Beastkeeper PDF å Paperback

Beastkeeper PDF å Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Beastkeeper
  • Cat Hellisen
  • 04 June 2016
  • 9781250073648

10 thoughts on “Beastkeeper

  1. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:

    The day she falls in love for the first time Sarah will transform into a beast unless she can figure out a way to break the curse forever

  2. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    Cat Beauty and the Beast middle grade unconventional twist? SoldAnd Cat says that this is first person female POV AND THE GIRL IS THE BEAST DSo excited

  3. Taylor Knight Taylor Knight says:

    This was such a surprising book I was so blown away by the writing style and the plot Once I started this book I couldn't put it down and I ended up finishing it in a little over 2 hours This book was so full of magic and I loved how deep rooted in classic fantasy the plot was Beastkeeper reminded me the books that my mom would read to my sister and I when we were kids She always read fantasy to us and Beastkeeper is something that would have mesmerized me as a child Overall I absolutely loved Beastkeeper Not only is it a great book for young readers it's great for adult readers as well

  4. Dani Shuping Dani Shuping says:

    ARC provided by NetgalleyEver since she can remember Sarah and her parents have always moved Always further and further south as her mother hates the cold Til the day her mother finally walks away from the family And something strange begins to happen Old magic comes out of hiding and her father begins to change slowly but surely into a wild beast Before he fully becomes a beast he takes Sarah to the last place she expectedthe ruins of a crumbling castle where her grandparents live And the curse begins to reveal itselfand its next target may very well be Sarah herselfI really really wanted to like this book As much as it seems to be coming common for authors to put new twists and turns on classic fairy tales this one has such an interesting and entertaining premise of a curse being cast by the matriarchs of two families and being unyielding and relenting in releasing the curse even if it means their own death But I spent way too much time being drawn out of the story and saying “Wait what? What the heck just happened here? Where did that come from??” And frankly it isn’t a good way for a story to beI had a few different issues with the book One of the glaring issues for me was with the character of Sarah herself and her parents as they felt like empty shells instead of real people that I should care about While her parents are not the central characters they are the driving force behind all of Sarah’s actions It is evident that Sarah cares greatly for them and because of that the reader should as well ButI don’t They don’t feel real to me We see the mother for all of two pages she vanishes and then half shows up again for two pages scattered throughout the book And her dad well we see him but don’t really have any clue of who or what he is And because of that I just can’t bring myself to care about them Perhaps the author is relying on the fact that we all understood how a family should be and that should be enough to make us care about the characters But that isn’t enough for me Even just a few paragraphs to set up the family as a “Once upon a time” would have been niceAs for Sarah while she is a bit fleshed out than some of the other characters she doesn’t seem to ever really grow during the course of the book Instead she feels like the same child that we met at the beginning of the book as she does at the end Which is really weird since she is tackling a curse discovering magic and oh yes “falling” in love In the entire book nothing seems to change about her at allThe second major issue I had was that the plot of the story was choppy and rushed For example this is supposed to be a retelling of Beauty and the Beast where the girl is the one that becomes the beast Which is great Butit doesn’t make sense with the way the curse is setup Which is that the females turn into birds and the males turn into beastsexcept for Sarah And maybe I’m reading too much into that Fine But that doesn’t explain why it felt like we glossed over so many things and why details became crammed into one book I don’t know if its the author or the publisher’s decision but this really should have either been two books or a longer book I wanted to know about the grandparents about the magic that created this about the beastkeeper that Sarah falls for who apparently doesn’t even have a name Its enough to drive me a wee bit batty And the ending I wanted an actual proper ending something that didn’t feel rushed and leaving me wondering what the heck just happenedAll in all its a nice premise but the story is not up to par for me I give the book two out of five stars

  5. Althea Ann Althea Ann says:

    I suspected I might be in for a treat when I read the dedication page on this book which mentions the author's two children Tanith and Noa Tanith? You named your KID after Tanith Lee? This book CANNOT be badAnd indeed it is uite excellent I wouldn't say it's derivative of or even particularly similar to Lee's writing but the aesthetics are all what I love It's a contemporary fantasy but it succeeds very well in meshing the timeless beauty of fairy tales with a modern setting Sarah is a young teenager whose family is collapsing around her At first a reader might assume that her neglect is simply the sad but typical effect of divorce and depression on any family her mother's abandoned them and her father is incapable of keeping up even appearances But once Sarah is bundled off to live with the grandmother she'd always been told was dead in a crumbling decrepit tower in the middle of nowhere gradually we learn that there's to it than this her family is the victim of a curse and Sarah herself may be the next one to be destroyed by a bitterness and rivalry that has come down through generationsBeautiful writing; highly recommended for everyone who loves stories based in folklore and fairytalesMany thanks to NetGalley and Henry Holt and Co for the opportunity to read As always my opinions are solely my own

  6. Susana Susana says:

    Arc provided by Henry Holt Company through Netgalley Release Date February 3 rd I had to re read this story immediately after I had finished it for first time because with only one read I honestly did not know what to sayFirst of all I loved its first pages They had that bitter sweet tone of well done magical realism and they held so much promiseWe get immediately thrown into this family's live and we can see that something isn't uite right Besides the obvious that is Page after page we get sucked into Sarah's life and how in the span of a few days everything she knows gets replaced by something out of a fantasy bookSarah is only thirteen and she's not ready for what is coming into her lifein fact I don't think anyone would because all of a sudden she finds herself surrounded by a strange reality and sharing an existence with characters that aren't exactly loving or trustworthyThis means that there's a lot of crying which is comprehensibleEspecially since this tale follows the path of the old school of fairy tales the one in which things happen because soin which events mostly take a turn for the worsewhere most characters are as flawed as possible and finally where HEA is mostly a vague dreamThere are however some elements here whose presence I found somewhat strange considering this is a supposed middle grade book First Sarah has some serious tstl actions Number one the walking alone in a wood part because doing things that adults say you shouldn't do are appealing Then there's meeting an older boy in those same woods because soYes it is vital for the plot butoOOoshakes headFor me this book has a serious identity crisesFirst of all I don't think this will appeal to the middle grade readers the writing the plot the oh there goes my heart part Too cruel for them I thinkFor the YA audience?They want romance Thankfully there isn't one in here There's seeds really strange seeds considering the characters ages THE DIFFERENCE but there isn't an actual romanceAdultsYes I think we are the most logical target but once one starts analysing this and that sightFor instance there's a part in which we are told that the curse affects the women and the man differently but in reality that's not uite soThen we have characters who apparently have thousands of years and I wanted to know about their livesI needed backstoryFor me this had everything to be a five star book but I could have used development in certain parts of the narrativehowever and especially with the re read I have to say that despite the TSTL moments and other elements I ended up falling for this bookAnd now I am curious about the author's other works

  7. Rayne Rayne says:

    As expected from Cat Hellisen this novel is a beautifully written mesmerizing and strange little book that takes familiar concepts and shapes them into new original and bizarre forms Beastkeeper is in all likelihood the most original Beauty and the Beast retelling I've ever read and probably the most honest too This novel takes the familiar fairy tale and reshapes it from a story of eternal love and idealistic romance to one of sacrifice and loss where the human heart is at its rawest and most honest and every ugly thing about us that fairy tales ignore is shown This is being marketed as a children's book but I'd say it straddles the line between MG and YA because like with her riveting debut When the Sea Is Rising Red Hellisen doesn't shy away from pain rawness honesty or brutality and this one has plenty of those to spare This might be a fairy tale but this is hardly a sweet happily ever after sort of story It's heartbreaking shocking and it sheds light on the twisted sides of the human condition on the things we feel and how we act on our emotions especially the ones that hurt The characters are all so interesting so mesmerizing Hellisen weaved the feeling of fairy tales into every single aspect of her novel from the plot to the characters and even as the story shifts the characters darken and a bittersweet ending approaches you are still full of that magical feeling Through Sarah an engaging heroine barely than a child we see these events unfurl and we feel the magic as it happens through her we see the wonders and ugliness of this world as she experiences it and it is so achingly beautiful Though this one has Hellisen's signature gorgeous writing slightly toned down for younger audiences there's still plenty in this story for adults to enjoy and the many lessons it imparts still hit home with an intensity I've never expected from a children's book This is technically a retelling but Beastkeeper stands on its own as a thoroughly original and achingly beautiful story that's profound beyond its small size and intended audience Another lovely book by Hellisen

  8. Melissa Chung Melissa Chung says:

    A lovely middle grade fairy taleSarah Sarahbear is a 12 year old girl who lives in a magical world of boxes and new schools Her mother Merete has raised her on magical stories and fairy tales But one day her mother has decided she is done running from Winter She is afraid of the curse that she knows has been put upon the family and makes a run for it Meaning she leaves Sarah and her father Leon Leon is heartbroken He can't cope with the sadness and sends Sarah to stay with his mother Sarah finds herself at a broken down castle in the middle of nowhere outside the With in Everyone in her family is cursed How can Sarah only a gir break the spell? This story is loosely based on Beauty and the Beast being the curse is because of vanity and jealousyI really enjoyed the story If you don't go into this book with expectations it is a really cute story I loved how horrible the curse was How selfish the villains were How Sarah never gave up even though everyone else around her didThe ending was not what I was hoping forbut then again there was a happy ending D

  9. Misty Misty says:

    I find this difficult to rate but I'm going to say high 3low 4Occasionally I come across books that I find difficult to review Whether it's because I don't like them and wanted to like them too much and don't know how to express it or am in some weird limbo where I can't even begin to tell you what I liked or didn't like and why there are some reviews that just stump me a little  And sometimes as I work through what I felt about the book these reviews can get a little long and maybe a smidge circular I'm not saying that my review of Beastkeeper will be one of those reviews but it's totally one of those reviewsI want to start off by saying that I liked it I did and I want to make that clear because I may undermine that statement and I don't really mean to It feels original and uniue and not only because of the role reversal of the female lead being the cursed beastly one which I loved btw Though it morphed into something beyond a retelling of Beauty and the Beast the elements that shaped it are clear and present and this made it have a fresh feel while also feeling familiar and reminiscent and that's a style that's really well suited to meI do wonder if this would have been better served as an older YA novel though even though I like the middle grade feel of it and I like a middle grade book that's willing to go a bit dark But I feel like maybe some things would have been fleshed out or the darkness and gray area better explored if it were YA though I'm torn because I think there's something about MG styles of storytelling that is  perfectly suited to fairy tale retellings I guess I kinda wanted both and both would have offered me different things and I think I've worked my way around to an odd sort of back handed compliment because in saying I wanted it's kind of a good thing when I really like a story or concept or character or world I want to keep exploring it I want to see it from every angle So the fact that I  want means something That I want X and I want Y and I want   means that I didn't want to let it go but wanted to keep digging into what was there keep discovering its facetsI also wish it would have been longer which is a thing I think I also said about Cat's The Sea is Rising Red  There's a tendency in some authors to have an almost meditative build up then a really interesting reversal that gets rushed straight through to the end It's not an overriding thing it's not that it feels incredibly rushed or anything like that It's there's a point where things got  especially interesting for me and I wanted of it The last 25% of the book say could have been stretched out a bit and made me a very happy camper And this may go back a bit to the idea of being YA and exploring things a little fully and slowly though I think I said the same thing in When the Sea which was YA so who knowsI think people will love or hate how things play out in the end and I'm really not sure where on the spectrum I fall I love when something doesn't go down predictable paths or doesn't give easy answers to difficult uestions and for that I appreciate Beastkeeper and Cat Hellisen's writing in general But at the same time sometimes when you lay a groundwork of the familiar and you reinforce it and bolster it only to tear it down at the end it can either make things seem delightfully subverted or it can make things seem unplanned and unfocused I had a suspicion that things were not going to follow the predictable HEA route so I wasn't terribly bothered by this but it has that comforting summertime middle grade adventure feel to it that may make some people if not irritated by the end maybe puzzled or uncomfortable about it It probably won't be what the majority of readers are expecting and that can be a good or a bad thing depending on the type of reader you are and what you want from a storyIn the end I was left feeling a bit like I did with When the Sea I felt so close to falling head over heels for it but I just couldn't uite get there With a touch development a slow simmering plot and a chance to really get to know the characters intimately I think this would be something I'd be pushing on people for many years to come I hate to say that it fell just shy of that especially because I said the same of When the Sea and then found myself constantly thinking about it for years after I'd read it The characters still pop into my head unexpectedly and uninvited to this day; I can't shake them And when a story worms its way into my head like that that means somethingSo I don't want to leave you with an impression that I didn't like this because I did It's hard in reviews like this because when a book is so close for me I end up talking about all the things that would have pushed it over the edge into a fast favorite and feel like I end up giving the impression that it had a lot of problems or that I flat out didn't like it But if I don't like a book often there's not much to say; I end up indifferent It's only when I really like something that I'm so close to loving that the reviews come out in this tangle of emotions that makes me feel like I have to explain away everything I've said so that you're left with the impression I want you to take from it rather than the one I'm afraid I've actually givenOr maybe I'm just a little neuroticDon't ask me what makes this feel like a summertime middle grade adventure because I don't think it could really be described as any of that on than a very shallow level It's a feel I associate with some books probably based on some weird synesthetic process from books I've long since forgotten and I really couldn't begin to justify or explain

  10. Paige Paige says:

    I love retellings of Beauty and the Beast but I disliked Beastkeeper The premise was great the prince is cursed to turn into a beast as soon as he falls truly in love for the first time The curse will only be broken when his true love loves him in return Sounds great It wasn't This book felt like a rough draft with a loosely sketched in plot Dialogue was sparse broken by pages of description and self reflection from our heroine Sarah a twelvethirteen year old I didn't like any of the characters Alan her true love because of course a thirteen year old girl's first crush is her true love turns out to be a view spoilerbrutal murderer In the end Alan murders Sarah's mother to break another curse on a witch he loves hide spoiler

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Beastkeeper[PDF / Epub] ☀ Beastkeeper By Cat Hellisen – Falling in love means becoming a monsterSarah has always been on the move Her mother hates the cold so every few months her parents pack their bags and drag her off after the sun She's grown up lonely Falling in love means becoming a monsterSarah has always been on the move Her mother hates the cold so every few months her parents pack their bags and drag her off after the sun She's grown up lonely and longing for magic She doesn't know that it's magic her parents are running fromWhen Sarah's mother walks out on their family all the strange old magic they have tried to hide from comes rising into their mundane world Her father begins to change into something wild and beastly but before his transformation is complete he takes Sarah to her grandparents—people she has never met didn't even know were still aliveDeep in the forest in a crumbling ruin of a castle Sarah begins to untangle the layers of curses affecting her family bloodlines until she discovers that the curse has carried over to her too The day she falls in love for the first time Sarah will transform into a beast unless she can figure out a way to break the curse foreverLoosely inspired by Beauty and the Beast Beastkeeper by Cat Hellisen is a haunting beautiful fantasy tale“A wild uniue fairy tale” — Kirkus Reviews starred review“Sarah is precocious independent and strong willed and the story brims with thought provoking insights and lyrical descriptions for readers to sink into—especially those who like Sarah dream of finding magic in the mundane” — Publishers Weekly starred review“Evokes half remembered fairy tales and is slightly reminiscent of works by Neil Gaiman Every page shimmers with magic” — VOYA.

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