Crome Yellow PDF/EPUB å Paperback

Crome Yellow PDF/EPUB å Paperback

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  1. Duane Duane says:

    Having only read Huxley's Brave New World I was surprised at how different Crome Yellow was I had to check the cover to make sure this was indeed a Huxley novel It is his first novel published in 1921 a full decade before Brave New World Crome Yellow is a satire on English country manors and a parody in particular of Garsington Manor owned by Lady Ottoline Morrell Garsington was a haven for a group of writers that inclided Huxley DH Lawrence TS Eliot and others Cromes fictional characters were much less distinguished and Lady Morrell was deeply offended by the portrayal Even though Chrome Yellow is very different than Brave New World one of the characters makes a fleeting reference to a future society much like Huxley would later write of in BNW

  2. Jonfaith Jonfaith says:

    Words I wonder if you can realize how much I love them You are too much preoccupied with mere things and ideas and people to understand the full beauty of words Your mind is not a literary mindGoodreads is but a sea of possibilities rife with points of contact albeit drifting and bobbing Too often I don't hear the calls across the foamy expanses It is with relief and gratitude that I thank Jim Paris for suggesting this novel Crome Yellow is Huxley's first novel It has wit and snark It overflows with pain and self deprecation It takes place in a place called Crome It involves a bank holiday and there are references to oysters

  3. Sara G Sara G says:

    I had never read any of Huxley's novels other than Brave New World and was surprised to find that his first novel Crome Yellow is uite far from a sci fi novel being instead of the species of British manor satires that seem to make up about half of the novels in the English language Not only this but the back of the book says that even less happens than is normal in these novels That didn't exactly sound like what I wanted to read on a weekend night but it was already in my hand so I cracked it open sniffed the book odor sneezed and then began reading And I think it's fantastic Yes nothing happens even less than usual It's one of these novels that a young person writes about young people expressing enormous thoughts in tiny conversations As Mr Scogan bemoans in the novel Why will young men continue to write about things so entirely uninteresting as the mentality of adolescents and artists? Note Huxley's attempt to show his self awareness by forecasting the failure of his own projectHis project doesn't fail though because the writing is wonderful Each turn of phrase is a treasure And there's a story about a pack of hunting dogs except all of the dogs are pugs Yes it's about a few people in a manor talking about poetry to make their lives seem important But it's hilarious And wry And erudite And totally worth reading no matter what the blurb on the back of the book leads you to think

  4. ❀⊱RoryReads⊰❀ ❀⊱RoryReads⊰❀ says:

    Sadly this book has not withstood the test of time

  5. Cecily Cecily says:

    A country house weekend but like Island the plot such as it is just seems an excuse to contrive situations for various cardboard characters to pontificate about life philosophy culture etc rather than the driving force

  6. Rosianna Rosianna says:

    My friend Celia is a huge Huxley fan so some time ago I bought a copy of Crome Yellow but never really had an awful lot of time to read it Last week I dove in and absolutely adore it It's the Great Gatsby of the United Kingdom a novel entrenched in 1920s high society lifestyles of dinner parties and estates Huxley focuses most directly on Denis a struggling poet who cannot uite grasp the art of writing something up to par nor can he win the heart of the young lady he has fallen for What was most exceptional about this novel to me at least was the time Huxley dedicates to presenting each character and the care with which he does it Henry Wimbush is perhaps my favourite of the lot a man fascinated by tales of his ancestry tales as often filled with disappointment and melancholy as with luck and prosperity but above all with a subtle humour that almost ticklesI recommend this novel without hesitation and look forward to reading of Huxley's work

  7. Jim Jim says:

    I have not read this book for 41 years Reading it today was an altogether different experience inasmuch as all that changes my life has undergone during the intervening decades Written in 1921 Crome Yellow is freuently described as a satire on English country house gatherings of intellectuals In actuality it is much We see the events unfolding through the eyes of the young dilettante poet Dennis Stone who is hopelessly in love with Anne Wimbush daughter of the hosts His feelings are unreuited as Anne is interested in the temperamental French painter Gombauld In his desultory pursuit of her he ignores an attempt by the eually attractive Mary Bracegirdle to get to know him better I remember when I read this story in 1975 that I was abashed by my own failures in dating and I downrated the book because I identified too much with the narratorBut there is much to Aldous Huxley's novelette than Dennis The country house is filled to overflowing with musicians Don Juans real and bogus literati stuffy clericals spiritualists and antiuarians most notably the host Henry Wimbush There are two Sunday sermons; philosophical disuisitions by the irrepressible Mr Scogan along with Dennis another stand in for the author; an attack on contemporary life by Henry Winbush; and numerous other conversations that impinge on the young man's experience at CromeI remember loving Huxley's work when I was younger Now I am thinking of re reading his novels stories and essays; and I have just ordered a collection of his letters People just don't write as well any I guess they just Tweet

  8. Vit Babenco Vit Babenco says:

    Crome Yellow is a chronicle of a party – it seems nothing happens but actually there is a battle of different intellectual conceits The novel is a paragon of erudition and a trove of knowledge and concepts“Consider for example the case of Luther and Erasmus There was Erasmus a man of reason if ever there was one People listened to him at first – a new virtuoso performing on that elegant and resourceful instrument the intellect; they even admired and venerated him But did he move them to behave as he wanted them to behave – reasonably decently or at least a little less porkishly than usual? He did not And then Luther appears violent passionate a madman insanely convinced about matters in which there can be no conviction He shouted and men rushed to follow him Erasmus was no longer listened to; he was reviled for his reasonableness Luther was serious Luther was reality – like the Great War Erasmus was only reason and decency; he lacked the power being a sage to move men to action Europe followed Luther and embarked on a century and a half of war and bloody persecution It’s a melancholy story”To Aldous Huxley with his immense talent of perception in order to paint a canvas of epoch was enough to draw a picture of a single party

  9. classic reverie classic reverie says:

    Years ago before I knew about Goodreads I had heard about Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and soon read and enjoyed that dystopian novel After joining Goodreads I noticed that Huxley had many other books besides his classic novel of course he must have but the beauty of Goodreads is all is here with a search of an author I decided on reading Crome Yellow and Mortal Coils now because I had bought this Kindle edition years ago and thought it was time to see of Huxley's writing This edition has both books but I will review Mortal Coils under that title All my notes and highlights are here if interested This edition has several little typos which I reported but nothing majorI had no idea going into Crome Yellow what was in store for me and would I like it It was not a fast read for me for several reasons; A I was looking several things up mind you not a lot but I love doing that because I always learn something new; and B I was still drained from the virus I had which made me fall asleep at the drop of a hat I always think of Gary Cooper's daughter talking about her father being able to do that on the movie set when they had a break I like to go on tangents 😄 Does that mean I did not enjoy this wonderful uirky book? No I actually enjoyed it and when I thought of it on the whole it was uite a uirky gem Why do I call it uirky? I label it as such because if you are looking for a definite story you will not be thrilled but there is a story here It kind of reminds me of a gone wrong Elizabeth von Arnim's The Enchanted April In Arnim's novel several females come together and find common feelings and friendships whereas as in Huxley's story you have a get together of family and friends but there is kind of a disconnect After reading Mortal Coils and Crome Yellow I get of a sense what kind of writer he was and his vast ability to tap into the human being with all its pathos goodness evilness and yes self centeredness There are many degrees of this in humans which vary from person to person but there is always some amount of selfishness even when we are around people it is there It doesn't mean we care nothing for others but it is natural to a point and deviations can be uite unhealthy In these stories it is evident and some have of this extreme compared to other characters So Huxley's characters seem so real yet with the exaggeration of some In thinking about who he reminds me of it is Irene Nemirovsky because her characters seem to show there bare self at timesWhat I found extremely fascinating is that Crome Yellow was written before The Brave New World and one character Mr Scogan talks about a society of the future with regards to a society controlling order Huxley was thinking of this and giving us a preview in many passages I will highlight one but if you want to see check out my highlights on page 1 and 2 of my notesIn vast state incubators rows upon rows of gravid bottles will supply the world with the population it reuires The family system will disappear; society sapped at its very base will have to find new foundations; and Eros beautifully and irresponsibly free will flit like a gay butterfly from flower to flower through a sunlit worldCrome Yellow was written in 1921 but this passage I found very interesting post The Great War WW1 and years before the rise of HitlerThe spirit of Infidelity is the very spirit of German criticism The Higher Criticism as it is mockingly called denies the possibility of miracles prediction and real inspiration and attempts to account for the Bible as a natural development Slowly but surely during the last eighty years the spirit of Infidelity has been robbing the Germans of their Bible and their faith so that Germany is to day a nation of unbelievers Higher Criticism has thus made the war possible; for it would be absolutely impossible for any Christian nation to wage war as Germany is waging itOnto the story Denis is going to visit Crome on a holiday with friends and mostly to see Anne who he loves but she is only his friend Her uncle is uite antisocial and her aunt is looking for the last fads in the spiritual world Jenny who is pretty much deaf but opens Denis eyes in a kind of self awakening There are other uirky characters like Scogan who has his ideas how society should run Many interesting characters which make this holiday uite strange In thinking about the ending it seemed so real and actually perfect It was not conclusive but I can see how it would play out later There is humor here and philosophy on life as well It was a worthwhile read IMOA must read for Huxley fans 🌼💖

  10. Matthew Appleton Matthew Appleton says:

    6th book of 2020I read Brave New World a few years ago and have been meaning to read his earlier works his social satires which I heard are very different That they are Almost unrecognisable these are humorous well written as BNW is and mundane books By mundane I mean without any utopias or dystopias or drugsThere are however some eccentric characters all in a house together The property of Crome One thing I will warn there is a lot of dialogue in this And not always back and forth Huxley's characters go on rants here for several pages about art or philosophy or writing I didn't mind that with interests in those subjects but there are some rather dry bits There were some little poignant bits for me I really like this extract for some reason I hope you slept well he saidYes isn't it lovely? Jenny replied giving two rapid little nods But we had such awful thunderstorms last weekParallel straight lines Denis reflected meet only at infinity He might talk for ever of care charmer sleep and she of meteorology till the end of time Did on ever establish contact with anyone? We are all parallel straight lines Jenny was only a little parallel than mostI also greatly enjoyed the story within the story about a prior occupant of Crome who was a dwarf and has a rather tragic story

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Crome Yellow [KINDLE] ❄ Crome Yellow By Aldous Huxley – «Жовтий Кром» — перший прозовий твір класика англійської літератури ХХ століття Олдоса Леонарда Хакслі нап «Жовтий Кром» — перший прозовий твір класика англійської літератури ХХ століття Олдоса Леонарда Хакслі написаний ним у річному віці після кількох вдалих спроб на поетичній ниві Хоча критика вважає Хакслі першим у часі серед письменників так званого змарнованого покоління цей роман ще не надто просякнутий песимізмом викликаним розчаруванням у західній цивілізації Водночас ця книжка власне відкрила новий напрям у художній прозі названий інтелектуальним романом дискусієюУ романі що має виразний автобіографічний характер мало дії але читається він напрочуд легко – читач охоче підхоплює витончену й дотепну гру думку персонажів яка невимушено торкається низки вельми серйозних проблем історії філософії культури моральності Над усім у книжці панує істинно англійський гумор і тонка багатошарова іронія.

  • Paperback
  • 226 pages
  • Crome Yellow
  • Aldous Huxley
  • Ukrainian
  • 24 June 2015

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Aldous Leonard Huxley was an English writer and one of the most prominent members of the famous Huxley family He spent the latter part of his life in the United States living in Los Angeles from until his death in Best known for his novels and wide ranging output of essays he also published short stories poetry travel writing and film stories and scripts Through his novels and es.