A Study in Charlotte PDF ê A Study PDF/EPUB ²

A Study in Charlotte PDF ê A Study PDF/EPUB ²

A Study in Charlotte ➵ [Reading] ➷ A Study in Charlotte By Brittany Cavallaro ➪ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk The last thing Jamie Watson wants is a rugby scholarship to Sherringford a Connecticut prep school just an hour away from his estranged father But that’s not the only complication Sherringford is al The last thing Jamie Watson wants is a rugby scholarship to Sherringford a Connecticut prep school just an hour away from his estranged A Study PDF/EPUB ² father But that’s not the only complication Sherringford is also home to Charlotte Holmes the famous detective’s great great great granddaughter who has inherited not only Sherlock’s genius but also his volatile temperament From everything Jamie has heard about Charlotte it seems safer to admire her from afarFrom the moment they meet there’s a tense energy between them and they seem destined to be rivals than anything else But when a Sherringford student dies under suspicious circumstances ripped straight from the most terrifying of the Sherlock Holmes stories Jamie can no longer afford to keep his distance Jamie and Charlotte are being framed for murder and only Charlotte can clear their names But danger is mounting and nowhere is safe—and the only people they can trust are each other.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 336 pages
  • A Study in Charlotte
  • Brittany Cavallaro
  • English
  • 05 November 2016

About the Author: Brittany Cavallaro

Brittany Cavallaro is a poet fiction writer and old school Sherlockian She is the New York Times bestselling author of the Charlotte Holmes A Study PDF/EPUB ² novels from HarperCollinsKatherine Tegen Books including A STUDY IN CHARLOTTE THE LAST OF AUGUST THE CASE FOR JAMIE and A UESTION OF HOLMES She's also the author of the poetry collections GIRL KING and UNHISTORICAL University of Akron and is the re.

10 thoughts on “A Study in Charlotte

  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    2 12 stars This was fun in parts but it really didn't do for me what it seems to be doing for a lot of readers and criticsA Study in Charlotte follows the descendants of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson as they solve crimes on a modern day college campus In this story both Sherlock and Watson were real people and Arthur Conan Doyle was Watson's literary agent who helped publish the tales of their casesMany years later Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson find themselves caught up in some copycat crimes that appear to be framing the two using scenes directly out of the old stories My first thought is that this book while not without some humourous moments is simply not needed or different enough It is yet another version of a modern day Sherlock and it's hard to stand out when you go up directly against Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman yes I love BBC SherlockIt does not attempt to go to new levels or explore new things Perhaps the most interesting difference is that Sherlock is now a teenage girl and yet her personality is identical to that of the original Sherlock Holmes She's his great great granddaughter and yet somehow she talks with the exact same voice pauses freuently to make deductions has the exact same habits including a drug problem and truly feels like the exact same characterAnd to be honest the original Sherlock and the BBC Sherlock are kind of assholes it's the nature of the character But in both cases it is offset by a uirky charm and a sharp wit I don't think Charlotte ever uite pulls off the charm aspect appearing merely as a bratty teenager who interferes in crime solving She is very intelligent occasionally amusing but never lovableAs I said the book is entertaining in parts Watson's naivete creates some funny scenarios and the writing flows well It's just I'd rather watch BBC Sherlock instead And I don't feel like you need to do bothBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

  2. Emma Giordano Emma Giordano says:

    I have to say this book really took me by surprise I knew as soon as I heard about a YA Sherlock Holmes retelling that I would take well to this story but I was not prepared for how much I loved it CW murder talk of rape substance abuse A Study in Charlotte is a truly fun and entertaining young adult mystery novel with a fabulous first installment The plot was engaging well written and unexpected I especially enjoyed how the author weaved in actual tales of Sherlock Holmes as a way for the antagonist to taunt the famous pair of comrades I felt the mystery was really well done keeping me guessing throughout the entirety of the story and surprising me in the endI found Jamie and Charlotte to be complimentary protagonists to one another Charlotte is extremely intelligent and calculated albeit a little unhinged and Jamie is grounded and supportive if a little impulsive I adore the fateful friendship between these two and adored getting to watch their shared ancestry develop into an individual connection While romantic feelings are formed during this story Charlotte and Jamie are best friends first and I would not consider A Study in Charlotte a romance novel It was refreshing to see a true friendship develop into what MIGHT be a very slow burn romance in the future but to focus on their platonic relationship firstI really love this series so far and absolutely plan on completing it I would definitely recommend to those who enjoy some fun young adult thrillers with interesting protagonists

  3. Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) says:

    This was tons of fun I’m a Sherlock fan but not a super fan by any means I’ve watched the BBC show and know the basics about the story but I’ve never actually read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tales though I plan to So with my knowledge of Sherlock in mind I thought this was an excellent tribute Watson was just as I’d imagine him and Sherlock was fascinating as per usual Together the pair made an incredible power couple This has some hints of romance that I thought would annoy me but I actually didn’t mind them surprisingly I liked the fact that Holmes and Watson weren’t fictional characters and the MCs were their descendants It made for a uniue element Following the murder mystery in this book felt like watching Sherlock but high school edition and I loved it A really great retelling overall

  4. Melanie Melanie says:

    “I felt like I was being pulled through a dark dank wardrobe into some boozy Narnia” This was the most unexpected treat I thought that I might enjoy this one but I never expected to fall completely head over heels for it especially after reading A Study in Scarlet the night before starting this This is a reimagining of Sherlock and Watson but told in the perspective of their descendants Charlotte and Jamie in modern day And oh my gosh this was just fantastic Jamie Watson recently left the UK to attend a Connecticut prep school because of a rugby scholarship and he isn’t thrilled to be leaving his home away from his mother and to be closer to his father and his new family Charlotte Holmes also attends this school but she spends most of her days in her laboratory testing her genius and solving mysteries And these two’s paths cross because yeah you probably guessed it a recent murder that happened on campus Oh and they are both being framed for it “We weren't Sherlock Holmes and John Watson I was ok with that I thought We had things they didn't too Like electricity and refrigerators And Mario Kart” But this book was for sure a lot darker than I was originally expecting I mean it obviously deals with murder mysteries but it also deals heavily with drug addiction and sexual assault And I just enjoyed how themes like rape and addiction were constantly at the forefront of the story and how Charlotte is slowly reclaiming part of herself while telling and of her truth I just feel like themes like this need to be normalized especially in school settings and I think it was really respectfully done too I said this in my review for A Study in Scarlet too but with both stories I just think it is pure genius to tell the story in Watson’s perspective And it really helps that Jamie Watson is the softest and sweetest boy in existence But I just think seeing Charlotte through his eyes was so pure and just added something to the story that would have been impossible to achieve in any other way of telling the story And just in general this story is very character driven and I easily fell in love with both of the stars which was for sure something I wasn’t expecting going in “The two of us we're the best kind of disaster Apples and oranges Well like apples and machetes” Yet the heart of this novel is for sure a murder mystery and I was impressed by how much it kept me on my toes I really didn’t see the twists coming and the ending utterly surprised me I truly loved it and I thought it was expertly done And I think Brittany Cavallaro really crafted something so smart and wove something so beautifully Overall I really enjoyed this one I am so excited to see how August Moriarty is going to come into play especially with the title of book two being The Last of August But I loved this reimagining I loved these characters even than who they are based off of and I was completely enthralled with this dark story I can’t wait for Jamie and Charlotte’s next adventure Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | TwitchContent and trigger warnings for talk of suicide talk of past sexual assault talk of past rape murder a lot of talk about drug use drug addiction mild self harm allowing glass to be pushed deeper in the skin and drugging

  5. Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) says:

    This was a rip roarin’ good time Not at all what I was expecting but it was definitely v enjoyable Also I am a fan of Charlotte’s big dick energy Such fun

  6. may ❀ may ❀ says:

    Full review postedMy heart has been needing this book for longer than I realized I needed this book THIS BOOK IS BLOODY BRILLIANT For a number of reasons Aside from the fact that I read this book in less than a day and that I physically could NOT stop reading it this book is the murder mystery you’ve always needed You got a snarky know it all girl You got a nerdy precious boy WHO ARE DECENSANTS OF SHERLOCK AND WATSON I MEAN GOALS ANYONE???? So after a murder took place on school grounds and Holmes and Watson are the primary suspects bc well they had a fall out with the victim a few days backall the evidence is pointing towards them Now these kids gotta take it into their hands to solve the puzzle Damn can I just say how much I love the dynamics between Jaime and charlotte ??? They’re adorable and rude and precious and bloody genius Except for my baby Jaime he can be a little dense sometimes its okay he’s doing his best and literally miss whats RIGHT THERE GUYS IT’S BASICALLY LIKE MODERN VERSION AUDREY AND THOMAS THERE’S ACTION AND MURDER AND POISONING AND ALL THESE CRAZY THINGS HAPPENING AT A BORDING SCHOOL AND ITS JUST LIKE WOWOW There is great friendships featured too along with fem power obvs and Jaime being the literal greatest cinnamon roll He’s an aspiring writer too I mean does it get adorbs than that?? I have grown an overnight passion for Sherlock holmes retellings and I ain’t stopping anytime soon Thank goodness the author realized she is a gift to this world and wrote two books in the series WHY HAS NO ONE TALKED MORE ABOUT THIS SERIES WHY HAVE I BEEN DEPRIEVED FOR SO LONG “And even so before I had ever met Charlotte Holmes I was sure she was the only friend I would make in that miserable place”45 stars

  7. megs_bookrack megs_bookrack says:

    When James 'Jamie' Watson gets shipped off to boarding school in Connecticut he is sad about leaving London behind After arriving though he uickly finds himself elbows deep in intrigue and thinking nothing about 'shoddy ole' LondonIn an alarming twist of fate Charlotte Holmes the descendant of the infamous Sherlock Holmes also attends this very same boarding school Coincidence? I think notJamie the descendant of John Watson the very one who penned those cute little Sherlock Holmes tales has heard all about Charlotte and wants nothing than to get into her good graces In the flesh Charlotte is beautiful edgy and addicted to opiates What's not to love?Before long they are seeing each other on the reg and Charlotte seems to be warming to him This is made especially significant by the fact that she's not particularly warm with anyoneAfter a fellow student one that Charlotte has has a horrifying encounter with ends up dead and another on the brink of death the duo must work together to prove they are innocent of the crimes It is clear that Charlotte and Jamie are being framed and in ways reminiscent of cases the original Sherlock and Holmes investigatedThis was a pretty good story There was nothing bad about it but it never really reached a level where I was attached or intrigued by it I read it It happened then it was over and I moved on very uickly I guess I was hoping for a little if I am being honest I'm not sure if I will ever continue on with the series I may read the synopsis of the next one and some of the reviews to see if anyone liked it better than this one For now if I had to choose a YA Mystery series to continue with it would be the Stalking Jack the Ripper series over this one

  8. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    35 stars This was fun Not very realistic and I uite dislike when YA books focus on narcotics but I connected with Watson a lot He and Holmes have an interesting relationship that I don't think is healthy but that kept me hooked

  9. chan ☆ chan ☆ says:

    oxy addicted female sherlock holmes a soft hipster watsonthis was fun and dark and twisted everything that one could ever want from a sherlock story right? i'm not sure what i was expecting but i don't think it was this i guess i assumed since it would be a retelling that it would be a little lighter and funbut i didn't laugh a lot i did feel things thoughfirst off the characters were great watson was easy to read probably because he was narrating and holmes was just fucking fascinating as most renditions of holmes are both were well adapted for the 21st century and i liked that they were related to the original holmes and watson and that their meeting was sort of destined to happen even though it was cleverly orchestratedone little thing that i liked was the way that watson talks about holmes before he's gotten to know her it's a subtle sort of hero worship that i think we can all in some part relate to like meeting a favorite youtuber in person the warring feelings that he has that he feels he can innately trust her but how stupid that sounds it just resonated with me strangely and was something that definitely stood out to meobviously the mystery aspect of this is what kept me from setting this book down it was satisfying and the twists were great the conclusion was less showy than i would have liked but it worked to an extent and honestly i'm just interested to see what happens next what crimes will be solved will holmes and watson fall madly in love? dunno but i'm definitely going to find outi'm just a big dumb sucker for boys named jamie; can't wait to read this

  10. ˗ˏˋliaˎˊ˗ ˗ˏˋliaˎˊ˗ says:

    “i don’t need someone to fight for me i can fight for myself” a sherlock holmes ya retelling? oof count me in as i love the bbc sherlock tv show and i’ve been craving rewatching it for the past few days i knew this was the right time to read this one and that was absolutely correct i almost would’ve finished it within 24 hours since i only had about 20 pages left last night but i was really exhausted and i didn’t want to rush it because i had enjoyed it so incredibly much thus far and the ending shouldn’t be any differentthe writing style definitely took me by surprise honestly i didn’t have much expectations concerning that aspect the plot was really well written and the characters were developed nicely what i loved the most however was that there were elements of a slow burn romance but it isn’t the typical insta love trope that i kind of had expectedcharlotte and jamie are SUCH great characters jamie was exactly like you would imagine a modern day watson to be and charlotte of course was intelligent no doubt but the savageness ugh ueen she is someone you can’t help but love the plot in general was really intriguing and kept me guessing until the end with some nice twists and turns let’s be real i didn’t expect to enjoy this as much as i have but i’m so incredibly glad and literally immediately picked up the seuel which rarely happens → 45 stars

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