Sweet Summer Kisses eBook º Sweet Summer PDF or

Sweet Summer Kisses eBook º Sweet Summer PDF or

  • Kindle Edition
  • 622 pages
  • Sweet Summer Kisses
  • Erin Knightley
  • English
  • 20 September 2015

10 thoughts on “Sweet Summer Kisses

  1. herdys herdys says:

    I had already read and enjoyed Erin's story so I wanted to fin new authors but after reading three stories I gave up They were too insta and most of them the heroines were too childish I guess I wasn't in the mood

  2. Jessie Jessie says:

    One of my favorite anthologies ever The stories were clean sweet and there were nine of them I have some new authors to check out now

  3. Crystal Cox Crystal Cox says:

    Don't Miss Out On This Superb Collection Of Sweet Regency Romance What a suburb collection of short stories They all have great characters a HEA and NO cliffhangers However if you are like me you will be searching up the authors for of their booksDeceived by a Duke by Erin Knightly This story was set in beautiful Spain it's always lovely to get out of England for a good regency romance The author has a talent for making strong and likable characters I just loved both Libby and Philip Even the supporting characters were great I had to go stalk her and find out if Amelia and Gabriel had their own book and I am happy to say it is now on my kindleCaptivated by the Wallflower by Aileen Fish The story of Susan and Knightwick is filled with stubbornness misunderstandings heart and a hero that just makes you sigh with delightA Most Suitable Match by Lily George Louisa just wants to teach and Thomas has guilt holding him back from happiness could they find a way together ? My favorite thing about this story was watching Louisa's growth and Thomas learning his worth just beautifulStealing the Duchess by Marie Higgins This story was so much fun and just a fabulous read It was great watching Alexandria come out of her shell and I loved how protective Julian was I was also impressed that the author was able to surprise me in a short storyFirst Impressions by Elizabeth Johns Helena and Geoffrey has the perfect title for their sweet story about how sometimes your first thoughts may not always be right It was great watching both of them realize that the past or what you believe are negatives can be positivesTreasure Beyond Words by Heather King Ohh I just love Hugo so much his story just made me want to wrap him up and take him home Luckily the author found him Amelia a sweet patient and kind heroine The Earl's Beloved Match by Bess McBride I just love when there are great matchmaking characters like Aunt Mimi With feisty Cora and aloof but humorous Tobias they will need some convincing Of course they come up with a scheme to outmaneuver Aunt Mimi I really didn't want this story to endSave the Last Dance for Me by Cora Lee A great story about Honoria and Benedict who were childhood friends and are reunited while they are both in need of suitors I really enjoyed the twist with the hero being the wallflower hmmm what would they be called ? The Third MacPherson Sister by Susana Ellis I just adore this story of Rebecca and Miles they meet by her falling in his lap I just loved the loyalty that both of them have and that even though the past tries to sneak in and ruin their happiness that they don't let it happen I also would really love to read the story of the Golden Twins and who managed to tame themThese are all Sweet Clean Traditional Regency Romances I will be looking for from all of these authors because I thoroughly enjoyed every single story in this collection

  4. Nicole Laverdure Nicole Laverdure says:

    Charming Summer Reads Sweet Summer Kisses is a collection of short novellas written by 9 talented authors I've only read these three romantic stories First Impressions by Elizabeth Johns Captivated by the Wallflower by Aileen Fish and Stealing the Duchess by Marie Higgins I really found them sweet romantic and fun to read This box set is the perfect summer readReview for First Impressions I really enjoyed First Impressions the charming love story of Geoffrey Bryant Earl of Rutherford and Helena Foster Geoffrey a young widow is searching for the perfect wife to help him with his young daughter Lucy three years old but he prefers his solitude in the country to balls where he feels he is loosing his time He refuses to fall in love again Helena is the beautiful heroine that will come to his rescue she prefers reading and the uietness of the country They are perfect for each others Let's say that both their mothers have concocted a plan to get those two together Will they make it through the Season? Will he get a second chance of loving?Review for Stealing the Duchess This story is about Julian and Alexandria This is a case of mistaken identity Alexandria had come in a package deal in her sister's marriage but now the new husband wants the estate for them only so he asks her to find a husband But when she is kidnapped by mistake by the handsome and charming Julian her heart falls for him Will she become the Duchess of Linden? Will romance be in the air?Review for Captivated by a Wallflower This is a cute romantic love story of Susan and Adam Susan is no ordinary lady she loves to read books and is curious about all business matters and has no interest in marriage But Adam has been reuested to help her find a suitable husband But as he spends time with her he slowly falls for this intelligent woman Will love be in the air?

  5. Ann Gonzalez Ann Gonzalez says:

    No spoilers in this review Great collection for Regency Romance fansI received an ARC from Elizabeth Johns Had I not received the ARC I would have definitely purchased the collection Sweet Summer Kisses is a collection of Regency novellas by nine talented authors I was only familiar with four of the authors but now I will be on the search for books by the other authors This was the second time I have read Deceived by a Duke I enjoyed the story just as much as I did the first time I can't say I had a favorite because they are all great stories The characters are all well written Each story leaves you satisfied yet wanting I have purchased boxed sets and only read a few of the books I like that all nine novellas are Regency stories I read and enjoyed each of them The novellas are romantic and only contain sweet kisses no sex scenes I am fine with or without sex but I have found many readers either prefer or do not prefer sex in the books they read All nine authors did an outstanding job I look forward to reading of their books

  6. Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...) Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...) says:

    Enjoyed all these stories eually a strong novella collection

  7. Beverlym Beverlym says:

    Great setThis is a wonderful introduction to some great writers The stories were short and sweet Each story had a beautiful HEA Great read

  8. Marlene Marlene says:

    Sweet Summer Kisses is a collection of clean Regency novellas by several authors I initially purchased it because I enjoy Erin Knightley but there's lots of good stuff here The reviews below are abbreviated versions of the reviews I posted for each individual novella4 stars after averaging my rating for each story 4 4 4 2 4 5 4 5 5I'm a little paranoid that I was generous with stars towards the end of the collection but I think I was objectiveNote I just went to post a review for this set on and couldn't find it Deceived by a Duke #3 in the All's Fair in Love series by Erin Knightley4 starsPhilip Dain Duke of Gillingham is in Seville Spain with his younger brother Nigel in the hopes that a holiday together will set Nigel straight from the wild path he's been traversing They're travelling incognito as the Westbrook brothers Elizabeth Abbington otherwise known as Libby is travelling with her friend Lady Winters on her belated honeymoon with Lord Winters Libby is in her element abroad as she loves languages and knows several Though Libby had never previously met the Westbrook brothers she steps in when she sees that Philip and Nigel are having difficulty communicating with a Spanish merchant I liked that Libby doesn't know Philip is a duke I enjoyed Philip because he is a very caring person which makes for a strong hero Captivated by the Wallflower by Aileen Fish 4 starsAdam Lumley Viscount Knightwick and his brother David have some excellent racehorses that win freuently Throughout the summer Knightwick attends days long horse races at Ascot Bibury Newmarket and Canterbury and goes home in between Lady Susan 24 is the wallflower in the title At balls she sits in a chair along the wallor reads in a uiet room She's seen six seasons and hasn't garnered interest from young men even though she's lovely She follows her father when he attends various races and is an acuaintance of Knightwick's Susan's father is Knightwick's friend and throughout the story Knightwick and Susan get to know each other better The horse race setting was new for me and I loved both the hero and heroine A Most Suitable Match by Lily George 4 starsLouisa Bradbury seventeen year old daughter to Lord Bradbury is acting as teacher to twenty children of veterans at St Swithin's church Most socialites would say it's an inappropriate use of her timeThomas Wright is a former army ensign turned major who is unhappily now the head of his family He offers his services to the charitable organization assisting war veterans and their families and of course he meets Louisa in the processEven though Louisa and Thomas are in the upper echelon of society their values and passions are not in line with their statuses A large part of this story is their struggles with what they feel they should do versus what they are expected to do by society I thought that was a nice change from the usual Regency romance Stealing the Duchess by Marie Higgins 2 starsSet in 1812 in North Devon England Alexandria Templeton a wallflower to the extreme lives on the estate of her brother in law Walter Hinsdale Duke of Linden and her sister Joanna the new duchess Her sister has been ill for several days One day she goes for a ride and starts weeping in the woods and gets kidnapped by a very handsome manAlexandria is unaware that her kidnapper is Julian Grey Stratford the rightful Duke of Linden Julian believes Walter unsuccessfully had him killed in order to inherit the dukedom He is hoping the duchess can help him find evidence to convict Walter Only Alexandria is the duchess' sisterThe best thing about this story was the plot It was a very good set up a painfully shy heroine who likes to write stories a wronged hero and a bit of a mystery Also I was very definitely surprised at one point which is always funI did have some issues This story was a case of insta love The word choices were incorrect sometimes and Higgins' details didn't all seem correct for the period Also the author pushes the envelope a bit in her definition of sweetclean from my point of view First Impressions by Elizabeth Johns 4 starsThe title grabbed my attention because that was Jane Austen's title for the original version of Pride and PrejudiceGeoffrey Bryant Earl of Rutherford is a widow He still has no heir and his 2 year old daughter Lucy has no mother So he goes to London to meet eligible misses at his mother's encouragement He'd rather be home on his Wales country estate by the sea He does not enjoy societyHelena Foster is also in London for her first season She has enough wealth in her own right and has no interest in the young men she's met She'd rather be home at Amberly She too does not enjoy societyHelena's and Geoffrey's mothers have been lifelong friends faithfully corresponding over the years They believe that Helena and Geoffrey are perfect for each otherThe hero and heroine are both very likable which is always most important to me in romance novels I liked the nods to Austen and was able to spot several I was excited to finally read an Elizabeth Johns book Treasure Beyond Words by Heather King I loved this story 5 starsHugo Marchbanks 32 is the third son of the Earl of Raftesbury He had a very difficult childhood as a result of his lack of prowess in the schoolroom Years later his older brothers died and left him with the earldom as well as guardianship of five nephews and nieces between the ages of five and fifteen Due to Hugo's negative experiences in the schoolroom he has hired a governess even for the older boys Miss Amelia Burcott is kind encouraging and everything Hugo hoped for in a governess for his wards Hugo invests himself in the children and crosses paths with Amelia freuently I loved the hero and the heroine which is of utmost importance in a romance Their relationship developed very naturally I felt The language seemed period and it's obvious that the author has much Regency knowledge The Earl's Beloved Match2015 by Bess McBride4 starsTwenty year old Cora Prentice isn't very interested in balls and other social event Aunt Mimi Cora's godmother has long wished to see her paired up with Mimi's nephew Tobias regardless of the fact that Cora has no wish to marry Mimi comes to Cora's mother's fete and introduces Tobias to Cora Tobias the Earl of Momford despises social functions He rudely agrees to become acuainted with Cora if friendship is all that you are about Aunt Mimi Mimi believes he and Cora would suit each other because they are similar in personality I liked the both the hero and heroine Yay I felt that Tobias and Cora were truly getting to know and like one another which made reading the dialogue a pleasure I did feel that the plot was a bit weak However this is acknowledged right in the story one of the main characters thought the premise of the the protagonists' joint goal was shaky Save the Last Dance for Me first in the Maitland Maidens series by Cora Lee5 starsBenedict Grey 28 has been in Greece for most of the past six years on archaeology expeditions He's now home not wanting to be stranded in a foreign country with two wars going on When Benedict enters Society he bored them to tears He was tongue tied and awkward Lady Honoria Maitland a very close childhood friend of Benedict bumps into him while dancing with a vigorous partner Benedict keeps her from falling and they decide to walk together Honoria also 28 is a duke's daughter and is being urged by her family to marry She is a plainspeaking lady at least with Benedict and enjoys society She convinces Benedict to allow her to re teach him to dance to assist him in successful courtingI just really loved both Benedict and Honoria and their prior understanding of each other enriched the story I love stories with a reunited hero and heroine because the relationships are so much deeper I was very impressed with this story and was so surprised to see this is Cora Lee's first published work The Third MacPherson Sister by Susana Ellis5 starsRebecca MacPherson 22 is in her fourth London season and would rather be home reading a book than at a ball Her older sisters Arabella and Alice are twins and were considered diamonds in their joint season Rebecca is much shorter than they are and is not fashionably slim She is not what is considered an accomplished young lady is clumsy and had only her connections and fortune to recommend her She feels that she compares unfavorably to her sisters Miles Framingham Duke of Aylesbury is in Bath Somerset He's there with his consumptive mother at the advice of her physician They're hoping regular soaks in the hot springs will improve her discomfort Miles is thirty and his mother has hinted that he should marry and have children before she dies She has a life expectancy of two years which doesn't give him much time at all Not to mention that he doesn't want to settle down yet Near the beginning of the tale the duke is sitting on a bench outside and a group of tourists crowds in front of him Who but our heroine Rebecca MacPherson falls into his lap? And such an improper introduction for Miles and Rebecca Their very first conversation is surprisingly open and fun covering several topics I thought the dialogue was a real plus in this story

  9. Veronica Cadlum-mesia Veronica Cadlum-mesia says:

    DEFINITELY lives up to its name This is such a great collection of historical romance stories that you just want to read at the end of the day with a glass of champagne in your hand and soft classical music playing in the background I honestly bought this since my favorite author Marie Higgins is included but I'm uite pleased that all the other stories in this set are uite good

  10. Shanan Shanan says:

    This set of stories was a delightful easy read With plenty of introverted bluestocking heroines with the perfect hero to match each All sweet and clean No emotional rollercoasters or extreme internal conflicts to overcome making for easy reading

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Sweet Summer Kisses[Reading] ➼ Sweet Summer Kisses By Erin Knightley – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Bluestockings and wallflowers seek happily ever afters Only handsome respectable and deeply romantic persons need apply Dukes and maruesses will be given special consideration Apply withinThis antholo Bluestockings and wallflowers seek happily ever afters Only handsome respectable and deeply romantic persons need apply Dukes and maruesses will be given special consideration Apply withinThis anthology contains nine fun heart tugging and wholesomely romantic Regency novellas that are as sigh worthy as they are sweet brought to you by USA Today and national bestselling award winning authorsDeceived by a Duke by Erin Knightley USA Sweet Summer PDF or Today bestselling authorWhen strangers meet during a summer sojourn to the continent love soon blossoms under the Spanish sun But things aren't all what they seem When Libby discovers her English gentleman isn't at all who she thought he was can their new relationship survive the shock of being Deceived by a Dukeoriginally published May Captivated by the Wallflower by Aileen Fish USA Today bestselling authorFinding the perfect husband for wallflower Lady Susan is a means to an end for Viscount Knightwick Falling in love is not part of his plan Can he keep his heart safe while making hers happyA Most Suitable Match by Lily George national bestselling authorCan confirmed bluestocking and matchmaker Louisa Bradbury compose her own happily ever after with Thomas the wallflower of the rich and powerful Wright familyStealing the Duchess by Marie Higgins national bestselling authorWhen Julian Stratford seeks out to steal the duchess as an act of revenge he mistakenly steals the wrong sister a wallflower no less As they work together to try and solve the mystery they soon discover that not only are their lives in danger but so are their heartsFirst Impressions by Elizabeth Johns national bestselling authorA widower earl still in need of an heir reluctantly sets off for London in search of a wife He infinitely prefers the role of recluse to that of dashing beau The Season's Incomparable prefers books to balls and cannot wait until the Season is over Their initial prejudices prevent them from feeling they would suit but an unlikely source may give them another chanceTreasure Beyond Words by Heather KingHaving trusted the wrong man bluestocking Amelia Burcott is forced to seek employment as a governess in order to support herself Little does she realize when she joins the household of the Earl of Raftesbury that he has a secret as great as her own and needs the right woman to help him conuer his pastThe Earl's Beloved Match by Bess McBride national bestselling authorBluestocking Cora Prentice has no intention of marryingever Tobias the Earl of Momford has no intention of marryingever But Aunt Mimi has other plans for them as she sets out to make a match between her goddaughter and her adopted nephewSave the Last Dance for Me by Cora Lee award winning authorWhen Lady Honoria Maitland reunites with her old friend Benedict Grey she proposes an arrangement a faux courtship that will smooth wallflower Benedict's re entry into society and appease her dying father But Honoria's clever plan failed to account for Benedict's heartor her ownThe Third MacPherson Sister by Susana EllisRebecca's older sisters took the ton by storm while she herself has failed to attact a suitor in four Seasons Miles is pondering his urgent need for a wife when Rebecca lands in his lap in the nave of Bath Abbey A match between them seems ordained by the heavens except for the little matter of his past history with her sisters.