Second Life eBook å Paperback

Second Life eBook å Paperback

Second Life [Reading] ➿ Second Life By S.J. Watson – The sensational new psychological thriller from the bestselling author of Before I Go To SleepShe loves her husband She's obsessed by a strangerShe's a devoted mother She's prepared to lose everything The sensational new psychological thriller from the bestselling author of Before I Go To SleepShe loves her husband She's obsessed by a strangerShe's a devoted mother She's prepared to lose everythingShe knows what she's doing She's out of controlShe's innocent She's guilty as sinShe's living two lives She might lose both.

10 thoughts on “Second Life

  1. Elaine Elaine says:

    I have slightly edited this review because as the days go by something is bugging me and and I need to reword it slightlyThe much anticipated second novel by S J Watson is here at last but did it live up to expectations? I have to say “no not really” This is the story of Julia who leads a respectable life with her respectable husband and their teenage son until the brutal murder of her sister Kate changes everything When it seems as if the police aren’t doing uite enough to find Kate’s killer Julia decides to take matters into her own hands Whilst looking through her sister’s effects she comes across her Filofax which gives her login and password for a dating site When Julia uses this information and logs on to see what she can discover it is the start of a very slippery slope indeed as she gets and drawn into her sister’s world of online flirting and cybersex Could she have been killed by someone she met online and is Julia putting herself and her family lifestyle into danger by trying to follow in Kate’s footsteps?It is a very dark story of obsession and addiction one which really shows the dangers of the online world of not knowing who you are talking to but one which didn’t uite tick all the boxes The first half of the story was incredibly slow and long winded and it didn’t really pick up until the second half which was much pacey and far gripping Having said that I did find Julia to be particularly stupid at times not only for getting herself into a situation which the only way to get out of would mean tearing her family apart There is a twist at the end but the I think about it the I am convinced that there is a whopping great plot hole which actually renders the latter half of the book and that twist totally nonsensical Either that or Julia is even stupid than I originally thoughAnd as for the last page – well I have to say it sucked I really hated the way the book ends just horrible Thanks to the publishers for the review copy

  2. Christine Christine says:

    I had no intention of reading this book as most of my friends who are into thrillers which I love dissed it giving it 1 2 star ratings But then my friends who are not that into thrillers but like good fiction started to read it and they were giving for the most part ratings of 4 stars One friend who loves both thrillers and nonthrillers gave it 5 stars At that point I was strongly encouraged by a couple of Goodreads friends to see for myself what this book is all about I now thank them for doing so as surprisingly I found Second Life to be a compelling read that I finished off in 3 days very fast for meI can see why some readers would give this book 1 2 stars It is not pacy like most thrillers; it is of a simmering stroll There is not action from page 1 In fact there isn’t that much physical action at all Some could call it boring especially the first two thirds of the book There is a great deal of contemplation in this tale something some thriller fans have little patience for Another reason people may not like the book is that the protagonist Julia will not appeal to everybody and many may consider her weak or just plain stupid Since this is Julia’s story this is not a good thingSo why did I like this novel? This story is complex and it is highly if not totally character driven My absolute favorite type of book is a strong character driven crimesuspensethriller novel And while I can see Julia turning off a lot of readers as she certainly isn’t role model material I felt I understood her and why she did the things she did Thus we connected This woman has a good life yet when her sister was murdered she could not control her overwhelming need no matter what to bring closure to the case which had become cold in the hands of the French police This becomes understandable when we learn she is a recoveredrecovering alcoholic We also find out other things that in context with what I just mentioned clearly demonstrate Julia has an addictive personality Falling under the control of her addictions she does things that most reasonable people would not do given all there is to lose in the process There are several provocative themes running through Second Life We are given an eye opening look at the dangers of the cyberworld Really uite frightening Another prominent subject is whom can we trust implicitly? Our spouse? Our lover? Our best friend? Our siblings? Who? Anyone? No one? And again we are shown how an addictive personality can take one down a road no one wants to go It becomes clear that addiction trumps intelligence addiction trumps judgmentThere are differing opinions on the ending of Second Life I came to that last paragraph and was dumbfounded But after thinking about it I do think Mr Watson ended the tale the only way it could have endedThe only things I didn’t like about the story were the reliance on coincidence once or twice for plot purposes and a couple of the twists that felt a little improbable to meI was intrigued mesmerized and yes thrilled by Second Life It’s not for everyone But if you like great character driven fiction and slow burning psychological thrillers this one’s for you If still in doubt check it out for yourself I’m glad I did

  3. Debbie "DJ" Debbie "DJ" says:

    Psstthis is a really good thriller I know the ratings look just okay but I noticed many wanted to like the main character didn't finish or wanted action from the opening pagesWhat this is is a smart thriller The beginning gave me a solid background as Watson takes his time bringing me into the heart of his main character JuliaJulia has suffered a great loss and grief takes her to indescribable places From personal experience I can say grief is all encompassing it can change how a person thinks feels and behaves especially during the early stages One can focus on healing or blame Hate or love And here Watson has chosen to take us down the darkest of all paths grief combined with guiltI felt understanding why Julia acts as she does was essential Aren't we all filled with light and dark? It's all to easy to take a peak down the wrong road In Watson's story Julia does exactly that and before she knows it is in way over her head The events that follow had me reading at breakneck speed one twist after another The answer seems obvious but is it? Really liked this one

  4. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* says:

    EXCERPT There's a police car parked a few doors from the house but its our front door that's open I begin to run; my mind empties of everything but the need to see my son I don't stop until I'm in the house in the kitchen and I see Hugh standing in front of me talking to a woman in uniform I take in Connor's towel and trunks drying on the radiator then Hugh and the officer turn to look at me She's wearing an expression of perfect studied neutrality and I know it's the way Hugh looks when he's delivering bad news My chest tightens I hear myself shout as if in a dream Where's Connor? I'm saying Hugh Where's our son? But he doesn't answer He's all I can see in the room His eyes are wide; I can tell that something terrible has happened something indescribable Tell me I want to shout but I don't I can't move; my lips won't form words My mouth opens and then closes I swallow I'm underwater I can't breathe I watch as Hugh steps towards me try to shake him off when he takes my arm then find my voice Tell me I say over and over and a moment later he opens his mouth and speaksABOUT THIS BOOK She loves her husband She's obsessed by a strangerShe's a devoted mother She's prepared to lose everythingShe knows what she's doing She's out of controlShe's innocent She's guilty as sinShe's living two lives She might lose both MY THOUGHTS I literally could not put this book down once I started it It swept me along like a river in floodIt is fast paced and tautly written SJ Watson know his stuff His portrayal of Julia's addictive personality is frighteningly realistic to anyone who has had anything to do with an addict of any kind For an addict is always an addict and if you take away one addiction they will simply replace it with anotherJulia has a history of addiction to heroin to alcohol to sex to excitementWhen Julia's younger sister Kate the mother of her adopted son Connor is murdered Julia becomes obsessed with finding her killer She enters Kate's life one of internet chat rooms and web sex sites She creates an on line profile for herself and sets about trying to connect with the people Kate had connected withBut just how far will she go to find the truth and how much is she personally willing to risk in her uest?Her husband?Her son?Her friends?A riveting story of obsession and of how the lies we tell in order to protect the people we love can actually destroy themThankyou to Random House UK Transworld Publishers Doubleday via Netgalley for providing a digital copy of Second Life by S J Watson for review All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions Please refer to my Goodreadscom profile page or the 'about' page on sandysbookadaywordpresscom for an explanation of my rating system This review and others are also published on my blog sandysbookadaywordpresscom

  5. Zoeytron Zoeytron says:

    After a fine debut with Before I Go to Sleep this author's second novel was a disappointment to me Overly long for the story it tells repetitive and a protagonist who is twice as dim as she needs to be to get the point across It would be fair to say that Julia's decision making skills need work In my neck of the woods we would point out that she doesn't have brain one I really liked the idea of taking oneself out of the picture both literally and figuratively Loved the ending not the made to fit portions that got us there but the very last paragraph The thing is just as many readers are going to loathe the denouement Just a matter of taste I suppose

  6. Carol Carol says:

    The Hook I loved Watson’s debut Before I Go to SleepThe Line – The epigraph ”God guard me from those thoughts men thin In the mind alone –WBYeats”The Sinker – The blurb She loves her husband She’s obsessed by a stranger She’s a devoted mother She’s prepared to lose everything She know what’s she’s doing She’s out of control She’s innocent She’s guilty as sin She’s living tow lives She may lose both”She Julia is a lot of some things exactly what is to be decided by the reader Second Life is one of those books you’re going to love or hateHas a book ever left you feeling you need a shower? Second Life left me feeling grungy and I really didn’t want to like it The characters were mostly despicable but I was fascinated by their debauchery and I really didn’t want to like them Watson’s sophomoric effort did not feel uite as tight as his first I didn’t want to like it as much The plot line is a bit tangled so I didn’t really want to like it I was easily able to pick the true villain so I didn’t really want to like it 2 stars 3 stars 4 starsI came to the conclusion the deciding factor would be how it ended I really didn’t want to like it but in the end I did

  7. Michael Michael says:

    To say i had high expectations for this book would be a big understatement I like many people here fell in love with SJ Watson debut novel Before I Go To Sleep and was than happy to recommend it anyone and everyone Could Second Life even hope to live up to such high standards? I was hoping for a miracle but sadly in the end it would fall well shortThe story goes of Julia who is living a happy life with her husband and young son Connor This contented and respectable life will be turned upside down after she hears the terrible news that her younger sister Kate has been found in Paris Murdered Unconvinced that the local police will be able to find who is responsible Kate will take matters into her own hand Something that is not only dangerous and stupid but could also destroy her and her family when she begins to get involved with a stranger online What seemed like a good idea at the time to see if she could lure Kate's killer into the open instead sees Julia digging her own grave until she finds it almost impossible to get out ofI feel cheated by this book After having my expectations almost reaching the sky after reading the authors debut i now feel like i have not just fallen back to earth with a thud but have ended up going right through the ground It would take me ages to list all my peeves but here is a few that come to Mind Julia for a starters is beyond stupid with her actions that make it to were i have zero sympathy for the plight she finds herself in at the end Secondly i felt for the most part tedium rather than any on the edge of your seat stuff while slogging through it Finally you know it's bad when all i wanted was for my own suffering while reading this boring book to end as soon as possible Turning the pages for me at least was hard going rather than the nerve racking thriller it should of been

  8. Jeanette Jeanette says:

    This was skim read after page 130 I did read the last 50 pages slowly in entiretyWhat can I say about this book? It is really just plain awful No one in the entire book seems like a real person Julia is dumb as a rock Most of the words are wasted and the writing so choppy flow so bad that it is hard to describe Most also in triple redundancy And the ending might be the worst one I've come across this yearWhy did not one publisher or editor or honest person tell S J Watson anything close to the truth before they let this one out?

  9. Barbara Barbara says:

    An infuriating book Maybe it deserves a single star but the fact I finished it made me rate it a bit higher This writer who is male attributes endlessly stupid behaviors to the main character Julia It was predictable much of the time and it was not believable that Julie continued to be so so moronic Other reviews provide summaries of the plot but I can't be bothered to take the time to do that All I can say is jeezzzzzzz Watson is clueless about the psychology of women and it felt at times his point was to write a novel that shows women are idiots I'll stop I can't say enough bad stuff about this bookI am editing to add that I did go back and change my review to 1 star after being encouraged by some comments

  10. Lilith Black Bee Lilith Black Bee says:

    O M F G This book fked up my mind I just can't even Was very close to be a 5⭐ read but that ending Man Watson why did you let us like this? You should have write 10 pages no 10 When l have reached the end I was like what the hell am l missing some pages or what? Don't get me wrong though the end was 😍 it's just that was kinda too short Those of you who have read this book know what I'm talking about Man

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