Hardcover ↠ The Damned Kindle å

Hardcover ↠ The Damned Kindle å

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  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • The Damned
  • John D. MacDonald
  • English
  • 07 December 2015
  • 9780709078005

About the Author: John D. MacDonald

John D MacDonald was born in Sharon Pa and educated at the Universities of Pennsylvania Syracuse and Harvard where he took an MBA in During WW he rose to the rank of Colonel and while serving in the Army and in the Far East sent a short story to his wife for sale successfully He served in the Office of Strategic Services OSS in the China Burma India Theater of Operations A.

10 thoughts on “The Damned

  1. Sincere W. Sincere W. says:

    Of all the authors that I admire John D MacDonald is the one I would have liked to have a meal with most He had a wisdom about man's motivations that few authors can rival That wisdom really comes across in this novelThe situation at the heart of this story is a delayed river crossing The delay forces an assortment of characters into a confined area The result is a riveting tale that touches on love maturity loyalty degradation and derangement There's sex murder betrayal and malice There are characters that feel realer than people you meet in ordinary life And there are ideas here that will leave you changed having encountered themThe novel is only about 180 pages long and the pages go fast Yet the story is dense; you won't be left with that unsated feeling relatively common of shorter novels You'll feel full by the time you hit the back coverWhat I love about this story is how masterfully the characters are constructed torn apart and then reshaped None of the characters leave this story the way they came into it Some break good and some break bad But they all change in some profound wayThe only thing I didn't like and the reason I settled on 4 stars instead of 5 is that some of the subplots are much engaging than others It gave parts of the novel an unevenness and you're tempted to skip ahead to get back to the good plot lines The irony is even the bad plot lines are very good Its just that like I said some are better than othersThis is an excellent read

  2. Lee Thompson Lee Thompson says:

    Man John D MacDonald was a fucking master writer not actual love maker at least that I know of

  3. J.D. Frailey J.D. Frailey says:

    I read this book aloud to my wife Deanna during the covid 19 pandemic uarantine while she worked on a paint by numbers picture she had bought me for my birthday a year ago; I found the painting too hard for my famously bad fine motor skills I had read The Damned before didn't remember much detail but both she and I enjoyed it a lot It's a slow psychological study in which the new ferry across a muddy Mexican river turns out to be too big for the river without Mexican men digging mud from its channel each time it comes across creating a long back up in which cars wait hours all day to get across There are individual profiles of the stranded motorists some desperate to cross because they've committed crimes and were fleeing capture others being tired of crappy relationships and hopelessness for the future I had previously marked one paragraph with the caption The essence of John D's writing He had learned that each man has black and evil thoughts and that those thoughts are not a proof of variance but rather a proof of kinship with the rest of men The mind forever contains lust and malice and hate and when you can keep those instincts in their proper compartment then you have become a reasoning animal a man Let them escape and you live on the instinctual level of a beast But there is no shame in owning such instincts only shame in giving them dominance John D as he is known to his fans including Stephen King and Jimmy Buffet was a heck of a writer known for his crime writing but he did all kinds of books involving the internal struggle just described A review in the NY Times a few years ago twenty years after his death in 1986 called his writing the thinking person's beach books

  4. Tim Tim says:

    A number of prominent writers for the past 40 years including Walter Mosley Stephen King Dean Koontz Jonathan Kellerman and Sue Grafton have cited Mr MacDonald as a major influence on their work While Mr MacDonald’s genre was largely mystery “The Damned” 1952 is a bit different It is set at a ferry crossing from Mexico into Texas with a several hour delay A number of Americans are waiting on the Mexico side each with a different back story and different ways of dealing with the delay and the oppressive heat So there’s a honeymooner with “trouble in paradise” as well as the man’s ill mother along for the ride; there’s a killer on the run; there’s a married man escorting what might at first appear to be a bimbo; there’s a couple of dancingsinging girls traveling with their snarky manager; and a few others As the hours drag by tempers are tested and some impulsive aggressive behavior results as well as other tragedies Relationships are formed and broken Reasons for their behavior are uestioned And ultimately believe it or not the denouement is complex but satisfyingOf course there have been other stories of strangers thrown together under stressful circumstances William Inge’s “Bus Stop” comes to mind as well as Thornton Wilder’s “The Bridge of San Luis Rey” and Stephen King’s “Under the Dome” “The Damned” fits in this category nicely Enjoyable recommended but I’m looking forward to reading Mr MacDonald’s mystery novels I have “A Purple Place for Dying” Travis McGee on my bookshelf Four stars

  5. Daniel Polansky Daniel Polansky says:

    Excellent and peculiar About a handful of people who get stuck at a ferry crossing near the MexicanAmerican border and the misfortunes which befall them I picked up one of MacDonald's at some point earlier something which was a bit straight detective y and I liked it but didn't love it This was much better The writing is really on point each of the different characters feels well realized mostly; in keeping with the noir tradition the assholes and villains are better drawn than the decent characters MacDonald's writing is astute in its depiction of sexual s as well as casual racism The structure is likewise really peculiar with each short chapter taking place from the POV of one of the different characters ranging from casual gangsters to emasculated husbands A lot of other mid century noir writers – Chandler Hammet the other McDonald etc – had the prose chops to go toe to toe with or less anyone almost but were hampered by having to stick to the usual genre conventions which are fun but limiting It's interesting to see what can be done out of those boundaries kind of like what Highsmith was doing with Price of Salt Hey is this out of print? Because if so it would slot neatly into the NYRB classic's catalog Keep

  6. Ed Ed says:

    This John D MacDonald novel written in 1952 was his fifth non SF novel since his debut with The Brass Cupcake 1950 A Mexican river crossing and disparate characters thrown together by a disrupted ferry service interact under stresses both internal and externalTHE HEAT HIT THEM ALL the scorching heat of Mexico and it ate at their nerves The stalled ferry held them in the heat until they could stand no The honeymooners fought and loved and fought again The pretty little tramp clawed her married lover's eyes The trembling killer looked behind and knew his time was short There were others waiting too some good some bad but all of them tormented by the shape of disaster to comeTime gave them all a second chance Most of them stepped on the face of time

  7. Pamela Pamela says:

    Where have I been that I haven't been reading MacDonald? He's like the best of Jim Thompson and Patricia Highsmith all rolled up into one No I take that back He's better than even that If you haven't read him then stop what you are doing and read him NOW

  8. Cashmere Cashmere says:

    After finishing John D MacDonald's exceptionally disappointing Ballroom of the Skies it was wonderful to find him return to excellent form in The DamnedAs I read this book I couldn't help but think of it in terms of a movie Indeed than any of the other books I have read to date by John D this one cries out to me to be adapted for the big screen By Tarantino perhaps?Anyhow this uniue story is about various people and their lives and histories and interactions as they wait for a car ferry that is having difficulty crossing a river in Mexico John D presents us with colorful and clearly defined characters often times revisiting events in the plot from various people's perspectivesHaving been so disappointed by the previous book I read I eagerly breezed through this one in just a few days

  9. doug bowman doug bowman says:

    The tradition of strangers meeting on the road is as old as the Canterbury Tales and this literary genre is given a South of the Border slant as a group of strangers meet at a ferry crossing in Mexico where the crossing is slowed by a bureaucratic glitch Steinbeck used the same literary conceit in THE WAYWARD BUS and MacDonald uses it to showcase his strengths as a writer In his non Travis McGee novels MacDonald was incredibly adept at characterization based conflict and this novel showcases that particular talent Each character's back story baggage is fleshed out in conflict with another character driving the ebb and flow of plot lines into a series of personal climaxes He is such a talented writer that his stories never sink into soap opera cliches

  10. Steve Goble Steve Goble says:

    They all had secrets and fears and dreams and they all were stuck like flies in amber under the blazing Mexican sun while uninspired laborers dug up mud so the damned new ferry way too big for the Rios Conchos could get close enough to the bank to take on carsThey were mostly strangers to one another but they mingled there on a long hot day and they fought and lied to one another and fell in love and spilled secrets and bloodThis is not really a mystery novel we always know who has killed whom but it is saturated with crime and violence It also is eminently readable like everything else I have read by MacDonald

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