Confessions of an Ugly Girl PDF/EPUB Þ an Ugly

Confessions of an Ugly Girl PDF/EPUB Þ an Ugly

Confessions of an Ugly Girl (Ugly Girl Series #1) [PDF / Epub] ☁ Confessions of an Ugly Girl (Ugly Girl Series #1) By Alice Wasser – Millie Glockenfeld will never fall in love She will never get engaged She will never get married She will never live in a house with a white picket fence and 24 children And all for one very simple re Millie Glockenfeld will never fall in love an Ugly PDF/EPUB ¿ She will never get engaged She will never get married She will never live in a house Confessions of Epub / with a white picket fence and children And all for one very simple reason She is ugly Fortunately one thing Millie has learned over of an Ugly PDF ↠ the years is that she doesn't need a man She's got a good job a loyal best friend and a crazy but lovable cat lady who lives downstairs from her What does a girl need in life But then one day Millie meets Sam Webber He is adorably handsome and absolutely perfect well almost And Sam thinks that Millie is beautiful Now there's a chance that Millie might get the happy ending she's always secretly wanted if only she can learn to look in the mirror and see what Sam sees.

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  1. Molly Mirren Molly Mirren says:

    There aren't many books I read that are as straightforward yet subtly funny as this one It is essentially a love story but not even close to being a cheesy romance between a girl with low self esteem and the sweet funny sexy man who happens to have uadriplegia who falls in love with her While the heroine does have hang ups at first about dating a man with a disability most of the conflict in the story is about her finding it hard to believe that such a handsome confident guy could possibly love her This is a nice twist compared to a lot of wounded hero stories where the heroine has to convince the hero he is sexy and still worth loving despite having a disabilityI loved the heroine She has a deadpan sense of humor part self deprecating part funny statistical observations she is an actuary and analyzes statistics for her job and is independent and intelligentWhen referring to online dating she says I once read that women are most worried that every guy they meet online will be a serial killer In contrast men are most worried that the woman they meet online will be fatAfter her online date Anyway Harry wasn't that bad I just had to get over feeling completely repulsed by himThe hero Sam is affable self confident funny and sexy but there are poignant scenes where he has moments of uncertainty about what the heroine thinks of him and times where his disability makes a situation awkward There is also a moment where he sees a picture of himself playing soccer before his accident which is as I said poignant but not overdone or melodramatic These instances serve to make him endearingly vulnerable without making him seem martyrish They make him real and human Also of note the hero's disability is portrayed accurately and honestlyThis book is well written and edited and I love how it is presented as journal entries At first I wasn't sure I would like the whole book being that way but Ms Wasser makes it work beautifully It isn't choppy and flows very well Also the author has a subtle way of raising uestions and keeping the reader's attention at the end of scenes and chapters without hitting them over the head with something overly dramatic It was a guilty pleasure I had a hard time putting it downI was a bit bereft when this book ended I loved living in the heroine's world for a while and didn't want to let it go I look forward to of this author's work in the future

  2. ♡ Jeri& ♡ Jeri& says:

    Unfortunately this is really so far the worst book I read this year I am not sure how the reader should be able to relate to the main character in any way if the author refuses to describe her in any specific wayEven there were some funny and witty dialogues in that book in total the heroine was rather annoying I think I got it after the 20th time that she was uglyEven when asked directly the author refused here on GR to give details about the heroine The male lead was nice enough to be liked but still he could not be expected to carry the load of the whole story on himNot with the female lead dragging him downSorry this was a DNF for me

  3. Darlene Darlene says:

    Finally A book that isn't about the thinnest sexiest and most beautiful people Is anyone else as bored as I am by this trend in books and moviestelevision? Heck I've gotten to where I can't tell actors and actresses apart as they all attempt to look the same And they are always striving to be the same age Don't other ages shapes shades orientations etc deserve adventures love money their story told? And don't get me started about the lack of strong females having many of them in the same show Look I've spent my last year reading books by women with female main characters Once I was convinced of this lack I started seeing how badly our reflections in films have also been in short supply Oh and take a look at the news no matter what channel you watch Okay stepping down from my soap boxSo when I saw this title for free I had to grab it It was fun and yet had good strong bones of reality The main character isn't needing a man She has a great career with plenty of income to cover all her needs and wants The job is boring but she likes it But she would like to meet someone and have romance in her life Her perception of herself is that she is ugly and fat Is it her reality that keeping those things from her or her own self image?Then she meets someone who's picture shows he's far too handsome for her He likes her flirts with her on the phone When they meet she finds she has some of her own biases to overcome I love how well the author expresses this relationship and its growthBecause the main character is an actuary the book is full of random facts that I feel add a lot to the storyOh and I may as well include that the love interest is a uadriplegic Now here are some life issues to deal with This is such an interesting story that I had to grab book two to see what happens nextPlease if you get the chance read this book and see how some of the non rich and famous and gorgeous people find their way to love

  4. Mac Dubista Keso The Bibliobibuli v(=∩_∩=) Mac Dubista Keso The Bibliobibuli v(=∩_∩=) says:

    Hilarious Sweet and Straightforward ^^ This story so funny and touching with a very likable and relatable heroine With a LOVE story that is not too cheesy Well edited and I'm sure everyone will enjoy this I've read this in just one sitting view spoiler I also liked how Alice Wasser handled Sam and the wheelchair thing I love Sam Webber He is so amazing hide spoiler

  5. Joan Joan says:

    March 7th I can't review this right now I need to think seriously about my reaction to this book March 8th Okay Here is my review a bit cobbled together and possibly all over the place and no doubt making very little sense And that's the trouble I LIKED this book at the start I empathised with Millie with her total lack of self esteem and her complete inability to see anything good in herself I can SO relate to that feelingBut and this is where I begin to feel a little uncomfortable about this review indeed about continuing to read this book she meets Sam the 'nerdy computer guy' Up to the actual point of meeting him she had been all a flutter going into the company's personnel file to find a photo of him thinking he is cute etc etc etc And then he turns upOkay So we have this 'ugly' woman who has NO self esteem at all and Sam turns up And he is in a wheelchair No Sorry I got that wrong Let Millie tell you in her own words and italics And he looked just like in the photo except get this he was in a wheelchair I mean what the hell? And it wasn't like he was in a wheelchair because he had sprained an ankle or something That was really obvious There was something actually wrong with the guy So She is 30 years old That reaction would be typical of a self centred teenager who spends all her time posting selfies on Facebook groups but not an educated introverted woman who must SURELY have met people in wheelchairs before?? I mean How frigging offensive can you get? And then she holds out her hand to shake his and notices that his fingers are all curled up His hand slid against mine but it didn't really move You'd better believe I yanked my hand back as fast as I could euwIt continues in that vein for a while Millie gawping at him and trying to work out what was wrong with him no What was wrong with him? Obviously there was something seriously wrong with him WHY?? What is it with all the drama about him being in a wheelchair? I had a real sense of unease about this book Millie's reaction was so very wrong so very immature And then they are staying in a hotel She gets into the Jacuzzi and Sam gets undressed and joins her When he's sitting in his wheelchair fully dressed he or less looks like a normal guy in a wheelchair But sitting there naked his body completely exposed from his curled hands to his atrophied legs he looked really crippled I remember in grade school there were some kids in the special classes who had cerebral palsy and I couldn't help but think of that I had to look away Offensive or not? Selfish or not? This isn't even pity love I lost any respect for Millie after that What ugly thoughts

  6. Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads) Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads) says:

    At A Glance I liked the beginning but then I felt uncomfortable the rest of the time The Good I couldn't help but find Confessions of an Ugly Girl a little fascinating in the beginning The premise was great but it was so odd in a lot of ways too I was intrigued to see where the hell this book was going even though it made me feel uncomfortableSam was great He's smart cute and a uadriplegic It was interesting learning about his disability and how he's totally not bothered by it at all He's just so super cool He was open to answering any uestions Millie had And I have to be honest Sam was too good for Millie The Bad Millie was so immature and offensive She made me feel uncomfortable At first I felt for her because she thought she was ugly and fat She had major self esteem issues and there were a lot self deprecating comments and thoughts throughout the whole book But her insides were a little ugly Her reaction to Sam was outrageous Here is one of her thoughts When he's sitting in his wheelchair fully dressed he or less looks like a normal guy in a wheelchair But sitting there naked his body completely exposed from his curled hands to his atrophied legs he looked really crippled I remember in grade school there were some kids in the special classes who had cerebral palsy and I couldn't help but think of that I had to look away This was her reaction to his hands His hand slid against mine but it didn't really move You'd better believe I yanked my hand back as fast as I could Can you believe this shit? Disgusting Why would someone react that way? So ignorantThe rest of the book was really slow and the ending was abrupt and stupid I didn't connect with any of the characters except for Sam but even he was a little boring at times It was like I was bored but I couldn't put the book down I had to know how this train wreck was going to end The Snuggly There was actually a lot of sex but not detailed at all Very basic and fast Final Thoughts I couldn't stand Millie and her inconsiderate thoughts and actions Sam was a cool guy though But the rest of the book was boring Not recommended uotes “Every time Valentine’s Day came around I’d hold out the stupid hope that maybe there’d be some guy who had a secret crush on me and would buy me a rose to finally declare his love Then the day would come and of course nobody bought me a rose and I’d end up getting really depressed looking at all the pretty girls in my homeroom with their roses”  

  7. Alicia Huxtable Alicia Huxtable says:

    To be honest this was a DNF for me I got to about halfway and just couldn't go any further I originally got this book thinking it was going to have some humor to it but all I found was self depreciation by the main character and in all honesty it was just depressing

  8. Laura Laura says:

    Free download on UKI enjoyed this book which is surprising because I didn't particularly like the heroine Millie The book is written in the style of diary entries by Millie and she talks to the reader She admits she's ugly although we don't get a clear description of her later in the story she tells us she's gained uite a bit of weight so I'm assuming she's not a skinny girl Millie also admits that she is not one of those ugly girls who is ugly on the outside but beautiful on the inside Millie thinks and says uite inappropriate things She can come across a bit bitchy She only seems to have one friend and that's her co worker Donna but she uite often makes sarcastic remarks to the reader about Donna's husband She has a Mother who irritates her and a sister that she is clearly jealous of In fact jealousy seems to be a theme with Millie Like I say she's not exactly likeable but it kept me readingMillie is 33 She's not a virgin she has dated but never for long and she doesn't have much luck with dating She's an Actuary and so figures and statistics fascinate her and when she mentions facts that fascinate her they are uite amusing Millie has trouble with her computer at work so phones the computer helpdesk but there is a new guy working there called Sam Sam flirts with Millie on the phone and her and Donna look up his photo on the company profile and see that he is cute and nice looking so she knows she doesn't stand a chance Millie continues to have computer troubles that Sam can't fix over the phone so he says he will come to her desk and Millie is panicking that he is going to see how ugly she is This is where the story surprises the reader but I will say no as to not spoil things but Sam is 'different' and he likes Millie and asks her out a few times They begin a relationship but it's not all plain sailing Again I didn't like Millie with how judgemental she is and the things she thinks about SamSam was lovelymaybe too lovely He falls in love uickly He has an ex that features in the story and at times it came across like he is just desperate to settle down and marry I could understand Millie's insecurity when she sees his ex and could understand why she struggles with whether Sam is really interested and really in love with herThis was an enjoyable read I didn't realise before I started that there is a follow on book This book doesn't end on a cliffhanger but I have read the synopsis for the second book and see that there is trouble in store and no doubt Millie is going to annoy me even with her stupid decisions but I'm definitely going to read it

  9. Katherine ( Katherine ( says:

    Reviewed by Katherine Williams for Readers' FavoriteConfessions of an Ugly Girl is a chick lit novel by Alice Wasser Written in the form of diary entries protagonist Millie Glockenfeld decides to write all of her thoughts in a journal These thoughts celebrate the fact that she is thirty three years old and still single Millie has a great job as an actuary her own apartment and a great best friend She likes to think that she has it all but in reality she has a burning desire to get married Millie actually believes she will never get married solely based on the fact that she is ugly Although she is blind when it comes male attention she starts to open her eyes when she meets the new charming tech guy at work His name is Sam Webber and he seems to be the perfect match except for the fact that he is a uadriplegic and confined to a wheelchair Will Millie be able to improve her low self esteem and make it work with Sam? Or will Sam’s disability and being able to love Millie for herself become too much for her to handle?I fell in love with Confessions of an Ugly Girl very uickly The humor in this book will make you laugh out loud and the warmth will leave you wanting by the end Wasser’s timing style and characters are brilliant Millie the main character is a sarcastic gem She constantly sees herself as something she is not which is her biggest flaw This flaw causes her to make irrational decisions Despite this she is passionate and will do anything for the people that she loves Her love interest Sam is not your typical prince But he is funny smart and optimistic when it comes to life Most importantly he is always there for Millie and wants her to see that she is beautiful I adored these two uirky characters and cherished reading about their relationship There were so many aspects of this story that made it uniue which is why you should read it All in all I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a chick lit novel with a little twist

  10. Robin Morgan Robin Morgan says:

    If there was any book a person like me could relate to this would be the book But in order to tell for me to explain why I have to confess I suffer from a genetic deformity on my skin on several parts of my body including a very vital part my faceSo like Millie I never thought I would never married but one day I ran into my dear OH at work; my OH I should point out is rather plain looking and could never win a beauty contest After a while our relationship ended I can’t really remember why but it However a few years later our paths crossed and the relationship started anew and happily we eventually married We basically agreed not to have children out of fear of passing my condition along to any child we have hadThe only difference between me and Millie is that I knew I had a good heart My dear OH had been the first individual to see pass my deformity and to the person I am inside Sam has to be the first person in Millie’s life who also was able to look pass her so called ugliness to the person she is inside Now for Millie to have her HEA she must be “forced” to realize that she has far to offer Sam than merely looking prettyMs Wasser’s poignant story can could and should be read by both men and women; people who are allowing themselves to be their worst enemy by letting their outward appearance to run their livesFor what could well be I’ve got no knowledge if it is someone’s memoir I’m giving this book 5 STARS

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