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Specials eBook å Audiobook

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  1. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    Tally do you ever suffer from sudden flashes of anger or euphoria countersocial impulses or feelings of superiority? Tally Youngblood lives in a society where they're given the mandatory opportunity to become pretty once they reach a certain ageThrough their surgery they become absolutely drop dead gorgeous aka Pretty but and this is a big BUT the doctors will implant a few lesions ie bubbles in select regions of their brainsThese lesions take away stronger emotions and critical thinking skills thus the cities have a way to control the populationTally was once a Pretty but through circumstance and skill she managed to out think the lesionsShe escapes to the ruins where free thinking humans have carved out an existence Only she was caught and made into a Special complete with scary beautiful facial features incredible strength and hyped up emotions Now that she's a Special she's part of the city's police force and her latest task? Hunt down all of her old friends and return them to the city I don't want to hurt you but I will if I have too And while she is strong confident and ready to hurt those in her way she begins to wonder what if being Special is just another kind of Pretty? And if so is there any way she could possibly escape the government's grasp?Even better than I rememberedI adored this one The Uglies series was one of my first YA's back in the day and I'm really pleased that upon re reading it that this series holdsThere are a few areas that had me rolling my eyes but for the most part I loved it I do really like the growth in Tally and her friendship with Shay could have used a bit screen time I really commend Westerfield for taking this world and approaching it from three very distinct methods ie as an Ugly Pretty and Special Each book had its own take on the city with different fears triumph and slang They felt very different despite all having a somewhat similar plot This was a truly excellent YA series Keep challenging the gods Audiobook CommentsNarrated by Emily Tremaine and she made this audio shine A truly excellent listenYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

  2. Trin Trin says:

    This disappointed me so much I really loved Uglies and there was a lot to admire about Pretties but I found this to be a highly unsatisfactory conclusion I’m still trying to figure out why it so completely failed to work for me I think mostly it’s a case of character development Tally goes through a lot of mental and emotional changes in these books which makes sense because her brain is being fucked with In the first two books Westerfeld took the time to explore these transitions and Tally’s growth was really interesting However by the time we get to book three and Tally’s brain has been reset AGAIN it’s becoming frustrating and it doesn’t help that in this final book Westerfeld doesn’t take the time to explore what’s really going on with her Add to that Shay’s many reversals—I kept expecting it to be revealed that she’s totally PSYCHOTIC but apparently not—Zane’s uick dismissal and the almost complete absence of David after he was also barely in the last book and you can’t help being disappointed with the conclusion to these characters’ stories because they barely seem like the characters you started out with and that Westerfeld made you care about Also the dissolution of Dr Cable’s system seemed waaaaay too easy so I didn’t find this satisfying on a plot level either Sigh Well I guess I’ll just have to remind myself that 1 I really liked the first book and 2 the next two were nowhere near as bad as say the Matrix seuels

  3. Beth A. Beth A. says:

    So I didn't like Tally as much in this book Her personality has been altered by the special surgery so she looks down on anyone who isn't special themselves Part of the plot line is that she is supposed to overcome this but I didn't feel she completely didOther things that marred my enjoyment of this storyI hated the cutting aspect Several times they talk about cutting and how Icy it makes them feel Eventually Tally uit but only because it was repugnant to Zane then because she told him she wouldn't Am I wrong to feel a responsible writer of books for teenage girls would include a discussion of how harmful cutting can be?This book is also accepting of behaviors I don't think are acceptable like underage drinking and in the previous books starving oneself and cohabitation at the age of sixteen The people in these books seem to lack any sort of moral compass The only issue where a strong right or wrong is expressed is the evil of war and damaging the environmentview spoilerI also hated that she didn't get her brain repaired at the end It was like choosing to live with mental illness when there is a medicationcure available hide spoiler

  4. Beth Beth says:

    I can’t seem to write about this without giving away some plot elements from the first two books So warning spoilers may ariseWell Specials — the final volume in the Uglies trilogy — finally came up on my hold list at the library After finishing the novel I was in the middle of I picked up Specials to wrap up all the loose ends I’d been wondering about since Pretties had ended How would Tally fight her way out of being “special?” What new insights into our my own existence would I find? And most importantly I am such a girl who would she end up with David or Zane?? lolI started reading with zeal but my pace soon turned to a plodding Tally the heroine from the first two novels truly was the bad guy in this book and it was suddenly really hard to identify with her Nathan started reading Specials over my shoulder sometime around page 50 Turns out that the big action seuence at the Armory action — in movies or in books — can be hard for me to follow I just don’t care about all the dumb details I guess was way interesting to him than to me I was content to let him finish the entire book last weekend while I wondered if I should just return it to the library when I was done unreadKind of says something about the book if I’m 800 pages invested in a series and I can't decide whether I care to finishBut I did finish and I found the whole book to be a rather dissatisfying ending to the series Like I mentioned at the beginning it was surprisingly difficult to care about with the main character — the problem I guess with the mind altering surgeries performed between each of these novels is that the first chunk of each book is like from a totally new character’s point of viewIt did pick up after awhile but I still didn’t care for the ending — none of the uestions I’d had from Pretties had been resolved and the book seemed to end with a whimper not a bang Too many uestions remained in my mind Of course maybe I’m supposed to read the follow up to the trilogy Extras But that’s not lookin’ too likely right nowNot a bad book but not at all the strong kind of ending I had anticipated after the first two in the series

  5. Christina Christina says:

    One thing I've noticed about Westerfeld's novels is how bittersweet the endings are Although there is still a rainbow or fireworks to brighten the blow there is still death failure destruction Westerfeld knows life will never have a happy ending just a bittersweet oneSpecials is no exception Although the novel starts off slow it uickly builds up speed carrying you along Tally's final journey She's now a Cutter a Special Circumstances pet project Cutters are stronger and obnoxious than anyone built to bring an end to the New Smoke Despite her new rank though Tally still feels amiss and is determined to make Zane a cutter too One of things I really enjoyed is how different Tally becomes in each book From Ugly to Pretty to Special her entire personality shifts and changes constantly as she undergoes not just plastic surgery but mental surgery It's terribly frustrating knowing she's been brainwashed but she refuses to believe it Perfect ending to the trilogy Highly depressing but enlightening also The final chapter especially sent shivers down my spine and made me think twice about the world we live in And I'm still Team Zane

  6. Jenelle Jenelle says:

    Oh Scott I am so so proud of you Only 2 'purchases' in the whole book Such an improvement like you can think for yourself like youre curing yourself of bogus making writing BravoOk as far as the series is concerned this is where I'm abandoning ship I held on this long in hope that somehow you would bring me around and show me how to like Tally but it kind of went the opposite direction you know? Anyway I'm stopping here because youve given me no reason to continue The fourth book though an afterthought is where you could have rectified yourself but instead you came up with a whole new story like a lame sure to fail spinoff show with special guest appearances from the former cast who are contractually obliged to lend their star power to improve ratings Also I don't want this to be a repeat of Breaking Dawn or Mockingjay where as another reviewer pointed out you can't 'unread' them but are left forever tainted And those were series' I actually liked Anyway I'm not reading Extras So why didn't I like yours? Well it's pretty simple really your characters were shallow Not just morally shallow which was kind of the point though none of them ever got over that particular symptom but they were just flat Wait I take that backShay is an exception but I still didn't like her Also you left out half of the story Too many things happened between books or 'offstage' so to speak Major stuff too like why she liked no LOVED Zane so much when there really wasnt very strong evidence They were a couple after their first date and aside from the experience they went through together there just isn't a lot of substance there It seemed like a superficial relationship befitting their superficial looks I expected that it would be awkward with David and take awhile to get them to reconnect but I just couldn't figure out why she held the torch for Zane for so long WAS it because he was pretty? that was hinted at but you never told us definitively Was it pity? That's even worse Why did David still like her after everything? There wasn't much to go on there either Back in Uglies it was a lot easier to see why they were together but after that it felt forced And you know for all your talk about gender euality your male characters were pretty wimpy David was doing good at first but then with little about him in the next books he was weakened because he wasnt part of the action He had been the rebel leader and then became a nobody Same with Zane former rebel still has a dangerous vibe but the emo thing was kind of pathetic After that he was just a constant liability What amazinglyun masculine men er boys you've concocted here Even the villain is a woman Considering its the females who do all the damage maybe thats the real gender message hereAgreeing with Amy about all the cutting thrill seeking etc as inappropriate for a teen audience but I think it would have been acceptable if you just explained it better Endorphins and all that But very irresponsiblethat you didn'tAnd the alcohol and anorexia and constant surgeries were maybe even worse No one had any respect for the human body before or after being pretty Even David who should've been so repulsed that he had the same kind of reaction she had to his ugliness So disgusted with all of them that he wouldn't want anything to do with them any He should have said a lot about the beauty of humanity the fragility and the strength that is naturally programmed into us YOU should have said it Maybe you were trying to in some satiric way but it just ended up being demoralizing not actually inspiring Maybe you were just trying to tackle too much at once someone else suggested that #4 is another idea you wanted to develop and that may have been why the rest sucked so bad for me I thought the pretty surgery as a cure to the breakdown of civilization was really far fetched and became even so because it became such a catch all Rusties were too reliant on oil; Rusties destroyed nature; Rusties made war over nothing; Rusties destroyed themselves with their own technological genius all because of looks? The line of reasoning is very thin but you had some good points The problem was you lumped them all together instead of exploring a few at a time The surgery revolution and the euality and the superhumans is a great idea BY ITSELF The ruins of civilization the oil dependence the super weed another good idea BY ITSELF And the lesions and the anthropological guinea pigs wow could be super but by itself These concepts are what intrigued me in the beginning when the characters didn't but instead of finding out how this society got from one point to another how some people survived and prospered and others became savages or how the cities were so absolutely isolated and disconnectedbut still largely the same it was all brushed over and vague Such a tremendous disappointmentAm I just too ugly and emotional? Is this written at a bubbly pretty reading level and I'm just over thinking it? Or am I simply not icy enough and i'm missing the message?Probably I'm just expecting too much from YA books It's not like we're meant to do a criticalanalysis of Brave New World here but that might actually be easierUpdate 52015 I finally discovered a series that makes up for everything the Uglies series lacks It's Pure by Julianna Baggott I feel immense dystopian satisfaction and fulfillment now that I've read it

  7. Bethany Bethany says:

    What happened? It wasn't the greatest series I'd ever read but c'mon Did they give him time? It was worse the the third movie seuel that shouldn't have had a second Where do I begin with this train wreck? There wasn't one storyline that was wrapped up The plot was thrown together so hastily and it left holes and was as deep as an 80's John Hughes film The ONE character I thought was interesting barely featured and fizzled out pathetically so much potential Also the ending was the WORST I mean it didn't have to be happy dystopia and all I would have settled for a suicide in hopeless despair or a reconditioning to the status uo but no I think it was supposed to leave the reader hopeful but it was just stupid and wrong on all levels and did not make sense to the purpose of the entire series The writing became too contrived and redundant and self defeating and preachy and contradictory and redundant did I say that? and amateur and BAD So disappointing

  8. Ash Ash says:

    This review contains spoilers for Uglies and PrettiesI had a similar experience reading Specials as I did reading Pretties I enjoyed it a lot but it didn’t uite reach the level of perfection that Uglies delivered There were some flawsI’ll get my main complaint out of the way because this is what lingered in the back of my mind the entire time I was reading Scott Westerfeld’s liberal use of future slang did not work in this book In Pretties it made sense; the Tally narrating that book was a gorgeous brainwashed sixteen year old surrounded by other gorgeous brainwashed teens Westerfeld’s silly future slang fit both the tone and the plot of the story But in Specials Tally is an elite counterrevolutionary killing machine and it would have fit the tone and the plot of this story much better if Westerfeld had kept the slang to a minimumAs for the ending it was better than most Young adult series tend to wrap things up in a neat little bow which I don’t think works in the dystopian genre At least the ending of Specials left me with some ambiguity as to what the future of Tally’s world would hold That’s part of the reason I didn’t like and won’t be rereading Extras which takes place in the future Tally helped create and therefore removed all ambiguityEven better than Westerfeld’s conclusion to the plot of the Uglies series was his conclusion to Tally’s character development which could not have been satisfying This whole series is a masterclass in character development Tally is constantly conflicted caught between living the life that’s expected of her and committing to a new possibly better but ultimately uncertain way of life She grapples with finding a balance between taking responsibility for her actions and wallowing in guilt over things she can’t change She changes dramatically over the course of the series but her core essence her insecurities and struggles and strengths remains the same Her growth is exciting and inspiring to witnessTally’s turbulent relationship with Shay is on full display in this book and I am living for it The roller coaster ride of betrayal and forgiveness they took me on – friends to enemies to friends to enemies to friends to enemies to friends – was like the new and improved version of those annoying on again off again relationships you see in sitcoms Their dynamic is something I could write an entire essay about Shay leads Tally follows at first before swerving off the road to forge her own path Shay wants than anything to stay friends with Tally but only if Tally plays by her rules Tally leaves a trail of unintentional destruction in her wake that affects those closest to her including ShayAnd as I’ve already mentioned in my reviews of Uglies and Pretties Westerfeld has an uncanny ability to keep me turning pages That’s even impressive considering I’m rereading this series; I already know what happens yet somehow there’s still this feeling of suspense I would pick up Specials to read it then suddenly in what felt like the blink of an eye I’d be 50 or 100 pages in and couldn’t put it down I think that’s what counted the most toward my positive ratings of these books There’s nothing uite like fully immersing yourself in a good read

  9. Andrea ❤Ninja Bunneh❤ Andrea ❤Ninja Bunneh❤ says:

    Alright let's get this over with Spoilers aheadSoooooooo we catch up with Tally who we know has been carted away back to New Pretty Town after Special Circumstances raids The Smoke again Tally wakes up and is nowwait for itwait for itA SPECIAL I know I was in utter shock too sarcasmTally is an extra speshul Special with the Special Circumstances agency Try saying that three times fast She has a super dooper new skeleton super strong muscular muskles and triangular super speshul teeth Her mind is now again under some sort of mind control of the Special sort She is a mean lean fighting machine and still a total bitch Tally is part of a speshul Special group called The Cutters Guess what they do? Cut themselves to sharpen their minds Yeh I didn't get it eitherAnywhooo poor Zane has some brain damage and wasn't able to become a Special like Tally Tally does not approve Tally wants what Tally wants as usual and she will do anything to get it In the meantime The Smokies have become daring Spreading their brain cure infiltrating New Pretty Town and generally irking the Specials Zane is in contact with The Smokies and helping them Shay and Tally decide to use him to help raid The Smoke for the gazillionth time Tally of course justifies this betrayal at every turn To make another long boring story short Tally follows Zane in the wild as he makes his way to The Smoke's new location They have one brief interaction where Tally actually feels like throwing up after kissing him WHAT?? I'm supposed to feel something for this girl? To her he is weak and undesirable now What A BITCH Her brainwashing does not give her an excuse for being an absolute horrendous person for 3 fucking books Characters should grow not be stagnantThey find the Smokies new hideout which is now in a huge city the same size as New Pretty Town Some shit happens Zane dies Tally goes off the deep end She runs off to destroy Special Circumstances on her ownAt this point the last fuck I gave flew away Want to know the bestest part? Dear Tally brings Special Circumstances to it's knees everyone gets the cure and all seems to be going peachy for the world This isn't enough for Tally She figures that one day humans will fuck up again She is going to make sure this doesn't happen Um ooooookay there Super Tally Yeah Tally nodded Its kind of this plan to save the world Of course David shows up like the good little doormat puppy that he is and decides to help her They live out in the wilds happily ever after I am silently hoping she got eaten by a giant python Hey a girl can dream1 Ninja Bunneh Thanking Fuck It's Over

  10. Jeanna Jeanna says:

    Finally I have finished this series I have politely deleted the adjectives that I considered adding to describe series And even though I only spent about two hours on this one skipping entire pages and freuently entire chapters part of me still thinks that it was an hour too long If you are interested in this series simply use the formula below and insert the suggested words into the blanks for each different book1 Tally doesn't like or feels out of place being 2 Tally gets roped into being a mole to uncover 3 Tally betrays 4 Tally realizes she was really stupid and tries to fix it5 Tally gets capture usually and gets turned into a For Uglies insert ugly The Smoke David and pretty For Pretties insert pretty The Smoke David and Zane and special For Specials insert special The New Smoke everyone and environmentalistIt's a bit of an oversimplification but not much Uglies was pretty interesting but it was all downhill from there

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Specials ➹ [Read] ➵ Specials By Scott Westerfeld ➼ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk The third installment of Scott Westerfeld’s New York Times bestselling and award winning Uglies series—a global phenomenon that started the dystopian trendTally thought they were a rumor but now s The third installment of Scott Westerfeld’s New York Times bestselling and award winning Uglies series—a global phenomenon that started the dystopian trendTally thought they were a rumor but now she’s one of them A Special A super amped fighting machine engineered to keep the uglies down and the pretties stupid But maybe being perfectly programmed with strength and focus isn’t better than anything she’s ever known Tally still has memories of something else Still it’s easy to tune that out—until she’s offered a chance to stamp out the rebels of the New Smoke permanently It all comes down to one last choice listen to that tiny faint heartbeat or carry out the mission she’s programmed to complete Either way Tally’s world will never be the same.

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Scott Westerfeld is a New York Times bestselling author of YA He was born in the Texas and now lives in Sydney and New York City In Westerfeld married fellow author Justine LarbalestierHe is best known for the Uglies and Leviathan series His next book IMPOSTORS returns to the world of Uglies It comes out September .