Paperback ¾ Mort(e) MOBI å

Paperback ¾ Mort(e) MOBI å

Mort(e) [PDF / Epub] ☉ Mort(e) By Robert Repino – After the “war with no name” a cat assassin searches for his lost love in Repino’s strange moving sci fi epic that channels both Homeward Bound and A Canticle for LeibowitzThe “war with no nam After the “war with no name” a cat assassin searches for his lost love in Repino’s strange moving sci fi epic that channels both Homeward Bound and A Canticle for LeibowitzThe “war with no name” has begun with human extinction as its goal The instigator of this war is the Colony a race of intelligent ants who for thousands of years have been silently building an army that would forever eradicate the destructive oppressive humans Under the Colony's watchful eye this utopia will be free of the humans' penchant for violence exploitation and religious superstition As a final step in the war effort the Colony uses its strange technology to transform the surface animals into high functioning two legged beings who rise up to kill their masters Former housecat turned war hero Morte is famous for taking on the most dangerous missions and fighting the dreaded human bio weapon EMSAH But the true motivation behind his recklessness is his ongoing search for a pre transformation friend—a dog named Sheba When he receives a mysterious message from the dwindling human resistance claiming Sheba is alive he begins a journey that will take him from the remaining human strongholds to the heart of the Colony where he will discover the source of EMSAH and the ultimate fate of all of earth's creatures.

About the Author: Robert Repino

Robert Repino grew up in Drexel Hill Pennsylvania After serving in the Peace Corps Grenada – he earned an MFA in Creative Writing at Emerson College His fiction has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize among other awards and has appeared in The Literary Review Night Train Hobart Juked Word Riot The Furnace Review The Coachella Review JMWW and the anthology Brevity and Echo.

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  1. Kevin Kelsey Kevin Kelsey says:

    A terrific wholly original story Brutal straightforward and unflinching yet really fun at the same time It had elements of Planet of the Apes and Heinlein but with a lot heartMorte did that thing that only SF can do so well It told a story about humanity and all the things that we get wrong transplanted into a totally unfamiliar POV so it's not too obviously preachy Repino really pulled off that mix wonderfullyI'll be looking for from him in the future

  2. Jack +Books & Bourbon+ Jack +Books & Bourbon+ says:

    Ummmmmmno Just no That's the thought that kept repeating in my head as I read through Morte I kept waiting for the story to click with me but it never really did Generally I don't have a problem with suspending disbelief and I even get the appeal of anthropomorphic animals at the center of a story But with Morte I just couldn't buy in Though I grew to tolerate Morte as a protagonist I felt no investment in the tale being toldIs there a decent story within these pages? Sure to an extent If nothing else it highlights the horrors of war nearly as well as other conflict novels Disassociation numbness difficulty adapting to civilian life trauma loss and solitude are all represented here in some form and I grew weary alongside Morte as the conflict dragged on But while I could find traction with the war aspects of Morte the rest left me wantingThe whole reason for the evolution of the animals? Nope Did not work for me I mean come on opposable thumbs and fully formed vocal chords just magically appearing on animals because of some underground genetic engineering all orchestrated by the ant ueen in her underground lair? Puh lease One or two animals being modified in a lab through painful experimentation I could buy It would be awful to read about as the animal lover within me would be pissed but I could buy it So yeah with the main conceit already rubbing me the wrong way it was up to the characters and situations to carry the taleAndthat result was very hit or miss for me Morte has moments where he's engaging and someone I wanted to root for But just as often he got on my nerves and I felt no sympathy or connection with him It was strange for me to have conflicting feelings on a main character as it usually doesn't happen I admire his devotion to Sheba for sure and maybe cats would be this fatalistic if they became sentient it's a probably than a maybe but ultimately Morte just didn't move me He didn't have the depth I was looking for in a leaderAs for to other characters they were all over the map Wawa and Culdesac were fleshed out multi dimensional and imminently readable And after his varied interactions with Morte I can see why Culdesac has his own side story The villain of the tale Hymenoptera Unus also gets a few moments to shine and her rage and hatred towards humans is conveyed in a way that makes sense She was a tragic antagonist and even though I called bullshit on how she accomplished pretty much all aspects of her plan I still felt she was an effective big bad But those are the only characters of worth Bonaparte The Archon Briggs and Tiberius all should have been just as exciting and interesting as the characters listed above But alas they were not At all Missed opportunities every single one of them Especially Tiberius as he had the potential to be a truly standout character and the mark was seriously missed In fact the backstories of these characters are much interesting than the characters themselvesIn fact missed opportunities is now my subtitle for this book Many of the interesting events are alluded to happen off page or simply never materialize For a war story there's surprisingly little action and what is here isn't really expanded on The Purge had an opportunity to parallel some real world history but it ended up being anti climactic The whole messiah plot line was just awful There were other events I thought about mentioning as well but the further I get into this review the less I feel like taking the time to jot them down Sorry but my give a damn tank is emptySo yeah Despite all these paragraphs of negativity I didn't actively hate the story I just didn't like the story In the end I was mostly just indifferent I suppose that my Morte apathy could be because I've been sitting in an airport terminal for the past 3 hours and I finished the book during the 4 AM ride to the airport Could bebut I doubt it Plenty of books have captured my attention regardless of location or state of alertness OhI didn't DNF it which says something but it was a close call on several occasions With all the great books out there featuring stronger characterizations and entertaining plot lines I simply can't recommend Morte

  3. Laura Laura says:

    This book should come with a warning if you share a home with four legged companions watch out I spent a lot of time assuring mine that they were much beloved members of my family not slavesTo be honest I've never been a huge fan of animals as people adult books eg Watership Down although the Thornton Burgess books are among my childhood favorites But Morte is not one of those books it's a riveting read with SebastianMorte as a flawed hero His love and search for Sheba is inspirational and rings so true The ending was a little messy with a ton of action that doesn't really seem to fit with the previous pacing and tone; as climactic battle scenes go it's a good one One of the things I loved most was the sense Morte had that no group not the ants nor the animals nor the humans would ever get it right and that society made up of whatever species was fatally flawed His only lodestar was Sheba and one hopes that at the end they live happily ever afterARC provided by publisher

  4. Lincoln Eddy Lincoln Eddy says:

    An interesting entry in the dystopian science fiction genre this novel took two premises that usually populate the most cliche kind of sci fi giant ants and animals becoming intelligent and treated them with the utmost seriousness That alone made me want to love this novel but there were a few things that held it backThe main character Morte ne Sebastian is a house cat that has mutated to human proportions in the aftermath of a colony of giant ants declaring war on humanity To help in their war the ants released a hormone that mutated all mammals reptiles and birds into soldiers fighting on the side of The Colony Morte a war hero finds himself facing something much insidious now that the fighting has begun to die down a human bioweapon called EMSAHThe writing was engaging the premise was interesting the characters were written well But those same characters through the fact that they were evolved animals suffered from a strange thing a lack of character development Morte is a good example His driving mission throughout the novel is to find his friend Sheba a dog he met before the change And we get some wonderfully written pre change scenes of why he feels so strongly about Sheba But it just isn't enough They feel too short and because of this he feels a little shallow Wawa a pitbull he meets later in the novel in some ways feels better fleshed out through her backstory despite being a secondary characterThat's not to say you should ignore this book Far from it It's enjoyable for anyone who likes science fiction or good adventure tales But there are a few things that keep it from reaching the realm of some other novels of a similar bent

  5. Leah Rhyne Leah Rhyne says:

    Ever pick up a book knowing even before you start that you're destined to love it?Ever have it exceed even those lofty expectations?Morte was sent to me several many months back I'd been chatting with a PR person at SoHo Press about a different book I'd reviewed and she mentioned Morte It's about a warwith antsand sentient house petsOr something like thatOf course I was all Yes Yes please Send it Send it Send itBecause ants? Waging war against humanity? I mean Them is only my absolute FAVORITE of the 1950s atomic fear sci fi flicks And that's about ants Giant ants Giant ants that take over the desertSo yeah You had me at ants SoHo You had me at antsHere's a confession I read Morte six months ago I enjoyed it thoroughly but as it wasn't set to release until January of 2015 I figured wait until then to write the reviewWriting the review while the material was still fresh in mind was the other smarter option but it wasn't the one I chose Because I also wanted to see if the book would stick with me If it could make me remember to wonder to think about it for months to come Because that to me is the mark of a really good book a book I'm destined to love and re read again and againMortedid it I loved it And it stuckI honestly feel like I read Morte last week It's stayed very fresh in my mind coloring the ways I think about animals The ways I interact with animals And most importantly the ways I behave with my very own dogs and catsBecause in Morte a giant mutated sentient ueen ant has decided to wage war on humanity There are all sorts of complicated reasons for why she does it and you can learn by reading the actual book But the long and the short of it is she wants revengeSomehow in her all knowing all seeing state she manages to create a serum that gives self awareness to animals It makes them grow morph become human like in all but their original furry facesAnd the animals are pissed off at peopleI mean think about it Think about how you really treat your pets Example I walk my dog several times a week He's not so great at heeling so I often have to tug on his leash to keep him on track This pulls on his neck sometimes jerking him off balance All in the name of getting him to behaveWhen I leave the house I put him in a crate a box to keep him out of trouble I control when and what he eats When he goes outside I control everythingAnd I'm a nice dog owner Those are things a nice dog owner doesImagine what the mean ones doSo it makes perfect sense to me that the animals once sentient rise up against the humans killing the literal hands that fed themAt least until Morte comes alongMorte is a cat He had decent owners that never really did anything too terrible to him He managed to not kill them in his initial state of heightened awarenessmainly because Morte loves ShebaSheba is a dog a neighbor's dog and she disappears almost as soon as Morte becomes self aware His life becomes a mission to find herAlong the way he becomes a soldier a killer a rescuer and he uncovers a plotNever mind You don't want to know You're going to want to find out for yourselfRepino is a fun writer His prose is tight and focused and his humor is black as night He makes an obese undulating ueen ant seem almost sympathetic until you care what happens to her almost as much as you care about what happens to the cat who wants to save the worldTwo weeks ago I was asked to submit my favorite books of 2014 to the LitReactor staff picksI wanted to put Morte on that list I loved it that much Too bad it wasn't actually released yetI think I need to re read it in the new year mainly so I can put it on my 2015 lists Because this book is that fun That entertaining That much of a rideSo you you sci fi fans you animal fans you book fans you should read it too

  6. Janice Janice says:

    This book annoyed the hell out of me It started out entertainingly enough I was interested in the ants' method of advancing the animals to become sentient and actually human like I was even ok with the war against the humansBut when the whole religion thing came up the book lost me I'm a literal sort of gal so I'm pretty blind to symbolism But a lot of this story read to me like something what an earnest high school student could write about I'm still not sure if it's pro religion or anti religion I think it's probably the latter but I kinda stopped paying close attention because I was so annoyedThe character of MorteSebastian was pretty good though Too bad he had to live in such an annoying storyI liked the story of Balaam's ass that was at the beginning of the book It's been a long time since I read that and had forgotten it And it was pretty apropos to the story too And the first part made me think of Kij Johnson's story The evolution of trickster stories among the dogs of North Park after the Change and that's never a bad thingBut seriously bah BAH Still annoyedSide note I'm still waiting for the book that doesn't make uplifted animals into humans I'd rather read a book where the animals become sentient BUT retain the strengths of their animal natures Humans in animal suits just make me yawn

  7. Rissa Rissa says:

    The main character is a cat what could you want from a book?This book was adorable I dont think he intended it to be adorable but it was Im a major cat lover and it was just so cute Oh and theres fighting between humans cats and dogs and ants I really enjoyed the story and cant wait to continue

  8. SK SK says:

    This was a book I read in about four hours on a drizzley final day of vacation The pages and their story moved briskly and I enjoyed it Later when asked what it was about I saidIt's about a cat who really really really wants to find his doggie friend Also ants take over the earth in an almost successful human genocide Also cats and all the animals can talk and think Not surprisingly it's actually about the folly of religionI'll give you a spoiler by the end you can't be bothered to still root for the humans They are desperate and a bit pathetic like an awkward 8th grader at a private school dance I won't tell you if the cat finds his doggie friend You have to read it

  9. Zedsdead Zedsdead says:

    An ancient colony of intelligent giant ants wages war on humanity driving us to the brink of extinction The Ant ueen creates an army of allies by transforming the animals of the world into speaking thinking vengeful bipeds A war hero a former housecat by the name of Morte searches endlessly for his friend Sheba who fled on the day of Morte's transformation I found Morte frustrating initially It purports to be science fictionhumans use advanced weaponry ants communicate chemically and technologically etc But a hormone is used to change all of animal kind into reading talking bipeds with opposable thumbs? In one night? A hormone that works on mammals and amphibians and birds and reptiles? Without causing a global ecological cataclysm? Better to just call it ant magicOnce I accepted that premise everything else fell into place and I was able to appreciate the story The pre transformation animal perspectives are excellent Repino's descriptions of how a housecat or an abused pit bull might experience their lives are utterly believable There's a lot of Animal Farm here I think The animals are enraged at the way they've been treated as possessions or toys often mutilated neutered declawed cropped simply for style or convenience They rise up intending to create a better society but in the end behave just like their human predecessors

  10. Skyler Skyler says:

    What an overall batshit crazy book To continue with this review would mean I'd have to keep thinking about the book and I'd rather not

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