ã The Scorpions Nest ePUB µ The Scorpions Epub /

ã The Scorpions Nest ePUB µ The Scorpions Epub /

The Scorpions Nest [Download] ➸ The Scorpions Nest ➿ Nate Granzow – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Some secrets are worth dying overFrom the abhorrent and sadistic human testing conducted by the Nazis during World War II a terrible virus with the potential to ravage the human body is discovered Rec Some secrets are worth dying overFrom the abhorrent and sadistic human testing conducted by the Nazis during World War II a terrible virus with the potential to ravage the human body is discovered Recognizing its promising lethality a band of German scientists are sent on a clandestine mission—Operation Scorpion's Nest— into the American southwest to unleash it upon the population of the United States One near miss and years The Scorpions Epub / later Scott Kretschmer an unemployed aircraft mechanic witnesses a violent bank robbery Uninterested in money the thieves only took one thing the last remaining logbook from the Nazi operation Scott suddenly finds himself plunged into a race against time as a corrupt pharmaceutical company with a Nazi past works to replicate the virus with plans to release it upon the world as the only provider of the antidote.

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  1. Lorca Damon Lorca Damon says:

    Excellent book I'm guiltyI read this book with reservations After all like the constant stigma says if it was that good a book it would have been published traditionally right? Right?Instead I read an indie book that was so well written well formatted well edited that it is completely indiscernible as a self published book whereas the traditionally published NYT bestseller I'm reading right now has one typo in it already The Scorpion's Nest was just a completely masterful rendition of storytelling When a group of German American teenagers actually commits treason and helps the Nazis invade US soil you ACTUALLY feel sorry for them The author develops their characters so clearly that you feel their motives; when those same Nazis turn on them and begin killing them you don't think Well that's what you get for your crime Instead you feel their fear and you root for themThe book continues on through the next eighty years into a story of international intrigue that doesn't resolve itself until the last page Wonderfully written

  2. Brinn Colenda Brinn Colenda says:

    This was an excellent book great story with an interesting plot and well told It moved fast had lots of misdirections and interesting charactersI particularly enjoyed the tie between what happened during WW II and the resolution in the present day Great idea The ending seemed rushed I wanted a resolution Other than that it was well worth the read Well done Nate

  3. Sue Owen Sue Owen says:

    Had a little trouble getting into this book At first I didn’t think I was going to like it The setting was frankly a bit boring I didn’t think I was going to be able to associate myself with any of the main characters But that changed As I got further in I began to appreciate where the author was going with the story I began to love the plot and towards the middle it turned into a page turner for meThis is written in a style that isn’t one of my favorites I think the action should have been shared with the front of the book but I totally get why the author did it the way he did In the end I really like this book It definitely lived up to its name and I certainly appreciate the author’s style

  4. Paul Byers Paul Byers says:

    Scorpion’s Nest is a wonderfully visual novel Nate Granzow’s writing is very descriptive in painting his scenes perfectly without being boring or going overboard in his details The story has its beginnings in WWII but the majority of the action takes place in present day but he maintains the integrity of the story by having the original theme woven throughout the storyline The book moves at a good pace and the actions scenes are exciting He has a very believable main character that is far from perfect and has his own troubles to deal with along with those of trying to save the worldThe book is a good solid read and if you enjoy this type of genre then you should enjoy Scorpion’s Nest A Strong 4 out of 5 stars and two thumbs up

  5. Matthew Matthew says:

    Take one part James Bond movie with sinister Nazi villains one part Hitchcock movie with man out of his element and one part reluctant hero movie like Die Hard and mix for a fun weekend read

  6. Jeff Benham Jeff Benham says:

    Wow If you like thrillers READ THIS BOOKVery impressed

  7. Michael A Monarch Michael A Monarch says:

    Another winnerLike this author very much and I think he is only going toget better This book was very enjoyable a goodspy vs spy with some romance thrown in keepingyou rooting for the good guys to defeat the evil guyLooking forward to reading another novel from Nate

  8. Steven Hildreth Jr. Steven Hildreth Jr. says:

    Nate Granzow makes a very strong debut with THE SCORPION'S NEST The novel tells the story of a group of young German Americans who were mistreated and discriminated against during the Second World War and out of anger elect to assist the Nazis in a sleeper cell operation designed to bring the United States to its knees The mission fails and only one of the boys survives thinking that the horrors of Operation SCORPION NEST are to remained buried in the pastFast forward sixty years Scott Kretschmer an Air Force veteran and down on his luck mechanic is caught up in a bank robbery During the robbery he meets a woman named Melanie who seems like another bystander caught up in the events at first She rapidly develops into far than what meets the eye and ensnares Kretschmer in a desperate attempt to halt a madman from digging up the past to forward his doomsday agenda They race from California to Las Vegas to Arizona and finally end up in Austria dodging bullets from mercenaries every step of the way and never knowing who they can trustIn terms of sheer readability Granzow delivers in spades I had only intended to read a page here or a page there and rapidly found myself engulfed in the plot spending and time in racing towards the plot's conclusion The scenes alternating between the present day and the full unveiling of the events behind Operation SCORPION NEST have a good dynamic between them and he unveils the plot just fast enough to keep the reader going but just slow enough to make them crave As far as characters go Scott Kretschmer is an everyman that survives on sheer determination which conjures memories of John McClane and many of the pulp action heroes of the 1950s Melanie is the classic well intentioned femme fatale a woman whose beauty is matched by her intellect and lethality These characters give the book a feel of one part spy thriller and one part hardboiled detective novel and the scenes revolving around the young Karl Lassen and the plot revolving around the failed Nazi operation add one part historical thriller which all meshes into a very effective combinationOn the downside the side plot with Detective Sander could have been further expanded upon but it seemed as if once the plot went international he was all but forgotten until the very end There were minor grammatical errors throughout but nothing that an editor couldn't fix Also I felt that the ending could have been drawn out a little but the epilogue was written nicely None of the aforementioned flaws should discourage readers from picking up this eBookAll in all Granzow is an author that knows his craft and given the strength of his debut work I can only predict that future installments will further establish his obvious credibility in the trade

  9. Robert Enzenauer Robert Enzenauer says:

    WOW Nate Granzow is now added to my short list of favorite young thriller writers along with Tim Tigner This author grabbed me right away with his novel about a potential biological terror weapon dating back to World War Two Especially scary since Germany did indeed lead the world in research or chemical weapons and nerve agents in particular The author's plot moves very fast and there were many twists and turns that were unexpected An unemployed aircraft mechanic gets sucked in as a witness to a bank robbery after the left of a logbook that could help replicate a killer virus And a corrupt pharmaceutical company intends to create world peace as the sole supplier of the antidote Really scary as we see how real time current drug companies are gouging the nation with markedly increased costs with minimal alterations of old compounds in order justify new higher unjustified costs Think of the CEO of the Epi Pen company The dialogue is very readable and sounds authentic This author's protagonost Scott Kretschmer is eually intriguing as Brad Thor's Scot Horvath

  10. Mindi Rosser Mindi Rosser says:

    If you are interested in a uniue perspective about World War II this might be a piece of historical action and adventure for you I was intrigued by the premise of the story The characters' stories brought this period to life for me and it even sparked a lengthy discussion with my husband a budding WW II history buffThis budding author's debut novel obviously draws from his experience as a journalist Keep an eye out for his future books There are some weak areas in the writing wordy descriptions and a bit of passive voice but it is well edited and professionally done This is only his first novel and I expect his books to only improve in craftsmanship Looking forward to from Nate

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