Bad Bombshells #4 PDF/EPUB ↠ Bad Bombshells PDF or

Bad Bombshells #4 PDF/EPUB ↠ Bad Bombshells PDF or

9 thoughts on “Bad Bombshells #4

  1. sraxe sraxe says:

    I honestly feel so fucking deceived by the synopsis and some of the reviews right now What I was expecting was a socially awkward shy nerdy inexperienced guy who couldn't talk to women and a sex bomb heroine who'd be the perfect foil to him And what did I get? A confident alpha esue experienced guy paired with a damaged inexperienced woman I knew that she had trouble in the bedroom which the synopsis states but what it fails to state is that those men she likes uncomplicated and why she hasn't been able to achieve satisfaction in the bedroom for years? It's because she goes no further than kissing any of them She's only ever slept with ONE MAN while the nerdy supposedly socially awkward hero has slept with five which you'll hear about than once btw because I guess he never wants you to forget that he's a nerd but totally not a virgin stereotypeLet me repeat thatThe socially awkward nerdy hero has sexual experience and partners than the bombshell heroine who's had exactly ONE PARTNERHonestly I don't even know why I'm even surprised It's not like this sexist bullshit is anything new and yet I still continue to be surprised and be disappointed over and over again So maybe it's my fault? Some have shelved this New Adult so maybe I should've fucking known Because of course we couldn't get NA without it being paired with fucking sexist trope bullshit And spare me the shit about how she's got some sexual trauma in her past and that's why she has issues Because OF COURSE there'd be sexual trauma in her past right? OF COURSE And do you want to know what the bfd trauma in her past is? view spoilerShe had a fucking abortion almost a decade ago And then her bf at the time said some nasty things and left her Ever since Ashlin has considered herself to be a bad girl damaged and undeserving of nice guys like Wyatt forever repressing herself sexually hide spoiler

  2. Shiran Shiran says:

    Another great addition to a great seriesNot surprisingly Nicola Marsh has done it again BAD is a fantastic book that takes you on an emotional journey from page one I read the entire book in one sitting because I just couldn't put it down Both Ashlin and Wyatt stole my heart and with every page I wanted to spend time with them I loved that Ashlin had an intriguing background I really couldn't figure out what her sin was and I couldn't believe how amazing Wyatt was with her needs Their relationship built so nicely and even though it's a short book I still felt like their love was genuine I'm really enjoying how Marsh is building the brother's relationship over these books and it's made me so excited to see of the Harrison boys I just can't wait to see how things play out with Steele now Write faster woman I need dammit

  3. Lynn Lim Lynn Lim says:

    What a wonderfully stupendous absolutely outstanding phenomenal series this is I could not put this book down There are two sentences that Nicola writes in the book which I am going to uote That's not good That's fan freaking tastic By the way she was not describing the book but I totally am You need to read the book to see what she is actually writing about though I love a great HEA bookThe book is part of the Bombshell Series This book is about two people Ashlin and Wyatt each working through problems of their own Ashlin feels guilty for something she did when she was very young Now she feels she is not worthy of being loved Wyatt is dealing with a part of the family that he and his brother knew nothing about His father Christopher should be ashamed of himself in the role of fatherhood I think my favorite part of the book is when Wyatt tells Christopher Stop I will be giving absolutely no spoilers away The story also tells of the wonderful journey of Ashlin and Wyatt falling in love in spite of their problems Nicola Marsh always defines her characters so well she makes them seem and what they are feeling so real I think that is why I love her books so much Great job on this series Nicola thank you so so much for the ARC of Bad for my honest review I think it is my favorite in the series so far But then again I said that about the last one hmmmm I am so fickle I am looking forward to reading the books on both Steele's and Kurt's stories Thank you for reading my review Please read this book it is a phenomenal book as are the rest of the books in the Bombshell series

  4. Misty (Reds Romance Reviews) Misty (Reds Romance Reviews) says:

    Nicola Marsh has outdone herself once again She has provided readers with a highly addictive story packed full of passion sexy banter and wickedly entertaining characters I absolutely loved this short but oh so good story Wyatt Harrison had me smiling like a fool the whole way through Wyatt Harrison prefers to surround himself with the company of computers and maintain his usual place in the background unlike his brothers who tend to draw attention wherever they go Being in their shadows is something he grew accustom to a long time ago and it has always provided him with a certain level of comfort He is use to beautiful women always noticing his brothers first and witnessing them fall all over themselves just to gain their time and attention which makes his current predicament so baffling While working on implementing a new IT program at Bombshells Burlesue Club he happens to gain the interest of a beautiful redheaded dancer who is dying to get to know him His first inclination is to run because this has never happened to him before and he's sure she is playing games but then he decides to have a little fun with her and turn the tables on her He figures if he turns on the charm and acts interested she'll get spooked and run the other direction and the game will be over Only problem is that she's not playing a game she's ready to see if this computer nerd can teach her a thing or twoI highly recommend you add this series to your reading list and acuaint yourself with the Harrison brother's they will steal your heart and leave you highly satisfied ARC kindly provided in exchange for a honest review

  5. Maria Rose Maria Rose says:

    Another great addition to the Bombshells series each can be read as a standalone this romance is the story of Wyatt and Ashlin Ashlin is the choreographer at the burlesue club she works at and meeting sexy IT geek Wyatt makes her wonder if her years of almost celibacy might be over Wyatt seems to have the right things to make her tick but when he finds out her secrets will he still want to be with her?This is the fourth in the series but follows closely behind book 3 Bold which introduced us to Wyatt the half brother of Zane the hero of that book I really enjoy the way the brothers are getting to know each other there are 2 and they'll be getting their own stories next It's a complicated relationship that they will have when it's all said and done but it's clear that they are going to become good friends and their banter together makes for lots of fun times Eually Ashlin's girlfriends are obviously there for her as well and we gets lots of great conversations with them too The romance between Wyatt and Ashlin is sweet and sexy Some great bedroom action between them but eually important is the relationship they are building Wyatt is a blunt speaker but that's exactly what Ashlin needs in her life Their connection was interesting and woven in with the rest of the story made for a great romance 4 starsNote a copy of this story was provided by the author for review

  6. Rachael Fick Rachael Fick says:

    Wyatt is an IT guy the uintessential computer nerd He relates to motherboards and circuitry than people Which works for him because after growing up the way he did he would rather fade into the background So why can't he stop thinking about Ashlin?Ashlin is the choreographer for Bombshells Vegas' hottest burlesue club She has worked very hard to get where she is which means that personal relationships take a backseat at least that's what she tells herself After her disastrous history she decided that she's better of single to tell you the truth But there's a problem; she can't get that IT guy Wyatt out of her head On paper these two are complete opposites but they uickly find that they are alike than they seem So what happens when Ashlin is offered her dream job in London accepts it without talking to Wyatt? Especially knowing that in addition to him just meeting his half brothers from Australia she hasn't been entirely truthful with him Hearts get broken mistakes are made and the truth comes out Are you ready?I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

  7. Kelly Kelly says:

    WowThis is the story of Wyatt the IT computer guy and Aslin the stunning and georgous choreographer at Burlesue Bombshells Wyatt and Ashlin are total opposites Wyatt thinks Ashlin has something up her sleeve when she asks him out for coffee Can two opposites find a common ground? Can the secrets keep them apart? What happens when distance has the opportunity to keep them apart?Nicola Marsh does it yet again in Bad This book was absolutely fantastic and I couldn't put it down I laughed and felt the real and serious emotions of the characters This book for me was a five star read Nicola Marsh and her writing style is amazingI highly recommend Bad It has it allhot steamy scenes laugh out loud moments secrets the oh no momentsIT HAS IT ALL

  8. Pauline Frost Pauline Frost says:

    I received an ARC of BAD to read for an honest reviewI love the way the author writes this story it draws you in from the start to discover just how Wyatt a IT geek comes to love the very impressing Ashlin a lead choreographer As Wyatt gets closer to his new founded half brothers he finds the love of his life in Ashlin and even with all the problems they both face it turns out good in the end All the characters were strong independent intelligent people The writing had plenty of details and let you connect with all the characters and love them allI would recommend this and all books written by Nicola Marsh as she has a way to draw you in on her stories

  9. Erica Erica says:

    Bad was awesomeNicola Marsh does it again with beautiful imagery and amazing charactersI loved the sexiness of Wyatt and how he is brought out of his shell and becomes a super hottieAshlin is different although beautiful and highly talented her secret keeps her apart from the rest from fully becoming who she is supposed to beThe sexy times were hot made hotter with Wyatts tenderness and attentiveness to AshlinThe easeness and the flow of the story beautifully written leaving you wanting that little bit and getting it at every stageAll up another great instalment to the Burlesue Bombshells and I'm really looking forward to Steele's story

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Bad Bombshells #4 ➻ [Reading] ➽ Bad Bombshells #4 By Nicola Marsh ➰ – Wyatt Harrison is a geek and proud of it The IT freelancer prefers delving into the mysteries of motherboards than women Until he upgrades the computer systems at Vegas’s premier revue venue Burlesu Wyatt Harrison is a geek and proud of it The IT freelancer prefers delving into the mysteries of motherboards than women Until he upgrades the computer systems at Vegas’s premier revue venue Burlesue Bombshells where he’s confronted by the biggest mystery of them all stunning choreographer Ashlin O’MearaAshlin prefers brawn to brains She likes her men uncomplicated for a reason But there’s something about Wyatt Bad Bombshells PDF or that she can’t resist Unable to achieve satisfaction in the bedroom for years he could be the guy to push all her right buttonsHowever Wyatt’s no fool and in agreeing to a short term fling with the sexy geek will her devastating secret of the past be revealed resulting in the collapse of her carefully constructed life.