Paperback ã Windhaven PDF/EPUB å

Paperback ã Windhaven PDF/EPUB å

Windhaven [Read] ➬ Windhaven ➵ George R.R. Martin – Among the scattered islands that make up the water world of windhaven no one holds prestige than the silver winged flyers romantic figures who cross treacherous oceans braving shifting winds and sudde Among the scattered islands that make up the water world of Windhaven no one holds prestige than the silver winged flyers romantic figures who cross treacherous oceans braving shifting winds and sudden storms to bring news gossip songs and stories to a waiting populace Maris of amberly a fisherman's daughter wants nothing than to soar on the currents high above Windhaven So she challenges tradition demanding that flyers be chosen by merit rather than inheritance But even after winning that bitter battle maris finds that her troubles are only beginning Now a revolution threatens to destroy the world she fought so hard to join and force her to make the ultimate sacrifice This early collaborative novel from george r R Martin and lisa tuttle is a masterclass of fantasy and storytelling.

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  1. Ryan Ryan says:

    An early 1980s collaboration between a now famous author and a less famous one Windhaven demonstrates that the young George RR Martin had talent for world building and character driven storytelling While not as sprawling and a whole lot less violent than A Game of Thrones it’ll probably appeal to anyone who liked his family friendly Hedge Knight novellaThe story takes place on a distant windswept ocean world where humans lost advanced technology generations ago but were able to cannibalize their wrecked starship and build muscle and wind powered wings to carry messengers over the dangerous seas between far flung islands Over time a caste system has evolved in which wings are passed down by inheritance with most people excluded from the chance to fly and be a citizen of the world However that changes when a young woman named Maris challenges tradition and brings about a new order From there the plot which takes snapshots of Maris’s life over the next few decades shows how change often brings complicationsThe writing isn’t too sophisticated but I thought Windhaven worked well on the level of a Young Adult fantasy novel sci fi elements are barely present conveying the poignant sense of having a privilege that’s hard to bear losing What I really enjoyed though was the nuance that the authors put into the story’s evolution At each stage of her life Maris finds her idealism echoed by younger people who push things a bit further and bring about new shakeups in the political order of the world not always with desirable conseuences The characters aren’t complex but their varied perspectives are each given a fair hearing Not surprisingly there’s a uiet play on the Icarus myth that runs through the story touching on its different chordsAll in all a well constructed bittersweet minor gem of a novel and I’m glad someone saw fit to bring it out of the vault and produce an audio version Its drama is simpler and reflective than that of A Game of Thrones but it’s an early highlight in Martin’s career written along with a friend I’m not so familiar with Lisa Tuttle’s work And unlike the aforementioned series you can actually finish reading it The audiobook narrator does a fine job representing different characters with distinct accents

  2. Tatiana Dengo Tatiana Dengo says:

    This was an unexpected yet welcome find at the bookstore since I had never heard of this book before and I've wanted to read George R R Martin books that AREN'T from A Song of Ice and Fire Not familiar with Lisa Tuttle's writing so I can't tell who influenced which ideaseventscharacters but Martin's plot twisting ingenuity definitely shines through The story is not an ordinary take on flying humans Usually these stories place people up in the clouds somehow in floating islands or castles This time they are down in the ocean living in a collection of extremely windy islands at uite a distance from each other with no major landmass to serve as the population's center In Windhaven flying takes the lead over nautical travel since the ocean is uite dangerous full of giant marine predators and freuent storms The descriptions of flying were wholesome and fulfilling constantly placing you in the character's shoes Strong female character Her story is divided into the three main revolutionary events of her life Would have liked to see of her story over the years she actually worked as a flyer rather than solely finding out about it through allusions and retellings by other characters Loved it This needs to become a movie

  3. Ivana Books Are Magic Ivana Books Are Magic says:

    Maris has got to be one of the most amazing female protagonists in the history of this genre She is certainly what I think about when I think about a strong female lead Her personal development during the course of this novel is nothing short of pure perfection I mean Maris is an awe inspiring woman and yet she feels very real during every step of the way She is wonderfully written and totally convincing She starts off as a young lady that is determined to change the world she lives in and what a world it is and she actually does it Without revealing what happens next and next and next and what kind of person she becomes; I’m just going to say that the way she is written is outstanding Flawless characterization that feels absolutely convincing during all stages of her life If you are looking for a novel that examines the very soul of its protagonist look no further If you want to read a novel with a strong female lead this is a story for you If you want to read about an imaginary world that is endlessly fascinating once you dig under its simple surface get this book If you are interested in reading an exciting story filled with multidimensional characters what are you waiting for? If you also happen to like fantasy well you just hit jackpotFantasy lovers open your heart for another jewel for Windhaven is a beautifully crafted world Can I call it poetic? Would that be too much? It is not a world of ice and fire but a world of sea and wind What if I told you that while you are reading it you can smell the sea in the air and sense the wind on your face Not just any sea or any windbut the wind and the sea of this magical place If you’re imagining Hawaii think again Windhaven is no paradise It consists of islands that would be in a state of total isolation if there weren’t for fliers Fliers are only able to fly thanks to two facts and one of them is that this world is in a state of permanent storm Extemely windy It is not a paradise but a hard planet and place to live on Yet I had this feeling of being able to sense its brutal beauty in my bones It is so well described the ecology of the planet and the way it influenced the human society living thereIsolation makes fliers almost mythical creatures Their wings are made from materials saved from the mother ship the only sf element in the novel and they exist in limited numbers Moreover with every accident with every flier who is lost there is one less pair of wings Can you imagine why having a pair of wings would be something that is to be desired not only for its social significance?The joy of flying Was there ever a novel that describes so well the sheer join of flying Let’s get back to the start of this novel and our lovely protagonist Maris is a natural born flier She is marvellously talented at it and she knows it All that Maris wants to do is fly She was adopted and raised by a flier and he taught her all she needs to know about flying However there is a catch Her father meant for her to inherit his wings but in the meantime he had a son and now legally speaking his son must inherit his wings The problem? The boy is terrified of flying What is left to our Maris but to challenge the system?Now if that sounds like a start of a good YA you’re right kind of For this novel is much than just a story of growing up in some how well developed it may be fantasy world The society is not just some background for our protagonist to shine in nor are the conflicts only there for the action aspect of the story which is pretty good but that’s beside the point now This novel is also about politics power and government This is a novel that shows us how complex life is I think we can draw parallels between the society in Windhaven and our own despite the fact that the society described there lacks any technology and is basically medieval For aren’t the games of power something that is in its essence timeless? Speaking of humans and our need to organize ourselves in groups our need to fight for power over one another is something that is explored well in this novel Windhaven has a lesson or two to teach For example how revolutions often eat their own childre or how we must always pay the price for the decisions we make It is actually a well rounded epic story A whole lot happens in this novel It is not terribly long but it is packed with events It is an entertaining read for sure but also so much I would recommend this novel to anyone who has read and liked Machiavelli’s The Prince because among other things this novel is about power and government fans of Lisa and fans of Martin because they wrote it though pilots because they would understand why life without flying is not worth much mountaineers and outdoorsy types because they will appreciate the amazing nature descriptions fantasy lovers because it is a fantasy worth reading literature lovers because this is real literature just about anyone because it is an awesome read any way you take itI praised our protagonist but she is hardly the only memorable character I know that many fans of Martin will wonder if this is something that can be compared with his legendary series It is However don’t read this expecting another GOT seuel for this is a world of its own Windhaven is written by Lisa as well and that can be felt I personally loved that I think these two worked really well together I liked the focus on one protagonist and I happen to think it was a good decision for this novel One thing I did notice that seems to be typical of GOT is the depth of characterization You really have a feeling of getting inside of a character’s head of exploring their psychological states Martin’s talent for creating credible characters certainly shines through Nevertheless there was something uniuely touching about Maris especially when she got older something that felt personal something that made her special In that sense that is focused merely this novel is different from GOT I must also add; the descriptions of Windhaven are something I sign off to Lisa I may be wrong I cannot say who wrote which part but I can say that I sensed both of them not in the sense that you can feel divisions in the text far from it but in a sense there was that something that wasn’t there when I was reading only Martin Does that make sense? I haven’t read any of Lisa’s works but I can sense her there and I have a feeling this world is a product of her imaginationThis story takes many twists and turns develops in many different ways and it goes on to explore the world of politics the conflict between the individual and the society the dimensions of good and evil the price we may for our decisions the negative sides of any revolution etc It is an amazing story on its own but the fact that the characters are masterfully portrayed is what makes it is very special Did I mention that it also contains some interesting debates and moral dilemmas ie plenty of food for the thought? To conclude this is a great fantasty novel If I had to sum it up in one sentence it would go something like this Incredibly convincing outlandishly brave and uncannily wise portrayal of an amazing life of one phenomenal woman

  4. Michael Michael says:

    This fantasy appears to me to be in the tradition of Ursula Leguin replete with a coming of age story bound up with social development issues moral choices and fable like messages The descendents of marooned starfarers inhabit a world of many small islands Aside from sailing in an ocean with dangerous sea monsters the only link between islands is via a cadre of flyers who use wings made of metal struts and special indestructible cloth left over from the ancestors The aristocracy of flyers who pass the skills and limited set of wings down within families is challenged when the daughter of a fisherman Maris becomes enad with flying and seeks to become one against the wishes of her adopted father who instead wants to pass his wings down to a younger son Her brave persistence eventually succeeds in changing the class system into one based on merit involving establishment of flying academies and annual open challenge competitions But this doesn�t solve the problem of classism and the next social evolution concerns the role of landed gentry in fighting over resources and control of the flyers and the dangers of flyers taking actions to prevent war The power and roles of singers and healers is also explored though a set of engaging characters The thrall of flying is captured well is the narrative but it wore a bit thin for me after a while The parables about classism corruption of power are the triumph of the good hearted and brave were not especially compelling I wonder why the book is not classified as young adult reading

  5. Eric Eric says:

    Windhaven is a good read but not one that got a lot traction for me I listened to the audio book and narrator did good job bringing the story to lifeThe planet Windhaven is place where star travelers crash landed Salvaged from the ship were the materials to make wings so that some of the population could fly on the planet's strong and almost never ending winds Eventually the planet's islands were colonized and vital messages are carried by flyers to the people who inhabit the islands These people became the land bound The Flyers due to their importance became an elite class of people Only the descendents of the original Flyers could be flyers That is until Maris comes along and things begin to changeMaris is the main protagonist in the story She is the first land bound person to become a Flyer Well in a manner of speaking Since her lineage is not from the original Flyer people is she really a Flyer? A good part of the book is about all aspects of this uestion Not only for Maris but for others land bounds who manage get wings Add to the mix some land barons some with dubious motivesOverall the book is an interesting story I found though even in this exotic setting themes that are unoriginal and well exploited in other books The characters seemed bit anemic to me In the story one of the worst situations a Flyer can encounter is hitting a patch of calm air which could send them down into a monster infested sea I felt the book was a little too long with too many calm pockets to navigate Windhaven is an entertaining story that didn't knock my socks off It could be a matter of taste Others may find the book much invigorating than I did

  6. Natasha Natasha says:

    This was my first George RR Martin book and it definitely won't be the last I assure you Windhaven is relatively short for the average fantasy book and yet I was SO connected so enthralled with the characters the world the systemEVERYTHING This is the type of fantasy novel I yearn for when I think of the genre What sticks in mind is the way the authors deal with our protaginist Maris She's uite immature to begin with which goes hand in hand with her age and we watch her grow over the course of the novel We learn the dangers of impetuosity and restlessness We learn that revenge is a dish best served cold The character development of Maris is uite remarkable if she were human I wouldn't doubt it for a second A Game Of Thrones here I come

  7. Heather Heather says:

    If like myself you have enjoyed Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire Series and been completely blown away by the honesty of his characters the brilliance of his politics and spent countless hours awake at night unable to sleep because you just HAVE to know what happens next please don't read this book George R R Marin may have the utmost respect for the talents of Lisa Tuttle but after reading this book I can't say I share his opinion The concept is good but the characters are flat Half way through the book I no longer cared what they thought or what happened to them I just kept reading in hopes that Martin would pull some of his last minute magicand it never came It isn't terrible or full of typos it is just so typical template fantasy that any ASoIaF fan is going to be frustrated There is nothing outstanding about this book If Terry Pratchet were no longer funny and clever or Neil Gaimen were no longer uirky and dark they would lose what distinguishes them from the first time SFFantasy author who doesn't know what heshe is doing and there would be no reason to read them If you are new to the genre there is nothing wrong with this book but if you are looking for something i advise you not to waste your time

  8. Alexander Stormborn Alexander Stormborn says:

    It was an interesting book with a uniue world but although original I did find it lacking It never had a clear direction other than recounting the protagonist's life and no real antagonist other thab tradition and society Maybe some people would like this but it made me feel detached from the story

  9. Siobhan Siobhan says:

    Everyone knows George R R Martin from his A Song of Ice and Fire series yet a lot of his other books are fun reads as well I admit that I have only read a handful of his standalone novels but what I’ve read have been – mostly – good reads Windhaven is another book to add to the list of non ASOIAF books people should read if they’re a fan of Martin’s workTruthfully this wasn’t a book I was going to go out of my way to purchase I’d seen it whilst browsing online on than one occasion but I never went out of my way to purchase it Of course when I saw it in an offer my mind was made up I never say no to books by my favourite authors when they’re on offer meaning when I saw this one along with a book by another of my favourite authors in an offer I jumped at it I didn’t pick it up straight away – my bookshelf is overflowing – but I worked around to it rather uickly I was curious after allFor me I’d deem this book to be a fantasy novel with a bit of a sci fi back story Set on another world seemingly extremely far in the future we have a whole new way of living On this planet travel between the distant islands is hard so flyers exist to take messages back and forth across the planet I feel as though I could have done with a bit information regarding how the whole flyer thing worked – what it was about the atmosphere and the gravity of the planet that made it possible – but even without these details it was a wonderful conceptAs you would expect though things aren’t as straightforward as they should be Like any good fantasy novel there is conflict One group against another trouble between the classes There is a clear divide in the society and things need changing What we’re given is the story of these changes taking placeWhilst we follow the same main character throughout I do feel as though it was about the story than about her Yes she was important She was a great main character to follow she was important in the events and I loved watching her life at these main points Still her life took a backseat to the main story Not that such a thing bothered me as it was great to see such a thing We are merely given glimpses for the most part into her personal story The personal story takes a backseat to the important changes taking place in the world our character being our focus simply for the role she plays – and it is this role we focus onHonestly it was a great read The story is split into three parts three points in time where big change happens I’m not going to go into detail about what these things are but throughout we get to see how the world has changed As we shift from one point in time to the next we get to see the effects of the last change on society and the characters that keep popping up Speaking of characters there’s uite a bit of fun to be had there The cast is great all having their own role to play in the storyTruthfully this is the kind of thing I could imagine being made into a movie Unfortunately I fear as though it would be one of those movies that are terribly awkward I guess it’s a good job I’m not really one for endorsing movie adaptations of the books I readCertainly though I’d recommend this for fans of George R R Martin

  10. Brian Brian says:

    I didn't love this one but I liked it well enough It is probably the only GRRM story I've read that I didn't absolutely loveI really enjoyed the premise The descendants of star sailors astronauts whose ship crashed on a watery planet use the remnants of the original space ship as wings to fly between islands There are only so many wings and the flyers have a very special position in societyThe whole story just didn't grab me as much as they usually do It's still worth reading though Especially if you're a fan of George RR Martin

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