Paperback ¾ The Cleansing eBook å

Paperback ¾ The Cleansing eBook å

The Cleansing ➳ [Reading] ➶ The Cleansing By Shane Staley ➩ – Chris Tyler's world has collapsed A final touch from his dying father causes a mysterious change in him Now he is plagued by visions that are leading him back to his father's lot at a desolate campgro Chris Tyler's world has collapsed A final touch from his dying father causes a mysterious change in him Now he is plagued by visions that are leading him back to his father's lot at a desolate campground Chris searches for an answer about who his father really was He discovers that his father had participated in a bloodletting ritual that was performed to cleanse his soul of darkness What came out of The Cleansing was an evil like no other one that has outlived his father and is waiting to take over his flesh and bloodChris soon discovers that something his father had done years before his own birth has upset the balance of creation Teamed up with two other men who had participated in The Cleansing ritual Chris must fight the embodiment of evil God's wrath and a ravenous parasite in order to save mankind.

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  1. Paul Nelson Paul Nelson says:

    The Cleansing is a fantastically layered novella concerning man’s uest to find release from the darkness and evil within to be rid of the things that plague your every waking moment and give you nightmares as soon as you’re asleep This story tackles the issue in the guise of a leech entering the body through the nostril and performing a cleansing relieving the host of his burdens the evil they have seen the guilt and everything associated with it in essence a catharsis or purging of the soul This cleansing takes its toll on the host and Chris is about to face it in a chilling search for the truthAfter seeing his father flatline Chris has a vivid dream after collapsing about his Fathers campsite and something terrible beneath his Fathers trailer he is about to learn his Fathers terrifying secrets and a whole lot Chris’s Father and his friends were deeply affected by what they saw in the war so much so that suicide was contemplated they desperately needed something to end their suffering the pain of their existence and they settled on the idea of the bloodletting ritual The ritual gave them a peace but at a terrible cost it split their soul in two and years later it comes back to haunt them allReally enjoyed this it’s well written dark and incredibly sinister

  2. Squire Squire says:

    Outstanding premise for a horror novella and it is terrifying in places The first few pages had bland staccato phrasing and was really off putting but it picked up steam as it went along The ending gives the book amost a mytic uality Still I felt it was a little sparse for what the subject reuired

  3. Todd Russell Todd Russell says:

    This horror novella opens with a boy losing his father to cancer and being willed a campground site where something brutal is buried It has a gritty 80s like horror vibe that reminded me in parts of Slugs by Shaun Hutson I wonder if the author is a fan of Hutson's work? There is a lot perhaps too much happening in this relatively short novella 1386 Kindle locations Some nasty situations and graphic gore I liked 35 stars rounded Recommended

  4. Marilou Johnson Marilou Johnson says:

    Very original novella by Shane Staley I did not know what to expect when I began it was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the storyline as well as the development of technology characters especially for a short storyI cleansing ritual is to take place in order to purge the 'victim' of past wrongdoings that have manifested itself as a worm like parasite What they go through is unimaginableWell told well imagined Great story I highly recommend it for those who like their stories a bit unsettling

  5. Dreadlocksmile Dreadlocksmile says:

    First published in 2005 Shane Ryan Staley’s novella ‘The Cleansing’ was his most accomplished publication to date Staley had previously seen the publication of six of his short story collections between 2001 and 2005 Staley is also the founder and editor in chief for Delirium BooksThe tale sets off on a somewhat sombre and downbeat note as it introduces the novellas principal character Chris Tyler as he attempts to comfort his dying father on his death bed From here on in the storyline maintains a constant eerie undertone as Tyler’s life is thrown into a dark and twisted turn of eventsAfter waking from a vivid nightmare whereby Tyler glimpses the face of his dead father hidden underneath the private cabin he freuented on numerous occasions during his life Tyler decides that the dream in an omen and so goes in search of answers to the death of his father at the location of the desolate campgroundTyler meets up with some of his fathers old friends who disclose the horrifying truth as to the real reason behind the death of his father They relay the events of a ‘cleansing’ ritual that his father and his friends performed many years ago to rid them of the horrors they witnessed during their time fighting at Vietnam However there turned out to be severe conseuences for each one of them for playing with gods formula later on in each one of their livesStaley’s 138 page novella creeps up on the reader with its mounting horror as the plotline is carefully laid out With an underlying uneasy feeling running through the events taking place for Tyler the novella takes on a truly disturbing routeStaley delves deep into his dark imagination bringing back with him a collection of grotesue and haunting ideas that bring the principal ideas behind the tale to life With an unashamed corruption of religious principals Staley almost backhandedly redefines the basics of the popular beliefs shared by many stating that god is both good and evil as is all of humankindThe tale soon takes on a new twist that brings with it recollections of Jack Sholder’s 1987 movie ‘The Hidden’ With similar ideas behind the nature of the plot Staley craftily mixes in his clever take on redefining the principals behind the Christian belief Staley forgoes getting too immersed within the fundamentals of his ideas but instead ties the story together extremely well with his thought provoking play on the principals behind ChristianityAs the tale draws closer and closer to its conclusion a far apocalyptic reality takes form transforming the tale even further with the impact of Staley’s controversial idea For a book of so few pages Staley has managed to produce a story that reaches out to almost epic proportions His fast paced approach to the tale crams in a number of suggestive beginnings for the underlying crux to the taleSome moments have somewhat predictable outcomes to a point but where other authors may merely stop there Staley continues further pursuing a deeper meaning to the eventsCharacterization remains relatively light and simplistic which is mostly down to the short length of the novella However the few main characters are given their own personalities that are given hints towards a further depth within them For the short length of the tale this level of characterization is very successfulThe book also includes a five page introduction by the author Jeffrey Thomas whose praise for Staley’s ‘The Cleansing’ is well written insightful and wholly justified The novella runs for a total of 138 pages and was published by Bloodletting Press The book also includes a very suiting illustration for the cover artwork done by Mike Bohatch

  6. Nick Nick says:

    If you are approached with the possibility to cleanse your soul through a ritualistic bloodletting it is probably best to step back put your hand down and consider the choices you made in life to get yourself to this point Human beings are meant to have a balance of both good and evil; light and darkness Splitting out the darkness can only lead to well The Cleansing by Shane Ryan Staley A fast paced novella that is well worth the read

  7. Kate Kate says:

    A great novella that packs a big punchAfter losing his father Chris decides to return to a childhood campsite that may hold clues to a secret his father kept His fathers friends then show him the 'Cleansing' ritual which awakens something horrificThis was a fast paced well written read with an ending that was particularly chilling

  8. Hans Hans says:

    wow i love horror novellas this is exactly the kind of book i am always looking for a straightforward story of escalating terror with unholy creatures violent and appalling the kind of reading it is best to know as little as possible about what kind of story it is just jump in and know you will be surprised entertained and then run screaming like a tasered raccoon creepy

  9. Dave Thomas Dave Thomas says:

    He's better known as the man behind DarkFuse and Delirium Books and also my current editor in chief but he's a damn fine writer too

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