Paperback ✓ Omega Enslaved ePUB å

Paperback ✓ Omega Enslaved ePUB å

Omega Enslaved ❰KINDLE❯ ❆ Omega Enslaved Author Zoe Perdita – Felix Underwood is an omega a con man and a sometimes assassin enacting revenge for the wrongs that plague his past However all that ends when he's captured by Interpol Imprisoned for months his only Felix Underwood is an omega a con man and a sometimes assassin enacting revenge for the wrongs that plague his past However all that ends when he's captured by Interpol Imprisoned for months his only shot at freedom is a dangerous mission to gather information on the infamous alpha wolf Lucien the Bloody King of Wallachia When the mission goes south Felix ends up as a spy in Lucien's clutches In order to save himself Felix needs to bring Lucien to his human handlers but Felix’s heart and cock tells him Lucien is his mate His heart sucks Especially since Felix is straightLucien Mircea fought long and hard to become the ruthless alpha king he is today but Felix challenges all of that The mysterious omega wolf riles up Lucien’s alpha instincts and sets his blood on fire in ways than one Lucien swore he’d never fall for a measly omega yet the thread of destiny and lust intertwines them Hundreds of miles from home and dogged by hunters Lucien and Felix must work together if they want to survive Can the alpha and omega overcome betrayal and learn to trust the mate bond that connects themContains graphic gay sex and graphic violence.

10 thoughts on “Omega Enslaved

  1. R.M. Gauthier R.M. Gauthier says:

    Holy did I love Felix the con man Lucien the Blood King together their a force to be reckon How this author has moved through this series has been very entertaining A lot of hot men lots of raw animal sex and all keeping their status as alpha men What a combination Highly recommended

  2. jaxnsmom jaxnsmom says:

    35 stars

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    The overall story continues with our focus now on Lucien the mysterious Bloody King And Felix I like how Lucien's reputation is one of death and rampage to the point that no one wants to mess with him and only now are we starting to see the man behind the carefully crafted reputation The play with his living tattoos linking to his necromancy was uniue and fascinating It was very realistic to see calm calculating Lucien interact with his virtual opposite in Felix I liked as well how the bond between Felix and Lucien acts differently with Lucien's magic and how that magic ultimately comes front and center in their lives The only thing lacking was detail around being guardian of the well introduced in the last book with Sasha I'm wanting to understand how this works and how much of it Lucien understands being its guard And while we aren't being given an in depth understanding of how the magic in their kingdoms works completely the characters we are following are beautifully portrayed I read this one through in one sitting

  4. Novia Novia says:

    ZzzzzzzzzzzzThis is what happens when you're in a book rut You take a chance and read almost an entire series about shifters with ZERO emotional connection a crap ton of convoluted action and characters about as dry as 2 week old toastWith that said I can not say I felt any connection between the two characters in this book Lucian and Felix Not as friends Not as family and surely not as lovers and definitely not as mates Nothing is really hashed out just blanketed over? I don't know I wouldn't recommend this series unless you've found nothing to read between book releases of your fave authors I commend this author for living out their writing dreams but sometimes good stories need time to be fleshed out before clicking send and releasing it out into the world

  5. Henna Henna says:

    Alpha king who has enemies on every side of his kingdom's borders Omega con man who's been captivated by Interpol and forced to do their bidding to save his sister this time to capture the notorious alpha king There were outrunning of enemies daring and dangerous missions and lots of bonding between Lucien and Felix This time there weren't assassins but a king and a con man were enough to make things really interestingPlus one of my favourite thing which was an appearance of Zev and Simeon from the second installment of this series

  6. Lee Rey Lee Rey says:

    Felix a con omega is forced to work for the enemy against his own kind and the alpha he must overturn ends up being his true mate Lucian a necromancer must overcome the obstacles facing his kingdom while he deals with finding his mate who he cant trust There is a lot of dilemma going on between them and they must survive to be happy together

  7. Rosemary Amesquita Rosemary Amesquita says:

    I loved it Even though Felix Lucien were enslaved by their pass they over came it by being who they are became even stronger as Mates Love it every time their sense of humor showed up whenever Felix Lucien were in danger

  8. Sierra Sierra says:

    Not uite as good as the others in the series Spellingwrong word substitution errors but not too distracting

  9. Mak Mak says:

    44 stars

  10. Jaime Jaime says:

    this was a great continuation of the story Fast paced and hot just like the rest My only problem now I am caught up with the series

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