Hardcover ¾ Unashamed MOBI å

Hardcover ¾ Unashamed MOBI å

Unashamed ➿ Unashamed Free ➶ Author Lecrae Moore – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk If you live for people's acceptance you'll die from their rejectionTwo time Grammy winning rap artist Lecrae learned this lesson through than his share of adversity—childhood abuse drugs and alcohol If you live for people's acceptance you'll die from their rejectionTwo time Grammy winning rap artist Lecrae learned this lesson through than his share of adversity—childhood abuse drugs and alcoholism a stint in rehab an abortion and an unsuccessful suicide attemptAlong the way Lecrae attained an unwavering faith in Jesus and began looking to God for affirmation Now as a chart topping industry anomaly he has learned to ignore the haters and make peace with his craft The rap artist holds nothing back as he divulges the most sensitive details of his life answers his critics shares intimate handwritten journal entries and powerfully models how to be a Christian in a secular ageThis is the story of one man's journey to faith and freedom.

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  1. Maureen Maureen says:

    WOW THIS BOOKIf you couldn't tell by my incessant updates with every nugget of wisdom this book was incredible I've been a pretty casual listener of Lecrae's music but always a huge fan of the person he is and what he stands for This book just gave me insight into what he actually went through growing up and makes his testimony that much powerful I cried uite a few times as so many things and phrases and ideas hit homeI'm seriously so blown away by this book and I REALLY WANT YOU TO READ IT

  2. Christy Christy says:

    4 stars Lecrae's story is refreshing and inspiring He narrated the audiobook and the narration was great

  3. Michael Michael says:

    I never been a huge fan of Lecrae In factI thought He was very overratedbesides a few songs I heard from HimHowever this book convinced me to give his music a second chance Being raised rough with only his motherHe turned to drugssexalcoholetc to fill the void of having an absent Father Constantly reprimanded to get his life togetherbefore he became another statistic By the Grace of Godhis entire life changed drastically when He encountered Jesus for the first time Now he uses his music to get people to turn to Jesus for fulfillment I loved everything about this bookbut the main aspect was how authentic it was Lecrae was not a self righteous hypocrite trying get people to change their lifebut a fragile person that need the same Grace we all do Battling legalism taught him to approach people with Gracerather than to point fingers Vivid testimoniestouching photos and a remarkable novel I am a picky rater in generalbut picky with Christian based novels because of the cliches and unoriginal content Yet this exceeded my expectationsvery impressed

  4. Josh Josh says:

    Lecrae is an interesting person and this is an interesting book I have been ministered to greatly by the artists of Reach including Lecrae Contrary to the many who have seen his progression as a move away from faith I have been encouraged by his evolution from youth group rapper to frontline missionary I have also enjoyed listening to his music as it has progressed greatly from Rebel to CC3 I wasn't around for Real Talk I'm a band wagonerIn Unashamed Lecrae tells his story It is a story that many young black men are living but it is still a story to which all can relate He tells of growing up fatherless enduring physical emotional and sexual abuse living in San Diego with gangs and north Dallas without many people who shared his color and culture He tells about his struggles with drugs and alcohol his pressuring a girl to have an abortion and his desires to end his life But through it all he tells the story of a great God that had a plan and a purpose for Lecrae Moore And his struggles did not end when he became a believer What I found most encouraging probably because it was relatable to me than being a fatherless black boy on the streets of San Diego were his struggles after becoming a believer His immature interactions with unbelievers his legalistic and self righteous deeds to improve his status with God his difficulty in being a loving see gentle and respectful husband the persecution from within the visible church he endured when following the Lord in a manner that didn't match their expectations etc all are struggles to which I can relate to one degree or another And seeing how he endured them moved past them and used them as means to love God was a great encouragementLecrae lays himself bare and he does so to the glory of God He doesn't glorify his sins or his struggles as so many radical testimonies often do He doesn't credit himself with his successes and salvation He doesn't encourage people to follow him seriously there are than enough Lecratians already Rather he looks back and recognizes that he was chief of sinners and that sin cost the Lord his life; that he was saved and blessed by the glorious unmerited undeserved immeasurable grace of God; and he points away from himself and towards the person of Christ and says Follow him Honor him Praise and glorify himIf you love hip hop pick this book up If you love rags to riches success stories pick this book up If you love hearing someone extol the virtues of our great God from the first page to the last definitely pick this book up You'll be glad you didI received an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley

  5. Richard Derus Richard Derus says:

    Rating 3 of fiveI voted for this book in the 2016 Goodreads Choice Awards There's no obvious reason I'd vote for some christian crapola over the memoir of Gloria Vanderbilt and her gay son Anderson Cooper except I really can't relate to rich people's problems any On the dull side franklyLecrae's problems aren't dull They include a laundry list of every social ill I've been able to dream up He ticks every box and then one fine day gawd reaches down and saves him My eyes rolled so hard I was dizzy for a weekBut I voted for the book because I felt the sincerity and passion and belief oozing from every bit of this story

  6. Addy S. Addy S. says:

    Unashamed for me was a story that encouraged me immensely Lecrae’s story is not fiction but it is the story of his life and all that he’s gone through He grew up fatherless and got into drugs and alcohol He ended up getting so depressed he tried to overdose on pills Yet through it all God was working and IS working in his life It’s amazing to see what Lecrae has come out of A few content details younger readers should know Talk of attempted suicide Talk of abuse Lecrae experienced Lecrae got so mad he wanted to kill someone but he ended up driving himself to the hospital and admitting himself into rehabIt was amazing getting to read a personal raw account of how God saved a man’s life I will be reading this again and again It’s so cool to see how far Lecrae has come His songs are powerful as well and though I don’t usually prefer loud rap music his lyrics don’t hide anything Thank you Lecrae for sharing your testimony of God's faithfulness in your life and for being unashamedSoli Deo Gloria

  7. Jeanie Jeanie says:

    What benefit did you reap at that time from the things you are now ashamed of? Those things result in death But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God the benefit you reap leads to holiness and the result is eternal life For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord Romans 6It was like a blindfold fell off my eyes I'd been celebrating the things I should have been ashamed of and I had been ashamed of what I should have been celebrating I had been set free but I was still living like a slave to my old life and old habits and old ways I had been liberated from slavery but slavery had not been liberated from me I saw Jesus as my Savior but not my Lord I thought because God had given me grace I could do whatever I wanted But doing whatever I pleased was only going to bring death Surrendering to God was the key to receiving life I have been a big fan of Lecrae for several years I have gone to several of his concerts that are high energy What I enjoy about his concerts that families come together they dance and they hear the word of God I would go further to say that his music can be a whole sermon That his theology is sound He is working out his salvation by surrendering to who God is and who he Lecrae is not This is his story How he grew up in fatherless home a mom that never gave up on him and how he came to know the truth How he fights temptation and pride His struggle with acceptance and how the Gospel truly saved him How is music as revolved to not being relevant to us but how we are relevant to the Gospelembedembed to his music and be encouraged by his story and be unashamed by the Gospel It is only by being unashamed of the gospel can we live freely By engaging the culture for God's glory we make the gospel available That is the journey that the Lord has given to Lecrae A Special Thank You to BH Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest reviewhttpssundaygatheringswordpressco

  8. Margaret Carpenter Margaret Carpenter says:

    God bless 'em This book challenged my opinions and biases of lots of stuff especially my feelings about CHH No one can say that Lecrae hasn't been through his fair share of fighting off the genre boxes not after reading this Unashamed is deeply sometimes painfully honest I can't connect with much of his experience but his insight on struggling to be a Christian with a body with a mind that has never been baptized this was resonant in my heart and powerful This book was actually bought to be a gift to someone else someone who needs to hear this message than I did I hope he does

  9. Donna Donna says:

    I loved this book What a great autobiography There were some great uotable uotes in this and even though I am so not a fan of rap I could identify with many of the things he said in these pages Reading this makes me want to go check out his musicLecrae Moore's autobiography felt authentic as he detailed his upbringing and his sense of abandonment His need for expression was well written I also liked that he is Unashamed and boldly makes his faith a visible part of who he has become so far He also didn't come across as preachy judgmental and condemnatory

  10. Cornell Cornell says:

    I enjoyed reading or rather listening to Lecrae read this book It is a deeply personal account of the rapper's journey to faith and his journey in faith It is an autobiography of sorts mostly focusing on how Lecrae came to faith and why he does ministry the way he doesThe book finally hopefully puts to rest why the rapper insists on being referred to as a rapper who happens to be a Christian instead of the generic Christian rapper You see Lecrae's relationship with rap and hip hop predates his conversion What happens at his conversion he explains was a change of worldview not a change of trade or talentThe best way he knew to express himself is through rap and just because he became a Christian doesn't mean he raps because he is a Christian He raps despite being a Christian It is a subtle difference and many might miss it I hope Lecrae will forgive many of us for missing that differenceBeing a personal account Lecrae does not shy from revealing gory details about his past failures What stood out is the fact that his sinful life does not just precede his conversion but transcends it I was comforted by this especially considering the many times I have found myself sinning after my conversion than before I relate LecraeEven so I couldn't help but feel like Lecrae was defending himself in this book He was succumbing to the pressure to explain himself and why he is the way he is I am no judge of whether this was warranted but I am grateful he did itI also couldn't help but feel that for someone whose mantra in life is about not living for people's acceptance by writing this book he seemed to still want us to get him and in a way accept himThe only significant doctrinal ualm I had with the book is in Chapter 10 Kicking Down Hell's Door Lecrae uses Matthew 1618 to segue into why he feels called to reach the culture He infers from Jesus' words upon this rock I will build my church that this is speaking about Jesus building the church upon the rock of the culture Well that's uite a stretch and I didn't buy itThis was a good read I recommend it

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