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Written in Fire PDF/EPUB Ï Written in Kindle -

  • Paperback
  • 337 pages
  • Written in Fire
  • Marcus Sakey
  • English
  • 23 March 2014
  • 9781477827642

10 thoughts on “Written in Fire

  1. Barbara Barbara says:

    This is the third book in the 'Brilliance' trilogy As the story opens the United States is on the brink of a civil war between average people and 'brilliants' or 'abnorms' humans who have superior abilities The war has been engineered in large part by a government official who wants a good future for his grandchildrenand he'll do almost anything to achieve this goal including things that are WAY out of his area of responsibility 😒In fact almost all the main characters in this series are MUCH MORE concerned with their families andor significant others than the good of mankind in general This trope is common in fiction but it's selfish and short sighted IMO and in real life would probably result in the extinction of the human race But of course this is fiction 🙂 The books in the series should be read in order Brilliance A Better World Written in Fire for maximum comprehension and enjoyment As the series unfolds 'regular' humans in the US have become increasingly hostile to abnorms because the government's attempts to control the brilliants have led to severe retributionwith massive death and destruction Now a well armed militia of vengeful people is descending on Wyoming's 'New Canaan Holdfast' where abnorms live in a technologically advanced settlement Nick Cooper is a brilliant who has been trying to establish a rapprochement between regular people and abnorms but things have gotten completely out of control and the situation looks hopeless Still Nick has some strategies to pursue and one of them involves a very dangerous terrorist named John Smith who has a diabolical plan that's been in the works for yearsNick's situation is complicated by the fact that he's involved with two women One is Natalie Nick's ex wife and the mother of his two children The other woman in Nick's life is Shannon a fellow abnorm who partners with him on important missions Both females are on Nick's mind as he tries to rescue mankind from its own worst instincts Meanwhile the militia and the New Canaan Holdfast are gearing up for an all out war which could have severe conseuences for both sides This plotline revs up the suspense but once the battles start the fighting scenes get repetitiveand I could have done with a bit less of thisI don't want to give away spoilers so I'll just say considering the huge build up the climax of the story is a yawner The epilog plays out as I expected and leaves an opening for a new direction or a spinoff IF Sakey wants to keep going with this storyline Thus I'd say this 'trilogy' which ends on a cliffhanger may not be finishedYou can follow my reviews at

  2. Rachel the Book Harlot Rachel the Book Harlot says:

    In Written in Fire the conclusion to the Brilliance Saga trilogy author Marcus Sakey once again ratchets up the tension and suspense As was the case with Book 2 there were moments that the tension and suspense were so high that I had to stop myself from skipping ahead The entire trilogy was such a great ride I loved the characters the world building the action goodness and how all the pieces of the story finally came together in the end The conclusion was done well though I do think view spoilersome readers who like a nice tight ending may not be happy There are enough dangling threads that the trilogy could be stretched into a fourth book hide spoiler

  3. Tim The Enchanter Tim The Enchanter says:

    Posted to The Literary Lawyerca A Decent Finish ? 35 Written in Fire marks the conclusion of the Brilliance Trilogy Overall the series was creative and an excellent spin on the superheroes among us genre When I read the concluding story to any series I expect it to go out with a bang It needs to wrap up the major issues with a great climax and either close off the universe or leave it open for Written in Fire has left room for stories within this universe and has plenty of big bangs but in the most important areas the bangs were too often sueaks Plot Summary The story continues in the world inhabited by normals and brilliants as conceived by Marcus Sakey originally of Flint Michigan If you have seen the news lately lead laced water scandal its nice to have something positive with a connection to this downtrodden city Nick Cooper former government agent and tier 1 brilliant continues his uest for vengeance and for peace between normals and brilliants At time where tension between the groups is at an all time high the world is confronted with a serum that will turn a normal into a brilliant All of the warring factions want it for their own reason Unfortunately the serum is not stable and neither is the serum's inventor Nick must seek revenge while confronting the new dangers this serum presents to world My Take Written in Fire is a mixed bag On the positive side the author has created a compelling world with a truly uniue at least to me take on the superpower Each gift that a brilliant has seems entirely probable Gifts occur as a result of advance pattern recognition which have developed as some type of evolutionary step No one is flying moving things with their mind or shapeshifting yet these changes in humanity have lead to major advancements in most all areas of study and science This is the greatest strength of the book and the series The ability of the author to take something as unbelievable as superpowers and to integrate into a reality that reuires little suspension of disbelief is itself superhuman I enjoy science fiction that feels like it would be possible If you feel the same you are likely to enjoy this series In addition to the great setup the author did a great job of weaving the underlying sinister plan from beginning to end The reader is lead down the path of obfuscation and misdirection and is none the wiser I thought the underlying plot was very well crafted and never left me feelings cheated or disappointed On this front the author receives high marks for wrapping up the various scheming and conniving So why did I feel some disappointment with the concluding volume Were this the second book in the series I would have been generous with my rating While I was content in the completion of the storylines there were several confrontations that were destined to occur The first two books set a high expectation for these final collisions Instead of a violent crash we were given a fender bender While much of the series has been uite inspired the character resolutions were not While the plot was strong character and emotional resolutions need improvement Leave me happy or angry with resolution but don't leave me feeling ripped off Had these necessary collisions been fulfilling the novel may have been the best of the bunch Can this Novel Stand Alone Not a chance While the novel does an admirable job of bringing you back up to speed there is a sea of history you will need to appreciate the finale Final Thoughts Overall this series is well worth your time If you have read the first two you will not want to miss the conclusion The strength of the Brilliance universe and strength of plot redeems the novel's missteps While I am disappointed for what was not I enjoyed what was As an added bonus the ending leaves open the possibility that we may see future novels within this world I for one would welcome Content Advisories It is difficult to find commentary on the sexviolencelanguage content of book if you are interested I make an effort to give you the information so you can make an informed decision before reading Disclaimer I do not take note or count the occurrences of adult language as I read I am simply giving approximations Scale 1 Lowest 5 Highest Sex 2 There were a couple of sexual encounters but they were uite tame They were of the variety that cut away from scene before the real action begins Language F words 5 instances Mild Profanity 41 instances Religious exclamations 11 instances Violence 35 There is violence throughout the story The story is essentially that of a war There is lots of shoot and lots of dead bodies While this accounts for much of the violence it tends to avoid graphic descriptions There are some scenes of torture which are moderate graphic but short

  4. Larry H Larry H says:

    Full disclosure I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review Many thanks to NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for making it availableBoy do I hate it when a book series endsI devoured the first two books in Marcus Sakey's fantastic Brilliance trilogy so I both eagerly anticipated and dreaded the arrival of the last book in the series Written in Fire I've finally caught my breath as the action and the tension intensified as the book drew to a closeOne percent of the country's population is composed of brilliants those with extraordinary physical cognitive emotional andor perceptive gifts But despite these talents and abilities these so called abnorms have been feared reviled mistreated and targeted for all kinds of abuse in the 30 years since their discovery became public knowledge This mistreatment has brought the country to the brink of civil war norm vs abnorm in a battle for the very heart and soul of society Written in Fire begins with the country reeling from a devastating attack by the abnorm community This has led to laws which reuire that all abnorms be microchipped for easy tracking but even worse lynch mobs across the country are targeting and killing them simply for being different But the country still wants still wants retribution While secret plans are being hatched within the US government a citizen led militia of thousands of people is planning to attack the settlement where many of the abnorms live And in the settlement itself the most notable abnorm—a brilliant terrorist unwilling to stop until the world realizes the absolute power of brilliants—plots ultimate chaos and destructionNick Cooper a former detective who used to hide his own abilities as a brilliant to help the government track others like him who wished to do evil understands why his fellow brilliants are angry But at the same time he cannot allow the world he knows the world in which his family lives to be destroyed by civil war He'll do everything he can to fight his old nemeses to bring an end to the forces which want to harm the country—no matter what the costWhile this book is tremendously imaginative much of its plot rings eerily familiar to current circumstances with so many people fearful of all Muslims demanding they be tracked barred from entering the country even killed But this book explores both sides of the argument Should years of mistreatment and abuse justify violence and destruction? Is it right to categorically fear what we don't know or understand? Is self defense really a valid argument for attack?What I've loved so much about these books is that Sakey balances thought provoking plot pulse pounding action and truly complex memorable characters even the villains By the third book I found myself truly attached to these characters I feel I've gotten to know Much like some other series this book is definitely a bit darker than its predecessors but that didn't dull my enjoyment in any way And while I often feel books in a series can be read out of seuence I'd definitely recommend picking up Brilliance the first book first and then reading them in order to feel the full power of Sakey's storytellingI won't soon forget this series and I'll be interested to see what Sakey comes up with next But in the meantime I'll miss Nick Natalie Shannon Bobby Ethan John Smith the Epsteins and so much Don't pass these books upSee all of my reviews at

  5. Faith Faith says:

    I thought that this final book of the trilogy was a little better than the second book which I thought was mainly a placeholder but not as good as the first book I don't think that there was enough plot for three books but trilogies seem to be the norm these daysI was particularly troubled by a few things in this book Among other things the annoying love triangle was unfortunately still ongoing The characters spent a lot of time explaining their positions to each other The author resorted to the awful cliche of having a character when confronting his target pause to chat with him rather than just shooting him Cooper while conducting a commando raid actually forgets he has a gun and just watches as one of the abnormals pulls one of his stunts to thwart the attack The explanation of John Smith's actions made no sense at all The chaos he caused over the course of several years and three books was completely unnecessary for him to achieve his ultimate goal Maybe they will fix some of these weaknesses in the inevitable movie but I doubt it Ultimately I thought these books took a good but not terribly original idea and dragged it out too long There were too many lapses of logic along the wayI received a free copy of this book from the publisher

  6. Blake Crouch Blake Crouch says:

    Beginning with Brilliance and A Better World and culminating in the pitch perfect trilogy finisher Written in Fire Marcus Sakey has created an astonishing achievement—a portrait of our world five minutes into the future It’s a world exploding with technology and innovation but imploding with the same fear and paranoia that threatens to destroy our world fear of those who are different What message could be profound? These books are all thriller with a perfect dusting of science fiction and social commentary all underpinned with Sakey’s trademark gorgeous prose For my money this trilogy is one of the great works of commercial fiction ever put to page Epic compulsively readable and thought provoking to the very last sentence

  7. Adah Udechukwu Adah Udechukwu says:

    Written in Fire is a 5 star novel

  8. Sherwood Smith Sherwood Smith says:

    Copy provided by NetGalleyWow what a finish Or is it?Readers should begin with the first book Though Sakey does some recap at the beginning to feel the emotional impact on the characters and follow their development the series needs to be read from the first Which starts off with a bangThis wrap up finishes in maximum overdrive as one would expect from a science fictional thriller The body count is right up there with video games but unlike video games there is an emotional and moral cost that the author doesn't flinch from examining Further he pays attention to how people get that way and as always it's the families who get the spotlight which I find a refreshing change from the generic lone wolf hero whose family exists only to be fridged in order to inspire the trail of blood to followMost of those front and center are fighting to save their kids and their world which is fast going up in smoke The storyline separates out into several strands which Sakey does an excellent job of balancing I never wanted to skip over one to pick up another My only disappointment was the resolution of one thread view spoilerI think we really really needed to see the actual surrender of the Sons of Liberty in an entire scene We also deserved to find out if Natalie did shoot Luke Hammond hide spoiler

  9. Logan Logan says:

    This trilogy was enjoyable in the way most action packed summer blockbusters are However Written in Fire was the weakest of the three in terms of consistency logic and overall charmThe first two thirds of the book was just as enjoyable as the previous two stories—Brilliance and A Better World Written in Fire suffers from serious issues with characters completely diverting from their originally established personality traits and not in a good wayI found myself cringing throughout the last 100 or so pages and was glad to have finished this story arc when I did because I wasn't confident in my ability to handle any of Nick Cooper's heroism Part of me believes that Sakey simply lost himself in the story and identified with Cooper so intimately that he couldn't help but turn him into–uite literally–the sole person responsible for saving the world Below are the issues I had with the book including details that count as spoilers so readers consider yourselves warnedI love reading Being consumed by a story and staying up till late on a worknight just to finish one chapter is one of my favorite pastimes As an avid reader of fiction I'm able to shelve my grasp on reality in order to enjoy a compelling story Rarely do I even find myself bothered by characters making irrational decisions regardless of if it goes against how their character has been established leading up to a certain point But dammit there were just too many inconsistencies here and in a story that relies on characters following certain paths based on their particular genetic mutation Eric Epstein the world's richest man has made his wealth because he's able to digest vast amounts of data to determine things such as stock futures and coming trends Shannon is able to see vectors that allow her to anticipate movement so she's able to move fluidly without being seen John Smith other than having the most generic name ever is a master strategist that never sets himself up for failure except for that one time he did Nick Cooper our protagonist can identify subtle patterns within people's twitches and gestures allowing him to understand their intentions Soren's mind works so much faster than everyone else's that 11 seconds to him seems like just seem like 1 second to us which somehow also enables him to uite literally dodge bulletsAll of these super cool and interesting things fall apart in the final part of this trilogy and everything we learned about these people and their uniue capabilities is thrown out the windowHere are the things that bother me most about Written in Fire in no particular order Epstein is able to use data to predict basically everything that happens in the world—except for a ragtag militia of non abnorms calling his bluff on the finger missile strikes amongst other things Speaking of Epstein the supposed smartest man on the planet is consistently outwitted by non abnorms throughout pretty much the entirety of this book So Epstein and the NCH release a bulletin advising citizens to retreat to Tesla and hunker down for the inevitable invasion of the SOL Except for the 600 children living on the outskirts in what's essentially a makeshift refugee camp HUH?? Not only that but of these children somewhere around 300 of them had been rescued from an academy The other half came from within the NCH and volunteeredwere volunteered to buddy up with the rescued children to help with their rehabilitation I guess these kids were just abandoned by their families who were bunkered at Tesla? Nick Cooper does too much He escapes death numerous times ends the conflict and negotiates a treaty between the NCH and USA kills all the main bad guys bangs all of the women in his life without repercussion and constantly does what makes other characters abnorm better than them Cooper also gets away with too much What bothered me the most was the relationship he has with Natalie his ex wife mother of his children and a normal and Shannon his sexy little badass spy chick Throughout the series he expresses love for both of them He has sex with both of them Not once does he show regret for the affair until the very end—when Natalie who had previously told Nick that he has always and continues to love him changes her mind and no longer wants to reestablish their relationship Oh and she tells him this THE MOMENT BEFORE Nick was going to break it to her that he wants to be with Shannon probably because she's younger and childless no doubt Other things Cooper gets away with he escapes death when his heart is punctured thanks to some kind of voodoo magic medicine or something idk He has the ear of two presidents and Epstein with all of them seemingly bowing down and doing whatever he tells them to The NCH and Tesla is undergoing siege from an invading force that has full intention of killing them all and burning the city to the ground yet Cooper is able to sneak past the ONE security guy posted at the elevator that goes straight to Epstein's lair When the SOL breaches into Tesla the city's citizens are suddenly able to perform like trained soldiers Lawyers bakers accountants and stay at home moms keep their cool under fire and successfully stall an invasion by brutish men of which many are ex military Cooper–who had supposedly made most of his decisions based on his intention of protecting his family–actually leaves his family to go fight the bad guys with his new side chick In fact he has no idea where Natalie is when fighting breaks out between the two sides And he never even recognizes this fact It appeared as though he simply didn't care but I betcha he would care if she had been killed and he was suddenly responsible for his kids when all he wanted was to span the globe on special missions with Shannon The secretary of defense was able to convince the POTUS and entire JCOS that the military had been so retrograded that there was nothing to be done? He was able to single handedly give attack orders to a combined force of over 70000 soldiers including Air Force Army and Marine assets? No Justno Those are ten things that really bugged me about the last chapter of the Brilliance saga There were several instances that stuck out but I think you get the picture Overall the book wasn't bad The first 23rds was just as intriguing and interesting ad the first two books but the cheesy lines and illogical decisions made by certain characters in the last act really left me wanting Final vote 25 Stars

  10. Kate Kate says:

    this is how a trilogy should be written You definitely want to read the first 2 books before reading this one it's not really a standalone read Lots of action the characters blossom and I had a hard time putting it down Will miss this storyline but Sakey certainly did it justice

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