Wet and Screaming PDF/EPUB ë Wet and PDF/EPUB ²

Wet and Screaming PDF/EPUB ë Wet and PDF/EPUB ²

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  1. Karl Karl says:

    When reading Shane McKenzie you know to expect some demented and gruesome stories of murder incomprehensible insanity or slaughter and suffering Usually with no redeeming social value The characters are puss filled or gargantuanly obese and sometimes uite unappealing socially or morallyWell he delivers in this set of over the top storiesSomebody has to do it The stories all have a nice explanation of why it was written Some aren't all that niceI guess it's better than going yard saling at some random house with people you hate and hate you This is copy 14 of 64 signed numbered copies

  2. Michael Michael says:

    I received a copy of Wet And Screaming in exchange for an honest review and I also feel the need to maybe throw in a disclaimer because this is one of those books that make people a little butt hurt In this overly sensitive society you can't review a book like this without one People like to blame everyone else when they're offended and I'm from the school of if you're offended then maybe just maybe you needed to be offended You don't need me to tell you that this book is not for the weak Look at that cover Shane McKenzie is the kind of writer that writes blackened gore infested horror Think Edward Lee or Jack Ketchum and you have a pretty good idea what you're in for This is the type of splatterpunk that draws a line in the sand and promptly pisses all over it Wet And Screaming is a short story collection and what a collection it is These are stories that will stick with you days and even weeks after you read them You want gross? Check out Fat Slob you want disturbing? Kill The rabbit McKenzie has a knack for taking the dark and twisted path and if this is your first time reading McKenzie's work you'll instantly walk away a fan Before each story you get a glimpse at what inspired the story For some it may seem a bit tedious but it gets you closer to the story This is a collection that flows wells After each story ends you almost have to stop and catch your breath McKenzie knows what his fans like and Wet And Screaming is a solid read Anytime I review a short story collection I judge it as a whole How well does it flow? It flows extremely well Each story transitions smoothly into the next How much filler is there? In this case there is none Wet And Screaming is a collection that McKenzie fans will devour and for those looking to branch out and read something different you can't go wrong here You just have to keep in mind that this isn't your normal run of the mill short story collection McKenzie is a true master of gross out fiction Aside from that he knows how to craft a decent story so that when it all goes to hell you're too invested in the story to give up You have to keep reading just to see what's going to happen He is a master of shock and awe and if you're a fan of Edward Lee or Wrath James White you are going to love this

  3. Edward Edward says:

    Twisted Brutal Disgusting WeirdAnd on top of that some damn good writing If you like those things then you'll love Wet and Screaming If not well you probably won't I rarely give a collection or anthology five stars but I'll make an exception with Shane McKenzie's book There's not a bad story in the bunch They're often horrific and disturbing and bloody like any good horror book should be But McKenzie has a way of bringing character to the forefront first and foremost Every story is uniue and imaginative Ouija boards children turned Halloween demons cartoons come to life and post apocalyptic candy monsters all populate this wild set of stories I highly recommend it to Horror and Bizarro fans alike

  4. Marvin Marvin says:

    In Shane McKenzie's first collection of short fiction Wet and Screaming we get what we expect from a book by that title McKenzie writes bizarre fiction that isn't nice and doesn't open the door for you If it does open the door for you expect to be kicked in the rear when you enter The author's fiction is the epitome of hardcore horror Yet there is something natural and casual about the way he tells his stories even while they soar over the top in disturbing and shocking images This is the sign of a natural storyteller Wet and Screaming offers 11 short stories by the author In a strange move there are also two stories by the Soska Sisters I will concentrate on just the fiction by McKenzie A less strange and welcome addition are introductions to each story which are not just informative but very entertaining The first tale Fat Slob serves as a warning to the neophyte McKenzie reader that sueamish stomachs need not apply Ed Gein's Garage Sale is a particular favorite of mine As I read it I can see Psycho author Robert Bloch smiling down on the pages He's Just a Baby suggests that even a burglar can develop a fraternal instinct I'm on my has nothing supernatural about it but for my money it is easily the most disturbing piece in the book Red Asphalt reminds me of what I learned in my therapeutic practice; anything can become an addiction and anything can be taken to extremes So Much Pain So Much Death is another disturbing story in which in the introduction the author explains his reason for writing it but evoked in me eual parts of The Omen and the story of Abraham and IsaacThose are some of the highlights but there is not a weak story here However I would feel amiss if I didn't mention my pick for best tale of the lot Stab the Rabbit While the author is sometimes mentioned as a prominent Bizarro writer I have always thought of him as straight hardcore horror Yet Stab the Rabbit really brings out the Bizarro in McKenzie while still being a disturbing and scary work of horror The author states the influence for the story is Jessica Rabbit which may help you understand the bizarreness but believe me doesn't even come close to how weird and horrific it really is So this is an excellent collection yet to be honest if I were to recommend a first read of this author it would be one of his novels particularly Muerte Con Carne or Mutt That isn't to trivialize his short fiction work But McKenzie has a real talent for creating characters that involves the reader and leaps off the pages Short fiction doesn't do that in most cases Yet even here that can happen Stab the Rabbit presents two brothers who are very real but different making the story not only delightfully gross and weird but an insightful look at sibling conflict Most of these stories set up a plot and takes you to the punchline There is nothing wrong with that In fact it is a strength to be able to do both so well In these stories McKenzie reminds me a lot of my favorite short fiction horror writer the aforementioned Robert Bloch No one is as good as setting up the story then throwing in the shocking twist as Bloch Yet McKenzie is certainly nipping at his heels to take away that titleIf someone wanted a sampler of what this author can do or if you are just one of those readers who prefer short fiction Wet and Screaming would still be a fine and perhaps essential choice But let the Not for everyone banner be waved For the horror reader who digs the weird explicit and hardcore Shane McKenzie's Wet and Screaming is a must read

  5. Horror Underground Horror Underground says:

    Review from horrorundergroundorgWet and ScreamingDeadite PressAuthor Shane McKenzieShane McKenzie has a history of telling gory nauseating narratives Having only read his full length novels and novellas this is my first introduction to McKenzie’s short form prose as well as being his first short story collection Gathering 10 of the most gruesome and wrenching stories this collection features some of McKenzie’s finest work to date His writing in short form stands out even The short narrative lends itself perfectly to his style of writing What it boils down to is all killer no filler Stories in this collection range from the tremendous Ed Gein’s Garage Sale easily my favorite in this collection to the typical gross out style of Fat Slob which places an insane spin on eating disorders There is something for everyone This is a gruesome sad and often times hilarious novel that represents some of the finest work from this young yet accomplished writer Not set on just giving us great stories this collection also features a prologue for each story These introductions put the reader in McKenzie’s frame of mind at the time of writing it giving backstory and showing us an inside into his creative process The introductions also come across as a narrative similar to The Twilight Zone almost a story themselves and are autobiographical in natureOn top of all of that Wet and Screaming also features an introduction as well as two bonus stories by Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska commonly known as The Soska Sisters directors of American Mary This book is packed solid with awesome content The introductions to the stories makes this a must own on their own The fact that there isn’t a bad one among them I would even go so far as to say there isn’t even an average story in this book makes this for an outstanding read If you are not a fan of Shane McKenzie already you will be after reading this

  6. Farrah Farrah says:

    I really REALLY enjoyed this book This is my first time reading anything from this author and his books are immediately being added to my tbr pile This is a book of short stories and each one is uniue and very well written I've tried a few new horror writers lately and the only thing scary about their books is how crappy and ridiculous they are So I went into this book with doubts but Shane McKenzie uickly doused those feelings and gave me a fantastically terrifying read

  7. Douglas Castagna Douglas Castagna says:

    One of the things I love about Shane McKenzie is the shock value of his writing There are a lot of shocks and graphic scenes in his writing and he does them well Very well The stories in this collection are no exception In Wet and Screaming McKenzie provides an intro to each story that provides insight into the story and the writer himself and they are entertaining as hell Oh and did I mention the Soska sisters provide an intro to the collection as well as a story a piece?Ed Gein's Garage Sale is one of my favorites in the collection as is So Much Pain So Much Death Stab the Rabbit is sick and twisted and funny as hell All of the stories in this collection were well plotted and provided some shock value and gore and some twisted story telling we have come to expect from this highly capable and talented writer that shows no signs of slowing down Highly Recommended

  8. Lori Lori says:

    I like Shane McKenzie's stuff so I knew this would be up my alley I really love that he gives a little backstory before each tale This book is a good mix of straight up creepy funny and interesting stories I definitely recommend

  9. Brigitte Bobay Brigitte Bobay says:

    Uniue weird and brutal I loved this book I will be picking up by this author

  10. The Grim Reader The Grim Reader says:

    Superb collectionShane McKenzie shows why he is one of horrors most exciting voices with this dark and delicious collection of shorts All sorts of sickness on show but for me the highlight was the final novella stab the rabbit This particular short shows McKenzie firing on all cylinders Two brothers are given a mysterious device that allows them to reach inside and pull out whatever they wish This begins with a cartoon rabbit intent on having some fun Things don't go according to plan and let's just say that the story goes all McKenzie Some great insights prelude each short by Shane and provide excellent reading A varied and wonderfully twisted collection that should be on everyone's TBR pile 5 stars

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Wet and Screaming ❴BOOKS❵ ✭ Wet and Screaming Author Shane McKenzie – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk From a serial killer's yard sale to a hoarder's hideous secret From a cartoon character made real to a man addicted to car accidents From a bloody Halloween to child murder as a means for saving the w From a serial killer's yard sale to a hoarder's hideous secret From a cartoon character made real to a man addicted to car accidents From a bloody Halloween Wet and PDF/EPUB ² to child murder as a means for saving the world The rules of normalcy and society no longer apply you're now in a place of cruelty terror and things that go bump in the night In Shane McKenzie's first collection he explores the horrific the grotesue the perverse and the downright bizarre in ten short stories Each tale includes an introduction providing insight into the creative process of one of the hottest writers in modern horror This collection also features an introduction and two bonus stories from the writersdirectors of Dead Hooker in a Trunk and American Mary the Soska Sisters.

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