The Stash Plan Epub ¹ The Stash ePUB ↠

The Stash Plan Epub ¹ The Stash ePUB ↠

The Stash Plan ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The Stash Plan Author Laura Prepon – From Laura Prepon star of Orange Is the New Black and integrative nutritionist Elizabeth Troy comes an exciting 21 day plan combining the latest in food science with ancient dietary wisdom to shed stu From Laura Prepon star of Orange Is the New Black and integrative nutritionist Elizabeth Troy comes an exciting day plan combining the latest in food science with ancient dietary wisdom to shed stubborn weight for good and achieve overall wellnessDespite her glowing on screen presence as the star of That 's Show and Orange Is the New Black Laura Prepon has always struggled with weight issues digestive issues bloating and The Stash ePUB ↠ low energy After years of starving herself with crazy diets and punishing herself with tortuous workouts Prepon met integrative nutritionist Elizabeth Troy who combines Eastern holistic medicine and food science in her practice Troy unstuck Prepon's malfunctioning organs and metabolism through targeted eating and stretching that finally allowed her to lose those stubborn pounds and thriveWanting to share this life changing success Prepon joined with Troy to create The Stash Plan a day plan and lifestyle guide that combines modern nutritional science with Chinese Meridian Theory CMT to detoxify the body and burn fat In The Stash Plan you'll learn what to cook and how to create a combinable stash of meals proteins carbs and vegetables and nutritional bone broths to eat throughout the week With twice weekly cooking sessions as the basis of the plan Prepon and Troy will show you how to make healthy budget friendly meals that are easy and ideal for a busy on the go lifestyle The Stash Plan gives you the key to heal yourself from the inside out and start living the life you've always wanted.

10 thoughts on “The Stash Plan

  1. Heather Heather says:

    I have mixed feelings about this book There's a ton of health information at the beginning which was a little surprising to me as I thought this was mostly going to be a book of recipes I could stash I'm always looking for new ideas to make my meals on the weekend and then very little work to do during the week The recipes don't actually start until about 150 pages inThe recipes I did try the chicken broth and the almond bread were both fabulous I took the chicken off the bone as recommended for the chicken salad recipe while cooking the broth and it was delicious alsoThat being said I will probably try making some of the other broths but none of the other recipes really sounded like anything I would like to eat on a regular basis and some of the recipes are a bit annoying as it is unclear how large your cooking vessel should be how much a recipe is really going to make etcOverall I'm glad I tried the recipes but I'm also glad I checked this book out from the library and didn't purchase it

  2. Alli Alli says:

    IT'S MEAL PLANNING AND YOGA PEOPLEThey spend 200 pages jizzing themselves over how awesome they are for coming up with such a revolutionary idea Maybe if you've completely cut yourself off from the health and wellness media world for the past three years this would be revolutionary If not look elsewhere

  3. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Oh dear oh dear the clean eating bandwagon is getting even worse My bullshit alarm was set off from the first page I randomly flipped to which was all about how stretching will help to magically heal your gall bladder these aren't typical stretches they unblock your i and untangle your fasciaThe recipes are fine but nothing I would be thrilled to cook a lot of turkey mince a whole chapter of broth recipes and of course avo toast I guess they are healthy in a pretty boring way so if you do manage to stick to the plan I guess you'll lose weight if that's your main concern But I'm not sure your i will be any less tangled

  4. Bree Bree says:

    Noteshalf of the book is nutritional science about the gallbladder and liverbroth is the new juice I totally agree but this book has no uses for it except infusing your rice with a little of it I guess you just drink it straight up I mean no soups or anythingrecommends raw milk raw butter raw eggs and organ meats but no recipes use themrecipes are super basic and repetitive beef patties in all sizes roasted veggies with oil and garlic and basic riceuinoanoodles Also pot roast poached fish roast chicken not really things you need a cookbook formaybe helpful for a beginner cookall recipes are to serve one person for several meals over the course of three daysstretches use opposition and resistance and feel really good I'll keep using those but the rest of the book is not that helpful unless you don't mind eating the same thing over and over and over

  5. Liz Liz says:

    Read up to page 75 It was informative and easy to read but I kept cringing when words like i were used Feels like a fad diet

  6. Tina Tina says:

    Yes as one reviewer said this book is about meal planning and yoga to a large extent HOWEVER even the most seasoned health nut will find new valuable information here At least that's been my experience with most health books even if not groundbreaking overall there is always at least one seed of helpful NEW information With this book in particular it was interesting to learn that not all forms of exercise are optimal for one's health goals and also to get a new take on familiar broth recipes Moreover I enjoyed the insights that support the much healthier dietary traditions of my Eastern European childhood and take me back to it Overall 4 stars from me great book

  7. Laura Laura says:

    I love Laura Prepon so I picked this up It's an interesting read though I'm not sure I'm completely behind the science basically the idea is that the liver and gallbladder are critical organs and most people eat in a way that is injurious to those organs But these are important organs and even if you aren't with the philosophy behind the plan the food is very healthy and a lot of the key points in the plan whole grains avoid GMOs eat organic are obviously healthyThe plan seems kind of rigid in the sense that you have two big cooking periods each week then eat from that 'stash' for three days They give a lot of sample weeks and you can mix and match the foods as you like but it still seems kind of limiting I don't like to cook like that and bringing your own food places isn't always practical The recipes were easy to follow but I don't think this is for meA few other books I read have talked about bone broth; this book goes into that in depth and sheds some light on that trend This is an interesting book and if you like to read different types of nutritional theories this is worth checking out

  8. Andrea Armstrong Andrea Armstrong says:

    I'm on day 1 of the Stash Plan and so far I really love the philosophy behind this Making stashes of food make it easy and convenient for the subseuent days The ingredients are clean and whole It is very meat heavy and I am transitioning into incorporating grass fed organic meat into my diet after years of pescatarian eating This book says it is easily adjustable for vegetarians but the majority of meal plans are meat heavy and it doesn't suggest alternatives It also doesn't tell you how to continue this eating after the 21 days although I'm confident that I'll figure that out using the 21 days as a template The science in the book is informative and I love that it focuses on healing the gall bladder and liver

  9. Mollie Mollie says:

    I'm not sure about all the claims about live and gallbladder and stretching and I certainly don't buy into all GMOs are bad and one should ONLY buy organic however the recipes look solid easy and delicious the meal plan doesn't look like one would go hungry and with a little adaptation batch cooking should only need to happen I've a week instead of twice the food ideas and menu plan is what I am looking for to compliment my eating hopefully it tastes as good as it looks

  10. Deanna Deanna says:

    Points for giving me some new information and clever ideas My health shelf on goodreads has 93 titles and that's not counting all the ones I've touched and skimmed too many Thanks for the book recommendation Michelle

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