The Treacle Well ePUB ¸ The Treacle eBook à

The Treacle Well ePUB ¸ The Treacle eBook à

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  1. Helen Carolan Helen Carolan says:

    It's been ages since I read a family saga and this book reminded me of why I don't any Slow and predictable telling the story of twins who leave their family reeling and picking up the pieces when a tragedy occurs

  2. Kate Kate says:

    35 This is an extract from the previously published review which can be read in full at If These Books Could TalkPrologue aside ‘The Treacle Well’ begins at the end of the 1950’s with close twins Caroline and Daniel They’re part of a big family surrounded by their cousins aunt and uncle and half sister with regular visits to their much loved grandparents but they’re never happier than when they can be alone just the two of them All seems to be working out well for them when they successfully get into the same medical school but a tragic accident one snowy night tears them away from not only their family but each other The resounding effect this has on the family continues for decades and it’s only through ageing subseuent loss and some deep reflection that the truth behind that night finally comes outFor the most part what Moira Forsyth has created here is a good solid novel that ticks all the right boxes for the genre Unfortunately there’s some narrative bugbears of mine that really let it down Essentially it’s a novel of two parts as all the big events happen in the first half and we see the knock on effects carry on through the second Unfortunately most of these events are portrayed in a bizarre flashback fashion where the reader is given a snippet of what has happened be it a disappearance an illness even a death and then wondering if we’ve skipped pages or dozed off and lost our place the actual event is fully revealed I found it constantly took me out of the narrative Another problem is one of too much detail especially later on in the novel when we jump forward almost a decade at a time I’m not sure if it was intentional by Forsyth to make the central character of Charlotte so horrid but she’s certainly not someone who elicits sympathy in any way I found her conceited arrogant and whiny with a self absorbed attitude to everyone apart from her brother Talking of Daniel who never seemed to be as devoted to his sister as she was to him he’s written as an icon to be devoted but we’re never really shown why as nothing he does or says seems to be anything other than basic and ordinary He’s almost characterless which considering he’s supposed to be this enigma who’s driven the decisions of others is simply bafflingForsyth does have a way with imagery as scenes are set beautifully and the atmosphere is often thick with tension due to some well written conversation pieces Tonally ‘The Treacle Well’ manages a good balance between light and dark moments with the constant motif of the three girlswomen the ‘Elties’ as they refer to themselves as an overwhelmingly heart warming oneWhile ‘The Treacle Well’ may not have convinced me to add ‘family saga’ to my list of must read genres it’s still a good solid tale that fans of the afore mentioned Cookson and Binchy will adore

  3. Pauline Ross Pauline Ross says:

    A long long book that follows the women of one family from childhood through to pension age with all the mysterious secrets and partial reveals and misunderstandings that go on in any family The men are largely peripheral absent fathers husbands who drift away a brother who simply walks away from the family after a tragedy but the four women at the heart of the story stay in touch and in their own ways close The early chapters of growing up in rural Aberdeenshire were fascinating with an abundance of tiny detail that brought the era to life But later on as the same techniue is applied to every decade with pedantic care it becomes tedious and slow as the treacle of the title Jumping over months and years of time sometimes felt like skimming stones and just as superficial There were many times when I wanted depth of emotion from the characters instead of trying to deduce it from these tiny windows into their livesAt the end of it I wondered uite what was the point So it never merited than three stars for me but for anyone who enjoys this kind of long running saga this is a well written and interesting example

  4. Gillian Gillian says:

    Sorry but it really was wading through treacle

  5. Carol Lawrie Carol Lawrie says:

    Sadly i gave up on page 275 still don't actually know what this book is about Disjointed confusing I really don't like not reading to the end however 2 weeks in I'm defeated

  6. Sioned Raybould Sioned Raybould says:

    I don't rate books with 5 very often mostly classics the literature that deserves high praise However this novel is like something I've never read before It's sheer realism coupled with its roller coaster like ability to evoke emotion is what I believe sets it as one of the best novels penned in the last decadeI'm not going to say much about the novel's plot as that's up to the individual to read and find out but one thing I can promise the potential reader is that this novel will break your heart Not only that it'll give you hope make you think of your childhood and bombard you with a gamut of emotions I can't describe how amazing this book is without giving away spoilers so I'm going to leave my review here All I can say is a must read for any lovers of finely written and well thought out literature

  7. Debra Debra says:

    For a detailed review please check out my review belowDebra's Book CafeDebs

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The Treacle Well [BOOKS] ✯ The Treacle Well By Moira Forsyth – Caroline and Daniel are twins whose mother died when they were babies They grow up in a conventional family their aunt and uncle raising them along with their own little girls but they are truly close Caroline and Daniel are twins whose mother died when they were babies They grow up in a conventional family their aunt and uncle raising them along with their own little girls but they are truly close only to each other Then with their father remarrying they're separated for the first time and sent to boarding school A serious accident when they become medical students seems to end without damage to either but soon after Daniel and Caroline cut themselves off from the The Treacle eBook à rest of the family causing first bewilderment then hurt and anger Underneath the stable family life their forbearers worked so hard to establish run currents of insecurity and restlessness and a secret only one person is able to uncover The novel explores belonging and not belonging guilt and atonement.

  • Paperback
  • 350 pages
  • The Treacle Well
  • Moira Forsyth
  • English
  • 26 June 2015
  • 9781910124277

About the Author: Moira Forsyth

Moira Forsyth is the author of five novels and short stories and poetry published in a range of magazines and anthologies She lives in Muir of Ord in the Highlands of Scotland.