The Granite Moth PDF ¸ The Granite eBook È

The Granite Moth PDF ¸ The Granite eBook È

  • Hardcover
  • 284 pages
  • The Granite Moth (Kat Stone, #2)
  • Erica Wright
  • English
  • 21 June 2016
  • 9781605988931

10 thoughts on “The Granite Moth (Kat Stone, #2)

  1. Steffi Steffi says:

    Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the publisher but the views expressed are my own Though I'm not a connoisseur of detective novels I thought this was an engaging representation of the genre I hadn't read the author's first novel but I didn't feel lost starting off this one The author has a strong voice a cast of memorable characters and I especially enjoyed the friendship between Kat and her drag ueen best friend Dolly I appreciated the no frills approach to Kat's investigations no fancy gadgets or complex plans just a few believable disguises and her own ingenuity The plot had enough twists to keep me guessing I'm interested in going back to read the first book and look forward to the next installment

  2. Jacob Appel Jacob Appel says:

    A face paced suspense filled and highly engaging novel of the first order The Granite Moth introduces us to ex NYPD undercover detective turned PI Kathleen Stones who has mastered as many disguises as Lon Cheney At time hilarious and even erudite Wright brings impressive literary skill and considerable attention to detail to a work that brings to life both New York City and the motley whirlwind of characters who inhabit its various underbellies A truly riveting book

  3. thePromoParrot thePromoParrot says:

    The Granite Moth by Erica Wright is a good mystery with surprises than one would expect With a fascinating cast of complex characters and a plot that is riveting enough to keep you going through to the end this detective story will hold your breath and leave you amply satisfied The main protagonist is a multifaceted and intriguing character well drawn and well imagined by Erica Wright uite simply different from the many other female characters we have come acrossKathleen Stone is a private investigator who is forced to change her appearance when she started probing the suspected sabotage of a Halloween Parade which resulted in near fatal injuries to several participants including her close friend Dolly There is enough reason to suspect the hands of mob boss Salvatore Magrelli who Kat always wanted to bring to justice There are numerous threads to the story which all merged as it winds upI dived into the story Kathleen Stone without much expectation I find her uite interesting Author Erica Wright’s fine storytelling skills aided by the plot twists and turns and the interesting secondary characters make The Granite Moth an interesting and enjoyable read

  4. Paige Ellen Stone Paige Ellen Stone says:

    Full disclosure Erica Wright provided me with a free copy of this book in return for a fair reviewThat said in all fairness this book shows marked improvement from my perspective in comparison to her first novel The Red Chameleon I liked that book and my review is easily found on whatever site on which you are reading this reviewKathleen Stone a former undercover cop now working the private sector but still trying to avoid being killed by the one that got away from her undercover days is a master of disguise She needs that talent both for her work and to keep her whereabouts unknown to mobster kingpin Salvatore Magrelli the aforementioned one that got away She is sure Magrelli wants her dead for revenge for the damage her undercover work did to his organization including putting Magrelli's brother behind bars Stone left the PD under a cloud of suspicion that she may have somehow gotten paid off for letting Salvatore get awayKathleen uses her real estate office as a front for her PI work She is surrounded by a great cast of characters some who are openly honest and some who are of uestionable characterThe novel starts with our heroine in disguise at a Halloween parade meeting with a friend from the police force with whom she once had a thing He is giving her some info pertinent to a case Performing in the parade is Dolly a drag ueen with great singing and performing talent and the star of The Pink Parrot the city's #1 drag ueen night club She is singing on a float when somehow a juggler who is juggling flaming batons and adding a fourth one to his mix and is right behind the Pink Parrot float is either pushed or stumbles and one of his batons lands on the float setting it aflame and killing two people Dolly is burned but okay Big Mama Burstyn a ciswoman who owns the Pink Parrot and other Pink venues around the city hires Kathleen because she knows the cops won't really put much effort into solving what might be a crime and might have been an accident Big Mama is a force to be reckoned with and give Kathleen essentially carte blanche financing to solve what she is sure is a crimeSo the story beginsWright gives her story what appears to be a distracting nuisance when she is asked in her real estate persona to be shown some high end property in the now upscale Tribeca area of the city Her customer is serious and only wants her to handle the deal She does have her license but really doesn't have an active business So her investigation begins with this annoyance limiting her time for the case just a bitMeanwhile her partner former floor secretary Meeza has become smitten with the shady thug who provides Kat with a car whenever she needs one She knows they are likely stolen; she only uses them when she really needs wheels But Meeza a bit of an innocent meets the guy BV and they fall for each other Kat wants to protect Meeza but the heart wants what it wants and she decides she must settle for just monitoring that relationship while hoping Meeza doesn't get her hands dirtyThe investigation is proven to be a murder and now the cops are slightly interested Kat gets information from Ellis Decker her former NYPD colleague The uestion that beguiles everyone is why would someone deliberately kill two drag ueens one of whom has only recently been told he can come out from behind the bar and start performing and the other an active performer but no where near a headlinerThe plot twists and turns Kathleen switches identities like the rest of us change clothes and she finds herself in an exclusive VERY PRIVATE members only club where it turns out there is a high stakes poker game open only to those who are trusted and rich enough to afford it She makes contact there with a new character who seems to be a Texan with nothing to do than gamble his money away but is also surprised to find Lazarus Dekker Ellis' brother among the players The dealer is new and the owner of the club comes out to fawn over him just as the game begins It all seems fine until the dealer takes a sip of wine and begins to convulse and dies rather uickly The cops have to be brought inOur heroine begins to believe that there is a connection between the murders she's investigating and this killingAt this point the story starts to fly along with the reader turning pages as fast as possible to keep up with the action and the plot twists and turns It comes to an almost satisfying denouement but after all we have to set up the next book don't we?What I like better about this book than Wright's first is that the writing seems even effortless the dialogue is better the heroine's snark is sharper even if usually kept to herself and the characters are all well developed and easily believable The friendship between Kat and Dolly deepens with a very nice scene where they realize they really are friends and that Dolly despite her burns will return to the stage where she belongs I must add that the flow of the text is gorgeous transitions are smooth almost effortless The story is good and as seems to be Ms Wright's wont what appear to be two cases do merge into oneThis book made me want the next one like right now please Any follower of my reviews knows that when a series is under my purview I find that it is the third book that will convince me as to whether I will continue to follow the author and her characters I'm happy to say that I'm very interested in Erica Wright's next book Let's see Red Chameleon followed by The Granite Moth could the next one be called The Altruistic Polar Bear? Sorry Ms Wright just kidding That was my attempt to give a nod to your clever titles Highest recommendation With summer coming both her books will make great beach reading

  5. Hobart Hobart says:

    ★ ★ ★ 12 rounded up This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader Kathleen Stone sometimes known as Kennedy Vaners as Katya Lincoln Kathy Stevens or Kevin is a former NYPD undercover officer turned PI You know typing that sentence made me think of Orphan Black and I'm now picturing Tatiana Maslany as our main character Which absolutely works I may see her in my mind when I get the chance to read the first book about Kathleen and probably as I write the rest of thisWhere was I? Oh yeah so the circumstances leading to the former part of her NYPD tenure are a little murky maybe we get it all explained in The Red Chameleon and I just need to catch up or maybe it's left vague because Kathleen doesn't want to share the details Either explanation is believable Not since Stephen J Cannell's Wiseguy have I seen something deal so effectively with the emotional toll of a double life although strangely enough Brooklyn Nine Nine came close last season I'm not saying there aren't others I just don't know about them feel free to fill me in in the commentsKathleen has two cases to work here a personal vendetta to pursue and some personalpersonnel issues to deal with Not a bad day's reading Although really everything sort of fits in the personal vendetta category come to think of it but she's only paid for 2 of them First she's watching the Halloween parade just to see her friend Dolly and other drag ueens perform on the float advertising their club While she's watching the float explodes her friend survives but not everyone does The club owner hires Kathleen to track down whoever sabotaged the float There's a pretty good reason to suspect foul play and that the police aren't taking things as seriously as they should The personal vendetta is related to her assigned target in the undercover operation who is still walking around While following up a new bit of information she's come across she witnesses a murder Another witness to this actually knows who she is and hires her to investigateBoth of these cases involve Kathleen donning a few wigs her wigs are almost as good as those used by Elizabeth and Philip on The Americans and personalities putting herself in harms' way dealing with grieving families which might be harder on her than the physical danger and facing some unpleasant truths about herself Although honestly the personalpersonnel issues might be the most dangerous come to think of itThe nature of leading a double life undercover cop drag ueen upper class heir living a middle class life etc runs throughout this book and gives you a lot to think about while doing so Yet Wright doesn't beat you over the head with it you could probably ignore it if you wanted to This was a well written well paced and engaging mystery novel with a narrator that I thoroughly enjoyed and was intrigued by Kathleen is the kind of detective that Ellie Hatcher wants to be and Lydia Chin would be if circumstances and ethnicity were different I want to read of her soon I hope I get the chance Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for this postmy honest thoughts I'd like to thank her for the book and for her patience I took too long with this

  6. Kat Richter Kat Richter says:

    Ms Wright takes the reader on a series of adventures with her heroine Kathleen Stone a former NYPD detective and current private investigator The book captured me almost immediately with a surprising and tragic event that leads Kathleen to take on an additional investigation even though she's already working on one The main characters are all engaging and multidimensional and the parts of the plot will leave you guessing until the last couple pages of the book

  7. Winnona Pasquini Winnona Pasquini says:

    Identity as Camouflage The Granite Moth Takes on Crime Kathleen Stone has an identity problem As a private investigator she uses various disguises and personas to hide her true self—not just to get the information she needs to solve cases but also to keep herself out of the sight of the mob Previously Kathleen had worked undercover investigating members of the Salvatore Magrelli crime family who she believes are still looking for her making her driven to get information that will put the remaining family members in prison The book begins with Kathleen in disguise at a Halloween Parade She’s collecting information from Ellis Decker a friend on the police force and using the crowd to camouflage her presence At the same time Kathleen watches her good friend Dolly a transvestite with an amazing voice perform on a float for the Pink Parrot Club Suddenly a juggler in the parade stumbles and a chain of events embroil Kathleen in another investigation—one that may or may not link back to the Magrelli family As Kathleen slides from one identity to the next to solve her two cases death follows and the clues and information she uncovers make her wonder about the motives and identities of everyone around her Ultimately she wonders about her own identity and must ask herself Can anyone truly stay hidden? Author Erica Wright guides Kathleen Stone effortlessly through the worlds of hate groups gay performers police and a variety of people affected by the deaths of others Her protagonist has her share of doubts and fears but moves constantly forward—just like Wright’s prose Wright spares the reader the melodrama of a person in the throes of an identity crisis and gives instead a solid protagonist whose commitment to her friends and justice makes her brave and tireless in her pursuit of answers Her character moves from blending in like a granite moth on the side of a city building to accepting that she can no longer hide I received a review copy of this book free of charge but was not paid for my review nor coached on how to rate the book My review is based solely on the uality of the book and my enjoyment of it I enjoyed the book very much and look forward to reading Wright again

  8. Dale Dale says:

    The Granite Moth by Erica WrightKathleen Stone is a former NYPD officer who has now became a Private Investigator She is a master of disguise and seldom appears as herself You might know her as Kennedy Vaners as Katya Lincoln Kathy Stevens or even as a young man named KevinAs the story begins Kathleen is at the Halloween Parade looking for the float from The Pink Parrot starring her friend Dolly and other female impersonators Suddenly a juggler stumbles forward and his flaming torch ignites the Pink Parrot float Horrified Kathleen watches as the fire spreads causing the fireworks aboard to explode in all directions When the smoke clears several of the Pink Parrot performers are dead and Dolly is badly injured Big Mamma who owns the Pink Parrot hires Kathleen to investigateThe parade explosion seemed an accident but was it really? Investigations lead Kennedy Vanders to a high stakes poker game The dealer a young man named Ernesto Belasco falls dead from poison after drinking a toast with the playersDolly complains that it looks like someone is killing gay men and that the cops are doing little But this case will take Kathleen into danger than ever before There is the homophobic cult leader who interrupts the funerals à la Westboro Baptist Church There are the hostile parents of the Belasco kid There is the crooked brother of a police detective working with Kathleen and the crook who’s involved with Kathleen’s friend and co worker MeezaErica Wright’s tough but not uite noir lady detective make a mark of originality on the mysterythriller gendre The book flows along at a steady pace without being overtly wordy or stiff and stilted The characters are well developed the crimes shocking due to their reality and the investigationdeduction solid I believe Erica Wright has created a character that will enthrall readers for years to comeI give this novel four out of five starsuoth the Raven

  9. Olivia Olivia says:

    Granite Moth was a great addition to the Kathleen Stone series The book begins with a bang that continues throughout as Kathleen searches for who blew up the float I found the first half much exciting and fast paced than the first but then started to get a little frustrated as she runs out of leads and then the ending seemed a little abrupt like the author just decided to finish it off Overall I still enjoyed it but I felt like it could have been so much better Please note that I received this book through a goodreads giveaway All opinions are my own

  10. CJ CJ says:

    I received this audio CD through a Goodread's Giveaway This story was very well written and I was really enjoying listening to the audio version until I hit a big snafu in my opinion I was rooting for the main characterprivate investigator hoping she can sift through the various suspects and possibilities of the events that transpired Suddenly I thought my audio player must have skipped some tracks because one of the investigations was solved There were a few times something happened during the audio that made me feel as if I missed something in the story which is unusual because I have never felt that way before and I have listened to many audio versions of books It left me with the feeling that the main characters investigation solutions were just handed to her rather than based on her own effort That was a major disappointment and caused me to lower my final rating of this novel

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The Granite Moth (Kat Stone, #2)[KINDLE] ❤ The Granite Moth (Kat Stone, #2) ➜ Erica Wright – It begins with a bang Kathleen Stone is watching her friend Dolly and his fellow drag ueens perform at the Halloween Parade when their float explodes Suspecting sabotage the club's owner hires Kat to It begins with a bang Kathleen Stone is watching her friend Dolly and his fellow drag ueens perform at the Halloween Parade when their float explodes Suspecting sabotage the club's owner hires Kat to find the culprit But Kat hasn't given up on bringing gangster Salvatore Magrelli to justice and finds herself pulled between identities While navigating both the grit and glamour of New York City she realizes The Granite eBook È that sometimes love and hate can be hard to tell apart.

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