The Essential Wok Cookbook PDF/EPUB ☆ The Essential

The Essential Wok Cookbook PDF/EPUB ☆ The Essential

10 thoughts on “The Essential Wok Cookbook

  1. Joyce Joyce says:

    A keeperThis would be a great book for a beginner as it has good explanations and easy techniues I have been cooking forever and making stir fries for over 30 years and found it useful with good recipes I have a soy allergy and sub coconut aminos for the soy sauce Cooking yourself is cheaper healthier and better than take out Plus you can be sure of no MSG or other food allergies or preferences This is a great book


    Enjoyed reading all these recipes Most look simple enough The history notes were also interesting The author makes clear these are American Chinese restaurant recipes and not necessarily authentic Chinese versions You will definitely get your Wok game going if you try a few of these Only a few ingredients I never heard of before Good reference section too I eat Chinese take once a week easily That changes soon Thank you

  3. Luke Duncan Luke Duncan says:

    Super easy recipes with a flavor not found in most American kitchens I was pleasantly surprised how easy and flavor packed all of the dishes are For sure these are “American Chinese” recipes If you’re looking for something authentic my bet is this isn’t the right place to look If you’re looking for something good and to mix up the menu at home I highly recommend it

  4. Hilary (A Wytch& Hilary (A Wytch& says:

    Hmm a bit too repetative and US centric for my liking although there are a couple of recipes I wouldn't mind trying

  5. Anne Yedlin Anne Yedlin says:

    I love Chinese food and being able to prepare it at home is a dream come true for meThis cookbook explains the difference between authentic Chinese food and what Americans think it's supposed to be I never realized there was such a difference in the ingredientsIt tells you of the different types of Woks on the market and how to choose the perfect one for your needs It is also very detailed on how to season and care for your Wok The cookbook tells of the basic ingredients one would need to make the dishes included in this cookbook the utensils you will need and even how to shape the wraps used in the recipesThe recipes included are easy to prepare and take no time at all to cook Most recipes cook in 10 minutes It also tells you the approximate amount you will need to spend for each dishI appreciate how most of the recipes in this cookbook are gluten free and vegetarian friendlyThe recipes look absolutely delicious and I can't wait to try them all I would definitely recommend this cookbook for anyone who wants to learn how to find the right Wok care for it and eat authentic Chinese foodI received this product free for my review I was not compensated for my review and all opinions are my own

  6. Niki Niki says:

    So Many Helpful Tips and Tasty Recipe IdeasI love Asian meals I've always wanted to own my very own wok but never knew much about them I learned uite a bit about them and now that I actually have one I know just how to take care of it so that it'll last for a long time I had no idea about seasoning one to get the most out of it and keep b it in its best condition Now as for the variety of recipes there are some really good ones in there I've tried many of these meals in restaurants or cooked by other people that I know but never knew how to make a lot of them Now I can make many of them on my own at home It's nice to know that I can make healthier versions at home without compromising the flavor I'm planning on using my wok often and want to cook meals for my family that I know they'd be excited to try as wellIt's a good cookbook with a nice variety of recipes for vegetarians and meat eaters too but what makes it even better is the fact that it has great tips and information on the history of the wok I like to know about that sort of thingI received this book for reviewing purposes All opinions expressed are solely my own

  7. Prima Seadiva Prima Seadiva says:

    I have used a wok regularly since 1970 If I had to thin out my batterie de cuisine the wok would stay for sure Every kitchen should have one While the author uses a wok for soups that is one thing I prefer a heavy pot forI found the recipes pretty basic but that is the goal of the book I did like her version of scallion pancakes and pot stickers wontons Contrary to the author's suggestion I do not recommend pre peeling and freezing garlic or ginger I don't even refrigerate either they just live next to the salt and other essentials It's not that hard to peel and cut them as needed; do it when you prep and pre prepping to stir fry is pretty essential as the author also emphasizesI would recommend on the salad recipes especially the radish to add a dash of toasted sesame oilIf you have never used a wok and want to learn to this will be a pretty useful book Once you are comfortable you may find you don't even need a recipe

  8. Iris Iris says:

    I received a wok as a gift last Christmas and had never really used it for its proper purpose until I evaluated The Essential Wok Cookbook by Rockridge Press This cookbook is just what I needed to explore authentic Chinese recipes with step by step instructions to preparing uick easy and delicious meals From history and basics to step by step instructions with illustrations and pictures The Essential Wok Cookbook is truly an encyclopedia and cookbook in one I am so impressed at how easy it is to prepare authentic meals I thought of as being served only in restaurants And the under 10 selections make it even pleasing to own this cookbook Family and friends will be impressed with your preparation of authentic Chinese dishes I received the Kindle edition for free to evaluate This review is of my honest and unbiased opinions based on my personal use of the book

  9. Jennifer Ledbetter Jennifer Ledbetter says:

    Great cookbookI love this cookbook as an introductory to the wok and Chinese cooking I was really glad to see it give alternatives to some of the items you may not easily find We have again markets in town but they aren't close to homeso it's helpful to know the alternatives I also enjoyed the visuals on how to roll and egg roll or fold a wonton or dumpling I am looking forward to using this book to start using my new wok and learning some new recipes and techniues I feel like this is a good stepping stone into Chinese cuisine for an American I'm glad this cookbook explains the difference between some of the traditional Chinese cuisine and Americanized take out and puts a healthy spin on it Overall I liked the cookbook and will be using it I received this book for free

  10. Nicolah Nicolah says:

    Very good for basicsI'm never too sure when it comes to Asian cookbooks because there are so many ways to make the same thing This book brings you right down to the basics Ever order from a Chinese restaurant? These are the recipes to make your favorite basic dishes It breaks it down to different meals you can make wontons noodles or even orange chicken with these recipes In a rush? Easy 30 minute recipes at your hand Running low on funds before pay day? There's a 10 section for you The recipes are uite easy and simple to follow Great for any novice

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The Essential Wok Cookbook ❮Download❯ ➼ The Essential Wok Cookbook ➾ Author Naomi Imatome-Yun – WALL STREET JOURNAL BEST SELLER All the Recipes You Need to Enjoy Comforting Chinese Food at Home Ordering Chinese takeout is easy—but it’s definitely not the healthiest or most affordable way to WALL STREET JOURNAL BEST SELLER All the Recipes You Need to Enjoy Comforting Chinese Food at Home Ordering The Essential ePUB ↠ Chinese takeout is easy—but it’s definitely not the healthiest or most affordable way to enjoy Chinese comfort food at home With this simple cookbook in your kitchen and a mighty wok in your hand Chinese favorites are now uicker healthier and cheaper than delivery The Essential Wok Cookbook is your guide to mastering the wok the versatile pan that makes possible all of the Chinese restaurant dishes you love—no extra salt oil or MSG reuired Beyond tips for selecting seasoning and caring for your wok this cookbook also provides • Step by step illustrations for how to fold a dumpling egg roll and wonton • Fun features on the origin stories and American reinventions of foods such as egg drop soup and fortune cookies • Recipe labels to help you decide what to make when you’re short on time minutes or less and tight on cash under • Recipe tips to swap ingredients save time make a dish healthy or kick up the heat If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step start cooking today with your wok and see just how far The Essential Wok Cookbook will take you Fire up the wok with recipes like Perfect Pork Pot Stickers Easy Vegetable Stir Fry Lighter Egg Foo Young Sweet Chili Shrimp General Tso’s Chicken Better Beef with Broccoli and many.