Paperback ¾ Sunset Mantle Epub å

Paperback ¾ Sunset Mantle Epub å

Sunset Mantle [BOOKS] ✬ Sunset Mantle By Alter S. Reiss – With a single blow Cete won both honor and exile from his last commander Since then he has wandered looking for a place to call home The distant holdings of the Reach Antach offer shelter but that pro With a single blow Cete won both honor and exile from his last commander Since then he has wandered looking for a place to call home The distant holdings of the Reach Antach offer shelter but that promise has a priceThe Reach Antach is doomedBarbarians traitors and scheming investors conspire to destroy the burgeoning settlement A wise man would move on but Cete has found reason to stay A blind weaver woman and the beautiful Sunset Mantle lure the warrior to wager everything he has left on one final chance to turn back the hungry tides of warPRAISE FOR Sunset MantleA beautifully structured story with solid and original characters who could have come from no other time and place than this fascinating imagined history Jo Walton.

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  1. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    35 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Mantle is my first venture into Torcom’s impressive line up of novellas from their brand spanking new publishing arm It wasn’t originally on my to read list but after hearing it described as a pocket sized epic fantasy I decided I had to take a look after all The idea of a story like that packed into just over 190 print copy pages really intrigued meThe book’s protagonist is Cete a former hero now in exile Dismissed from his command both in honor and disgrace he wanders the Reaches in search for a new place to call home His travels lead him to Reach Antach a settlement doomed to fall in the coming storm of infighting among several factions But before Cete can turn on his heels and leave a chance meeting with a blind woman in her shop changes everythingHanging there on display is the sunset mantle beauty and light embroidered in cloth The fine craftsmanship touches Cete in a way he cannot understand; all he knows is that he must have it and if he can’t he would want to commission a garment for himself from the shopkeeper and weaver Marelle To afford the commission and to stay in Reach Antach Cete would have to find employment and to find employment Cete was going to have to go back to doing what he knows best Once a fighting man always a fighting man However being in the army also means being embroiled in the politics and schemes of the various clans trying to destroy Reach Antach and even as his relationship with Marelle deepens Cete’s fight eventually becomes than just the mantle and even than loveThis story left with mixed feelings On the one hand I am beyond impressed with author Alter S Reiss’s marvelous success at laying out Cete’s journey from outcast to legendary warrior all within this very slim volume Sunset Mantle is not a “true” epic fantasy per se with no magical element and nor does it span a gazillion kingdoms or have enough points of view to populate a small village There is however enough political intrigue to fill two fantasy worlds This degree of complexity is not something I would have expected from a novella and it also makes the scope of the story feel much much bigger than the thin slice of what we get to see Reiss gets a lot accomplished in under two hundred pages than it takes some other authors to do the same thing in novels three to four times as thick It does have a way of making you stop and wonder just how much gratuitous or unnecessary flourish goes into some of these doorstoppersI also really liked Cete as a protagonist as well as the nature of his relationship with Marelle which goes much deeper than a romantic union The trust and honesty between them is a rare thing to find indeed even between two lovers Cete sees Marelle as his eual taking her guidance and respecting her need to do what she believes is right even if it means letting her put herself in harm’s way Cete also treats his own soldiers with that same practical respect He is a man of honor and duty as evidenced by the loyalty he shows Reach Antach even though he came to them as a stranger and outcast Other highlights include the battle scenes which are uick but powerful making the most out of the restrictive page countThat said the book wastes no words in establishing the situation surrounding Reach Antach and the city clans Blink and you could potentially miss something important Ironically it made Sunset Mantle a slower read and it doesn’t give you much time to chew on the plot or characters In fact most of my uestions came later after I had finished the book and had some time to mull over what I just read It made me realize a lack of background information made the story a little harder to understand and sometimes that uncertainty or need to re read a passage or two distracted from my enjoyment and prevented me from being fully engaged Simply put the overall style of the narrative begs to be savored but the format is not that well suited for itStill there’s something to be said about something as special as Sunset Mantle It’s true I would have preferred a bit breathing room but that is not an uncommon complaint from me when it comes to novellas and short fiction I’m usually very picky about this format which is probably why I don’t read as much of it as I should All things considered I was actually uite pleased with this novella which for me is saying a lot

  2. Stefan Bach Stefan Bach says:

    Sunset Mantle is an epic fantasy novel written in novella formAlso Sunset Mantle is a high decibel reminder how when it comes to epic fantasy writer doesn’t need 800 pages to tell a captivating story build a magnificent world and develop a society eager to play politics wars intrigues and mysteries while showing all advantages and flaws one can face in honoring his dutyAll of which written with incredibly gifted prose in less than 200 pages long bookWe’re not introduced with character’s past than it’s necessary for us to understand his current state his position in the world that is crumbling and the city that’s uietly and unknowingly awaiting its imminent peril Little we get of our main protagonist’s longing our wanderer exiled veteran warrior Cete when we meet him in his search for a place to call home And yet with author’s carefully implemented formula “less is ” we are already emotionally invested in him Without burdening his readers with Cete’s morals and his apparent empathy for citizens of a settlement he’s passing by in a very short chapters narrative is carefully constructed so that we could subtly understand why he came from one decision to the next Why he chose to stay and share this short lived future with a town that is already doomed to perish “Because of an embroidered mantle and a blind woman’s smile” Which leads me to Marelle our main female protagonist and probably best most believable female character written in epic fantasy Fierce smart trustworthy loyal and brave Her presence is never overwhelming to contrast or challenge Cete’s nor is she some kind of a half measure waiting to fill or be filled with someone else’s half “I suppose it is the role of a wife to urge caution to try to convince you to give up fighting to remain at home and to live to die in bed Is that what you expect of me?”Cete was silent just as long That was what was expected of the wife of a fighting man just as Marelle had said The men in the ranks were supposed to leave behind women who wept at them to stay who needed lies and cajoling before letting their men march out to war and who cared less for war and honor than for home and hearth“Marelle” he said finally “I do not wish you to be anything other than what you are”“Good” she replied She let go of his hand stroked his cheek “I cannot be And neither can you” Their relationship that goes beyond romance beyond that of two lovers and spouses; it’s a relationship of mutual understanding compromise and sacrifice Sharing a lifeIt’s beautiful in its simplicity When one fights like an animal to protect the other to support each other even when they disagree willing to share conseuences of other person’s actions And this is supposed to be militaristic novel Believe me when I tell you battle descriptions are vivid that any avid reader of military genre would very much enjoy this bookSo much achieved in less than 200 pages “If you think that I have not faced the choice of an easy death or a difficult life” said Marelle “you are a great fool I can no longer see the sun rise and set; I have never seen your face But I am not a fighting man and I am not so perfect in my obedience to the law I will not hear Radan speak to me over your corpse Cete If you will not let me die upon the field I will die in my house amidst the flames”“I would have you live” said Cete” I strongly recommend this book to everyone

  3. Alissa Alissa says:

    So sad so beautiful There is no treachery in death there is no honor just the long silence of the underworld and the judgment of the true judge

  4. Nicky Nicky says:

    I’ve always enjoyed epic fantasy as a genre anyway; there are probably individual stories I’ve disliked so I was excited to see Sunset Mantle in Torcom’s novella lineup described as such — and doubly encouraged by Jo Walton’s endorsement on the cover Epic fantasy has such a problem of scope sometimes you need the world to feel huge while also giving intimacy with a handful of characters to make both the setting and the plot work together Sometimes that makes a book balloon out into multi volume epics like Steven Erikson’s Malazan books or George RR Martin’s Westeros novelsSo I was very intrigued to see what someone would do without a pre established world within the slim confines of a novella And I think Alter S Reiss does a pretty good job of sketching in a wider society tribes clans reaches links both economic and feudal with politics that dictate what happens in this story while also hinting at greater complexities There’s the ‘madding’ too — some kind of battle rage and a system of customs surrounding it which aren’t explained fully but which shape the circumstances of the story And Reiss does indeed keep it to a handful of characters really just Cete the first character we meet and Marelle the blind woman whose embroidery work enchants him and with whom he falls in loveIf military fantasy is your thing the battles and the training are here Cete has to work to pound his unit into shape to make them work together of course and there’s two major battle scenes I think the only battle scenes I can think of that are evoked clearly are some in Bernard Cornwell’s The Winter King; the clash of the enemy lines is present in both and there’s a real idea of the sweat and muck and blood and terrorI suppose the only unsatisfying note is that we don’t know how the politics continue to play out how Cete and Marelle weather the changes and whether Cete ever really receives the rewards he deserves And really I do want to know having got this invested in Cete and Marelle I want to know what happens whether they have children and whether those children come to inherit and — and — and —Originally posted here

  5. Robyn Robyn says:

    Very competently written book done in a style that reminded me of Gemmell However it's just not the sort of book that grips me too much focus on military manoeuvres so despite several solid characters and interesting world building I didn't truly enjoy this one No fault of the book there

  6. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    A wonderful little military fantasy story worthy of comparison to GemmellCete comes to the Reach Antach at a mercenary in perilous times The Reach is going to be acted against because it's an upstart military power and it has made unwise allies An early encounter with a blind seamstress sparks unexpected loyalty to the Reach though and Cete performs a feat of honor that leaves him an outcast That doesn't stop him fighting though and with his blind love's support he can do the impossibleA tale of honor loyalty and heroism against overwhelming evil forces this is a terrific story The world is no magic but filled with the sort of economics and politics that any student of medieval Europe would feel right at home with Cete himself is a great character with a noble point of view Marelle is the craftswoman responsible for the mantle with the sunset embroidery that first catches his eye and she is eually noble especially considering her vulnerabilityShort and very good

  7. Sarah (CoolCurryBooks) Sarah (CoolCurryBooks) says:

    Sunset Mantle is a solid work of high fantasy What’s most fascinating about it is that for all it’s battles and political intrigue it’s less than 200 pages long That’s right ya’ll This is a high fantasy novellaCete is a wandering solider for hire He knows that Reach Antach is about to be on the losing side of a war and that the smart thing to do would be to move on but somehow he just can’t bring himself to do so When he sees a beautifully embroidered mantle made by a blind craftswoman he becomes inspired to stay and to risk everything for the town of Reach AntachThe world of Sunset Mantle doesn’t have magic but it does have a historical feel I’ve seen other reviewers say it reminded them of the Old Testament but I was personally thinking of the ancient Greek city states A small number of cities loan out the supplies and money needed to found new cities the Reaches which are then in debt for hundreds of years due in part to constant warring with local tribes Reach Antach has found a faster way out of their debt by creating an alliance with the nearest tribe giving them the peace and prosperity needed to raise the funds to pay off their settling debt Of course this threatens a situation that is immensely beneficial to the most powerful cities hence war is soon arrivingUnfortunately I don’t think this story was my type of thing While it was solidly executed there’s nothing about it that would ever draw me to reread it or even to remember it Sunset Mantle is missing that hard to define element that makes you connect to the characters and world and become emotionally invested in the plot Basically it ended up feeling paint by numbers Of course it could be due to my preferences as a reader There’s certain things I really love in fantasy books inventive world building active female characters ueer characters heist plots ect and Sunset Mantle didn’t really fall into any of those categories Maybe fans of military fantasy would enjoy it My favorite thing about Sunset Mantle was Cete’s relationship with the blind weaver Marelle They do become romantically involved but their relationship is based on mutual respect Even though the world of Sunset Mantle appears to be a patriarchal society Cete treats Marelle as an eual and listens to her advice on what decisions he should makePerhaps readers with different tastes will enjoy Sunset Mantle but it’s not a story I will ever return toOriginally posted on The Illustrated Page

  8. imyril imyril says:

    Cete was general to a powerful clan until he killed a berserk lord earning acclaim exile at one stroke Now he's drawn to a new settlement aspiring to independence even though he's certain it's doomed to be destroyed by the cities who hold its debts I still think a good cloak is a terrible reason to volunteer to die but this is an impressively epic story packed into 200 pages as Cete proves over and again that he is an honourable badass Notable for unusual world building older protagonistsFull review

  9. Jason M Waltz Jason M Waltz says:

    Very well done a meaty sword story no sorcery none of the usual motivations of SS outside a thirst for fighting a love of war this is a story with heft with weight with beauty reminiscent of a Gemmell tale and character well worth the two to three hours to read filled with honor and nobleness and sacrifice and love and hope and blood a long time ago in a galaxy far away I almost published an Alter S Reiss tale; I would have been thrilled to publish this one

  10. Amanda Amanda says:

    25 stars

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