The Progeny Epub å Hardcover

The Progeny Epub å Hardcover

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  1. Eve (Between The Bookends) Eve (Between The Bookends) says:

    NOOOOOO this book ends on one HELL of a cliffhanger I want to cry because I don't think the next book in the series is out until next yearThis book was SO frigging good Descendants of Elizabeth Bathory the Blood ueen being hunted by descendants of her supposed victims Secret societies paranormal elements and twist and turns galore We are thrown into the action from the get go and it just never lets up Who to believe who to trust This book read like a Dan Brown novel Beautifully written fast paced and with wonderful characters that I REALLY can't wait to read aboutI REALLY REALLY REALLY need book two NOW

  2. Maria V. Snyder Maria V. Snyder says:

    I received this as an ARC from Tosca Lee she asked me to read it and perhaps give her a blurb for the book by early Feb I was super busy but the premise sounded really cool so I made time for the book and was glad I did There's lots going on in this book and there's lots of explanations in the beginning chapters so a reader really needs to pay attention I think those who enjoy re reading will pick up on the second time throughOnce the action starts it doesn't stop and the characters are very engaging and at times I wasn't sure who to trust view spoilerMy favorite character by far was Luka I liked him better than the main protagonist and trusted him from the begining The ending is a major bombshell which explained so much and a cliffhanger regarding Luka which I wasn't happy about since I really liked him hide spoiler

  3. Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ says:

    Emily has voluntarily had her memory erased She's paid the people who erased her memory relocate her and give her a new identity When we meet her the person sent to help her acclimate is leavingHelper asks Emily to give her a ride into town but before they go she gives Emily a letter written by her pre memory erased self She can read it when she returnsWhile in town Emily who lives in the middle of nowhere decides to hit the store where she meets a man who watches her and behaves strangelyShe goes home to her letter and her past self tells her to keep her face off the web Her life may depend on it End previewSIGN ME UP

  4. Celeste Celeste says:

    Full review now postedOriginal review can be found at BooknestIt got better When I first picked up this book I was pretty excited Tosca Lee cowrote an amazing trilogy with Ted Dekker one of my favorite authors of all time called The Books of Mortals the first book is Forbidden It was Christian speculative fiction at its finest I’ve read Havah The Story of Eve by Tosca Lee which was a reimagining of the life of Eve but that’s the only book I’ve read written by her alone When I saw the writeup for this book a tale about the descendants of one of the world’s most infamous female serial killers Elizabeth Bathory I was very intrigued My initial issue with this was that I felt like it was falsely advertised It was a fun fast paced book but it didn’t seem to have any Christian connotations at all I read about the book in a Christian Fiction magazine thus the expectation But as I said it was fun and fast paced so I let the morality or lack thereof go Maybe it was just a marketing tactic I thought However my moral issues with the book were answered as I got closer to the end of the book and theology began to become a topic of conversation for our characters The morals and theology in this book never felt forced or improbable This was Christian fiction that I feel like non Christians could be completely comfortable reading It has a message but that message is never shoved down readers’ throatsThe plot itself was pretty engrossing I’ve always thought that Elizabeth Bathory also known as the Blood Countess was fascinating Getting a different possible side to her story was incredibly interesting And the whole concept of the Progeny offspring of the Countess with certain uniue gifts being hunted to extinction by a group whose sole purpose was to wipe her bloodline from the face of the earth was such a cool concept I totally understand the comparisons to The Da Vinci Code and Orphan Black The characters were where the book fell a bit flat for me Our main character has undergone a procedure to wipe her own memory Because of this she has no idea who she can trust The other characters who cross her path who I won’t name so as not to give anything away are a vibrant but fragile group Every single character was undoubtedly interesting theoretically But for some reason I struggled to connect with any of them They were all so cool but they didn’t feel real However this changed toward the end of the book especially for our two main characters But by the last fifty pages or so I cared for them and felt for them I just wish I could’ve developed that connection sooner Overall I really enjoyed this book I had a hard time connecting at first but that improved as the story progressed The plot was pretty fantastic Do be aware that this ended with a pretty hardcore cliffhanger so make sure you have book 2 Firstborn readily available if you decide to give this book a try

  5. Nikki "The Crazie Betty" V. Nikki "The Crazie Betty" V. says:

    I must admit that I’m a total sucker for anything that references Lady Bathory Her history is mired in myth and legend and we’ll never really know what happened Hence I hungrily devour anything that might provide either some insight or some new false horror that I find to be downright gruesome And because of that entertainingI wish I hadn’t really bothered with this one I can’t even muster up enough energy to go through all the things I had issue with in this book but the big one is basically that it didn’t make sense I don’t mean that there are huge plot holes or things don’t work well together but basically there was no reason for this book to be there The whole story starts out with the FMC having lost her memory willingly to escape or hide from something Reading about her trying to recover her memories and piece together the story all over again was actually fairly boring to me She’s obviously gone through all this trouble to erase her memory only to turn around and start the search over again I would’ve rather the story that happened BEFORE this book before she took her own memory than this one I really don’t know what else to say this book easily flitted from my mind as soon as I was done reading it All except for the ending which the only reason it stayed with me was because of the absurdity of it all I will not be continuing this series I definitely think there is an audience for this story but I’m definitely not itI would recommend this to those who enjoy fantasy and magical realism I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review

  6. Andrea Andrea says:

    Started off really wellthen started to lose interest maybe not my type of bookwon this book on first readsshe wipes her memory hidden secrets who can she trustI can see some people want to read it a historical and Di Vinci code combined

  7. Carrie Carrie says:

    Emily Jacobs is recovering from a procedure where she chose to have her memory wiped She remembers small details but can't remember her own name her family or most of her life before she woke She's had a caretaker for the last couple of weeks but now it's time for her to be on her own Before parting her caretaker leaves her a letter that Emily had written to herself telling her not to look into her past and that it would be dangerous Of course the past has a way of catching up to us even when not looking Emily soon finds that she is being hunted Learning that she is a descendant of a serial killer and what is known as a progeny she has certain powers This knowledge and being hunted sends Emily embarking on a journey to find out the truth of who she is and who she can trust The Progeny is a high speed action packed adventure across multiple countries as the main character tries to learn who she was and how to stop those that are after her and the other descendants There was never a dull moment in the story once the adventure takes off This is one of those reads that half the time I want to yell at the characters to do this or that and the other half I'm rooting them on as they go It drags you into the whole plot and wanting to know just what it iswas that would make someone go to the extremes of needing to forget who they were and what it is that the character knew she needed to hide from her hunters Definitely one that kept the pages turning as the action unfolded all throughout Overall great start to a new series with a bit of a cliffhanger ending to lead the reader into the next book I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews please visit

  8. Emilie Haney Emilie Haney says:

    The Progeny by Tosca Lee delivers uestion after unanswered uestion through shocking twists and turns with answers that dance just out of reach One girl is the center of mystery she just doesn't know it yet Emily Porter is the descendant of a serial killer She's smart intuitive and gifted and she would do anything to save the ones she loves I loved this book I meanI didn't expect anything less from Tosca because anything she writes is fabulous but I wasn't sure what I would find hiding in the pages of The Progeny Needless to say I wasn't disappointed From the start the reader is kept guessing as we're dropped into the mind of Emily I liked Tosca's use of first person present tense it's a popular POV right now and I think she did a great job with it Emily isn't whiny annoying or trivial like so many main characters can become I enjoy how fresh focused and smart she is I also loved the setting and infusion of history It's set in modern day just slightly in the future close enough to be realistic in my opinion but the flavor of the 1600s is present with a fun modern type flair I also personally love anything that has to do with history affecting present day in a mysterious slightly supernatural type way So much YESDo I recommend it? Absolutely I think fans of Tosca's other writing will love it despite the fact that it is different than anything else she's written thus far I also think YA readers will enjoy the fast paced plot historical fans will like the interwoven backstory and readers of thrillers and suspense will get their action kick to Oh did I mention there's romance too??? So I guess I'm saying that say pretty much any reader who likes a good book will enjoy The ProgenyI will caution you readers that there is a slight bit of language for some of you who aren't expecting it just know it's thereBut really you'll love this and the end will leave you satisfied but begging for book 2 Buckle up for this wild ride My Rating 45Originally posted on my blog I received a free copy of this book for review purposes but was under no obligation to read the book or post a review I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in this review are honest and entirely my own

  9. Scott Sigler Scott Sigler says:

    MEMENTO meets The Da Vinci Code The main character Audra is faced with an ever expanding puzzle box filled with centuries old conspiracies Danger abounds as does love While this book has several frustrating LOST ish elements ie why don't the characters just tell each other what they know instead of keeping some things secret for no apparent reason those moments are easy to gloss over in the context of the big picture Mysteries raves masuerades evil plots beautiful people doing ugly things murder mayhem assassins betrayals and alliances what's not to like?

  10. Steven Steven says:

    Tosca Lee's The Progeny started out with a bang Great hook really great build up decent characters very interesting premise Around 50 60% it took a weird turn to some partying which made me take a pause and struggle to push through I'm glad I did because soon the explosive pace returned and raced to the finish But then it ended I'm okay with cliffhangers and I know the author has mentioned this is going to be a duology but seriously It just ended It dropped a few bombshells and then ended with EVERYTHING up in the airI'll definitely read book two just to tie up the story and figure out where Lee is going with her story But I had to take off a star for the completely unresolved ending and a little extra for that brief period where the story veered off course and left me fighting to regain interestA little less than four stars rounded upThanks Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

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The Progeny ❮Download❯ ➻ The Progeny Author Tosca Lee – New York Times bestselling author Tosca Lee brings a modern twist to an ancient mystery surrounding Elizabeth Bathory the most notorious female serial killer of all timeEmily Jacobs is the descendant New York Times bestselling author Tosca Lee brings a modern twist to an ancient mystery surrounding Elizabeth Bathory the most notorious female serial killer of all timeEmily Jacobs is the descendant of a serial killer Now she’s become the hunted She’s on a uest that will take her to the secret underground of Europe and the inner circles of three ancient orders—one determined to kill her one devoted to keeping her alive and one she must ultimately save Filled with adrenaline romance and reversals The Progeny is the present day saga of a year old war between the uncanny descendants of “Blood Countess” Elizabeth Bathory the most prolific female serial killer of all time and a secret society dedicated to erasing every one of her descendants It is a story about the search for self filled with centuries old intrigues against the backdrop of atrocity and hope.

  • Hardcover
  • 322 pages
  • The Progeny
  • Tosca Lee
  • English
  • 12 January 2015
  • 9781476798691

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Superior storytelling Publishers WeeklyOne of the most gifted novelists writing today Steven James bestselling author Tosca Lee is the award winning New York Times IndieBound and bestselling author of eleven novels including THE LINE BETWEEN A SINGLE LIGHT THE PROGENY THE LEGEND OF SHEBA ISCARIOT and the Books of Mortals series with New York Times bestseller Ted Dekker Her w.