Hardcover ↠ The Who Epub å

Hardcover ↠ The Who Epub å

The Who [KINDLE] ❄ The Who ❧ Ben Marshall – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk The only official history of The Who—created with the full cooperation of Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey and spectacularly illustrated with rare photographs and memorabilia—published in conjunct The only official history of The Who—created with the full cooperation of Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey and spectacularly illustrated with rare photographs and memorabilia—published in conjunction with the fiftieth anniversary of the release of the band's first album My Generation and their celebratory world tourThree legendary bands are revered as the holy trinity of modern rock and roll The Beatles The Rolling Stones The Who This landmark publication is the first official history of The Who featuring exclusive access to never before published images and memorabilia from the band's own archive and from other sources including collectors and fansBlending memoir history and music The Who explores the influences that shaped the band and its members from Britain’s post war austerity to Elvis Lonnie Donegan and American youth counter culture It follows them through the Mod and Pop years and the furiously fast sixties and charts the hit singles—My Generation I’m a Boy The Kids Are Alright and Pinball Wizard It revels in memories of making it big in America and inspiring Jimi Hendrix to set his guitar on fire and much It records the band’s highs—their groundbreaking artistic achievements of Tommy and uadrophenia—and the devastating lows—the loss of Keith Moon and John Entwistle The Who documents the extraordinary story of how a tax inspector sheet metal worker art school stoner and maverick drummer—John Entwistle Roger Daltrey Pete Townshend and Keith Moon—became one of the most famous and enduring musical acts of modern times and transformed the world creating the sound of a generationThe Who includes approximately color and black and white photos band and fan memorabilia and archive material; Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey are writing the captions providing an extra layer to the book; and there is a special pullout feature spreads providing vivid background social history and context.

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • The Who
  • Ben Marshall
  • 03 October 2014
  • 9780062396365

10 thoughts on “The Who

  1. M.L.D. M.L.D. says:

    For an official history this is woefully incomplete Maybe that's the point of an official history; sanitize the unsavory bits that the surviving band members would prefer to forget However Pete's ego comes through loud and clear And while the objective of placing the band firmly in their time period by having essays about WWII the Teds the Mods etc sprinkled throughout the book is a noble one it doesn't work Anyway Anyhow Anywhere The Complete Chronicle of the Who is a better volumeThere are a lot of great pictures though Fantastic pictorial history

  2. James Gent James Gent says:

    Can't recommend this enough

  3. Blaine Blaine says:

    A stylish collection of photographs odds sods but for a comprehensive band history I'd go with The Who Maximum RB by Richard Barnes or Before I Get Old The Story of the Who by Dave Marsh

  4. Essex_Dog Essex_Dog says:

    Great photo archive than history itself

  5. Olli-Pekka Olli-Pekka says:

    Olen usein ihmetellyt the Whon asemaa kolmen suurimman rock yhtyeen joukossa the Beatlesin ja Rolling Stonesin rinnalla The Who julkaisi urallaan verrattavan vähän musiikkia ja listojen kärkeen orkesterilla ei juuri ollut asiaa Puhumattakaan siitä että Suomessa yhtye on ihmeen tuntematon Kirja toi esille bändin tarinan lisäksi paljon ajankuvaa sekä Britannian nuorisokulttuuria kuusikymmentäluvulta Samalla selvisi kuinka yhtye toi julki nuorten tunteita turhautumista ja puhutteli etenkin aikuistuvia miehiä Muut aikalaiset tekivät kivoja lauluja yleisölleen mutta the Who puhui yleisönsä kieltä Yhtye toimi edelläkävijänä kovaäänisyydessä konseptialbumeissa soitinten rikkomisessa elektronisessa musiikissa keppostelemisessa Kuin ohimennen yhtye tuli luoneeksi useita rock ´n rollin tavaramerkeistä Paikka kolmen suuren joukossa on kiistatonLuin kirjan rinnakkain Pete Townshendin omaelämänkerran kanssa ja aika paljon the Who Virallinen tarina on lainannut materiaalia kirjasta Siitäkin huolimatta kyseessä on itsenäinen teos Oikestaan tällaisia bändikirjoja lukee mieluummin näin komeasti kuvitettuna mukavasti taitettuna ja tiukkaan tiivistettynä kuin perinteisen kirjan muodossa

  6. Edward Jennings Edward Jennings says:

    Great documented history with many pictures I have never seen before

  7. Susan Susan says:

    A bit disappointed in this coffee table book It just skimmed the surface of The Who I guess all I can do is hope that Roger Daltry writes a book

  8. David Czuba David Czuba says:

    With a band as contentious as The Who getting Ben Marshall to guide us with the straight dope seems a stretch It has literally taken 50 years for the band to come to terms with their explosive selves Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey being the iconic remaining members leaves us with of Townshend's side of the story than Daltrey Even though both appear as authors on the cover we only ever see Townshend's asides in the photo captions With the November 2018 release of Daltrey's autobiography now we have a second viewpoint to contest Townshend's version of things This is important given the band disagreed and fought a lot over big ambitions procrastination and showing up sober to concerts This book makes no attempt at unbiased fairness through its photographs and monographs for various stages of the band's journey but needs reading other sources non Townshend sources for clarity Another reason I mention this is the ending of this book Pete snarks at further embellishment of The Who's mythology as though anyone else's telling would be yet obfuscation Daltrey gave artistic control to Pete from the start and Pete's penchant for story took over until decades later when Daltrey again stood with a guitar on stage and had input on songs Their tug of war which also played out among the now deceased members drummer Keith Moon and bassist John Entwhistle can be felt in this book I'm chuffed to see toward the last chapter Marshall's inclusion of the event that could have decoupled those two from The Who when Jeff Beck used them to record Beck's Bolero inadvertently creating the conditions for the founding of Led Zeppelin This story in its various flavors has been retold so often one can believe in an unadorned myth Again the good that Marshall brings is cultural background to inform the band's growth even if he leans too heavily on superlatives to describe their 'firsts' But then every fan does that

  9. Derek Derek says:

    The book is promoted as the definitive account by the band's two surviving members Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey Well illustrated though it may be in fact it's pretty thin on fresh uotes and fresh insight For The Who's cultural impact I recommend Dave Marsh's Before I Get Old For the most detailed accounting of facts and history Richard Barnes' Maximum RB is superior

  10. Scott Lehman Scott Lehman says:

    Not enough detail about the albums

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