The Daughter of The CEO PDF/EPUB ¶ The Daughter

The Daughter of The CEO PDF/EPUB ¶ The Daughter

10 thoughts on “The Daughter of The CEO (The Daughter of The CEO, #1)

  1. Kara Kara says:

    “The Daughter of The CEO The Daughter of the CEO #1” REALLY PISSED ME OFF Or at least the author didThe story itself is actually likable in a goofy over the top comedy cartoony sort of way Thirty year old MC Carmen endures an abrasive ass of a boss a porn loving CFO a 42yo asian gym rat who is a sexual predator lovestruck shy guy Mel and of course Bonniethe 22yo lesbian daughter of the CEOCarmen is living at her sister’s house and sleeps on the sofa Afraid her sister might walk in and catch her on the sofa she hasn’t masturbated for 10years WTF? Hasn’t she showered in 10years? After meeting Bonnie though she rushes to the office bathroom to get offand is caught by BonnieThis book is so bad it’s freaking hilarious It’s also free on KU as are books #4 and #5 in the series Book #2 as short as it is costs 3which for the comedic value I’d be willing to payEXCEPT that Book #3 is not available at all That’s righta five book series by an author who has disappeared from the face of the planet with the middle book being removed from the planet as wellI call bullshit 1 because of the author and the missing book not to mention the complete and utter ridiculousness of the story

  2. Corrie Corrie says:

    The Daughter of The CEO The Daughter of The CEO #1 by SB Sheeran was one of those diddies I found on Scribd They only have the one book available though and after reading it I don’t feel inclined to buy the remaining ones especially after reading in the reviews that #3 seems to be missing out of the line up altogetherThis is one of those authors who like to milk their readers to buy their material I’ve had to scroll through pages of self promotion between every chapter like really? And as you can expect the book ended on a cliffhanger It was decently written although most of the scenario was uite absurd Overall it felt like one big tease and a good example of how best to alienate your fan base ff Themes I’m straight but instantly gay for you the whole I haven’t masturbated in 10 years scenario was rather ridiculous all the characters are so over the top they become a parody of themselves this is not how you promote your work24 stars

  3. A Dapper Rat A Dapper Rat says:

    Wut dafu did I just read? This book is so so so completely ridiculous and dull And horrible ヽ#`Д´ノ

  4. Ashley Reid Ashley Reid says:

    I honestly could not get into this at all

  5. Mummy& Mummy& says:

    Well this was okay It just ended in a weird place The characters are okay Carmen is very meek and Bonnie seems very forward The men are disgusting though Not much to say as it was so short I think adding them all together to make a decent sized book would have been better

  6. Caitlyn Cash Caitlyn Cash says:

    This book? Wow This book was absolutely horrible You think that this author would have proofread the book before advertising or launching the book but the author apparently did not There were so many typos and words that were not even written in the correct vernacular The book was first; not written correctly second; the book was left half unfinished which is something I thought was absolutely ridiculous Thank goodness it was free And who is Carmem?

  7. Andrea Andrea says:

    The separate books in this series are so short that I will just review all of them together like one book even though book #3 is missing since a while now and it doesn’t seem it will come backThe story is fun and kind of ridiculous to read but I still read all four of them There were some things in it that didn’t uite add up is Bonnie 22 years old or 28 years old because both of those ages were mentioned and I feel like 28 would make sense Then really Carmen didn’t even masturbate for 10 years but sees another woman even though she is straight and has to run to the bathroom to masturbate? The spelling and grammar errors are not bothering me that much and I can overlook them

  8. charles clayson charles clayson says:

    GratifyingAm I the only one that recognizes that the majority of the writes portray one or both of the key characters as a weak or low esteem person ? Case in point Carmen is has just stated to herself that she likes a frappuccino Then Bonnie as her what she wants to drink also saying I'm paying Carmen then instead of asking for what she really wants ; says a black coffee This is just one example There so many other books that I've come across the same characteristics REALLY WHY ?

  9. Gretchen Vega Gretchen Vega says:

    This book had it's hot moments While this book had it's hot moments I think it kinda tip toed around fetishizing lesbianism and it just rubbed me the wrong way It would be different if this were a coming out story and the character had a genuine struggle when it came to sexuality But not this whole tee hee I'm straight and im thinking of a woman in a sexual manner I'm so naughty 1Also none of the characters were all that likeable except maybe Bonnie

  10. Patricia OHara Patricia OHara says:

    Story ending Okay usually I am pleased with the way a book ends However it would have been nice if Carmen and Bonnie had at least ended in a kiss instead of a door closing I know it was done intentionally to get us interested in the next book I will get the next book and hope for a nicer ending

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The Daughter of The CEO (The Daughter of The CEO, #1) [EPUB] ✽ The Daughter of The CEO (The Daughter of The CEO, #1) ❂ S.B. Sheeran – Bridgeport Marketing’s CEO is a difficult man to work for but Carmen his Executive Assistant has convinced herself that she can handle it Things get complicated when the CEO’s daughter Bonnie come of The ePUB ☆ Bridgeport Marketing’s CEO is a difficult man to work for but Carmen his Executive Assistant has convinced herself that she can handle it Things get complicated when the CEO’s daughter Bonnie comes home and visit her dad often at the office Bonnie is like a ray of sunshine in her father’s eyes and soon becomes one for Carmen too.

  • Kindle Edition
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  • The Daughter of The CEO (The Daughter of The CEO, #1)
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  • 10 October 2014