Deathtrap PDF å Ebook

Deathtrap PDF å Ebook

Deathtrap [BOOKS] ⚣ Deathtrap By L.M. Somerton – A man without scars never had to fight for something he believed inA new relationship takes time and effort A new relationship with Orlando de la Pena takes a whole lot As a Dom Rogue knows what he wa A man without scars never had to fight for something he believed inA new relationship takes time and effort A new relationship with Orlando de la Pena takes a whole lot As a Dom Rogue knows what he wants but Orlando refuses to fit neatly into the box labeled ‘submissive’ He’s feisty demanding and far too pretty for his own goodOrlando loves Rogue and he’s learning to love The Wyverns but he hates being stuck out in the desert Finding a niche in the world of bikes and fierce warriors is difficult and Orlando’s impatience gets the better of him He walks out into the desert and runs in to an antisocial diamondbackRogue has than one problem to deal with The Longhorns MC issues a challenge for territory The Bellazi cartel is out for Wyvern blood The Wyverns are under siege and Rogue has to work out how to save not just Orlando but all of them Reader Advisory This books contains scenes of mild BDSM.

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  1. Theresa Theresa says:

    25 stars

  2. Christy Christy says:

    I'm so glad that LM Somerton decided to expand her short story and create a series about 'The Wyverns' They're a motorcycle gang MC that do secret work in exchange for staying out of the hands of the penal systemor a noose The author has created some very manly men and I'm looking forward to a book on each of them hint'Deathtrap' returned me to Rogue the leader of the MC and Orlando his submissive It's only been a few weeks since the MC kidnapped Orlando and then got into a gun battle to save him It's been nice to relax but now they've got another problem waiting for them to handle Unfortunately for Rogue he needs to address Orlando's boredom before Orlando ends up dead from making a stupid decisionIt's never a boring moment with these guys Between tracking down Orlando trying to get him to a medical clinic and having the leader of another MC challenge Rogue for his territory well Rogue isn't in the best of moods And that's not saying a whole lot particularly since he's uncomfortably aware of how far under his skin Orlando has gotten Beware big mean angry biker ready to meet the challenge at dawnThis was wonderful Lu Now I'm not being rude but could you hurry up on the next guy’s tale? smirkNOTE This book was provided by Pride Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  3. Caroline Brand Caroline Brand says:

    REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE35 StarsDeathtrap picks up where Mantrap left off and continues with the story of Orlando and RogueThe Wyverns are a tough group of bikers with a lot of enemies and although Orlando and Rogue are now a couple living a Ds relationship the cracks are beginning to show in their relationshipOrlando is the one struggling the most With it deemed unsafe for him to be out and about he is pretty much locked up in the compound the group live in With no fresh air no exercise and no direct daylight he is becoming fractious and even bratty than usual He is given tasks to keep him busy but they have a worse effect than ever – he feels like a slave to an ungrateful bunch of yobsRogue comes across as brusue and uncaring and I found little to endear him to me at the start of the book Only when Orlando defies another order and wanders off into the desert does he show his true colours and you can see that he not only cares about Orlando but that he can no longer imagine his life without himFor me the story was a little fragmented Whilst through his own stupidity Orlando ended up in danger there was also gang troubles that the men had to deal with which took Rogue away from Orlando at a crucial time

  4. Helena Stone Helena Stone says:

    Deathtrap or less picks the story up where Mantrap ended Orlando is still living with the Wyverns and submitting to Rogue but it’s not without its complications Orlando doesn’t really fit into to the MC mould and has also been confined to the compound since his safety in the outside world can’t be guaranteed It’s hardly surprising Orlando is slowly going out of his brain from boredom Rogue not picking up on exactly how restless Orlando is becoming is no surprise either since he’s still up to his neck in problems with other gangsIt all comes to a head when Orlando decides to go for a walk and runs into unexpected but no less lethal danger With a gang from Texas challenging the Wyverns Rogue suddenly finds himself facing a potentially deadly fight with a rival gang leader while worrying about the man he’s fallen for hardThis story is as fast and furious as the first instalment and the reader doesn’t really have a moment to come up for breath until they reach the end of the both sexy and endearing epilogue“You flame like the sun Orlando You’re a bright spark in my darkness From the moment we met we were as inevitable as this sunset and just as unstoppable” – RogueWhile there have been hints before this moment makes it perfectly clear that underneath the gruff and brutal exterior Rogue really does have a heart of gold So it’s hardly surprising when Orlando responds as follows“You can speak real pretty when you want to”These are such wonderful books I love the banter between the The Wyvern men the fast paced stories and the enticing combination of suspense emotion and sexiness I’m delighted that I have three titles in this series waiting for me on my Kindle

  5. Kevin Kevin says:

    This is the second in the Wyverns series and continues and expands the characters Again I am thankful for an advance copy to read and review Orlando is settling into his new life as a member of the Wyverns Life seems to be mundane and boring for him though and he decides to sneak out and go for a walk in the desert big mistake The desert is not the place to be if you don't know your way around and a rattler lets him know biting him Meanwhile back at the compound they realize Orlando is missing and the hunt is on for him Rogue finds him and they get him back only to find soon after they have company a gang from Texas that wants to fight them for their territory They agree to meet and Rogue will fight their leader tomorrow but they have to get Orlando medical help and enlist the help of the local sheriff to escort them safely out Rogue realizes he loves Orlando The next day is fight day and to make it short Rogue wins and extorts a secret favor for not killing the rival gang's leader and a promise to go back to Texas Somehow the Texas gang the Longhorns get the two groups threatening the Wyverns the Bellazi Cartel and the Jackals MC to fight one another and the Longhorns go back home This kills two birds with one stone Rogue and Orlando profess their love for one another and we wonder what will happen next I can't wait

  6. Sarita Chapdelaine Sarita Chapdelaine says:

    Another well written interesting and fast paced book I love all the Wyverns but Orlando is so fun and bratty that I can't help but fall for him Rogue and Orlando learn how they feel about each other when faced with a life or death situation and Rogue is trying to save Orlando but he has to deal with several enemies first I can't wait to read the next book The author kindly gave me an ARC for review

  7. Tanja Tanja says:

    The story continues in this second installment in the series Rogue and Orlando are falling and in love; to their own surprise This book takes the reader through all kinds of emotions I love it when bad boys can show their gentler and caring side The sex is hot Their love is tested by surprising events that kept me on my toesThis is another page turner I can’t wait to read about the WyvernsThis book cannot be read as a standalone

  8. Esther Alayeto Esther Alayeto says:

    A great continuation of book 1 in this series Rogue and Orlando are really growing closer and I really like seeing a little of Rogue's tender and sweet side sometimes when it comes to Orlando The interaction of Orlando and Hatchet really crack me up Looking forward to the next book in this seriesI voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book

  9. Nicole Nicole says:

    uick read 35 starsEnjoyable and EntertainingRecommend

  10. Love Bytes Reviews Love Bytes Reviews says:

    4 Heart Review by DanIn Deathtrap we pick up the story of The Wyverns shortly after the events in Mantrap – The Wyverns #1 Orlando has settled in to the headuarters of the Wyverns Motorcycle Club What started as a kidnapping has turned into much Other people are involved though and some of them would like to get their hands on Orlando including Orlando’s father who is licking his wounds after 12 of his men failed to overpower the Wyverns to “free” OrlandoBut there are other forces at work A competing motorcycle club is trying to take over the Wyvern’s territory a notorious drug cartel is after the Wyverns for a drug deal gone bad and Orlando is getting bored with being locked in the house 247 We knew from the previous book that Orlando was a brat but in this installment he shows just what a bratty little sub he can be It is only Rogue who is keeping him from getting a good solid spanking from the rest of the clubWhen Orlando sneaks out of the house he is bitten by a large rattlesnake and has to be rushed to the hospital But how will they do that with the competing club lined up across the road cutting them off?I’m enjoying the story of the Wyverns I really liked Mantrap when I reviewed it as part of the Hard Riders Anthology For those of you who missed that review it is here I highly recommend you read Mantrap before reading Deathtrap for continuity and character development background This book does contain some very mild BDSM and some mild violence but nothing that should put anyone offI recommend both novellas And Ms SomertonI hope that this isn’t the end of The Wyverns This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews author interviews and all those awesome giveaways Click below

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