Staying at Daisy's eBook ☆ Staying at eBook

Staying at Daisy's eBook ☆ Staying at eBook

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  1. Brianna (The Book Vixen) Brianna (The Book Vixen) says:

    Review copy provided by publisherWhy I Read this Book Once in a blue moon I like to read a good chick lit novel Way back when after I had read the Harry Potter series and I was trying to find my reading groove I dabbled in a bit of click lit I’m not a huge fan of the genre so a book really has to grab my attention in order for me to read it In fact I have about 10 chick lit books on my shelf that have been on my shelf for over 3 years that are waiting for me to read When I get in the moodWhat I Liked The book’s length seems daunting – it’s 500 pages long But don’t let that get to you I felt a bit overwhelmed by the size of the book but once I started reading it I hardly noticed how long the novel was because I got sucked into the storyI was also overwhelmed by the blurb There seemed to be a lot going on there is and I was worried that I would get lost in the multiple story arcs But that wasn’t the case Staying at Daisy’s is a soap opera; there are many characters to keep track of and a lot of different storylines going on The different storylines interconnect in ways you wouldn’t have guessed But the author does a great job at mastering this soap opera It’s not confusing or overwhelming It is funny and at times crazyWhat I Didn’t Like When I had this book in my hands the pages just whizzed by But when I put the book down I wasn’t so anxious to pick it back up It wasn’t a gripping novel; it’s a great night time read to keep on your nightstandOverall Impression Staying at Daisy’s interesting characters with drama filled lives and intertwining storylines will be a perfect read for soap opera fans and chick lit fans This is the first book by Jill Mansell that I’ve read so far and I’m looking forward to from this author And I’m not even a huge fan of chick lit This book is funny it’s touching and it’s a novel you won’t want to miss

  2. Goddess Of Blah Goddess Of Blah says:

    DUMB DUMB DUMB SO DUMB IT HURTS JUST SHUT UP YOU'RE STUPID NO MORE PLEASE YOU DUMB BJill Mansell's books that I have had the misfortune to read have so far been an insult to any self respecting intelligent or even semi intelligent audience All seem to follow the same premise of ultra chick lit trash Be prepared to lose brain cells when reading her trite clichéd rubbishThe heroine is generally naïve and either unsuccessful in her career or from a disadvantaged background A confirmed sap she's invariably misunderstood by our dashing rich “hero” and is usually betrayed by a former boyfriend or she has suffered an unfortunate break up from a long term relationship The hero's are all from the same chick lit mould a text book recipe shared by the uncreative of romance authors tall dark and handsome and invariably wealthy If she could create a romance novel with a hero suffering a receding hairline a middle income and of average height her books would have some depth If one recollects Jane Eyre the characters' of a romance need not be good looking I loath absolute chick lit – and all her books are thus Great if you're a bimbo though – because these books are so light that they float Enjoy

  3. Talar Talar says:

    This is a cute book Very predictable chick lit type book I could see it being made into a romantic comedy movie one day but very enjoyable The characters are cute and you feel like you really get to know them very likeable My only complaint and it's not just with this book but with any book I've read by this author is that the story just kind of wraps up really uickly at the end You know the whole time who is going to get together that much is obvious but it all literally happens in the span of one chapter just a few paragraphs I feel like you don't get to enjoy the new coupleromance that you've been waiting for the whole time you've been reading the book Kind of a dumb complaint I know but you've been cheering for them the whole time so I wish she would've maybe given us just a little bit at the end

  4. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    Folks I can finally announce that I’ve grown up and that I’m completely and unuestionably done with reading romance booksWhile this book was not particularly bad for a romance novel it was just the last straw too many clichés eye roll after eye roll and of course the extremely sweet ever after I just can’t take it any life’s too short to waste on “fantasies” pun intended

  5. Luanne Ollivier Luanne Ollivier says:

    When I want something light easy and fun to read Jill Mansell is always a sure bet Staying at Daisy's was a winnerDaisy MacLean manages a small hotel owned by her father Hector is a village in England The hotel is the setting for a wedding that seems to touch off events for the friends family and employees of Daisy's hotelDaisy has been burned before in love and has no interest in best man Dev mind you he is awfully handsome And Daisy's best friend and chambermaid Tara just happens to have dated the groom beforeand Hector well he's never met a guest he couldn't charm but he's got a secretand so does Tara's Aunt Maggieand the new porter at the hoteland who is his mystery girlfriendandWell you get the idea Lots of madcap situations miscommunications and missed signals make for a amusing light hearted read Staying at Daisy's is populated with the kind of characters Mansell is known for warm funny and uniue personas They're all a little bit uirky and you can't help but be charmed Daisy is the kind of person you'd love to know and have as a friend The supporting characters are all clearly drawn roles filling out the roster Hector is the one individual who struck a sour note with me I didn't think he deserved his happy ending And of course there are happy endings for all involved And that's the fun of Mansell's books the journey there is delightfully entertaining Staying at Daisy's is a bit longer than previous books About 50 pages too much in my opinion one too many missed opportunities with Daisy and Dev stretched out the endingA lovely diversionary read perfect for fans of the chick lit genre

  6. Alexandra WhimsyPages Alexandra WhimsyPages says:

    Daisy Daisy Daisy Despite the name no one could call her a delicate flower She was the most charismatic character from all the books I’ve read in a past few months She was funny ironic often sarcastic but still stayed warm hearted and a true friend helping out people she cared about all while herself was going through a fairly tough time The romances yes plural intrigues friendship family Just name it this book has it all There were different plots going on at the same time that followed different characters who met at some pointIt was light it was very funny I caught myself giggling a handful of times and it reminded me how much I missed reading books in this genre Jill Mansell is a British author well known for her chick lit books and I believe this is not one of her best novels So I am definitely very curious to read Rumour Has It written by her in 2009 which instantly became a bestseller

  7. Rachy_reads Rachy_reads says:

    Can you tell I’m still struggling with reading anything with any real substance although I don’t mean that as a criticism to my beloved Jill although I’m feeling like I’m coming out of that a bit ready to read some things with a bit depth I feel like this one is not Mansell at her best There are just too many characters and the plot is weak and a bit thrown together I feel like she just ran out of steam at the end a bit and was like “oh let’s just pair everyone up” Also I love great chick lit but this one just veered too much into ridiculousness saying I love you after 2 dates with no build up to the relationship getting back together with your ex and then not minding that he wants to be with your best friend to name but a fewHilariously bad fashion in this too; blue velvet top with white jeans bright orange silk shirt with a tight pencil skirt and stilettos 👀 also love how old I felt when a scene is set in La Senza who remembers that shop? This book is also too long when there is such a lack of substance Disappointing from a favourite author of mine

  8. Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا says:

    Wednesday ‎January ‎22 ‎2014 The first time I picked a Jill Mansell's book was by my exceeding boredom and now I'm so glad I stumbled upon this author Jill has a defined style when it comes to storytelling there is always a new beginning a new hope and second chances with her books Now that I kind of passed my vampire phase I now indulge myself in her romantic modern England as much as I can If you're close to 30 flirty and fabulous I'm sure your little heart will adore her characters and storiesThe beginning of this book is so promising I'm already in page 77 in only a few hours

  9. Melindeeloo Melindeeloo says:

    35 stars I like these but I had a few nits with a couple of the side pairsand I really wish these would have a epilog because they always end with the main pair deciding to 'give it a go' and I would like a solidified HEA

  10. T.L. Clark T.L. Clark says:

    When times are dark there's nothing like a good chick lit novel to lift one's spirits And this one filled the brief beautifully Confession I'dneverread a Jill Mansell book shocking I know But there it is So many books so little time And I've remedied the situation now So Staying At Daisy's my head kept trying to place the hotel in Scotland but no it's near Bath a city I love btw Daisy helps run her father's fabulous large country house hotel He's a larger than life character with an unfortunate fondness for karaoke All the characters leap off the pages of this book They each have their own uirks and are masterfully brought to life And those lives interweave like a twisty turny thing As the story unfolds there's plenty of farce and action all with a delightful British wit What should be a uaint village is turned into a hotbed of scandal Love it I don't think the author specifies but the time this book is set in is the late 1990s I think And it was a lovely trip down memory lane at times this was my era It was fascinating to see how opinions and behaviours have changed over the not so many thank you very much years If you like chick lit you'll want to read this one 45

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Staying at Daisy's ❮Reading❯ ➷ Staying at Daisy's Author Jill Mansell – Daisy MacLean heeft haar handen vol aan het runnen van het gezellige dorpshotel van haar vaderDe gemoederen lopen hoog op wanneer Dominic de ex vriend van haar vriendin en collega Tara uitgerekend hun Daisy MacLean heeft haar handen vol aan het runnen van het gezellige dorpshotel van haar vaderDe gemoederen lopen hoog op wanneer Dominic de ex vriend van haar vriendin en collega Tara uitgerekend hun hotel heeft uitgezocht als trouwlocatie Tara heeft beloofd zich te gedragen maar soms heb je niet alles onder controle Als Daisy vervolgens de man van haar dromen ontmoet is de chaos compleet.