Oblivion Kindle å Hardcover

Oblivion Kindle å Hardcover

Oblivion ❴Download❵ ➸ Oblivion Author Josephine Hart – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk The author of bestsellers Damage and Sin presents a daring and beautiful novel in which disturbing truths about death and sex love and remembrance are confronted A man is caught between the living and The author of bestsellers Damage and Sin presents a daring and beautiful novel in which disturbing truths about death and sex love and remembrance are confronted A man is caught between the living and memories of the dead as he struggles to come to terms with the death of his wife.

10 thoughts on “Oblivion

  1. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    I enjoyed the idea explored in this novel The story moved along when focused on the characters The play within the story was long and boring

  2. Mrs E Mrs E says:

    There are some books that leave you with such an uncomfortable feeling one you can never forget This book did that to me The idea of Oblivion is that we die two deaths the natural death and the second death when those who loved us slowly forget us

  3. Jane Jane says:

    Fiction I doubt that you will find this on your local library’s bookshelves I had to order it from inter library loan And that is just fine Because this is not a good book If you want to read something that is fairly confusing pretentious and forgettable this is the book for you Blech

  4. Andrea Homier Andrea Homier says:

    Oblivion is simple complex rich cold intriguing bleak and hopeful The relatively short novel not only contains its own plot but an entire play a drama critic's article several letters and a chunk of a secondary character's diary making its structure a bit of a challenge The transition to the play is jarring and I had difficulty understanding that the play had started and that the thoughts being expressed were words said by the actors and not in the narrator's head That may have been Hart's intent in that the book moves rapidly and freuently between Andrew's the narrator's thoughts and dialogue with other characters evoking the foggy experience of grief that blurs the line between outer and inner worlds being half there in each world and yet not there at all not sure if one is thinking or talking hearing voices inside or outside This could be brilliant but I can't decide because it's not a pleasant place to be Most of the book isn't a pleasant place to beThe narrator is a British television interviewer who has recently lost his wife of ten years but after a year is trying to move forward in his life with work and a new relationship while also navigating his relationships with his deceased wife Laura and her living parents Laura's presence leaves him for only short periods of time giving him brief periods of respite in which he can be present to this life During the course of the book Andrew is able to have longer periods of time in which he can leave Laura yes the uestion of who is leaving whom is one of the ideas explored and remain in the land of the living Hart's premise is that each of us dies two deaths one physical and one when we slip into oblivion when we are forgotten Andrew's character allows us to see the story from the living side but Hart uses another pivotal character a playwright who Andrew is to interview on his television series who has explored and is advancing this idea of oblivion in her new play to give us the story from the deadThe playwright is a difficult character but we are left wondering whether we find her difficult because she makes us uncomfortable with the truths she is exposing because she imagines life after death as an all truths exposed difficult clamoring for attention or because she is cold and wicked We don't know and we aren't given much guidance Andrew is uncertain of her as well Even as a survivor of the holocaust she is a woman who has lived a long unconventional life that has caused pain for others and she doesn't engender warmth or sympathy But what she tells us draws us closer to a view that horrifies and terrifies us We are intensely uncomfortable but we don't want to look awayHart's idea of a second death through oblivion while deeply thought provoking is pushed too hard for me The vehicle of the play is too much too close to my face The idea outgrows the story and pieces of the novel feel missing Andrew's relationship to the playwright is explored very little and how the play and the playwright change him are completely missing Andrew does find a way to co exist with both the dead and the living at the end but there's a sense that could have occurred without him ever meeting the playwright or seeing the play It's a large gaping hole Maybe we are to imagine that piece ourselves?I liked the first 70 pages of the novel and then I didn't like it and almost uit; only its intellectual challenge kept me going And then the last two lines made everything right and I liked the entire book But I am not sure how I got there I recommend reading Oblivion and I recommend having a good group of folks to discuss it with when done

  5. Janeen Janeen says:

    Like poetry putting into words what I have been experiencing There are actually two deaths Physical death and when loved ones no longer remember the face the laughter When those alive finally let go and go on living The use of a play within a novel was interesting

  6. SmarterLilac SmarterLilac says:

    This is stupendous I read it during a period of total ruination in my own life; it captures that kind of experience perfectly

  7. Sarah Rigg Sarah Rigg says:

    I got hooked on Josephine Hart and read a bunch of them in a row in the late 1990s This was my second favorite after Damage

  8. Katarzyna Katarzyna says:

    I began to wonder whether literature is not in fact as much an opiate as religion Lives examined and explained matters resolved or particular meaning found in the lack of resolution The reality is; we witness little; people drift in and out of our lives; much is only overheard; and setting our lands in order is no than a valiant act of defiance

  9. Blueglass Blueglass says:

    Interesting concept oblivion Fate worse than death When no one remembers you I wish the author had stuck to her characters rather than getting bogged down with the play within the story

  10. Cat {Wild Night In} Cat {Wild Night In} says:

    The change in structure really threw me

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