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All You Can Handle MOBI Ô All You Kindle -

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  1. Anna& Anna& says:

    Oh I just loved this hero All You Can Handle was a sweet small town romance It was an easy read with a great hero and set up and a heroine trying to find her way The uick of it is that one night these two meet in a bar and the sparks fly and one things leads to sweaty one night stand sex in a VW Bug and then heading their opposite directions But life likes to play games and he ends up her landlord and they happen to have friends in common too so avoiding each other and the awkward? Not gonna happen HehThe writing was simple but the story was sweet heartwarming and lovely I enjoyed seeing these two deal with the awkward with living so close and becoming friends despite her reservations She really needed to find her place in life and figure some things out and it was nice seeing it finally happen It's a uick read but enjoyable and will have me checking out of the series I'm sure

  2. Sharonda Isadora Sharonda Isadora says:

    Link to the review is via our Youtube channel

  3. Jill Sorenson Jill Sorenson says:

    Terrific story The cover caught my eye on twitter and I've been on a bit of a biker kick I think I've read another book from this series about a vet maybe? This one hooked me from the first page I just loved the whole flavor of it I loved that the heroine has an Afro and a retro bohemian style I loved that the hero is a working class guy who rebuilds motorcycles in his spare time It felt very modern and sexy with uniue details that painted a vibrant picture Sonny is the commitment phobe starting over as a pastry chef and reluctant to lay down roots Ian is a steady guy guardian to his little sister He needs someone who'll stay She's flighty The way they work things out is sexy and sweet and very satisfying This is a novella I think but seemed like category length Kind of reminded me of Victoria Dahl Well done 45

  4. Kelly Murphy Kelly Murphy says:

    I love this little town It was great receiving another Maplesville boo Kimmie was too cute After all Ian and Sonny endured in life it was nice to see them receive a little happiness for a change I wish there was but overall it was a good story

  5. Kathy Kathy says:

    Good oneI always wish these moments were longer but I enjoyed Sonny and Ian's story Sonny is an appealing heroine with her afro her sixties fixation and her crazy cake baking skills I liked reading about her But this romance felt awfully fragile I never uite accepted the HEA But I still love how well Farrah Rochon writes Her stories draw me right in and hold me to the end then it's off to find the next

  6. Avi Avi says:

    The writing was excellent as is usual of this author but I must say Sonny was one of my least favourite characters out of all the books written by Farrah Rochon This speaks to how beautiful her storytelling is as I was so invested I could not stand the character but I could not put down the book

  7. Toni Toni says:

    Ian and Sonny are a fun couple they compliment each other

  8. Turtleberry Turtleberry says:

    Another good oneI adored Sonny and Ian They were super cute I especially enjoyed the one night stand in a small town part Those two were fun Great ending also

  9. Pam Pam says:

    All You Can Handle is book five in the Moments in Maplesville novella series by Farrah Rochon This is a series about the inhabitants of Maplesville It is a series that follows convention and yet does not as each book can stand alone They are well written Ian Landry wants to open a motorcycle shop in Maplesville He knows the perfect place for his shop but needs capital to buy it He has just come from an important and positive meeting at the bank about his loan He meets his friends at the local bar to celebrate Here he meets Sonny White who has come in looking for fun and a change Sonny who says her name is Madison is celebrating her liberation She has been controlled by her parents all her life and now her ex fiance was doing the same She is breaking away from them and doesn’t want Drama in her life but some fun She doesn’t intend on having a one night stand; but ends up in her classic Volkswagen She is upset to find her one time stand is actually her landlord However she can stand it if he can She needs her job with Kiera’ catering Sonny wants to launch her on a career as a pastry chef from here When she needs an oven to bake cakes as an outside job Ian allows her to use his She learns he is a single father raising a young daughter She helps him out with her Will they grow closer? Will her past come visit her?

  10. Nana Prah Nana Prah says:

    Breaking free from a life that once held her captive Sonny becomes her own woman This means following her heart and her libidoI’ve read the four previous books in this series and knew Ms Rochon could set it off but I’ll admit that this was the hottest book of them all The story was deep with Ian having issues with his family and having to raise his baby sister which in and of itself is a responsible type of sexy all while trying to achieve his dream of owning his own his own bike shop Sonny had her own family problems that made me happy that she’d found herselfTheir conversations had me chuckling Although they both had good reasons for not entering into a relationship even though their attraction stated otherwiseThis is a standalone but having read the others I liked reconnecting with the characters from the previous books in the series

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All You Can Handle [PDF] ✪ All You Can Handle Author Farrah Rochon – Ian Landry knows a thing or two about responsibility He put his dream of owning a motorcycle shop on hold and steers clear of romantic entanglements while he raises his baby sister But when the buildi Ian Landry knows a thing or two about responsibility He All You Kindle - put his dream of owning a motorcycle shop on hold and steers clear of romantic entanglements while he raises his baby sister But when the building he’s coveted for his bike shop suddenly becomes available he can’t allow the opportunity to pass him by And when he spots a beautiful stranger sitting at the bar of his favorite hangout Ian decides it can't hurt to have a little funif only for one night Only he doesn’t count on his smoking hot one night stand showing up on his doorstep the next morning The sleepy town of Maplesville is only supposed to be the first stop on Madison “Sonny” White’s new journey to becoming a professional pastry chef After breaking free from the shackles of her former life she isn’t looking to get tied down anytime soon But the appeal of this uaint town on a Louisiana bayou draws Sonny in than she could have ever anticipated and the attraction between her and the hottie who turns out to be her new landlord cannot be denied Love was the last thing they were looking for But their chance meeting kick starts a high octane rush of desire that gives Ian and Sonny all they can handle.