The Cool Factor PDF/EPUB ë The Cool PDF/EPUB ²

The Cool Factor PDF/EPUB ë The Cool PDF/EPUB ²

10 thoughts on “The Cool Factor

  1. Tracy Tracy says:

    This book just confirms something that I've always known I am NOT cool I do not dress cool and I do not have effortless style Oh well Those who do need people like me to make them look even better than they already do And I'm pretty sure that I am not going to wear black crew socks with high heels even if someone tries to tell me that it is cool

  2. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Lots of denim jumpsuits neutrals and the same old basics white shirt trench coat livened up somewhat by interviews with the author's cool Brooklyn friends The cool friends tend to say that they don't care about labels AT ALL no they are not those people but then will rattle off the names of their favorite niche designers or identify their favorite items of clothing by label Like the people in Architectural Digest who say oh we are unpretentious folks who just like to play with the kids and dogs and eat take out Chinese and then their living room is all white This book is thin on contentideasdiversity It is interesting to think of distilling an intangible NY cool down to a set of practices but I don't think this book uite succeeds

  3. Hope Hope says:

    I would have given this three stars if I hadn't travelled to Portugal and seen the genuine effortless style of European women It made the tips on classiness of this book seem silly and contrived

  4. Gina Gina says:

    122017 I grabbed this book at the library because 1 a friend mentioned it and 2 I liked The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style How to Wear Iconic Looks and Make Them Your Own and I Want to be Her Houston we have a problem The first chapter is title Why Denim Means Everything to Me If I wrote a style book my chapter would be title Why Denim Means Nothing to Me I do not own a pair of jeans and I do not see their value

  5. Jen Jen says:

    Jen I couldn't finish this book I'm okay with saying I'm not cool enough but I don't think that is the only issue The whole first chapter is dedicated to blue jeans including The Canadian Suit which is blue jeans paired with a blue jean shirt This book felt like a big time warp to the Eighties I flipped back to the publishing date just to verify it really was a new book Not my style

  6. Grace Grace says:

    I agree with the reviewer who said that this book was like a car wreck that she couldn't look away from It's too bad because this book has some useful tips about how to wear basics in interesting ways I haven't tried beforeThe premise is interesting The author invited women she considered to have cool style to bring their own clothes in for a 4 day photoshoot 33 women the author were photographed for the book I had to check the publication date 2016 because I couldn't believe it was published the same year as #oscarssowhite Should I call it #fashionsowhite 3134 of the subjects were white including white latinas 2 were black and one was Asian It was especially jarring because Linett wrote that she strived for diversity Yes some of the women were older and larger than size 8 But how can her sample be so white I see a lot of cool Asian women on the west coast Is it that different in NY Seeing how Michelle uan the impossibly gorgeous tall and thin model that was the face of Geoffrey Beene dresses was not especially helpful featured women like clothes and tend to buy some pricey designer clothes They do add vintage and cheap chic things like t shirts from Walmart I found that incredibly tone deaf because the clothes that are supposed to be relatable and real are from businesses that produce their clothes in irresponsible and dangerous factories There are better producers of affordable clothes Maybe cool women don't care about the safety and well being of the women who produced their clothesThe shoes are mostly not for walking Stilettos reuire taxis which are another tone deaf note while cars are emitting so much of the CO2 causing global warmingThis is a really bad book with nice photographs

  7. Autumn Autumn says:

    Andrea Lee Linett has been telling me what is cool since I was 12 and honestly she's right This book is kind of like an updated Cheap and Chic in that she recommends regulation French military shirts and consults with actual cool women on what they like to wear I appreciate her candor in appraising details too small front pockets on a denim jacket make it look 'cheap and junior's department' TRUESassy magazine readers will nod sagely to see her career long biases come thru clogs vests yet again but not in a 'you are tacky' kind of way

  8. Anne White Anne White says:

    Read it and confirmed that I'll never be one of the cool kids But that's okay

  9. Terri Durling Terri Durling says:

    Most of these style books are the same but I can't seem to resist them so here I go again This was one of the best and I thoroughly enjoyed the approach taken by Andrea Linett in writing this guide to achieving effortless style with secrets from women who have it It had great photos and suggestions and all the women were fairly mature which in itself was positive They all had great stye and showed it modelling their very own outfits and how they get their individual looks Some I liked than others but they all had a look that was uniuely their own and they all owned their looks with the confidence of women who know what works for them A great addition to my style fashion library

  10. JDAZDesigns JDAZDesigns says:

    I continue to check out books like this for the same reason one can't help but look at the aftermath of an accident on the expressway There are as many authors who write about 'creating your personal style' as there are cars driving around LAAnd there are as many suckers who buy themAll hoping to find as Andrea Linett touts on the cover the secret to insert adjective of your choice hereOne can learn style through trial and error and living and breathing and being but one cannot be taught styleOne star for contentTwo stars for presentation I have always liked a glossy magazine

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The Cool Factor ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☃ The Cool Factor Author Andrea Linett – Trendsetter Andrea Linett has that rare ability to distill fashion talk into advice that everyone can follow and in this book she shares the style wisdom she’s gathered over years of working in the Trendsetter Andrea Linett has that rare ability to distill fashion talk into advice that everyone can follow and in this book she shares the style wisdom she’s gathered over years of working in the fashion industry Here is only the content that matters—wardrobe classics leather denim suits dressing in black and white dressing up getting the The Cool PDF/EPUB ² right fit layering accessories and hair Linett’s fashion philosophy is illustrated through precise tips and photos of women who do it right and from them we learn how to develop personal style Did you think a “Canadian tuxedo” denim on denim was an absolute faux pas Not if you pair the right shades of denim and dress it up with some serious heels Were you under the impression that your hair should get shorter with age That rule no longer exists Do you want to know how to wear black and white pieces together without looking like a cater waiter The black and white chapter is filled with some ingenious examples Finally Linett rounds out the book with checklists including must haves for a hardworking wardrobe how to breathe new life into old pieces how to make a trend your own and how to make sure everything you buy actually fits.

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  • 21 November 2014
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