Audio CD ã Almost Interesting PDF å

Audio CD ã Almost Interesting PDF å

Almost Interesting [EPUB] ✰ Almost Interesting ✶ David Spade – A hilarious and biting memoir from the actor comedian and Saturday Night Live alumniDavid Spade is best known for his harsh Hollywood Minute Sketches on SNL his starring roles in movies like Tommy A hilarious and biting memoir from the actor comedian and Saturday Night Live alumniDavid Spade is best known for his harsh Hollywood Minute Sketches on SNL his starring roles in movies like Tommy Boy and Joe Dirt and his seven year stint as Dennis Finch on the series Just Shoot Me Now with a wit as dry as the weather in his home state of Arizona the comic brat extraordinaire delivers a memoirSpade takes fans back to his childhood as a wannabe cool younger brother and recounts his excruciating road tour to fame—when he was regularly mistaken for a fourteen year old He dishes about his time on SNL during the beloved RockSandlerFarley era of the s and brags about the ridiculous perks that fame has brought into his life including a crazy assistant who attacked him while he was sleeping being threatened on the street in Beverley Hills by Eddie Murphy and being one of the shortest guys at the Playboy mansion the views weren’t badSometimes dirty sometimes just plain silly David Spade reminds us what made him one of our favorite funny people.

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  1. Kelly (and the Book Boar) Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

    Find all of my reviews at StarsWarning to all – this is probably going to be long and rambly and fangirly and a waste of your time Let me begin by saying I have had a lifelong love affair with Saturday Night Live I was lucky to be raised in a good ol’ Catholic family where the motto is “don’t stop have babies until God decides” That meant the age difference between me and my aunt and youngest uncle created of a sibling relationship Some of my earliest memories were sleepovers at my Grandparents’ house Once Grandma and Grandpa hit the hay I was allowed to stay up watching the Not Ready for Prime Time Players and stuff my face with the heavenly pies subs and Italian beef sammiches churned out by the local Pizza HouseThe success of SNL ebbed and flowed during the 80s but by the time I was old enough to actually start getting the jokes it was in a groove with cast members such as Dana Carvey Mike Myers Phil Hartman Dennis Miller Jon Lovitz Jan Hooks Nora Dunn Kevin Nealon Al Franken etc As those actors began filtering out and into feature films as the cycle of SNL fame tends to do rumors once again started circulating that the show was doomed for failure – and for one season things looked particularly bleak Those naysayers didn’t know what was about to hit them though and specifically Almost Interesting is the SNL story that I have been looking for FOREVER While Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch’s books were all enjoyable I wanted the inside scoop about SNL and now that I’ve read Spade’s book I’m fairly certain I needed the story surrounding this particular cast Every detail my stalkery curious little mind was interested in was covered – from scheduling to working hours reuired to get this show to air to payscale We’re talking EVERYTHANG But the best part had to be the stories behind the invention of unforgettable sketches many featuring Farley being “amazing” as the girls from LaLa Land would say and Spade breaking the fourth wall by laughing his ass off Spade also didn’t shy away from talking about one of the most controversial moments in SNL history or about the “Hollywood Minute” that created a feud between Eddie Murphy and SNL as a whole I was happy to see so much of this book serve as sort of a tribute to the legacy of who Spade nicknamed “Wisconsin Dundee” The dynamic of their relationship was discussed in detail and stories surrounding some of Farley’s most memorable moments on film were provided Critics might say this is Spade’s attempt to stay in the spotlight of his fallen friend but to me it was of a beautiful tribute to someone who was taken much too soon and cannot share these stories himself As Spade himself says speaking of a kinship he has with Dave Grohl “Both of the guys we were very close to got very famous uickly and then died and we stuck around to field uestions about them for the rest of our lives It is an honor but not an easy one sometimes” And then rain fell out of my face and I got super angry about it happeningThat’s not to say this book was only about SNL because it wasn’t Almost Interesting was Spade’s life story from humble beginnings with a deadbeat dad an overworked mom and his two brothers to uite possibly the funniest losing of the V Card story I will ever read “She was wearing panties Back in those days this meant those serious mega drawers Like five inches of fabric on each side and about twenty in the dumper And speaking of mega” Yep That happened And when he finally hit paydirt???? “Kaboom Feel the rain on your skin song from The Hills” I laughed so hard I had to change my supersized underdrawersBottom line is if you’re a Spade fan or a Farley fan or an early 90s SNL fan or someone who has spent so much time hanging out with Spade and Rock and Sandler and Schneider that you feel like they should send you a Christmas card this might be the book for you Please note back in the 90s we weren’t politically correct and also that the author has made a habit of banging Playboy Playmates Don’t come crying to me when Spade’s phrasing hurts your feelingsI know for a fact it isn’t really “5 Star” type of book so I’m giving it 45 while rounding up – Thanks Goodreads for your whole star rating system wink There were a couple of chapters that seemed to be there for nothing but to bump the page count and there were LOTS of typographicalgrammatical errors and if I can spot them? They are GLARING Those things did little to reduce my enjoyment though and I read this in one sitting My friend Deanna picked up the audio version I don’t do audiobooks and I love Spade so much I heard his voice the entire time and even managed to get his pacing down but if you aren’t psycho like me the paper version might not go over uite as wellAnd in case you're wondering this book made me want to have sex with him even ORIGINAL REVIEWSPADE WROTE A BOOK Add this to the list of Celebrities Kelly Might Actually One Day Have Sex With Because No One Else Is Probably Interested In Them category

  2. Deanna Deanna says:

    I didn't know that David Spade had written a book until I came across my friend Kelly's review which you can read HERE She read the book and her review convinced me I needed to read it as wellI thought I would try the audio since I really do love his voice This is my fourth or fifth audio book now I still love to read my books but I'm finding it handy to have a few of these on hand for when I can't sleep and don't want to read in the dark to listen to while housecleaning or for in the car However listening to David Spade did not help with the not sleeping But it DID distract me from caring about the fact that I wasn't able to sleep I really enjoyed this audio book I would probably have enjoyed it just as much if I'd read the book too David Spade is one funny guy Yep he swears a blue streak and tells a whole lot of dirty stories but I loved learning about his early years and his days on SNL with Chris Farley and the rest of the comedians I love so much Some things I learned about David that I wouldn't have guessedHe's into coins collecting chess and guns courtesy of his step fatherHe can speak German he took it in High School step father convinced him He even made it to state finals playing chess but unfortunately got German measles which he says almost killed him Read 47 books in one year most in his classHe was a Spelling bee champ winning word was Apparatus Should I be embarrassed to say that I had to double check the spelling on that word? He was almost cast as Uncle Joey on Full House I think I would have LOVED that When I first heard him say it though I thought he said Uncle Jesse and I'm not sure how I would have felt about that His older brother Brian had a whole lot of reptiles Seriously 5 rattle snakes a boa constrictor and a python I give so much credit to mothers of boys There were so many times while listening that I was laughing out loud for real There is a chapter where he gives dating advice He REALLY advises against tickling a girl if she has diarrhea I'm sorry but potty humor gets me almost every timeHis description of the fancy crayola crayon box that one of the rich kids hadit had a balcony clear color like coloring with a booger he says AND a sharpener in the backOh and there's a whole lot In my opinion Almost Interesting is in fact pretty darn interesting ;

  3. Fabian Fabian says:

    Finally the tell all we've always wanted Leave it to Mr Spade to give us one of the best comedic autobiographies out there I take back what I said about Norm a month or so ago THIS is the best bio from an SNL alumn Unapologetic he recounts his greatest accolades with a mixture of confidence and shame He is the first artist to come out and say it his pals may be talented so jealousy is understandable a true human emotion He dishes it out so read it Eddie Murphy fight assistant attack Farley anecdotes to our heart's content

  4. Kelly (and the Book Boar) Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

    Find all of my reviews at I already wrote pictured up a review for the print version of this some time back but when faced with potential solo couple hour long road trips I decided it was high time to give the audio a checkout and then immediately started listening to it because I need instant gratification at every single moment in my life Bonus was that I listened to it with the oldest literally a legal adult so don’t me about what a bad mother I am – I’m a bad mother for a whooooooooole bunch of other things worse than letting him listen to an audiobook with cuss words I stand by my assessment that this is one of the best of the bunch if you are a superfan of SNL and want to know the inside scoop Despite the fact that Spade is not only absolutely adorable and someone I want to be besties with since he always makes me laugh He was smart when it came to this release and kept the content at what the majority people want to know his timethe inner workings on SNL and his friendship with Farley His other successes Are little than mere mentions He doesn’t really talk about Just Shoot Me and doesn’t mention Rules of Engagement at all which makes me wonder if there’s a story there And now I know why Because he’s savvy enough to know no one’s going to buy the cow if you give all the milk away for free and saved some stuff up for this Yes please Momma need datObviously my 5 Star rating still stands I’d give him 10 if I could and I’m so glad Lights Out with David Spade exists to satisfy my pop culture nerd and trashy reality television story cravings

  5. Barbara Barbara says:

    35 stars David SpadeI know David Spade best from his stint on Saturday Night Live SNL in the 1990s He's also a stand up comedian actor and writer In this memoir Spade provides a glimpse of his childhood and the long road to success which though not easy was fueled by support from family and friendsI listened to the audiobook version of this memoir narrated by the author with appropriate sound effects that add to the funSpade was born in Michigan but his family moved to Scottsdale Arizona when he was very youngYoung David SpadeSpade's father left soon afterwards leaving his mother to raise her three boys Bryan Andy and David alonewithout a cent of alimony or child support David grew up as a mama's boy but enjoyed the rare visits from his dad who was a fun guy with an outsize personality Young David Spade with his mother and brothersWhen David was nine his mother married again her new husband being a uiet doctor who was 'strange but nice' David's stepdad gave him a shotgun on his tenth birthday and the Spade boys regularly carried guns as they played in the deserts of ArizonaDavid was a smart youngster He made it to the chess state finals was the reading champion in sixth grade 47 books and won the school spelling bee Unfortunately David wiped out in the first round at state on the word apparatus I guess you remember that kind of thing 😊Spade's stepfather was a troubled man with PTSD and he committed suicide when David was a teen another sad event in the youth's lifeSpade's nice looking brother Andy was well liked in high school and David shamelessly rode Andy's coattailsAndy SpadeThus David nicknamed Mini Spade was a popular student though this didn't translate to sex with girls FYI Sex is one of Spade's favorite topics and in the course of the book David relates anecdotes about his endless uest to get laid; losing his virginity; his first accidental hooker; inadvertently using his 'fame' to attract girls; and so on For details you'll have to read the book LOLIn high school David was intent on being a cool funny guy and his grades slipped One class though was a blessing From sopho through senior year David took 'Motivational Speaking' a course that let him show off his comedy skills and led to sketches in the high school 'Extravaganza' showDavid Spade in high schoolBy the time Spade was in college he was doing the rounds of local comedy clubs and won the comedy contest at Arizona State University Thus David was on a 'slow rise to medium fame' and after graduation moved to Los Angeles to do spots in improv clubs He also worked the New York comedy scene traveling back and forth from coast to coast During these lean years Spade was constantly broke often borrowed money from friends and slept on people's couchesDavid Spade doing stand up early in his careerIn 1989 Spade got a spot on HBO's 'Young Comedians Special' a huge deal that led to a job as a writerperformer on Saturday Night Live SNL where he worked from 1990 to 1996 David also got to do the 'Johnny Carson Show' one time shortly before the famous host retiredDavid Spade became a regular on Saturday Night Live David talks A LOT about his years on SNL the friendlyish rivalry; how hard it was to get sketches accepted for the show; attempts to write skits featuring himself so he'd get to perform; some memorable guest hosts Alec Baldwin Roseanne Barr Patrick Swayze; Tom Hanks; Andrew Dice Clay Candace Bergen and others; his best friends in the cast Chris Farley and Chris Rock; and much This is easily the most interesting and funniest part of the bookDavid Spade left with Chris Rock middle and Chris Farley rightSpade describes some memorable SNL sketches like the one that made Chris Farley famous In the skit Farley and Patrick Swayze are both auditioning for an available spot with the Chippendale dancers male strippers Swayze is ripped and a professional dancer and Farley is chubby and out of shape but the judges are dead serious closely watching them both It's hilarious and available on YouTube if you want to seePatrick Swayze left and Chris Farley 'auditioning' to be Chippendale dancers in SNL skitIn a memorable skit Spade developed for himself he's a haughty receptionist for Dick Clark and gives visitors a VERY hard time For instance when Roseanne Barr walks in Spade acts like he doesn't know who she is though 'Roseanne' is the #1 comedy show in the nation Spade even tells Clark's biological mother and Jesus to 'take a seat' It's very funnySNL skit with Roseanne Barr and David SpadeIn Spade's best known role he's the regular host of Weekend Update's 'Hollywood Minute' where he disses celebritiesDavid Spade doing the Hollywood Minute on SNLFor instance Michael Bolton hey your hair's really long in the back but we all know what's happening on top It's called Rogainelook into it Egged on by castmates Spade riffed on anybody and everybodywhich led to the Eddie Murphy fiascoEddie had been in two flop movies in a row 'Harlem Nights' and 'Vampire in Brooklyn So on the 'Hollywood Minute' with Eddie's photo in the background Spade said Look kids a falling starmake a wish Murphy was FURIOUS He reamed Spade out and didn't return to SNL for than 20 years when he made a brief appearance on the 40 year anniversary specialEddie Murphy fiasco on SNLDuring his SNL years Spade also started to make movies and regularly contributed ideas for the scripts and scenes 'Tommy Boy' was probably David's most successful film but he's also proud of his work in 'Joe Dirt' 'The Emperor's New Groove' and others David went on to do TV sitcoms an HBO special etc and crafted a very successful career Spade comes across as a uirky good natured guy who doesn't have a bad word to say about anyone He doesn't dish any dirt or name any names Even when David got beaten to a pulp by his personal assistant who was disappointed about not getting a role in 'Joe Dirt' or robbed by his cleaning ladies who stole thousands of dollars in cashSpade didn't press chargesSpade's a great story teller and his anecdotes are amusing and if you're a SNL fan very informative about how the show works I'd highly recommend the book to readers who enjoy celebrity memoirs You can follow my reviews at

  6. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    I actually have no idea why I picked this up because I'm not particularly a David Spade fan However I AM a huge fan of autobiographies of comedians so I guess that's why I decided to try this one I was really really pleasantly surprised First of all David Spade narrates this brilliantly It feels like he is simply talking off the cuff and it was addictive to listen to Secondly David Spade himself sets the expectations really low which is perfect because I got waaaaay than I was anticipating With some other autobiographies I was really disappointed Yes Please Yes My Accent Is Real and Some Other Things I Haven't Told You but with this one I was expecting crap and I got something really funny I remember David Spade mostly from SNL and Tommy Boy but not from much else I'm not really a prime time TV watcher so I vaguely remember he was on some shows It doesn't really matter if you remember him from SNL or some other venue or if you aren't really familiar with him at all You don't need to know his body of work to appreciate this biography Warning David Spade's humor isn't for everyone He is sort of a grossentertaining mix of chauvinismwomanizer surferskateboarding dude and a total nerd He is snarky However I checked my easily offended hat at the door and I really enjoyed this story for what it was This book was super easy listening and it didn't try to be than it was I learned a lot about David Spade and most importantly I had a really good time listening

  7. Kevin Kevin says:

    So as I was first listening to the initial chapters while going on a walk for lunch people kept looking at me with weird looks on their faces as I laughingly with tears walked around the block This book starts off with some big laughs based on Spade's childhoodtruly hilarious He then describes the history of his standup career and getting on Saturday Night Live which was very interesting but not uite as funnySome fairly crass items were laced with great life lessons like Don't tickle a girl that has diarrhea and other important tidbits

  8. Jason Koivu Jason Koivu says:

    I'm a sucker for a comedian's autobiography I figure even if their life turns out to be uninteresting at least there's a good chance I'll get a laugh or two out of the book David Spade hasn't lived the most exciting life and he may not be the funniest dude in the world but that didn't stop him from making this a fairly enjoyable bookI read this on the tails of Tobias Wolff's excellent This Boy's Life and they're both similar in that each memoir contains estranged fathers and strange stepfather's But that's pretty much where the similarities end David Spade is funny imo but he's no writer He lacks Wolff's elouence but hey so do most people With that being said I listened to him read his own book and can tell you the man can perform He outshined Amy Schumer's disappointing autobio which I listened to a few months back It wasn't so much that the content was necessarily better rather it was the delivery He's able to sell his stories and enliven his bits with a punch of inflection and energy in just the right place That's important because otherwise his snarky attitude and slacker's voice could've sunk this book Almost Interesting breaks no new ground in the memoir genre It starts at the beginning however Spade is smart to uickly rush through his early years picking out only the most poignant episodes of his childhood Then he dwells on his formative adolescence for a bit longer But this is the thing that kills meAlmost immediately he starts in about chicks and getting laid While he is uite self aware and not a total creeper this becomes a recurring topic from the pages regarding childhood right up to the end of the book I'm not surprised by the above I happen to have first hand knowledge of Spade's attempts with the ladies Late one night at a Taco Bell in Beverly Hills round about '97 or '98 my buddy and I were getting our taco fix on when in walked David Spade He had a baseball cap pulled way down over his eyes in an attempt not to be noticedas celebrities do and thus get noticed The huge bodyguard shadowing him didn't help his covert operation I noticed him right off but didn't bother him In fact nobody did even though a few were pointing and nodding so he probably would've got in and out with no fuss like he seemed to wish to except that decided to make a play on this gorgeous 6 foot all dolled up woman over at the hot sauce island She barely looked at him before taking off The bodyguard's demeanor never changed through out so either he was a true professional or he'd seen this scene played out a few times already Ah poor Davidyou sinner Yes that's a light Tommy Boy referenceSpeaking of Tommy Boy It's one of my guilty pleasure favorites Joe Dirt too Yes they're stupid brain candy but man there some genuinely funny moments in both So part of my desire to read this bio was to hear a little backstory on both movies not to mention his time on SNL Spade delivers with some solid anecdotes here I thought he might dwell on Chris Farley's tragic death and its affect on him but Spade proves to be above playing for sympathy on that account The book makes clear the deep impact Farley's friendship had on him but he draws the line at revealing too much emotionally personal info If you're not a fan of Spade's personae this won't change your opinion and you might as well steer clear For all other's I can recommend Almost Interesting and suggest listening to this surprisingly fun audiobook

  9. Char Char says:

    If you enjoy Spade's snarky sense of humor you'll probably enjoy this autobiography Spade did not have an easy life and I enjoyed learning about his childhood and family For me though the best parts of this autobiography were easily the parts about when he got to Saturday Night Live All the behind the scenes info on how SNL works how the skits are pitched written and rehearsed it's all here I was hoping for a lot of this info when I listened to both Tina Fey's and Amy Poehler's autobiographies but in both of them SNL only played a small part Here it plays a big part as does of course Chris Farley The Farley parts are both poignant and hilarious I felt my heart crack a little bit when Spade mentioned talking to Dan Ackroyd about how it was to lose such a close friendpartner to drugs There were a few irritating things involving the writing and narration the need to abbreviate a lot of things into annoying little words using sitch for situation for example I didn't like that and it got on my nerves Luckily Spade was entertaining enough that I could overlook it most of the time I'm surprising myself by giving this audio 5 stars I thought Spade's snarky sense of humor would bother me but it made me laugh than ever He's funny seemingly honest and as the title suggests Almost Interesting My highest recommendation to fans of Spade's humor and for fans of SNL

  10. Beth Beth says:

    Almost interesting? Barely interesting unfortch

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