A Secret Love Kindle ë A Secret PDF/EPUB ²

A Secret Love Kindle ë A Secret PDF/EPUB ²

A Secret Love ❰Reading❯ ➼ A Secret Love Author Brigitta Moon – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk A ROMANTIC THRILLERWILL KEEP YOU TURNING PAGES SEXY PROVOCATIVE INTRIGUINGListen now marriage has a secret or two or but Christine's has a big one A secret that she has managed to keep for nine years A ROMANTIC THRILLERWILL KEEP YOU TURNING PAGES SEXY PROVOCATIVE INTRIGUINGListen now marriage has a secret or two or but Christine's has a big one A secret that she has managed to keep for nine years Her husband Derek doesn't suspect a thing A blackmailer has entered the picture and now Christina's exposure A Secret PDF/EPUB ² is imminent The blackmailer is demanding payment that Christina doesn't have If she doesn't pay her secret will be leaked and she will lose my husband and my children on Christmas day.

  • Paperback
  • 102 pages
  • A Secret Love
  • Brigitta Moon
  • English
  • 05 December 2014
  • 9781514367476

10 thoughts on “A Secret Love

  1. K. Kumar K. Kumar says:

    A Secret Love is a kind of twisted love story that takes a couple unexpected turns and leaves the reader a bit unsettled The story is told in an interesting way with each chapter taking on a specific character's point of view Underlying the story is a secret that threatens to destroy a happy familyOverall I enjoyed this book A Secret Love is a short but engaging read that kept my interest This is not the typical genre I normally read but the author has written an interesting story that kept me wanting to continue on I don't want to give away too much but I will admit the ending left me a little unsettled it was definitely thought provoking

  2. Genevieve Genevieve says:

    I didn't know exactly what to expect from this little love story At first it feels as though you are observing an everyday marriage Then something happens and you feel worried for the characters and I'll admit a little confused until the ending I listened to the audible version narrated by Kathryn Clark which was just under 2 hours The story kept me intrigued and I finished the book in one sitting It was a nice little story that left me appreciative for my spouseIn full disclosure I did receive this book as free copy from the author

  3. Allen M Werner Allen M Werner says:

    I'm giving this book a soft 4 stars It was fairly close to being 3 stars but the author managed to surprise me with a good concept that had me intrigued right up to the end I think most readers would agree that it is top notch writing and the story is captivatingThere were two points that bothered me While I'm not opposed to gratuitous sex scenes I felt the few were actually unnecessary I could have done without them I understand it is part of the genre but I felt it actually diminished an otherwise likable character in DerekThe second point without revealing any secrets is the secret itself It wasn't anticlimactic by any means It was a great twist My problem was it didn't seem believable that such a secret wouldn't have been exposed early on in the relationship given they had two children together There is so much that goes into a relationship that such a secret who have been really difficult to maintain This also made Derek seem superficial when in all other points he didn't seem to beStill in the end it's a story I think many who like this genre will enjoy

  4. Maria H Maria H says:

    For the past couple of years if a book either in print or audio doesn't grab my interest right from the beginning I will simply put it down A Secret Love by Brigitta Moon is definately NOT this kind of book It is a page turner You want to keep on reading to find out what happens next and how the protagonists Christine on the one hand and her husband Derek get through a rather bumpy patch in their marriage Nothing is revealed until the end but you the reader will be trying to think ahead of the author a mission impossible as this writer's idea is not something you come across very often The thought proviking end of the story leaves no loose ends dangling

  5. Itsadog Itsadog says:

    I received an uncorrected proof in exchange for an honest review through Goodreads First Reads Thank you Brigitta MoonThis erotic romantic suspense was a nice light easy read in friendly large type with a fun velvety coverThe plot was dramatic and fast paced The main character was easy to like I had fun reading it It was a pleasure to read something I wouldn't have thought to buy myselfThere were some typos but that was because it was an uncorrected proof copy The ending caught me by surprise

  6. Janice Cafarelli Janice Cafarelli says:

    I won this short book I was interested by the story line of the story but felt it could of been expanded so much Instead of the snipits into life as it was currently and the part Chris's foster parents played in hiding the secret to the discovery and revealing of the secret it could of gone so much further

  7. Nick Reichert Nick Reichert says:

    Sexy Love Story With an Unexpected TwistBrigitta Moon has again delivered a sexy story that also shows the power of love and family An easy read this book has it all including a surprise Highly recommend

  8. J. Grayland J. Grayland says:

    This is the story of a marriage with a twist I found the story intriguing although some parts where a bit childish narrated by Catherine Clark who's voice I found was uite monotone and sleepy All over this is just under 2 hours audiobook and worth it just for the story line

  9. Alexandra Isobel Alexandra Isobel says:

    A very haunting read It completely surprised me Intriguing from the first pageWell done Ms Moon

  10. L.S. L.S. says:

    This author knows how to handle suspense delivering twists aplenty throughout The chapters propel you through the story taking the main couple's viewpoints alternately to create a very suspenseful climax Great drama great cliffhangers at the end of each chapter and a captivating uick read

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