjoy The Carbon Diaries 2015 The only problem with these books is that the people who most need to read them are the least likely to actually do so They preach to the choir

  3. Nai | Libros con(té) Nai | Libros con(té) says:

    Ay Seanan está precioso💔😭Esta mujer sigue alucinándome con todo lo ue hace Y me estoy dando cuenta ue disfruto muchísimo de su historias llenas de críticas ya sea hacia empresasindustrias y gobiernos sobre el cambio climático o el movimiento antivacunas etcPueden leer este cuento online y gratuito acá

  4. Nicole Nicole says:

    Una de las razones por las cuales siempre suelo evitar las historias apocalípticas es por lo mal ue la termino pasando y este relato no fue la excepciónEn un futuro cercano las lluvias están dejando de caer en el planeta y las especies animales se están extinguiendo mientras ue las grandes corporaciones siguen buscando maneras de hacer dinero incluso si eso significa ue ni siuiera van a tener tiempo para usarloMe gustó mucho la forma en ue hace una crítica no sólo al capitalismo y a la industrialización masiva ue destruye y deforesta indiscriminadamente sino también a la comunidad científica mostrando esa doble moral de ue al uerer salvar especies animales de la muerte están destinadas a vivir en cautiverio sin poder volver a su hábitat natural nunca másAún así no estoy completamente de acuerdo con el argumento de ue los pobres son inocentes Claramente las políticas ambientales son un tema controversial y complicado y una reseña no es lugar donde ponerse a debatir esoEs un relato cortito ue dice mucho y deja también mucho para pensar lo disfruté tanto como me destruyó y me lleno de angustia por eso ue lamentablemente no está muy lejos de nuestra realidad

  5. Erin (PT) Erin (PT) says:

    I'm not sure if I rate this so low because I dislike it so much or just because I know from experience that McGuire can do so much better In any case having read another of her stories just today that also revolves interestingly and creatively about environmental collapse Each to Each this was too exposition heavy too heavy handed too preachy not enough STORY and just not all that interesting

  6. Jim Mason Jim Mason says:

    Sad but good

  7. Jasper Jasper says:

    originally posted at McGuire is better know to my under her pseudonym Mira Grant with which she wrote some very creepy horror books A while ago I read a short story in the Dead Man's Hand anthology about wasps which was part of her InCryptid stories It was different that what I read in the Mira Grant books in a very good way Now when I came across The Myth of Rain I readily jumped the occasion to read it and once again I am amazed The story of The Myth of Rain picked up in a way that it readily piues your interstest It begins with the story of a female spotted owl and how their cry is different Now from this first sentence the story could go any which way A documentary of sort Like Marie Brennan's A Natural History of Dragons Soon you are introduced to Julie who is on the look out of owls observing them and capturing them For a reason because at the end of the capture she mentions that monsters are coming to the woods Soon after this confrontation there is a nice breakdown of the current setting Not everything is as pretty as it once was The world hasn't exactly moved on but the greenhouse effect has gotten worse and worse and the climates have changed for the worse The rich have tried to move to different places but it all boils down to the same thing when there was the chance to do something about the climate change nothing was down and now it is all to late The area in which Julie is acting is the Pacific Northwest currently the only place on Earth left to live a decent life Julie and her fellow friends are activist who are trying to preserve the last bit of wild life for Ark's yes with these Ark's you know it is a serious business I really liked the depth that Seanan McGuire put into this story It's not a story solely about climate change but also about the Julie she gets uite an indepth background how she grew up and what her reasons are this gave a nice emotional touch to the story that makes every element of the post apocalyptic world insofar you can call the here proposed devestating effects of climate change apocalyptic sound that much stronger The ending of the story shows that somethings are meant to stay free and the last sentence really caught me once again Maybe someday our children would see owls in the world again I think if you would extrapolate it to our current situation our climate has changed in the last few years hotter summers harsher winters and It does make you wonder are we going in this direction?A wonderful story don't miss itYou can read it in Lightspeed Magazine following this link

  8. Sidsel Pedersen Sidsel Pedersen says:

    Powerful and growing better by the paragraphAt first I thought oh no another climate change story which for me would be preaching to the choir and it was However the story grew and became the kind of emotional powerful story I have now come to expect from Uncanny Magazine Something that punch you in the gut by the end of it The story jumps between flashbacks and the present where the main character is tracking through the forest trying to preserve animals The tone is very pessimistic but at the same time the protagonist persists which I liked

  9. Amy (Other Amy) Amy (Other Amy) says:

    Too much sermon no world or characters I loved Not what I expect from McGuire's short stories at all Available free online from Lightspeedhttpwwwlightspeedmagazinecomfic

  10. Jean Jean says:


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The Myth of Rain[Reading] ➮ The Myth of Rain ➶ Seanan McGuire – Near future short story Female spotted owls have a call that doesn’t sound like it should come from a bird of prey It’s high pitched and unrealistic like a sueaky toy that’s being sueezed just a Near future short story Female spotted owls have a call that doesn’t sound like it should come from a bird of prey It’s high pitched and unrealistic like a sueaky toy that’s being sueezed just a little bit too hard Lots of people who hear them in the woods don’t even realize that they’ve heard an owl They assume it’s a bug The Myth Kindle - or a dog running wild through the evergreens beloved chewy bone clenched tightly in its jaws.

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