Dave Grohl - Times Like His MOBI å Grohl - Times

Dave Grohl - Times Like His MOBI å Grohl - Times

Dave Grohl - Times Like His [PDF] ✑ Dave Grohl - Times Like His Author Martin James – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Foo Fighters emerged from the morass of suicide and potent musical legacy that was Nirvana to establish themselves against all odds as one of the most popular rock bands in the worldDeflecting early c Foo Fighters emerged from - Times PDF/EPUB ë the morass of suicide and potent musical legacy that was Nirvana to establish themselves against all odds as one of the most popular rock bands in the worldDeflecting early critical disdain Dave Grohl has single handedly reinvented himself and cemented Dave Grohl PDF/EPUB ² his place in the rock pantheon This is his story from his pre Nirvana days in hardcore band Scream to his current status as a festival conuering Grammy winning platinum selling grunge legendAcross the entire body of Foo Fighters albums the whole legendary Nirvana tale Grohl - Times Epub Ú the pre history in the nascent Seattle scene and Grohl's flirtations with ueens of the Stone Age and his supergroup side project Them Crooked Vultures this is an utterly comprehensive insightful chronicle of Dave Grohl's remarkable lifeDrawing on new interviews with key figures in the Grohl story this definitive biography of one of modern rock's most influential figures includes the stories of the multi platinum opus Echoes Silence Patience and Grace 's Wasting Light which saw Grohl reunited with Nirvana producer Butch Vig and Sonic Highways their ambitious homage to coast to coast US classic rock'FASCINATING' THE GUARDIAN.

10 thoughts on “Dave Grohl - Times Like His

  1. Bon Tom Bon Tom says:

    As one of those uber fans of the band I enjoyed this But truth be told there are far better rock biographies out there And I'm not even sure this could be called biography at all It's chronology of the bend and even its albums This is basic set up That said could all the music critics psychotic babble have been avoided? Is there a person in the world who enjoys randomly assembled corpuses of words of notoriously unobjective prone to spurs of the moments musical or any for that matter critics? I'm pretty sure the answers are yes and no respectivelyTrue rock biographies are those written by rockstars themselves or their ghost writers often but under their strict supervision or by persons very close to the bend like their managers recent Van Halen biography I've read comes to mind This unfortunately is neither of those

  2. Ally Van Schilt Ally Van Schilt says:

    Mildly enjoyable without really learning anything new Still I love to read about people I love The drummer jokes to start every chapter were great; but the cringe worthy jokes that ran throughout were not his new baby is loud just like his music Such wit

  3. Tiffany Tiffany says:

    Good journalism about a fun topic but I think this book could've used editing attention my copy was absolutely riddled with errors in spelling grammar punctuation and consistency Too bad since there was lots of good material in this up to date biography

  4. Melisa Wells Melisa Wells says:

    I gave this four stars for being thorough Much of what was written is already known by real Foo Fighters fans who have watched “Back and Forth” and “Sound City” But I liked having the info all in one place British biographer Martin James took lots of liberties with sound bites from Dave inserting UK slang instead of being true to what was most likely said Example I don’t imagine that Dave really said ‘arseholes’ There were many misspellings and items that needed editing The book ended with an extremely annoying negative review of “Sonic Highways” which was a masterpiece and of course shotwritten through the lens of the experiences of Dave and Company But I’m nitpicking; overall the book was well done

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This is only the second book in my life I have considered not finishing It took me 3 12 months to finish itYou'd expect a Dave Grohl biography to be like Dave hyper charming driven It was none of that There were sparks of excitement every so often but they often died uickly The first chapter is all we get of Dave's childhood There is a 20 page history of the punk scene in Washington DC I understand the importance of the punk scene in influencing Grohl's work but the entire history was not necessary Not to mention the terrible editingproof reading job Even the names of some of the biggest rock stars are not correct on one page but correct on the nextThe best part of the book is the drummer jokes at the beginning of each chapter

  6. Lies Lies says:

    It's a very basic chronology of the life and discography of Dave Grohl the biography stays on the surface The endless beginning and background on punk and other bands was uite boring I started liking it when the story finally talked about NirvanaI didn't get the idea that the writer likes Dave very much he was uite negative about him and his character Admitted you shouldn't be a fanboy when writing books like these but still A bit neutrality wouldn't harm By the end I had the feeling the writer wanted to rush it and he didn't elaborate on some stories

  7. Carrie Carrie says:

    The book was entertaining but had a lot of redundancies It also desperately needed an editor as there are many errors in it I'd still recommend reading it especially if you are a Foo or Grohl fan

  8. Lindsey Novakovic Lindsey Novakovic says:

    Felt like reading of a research paper on the history of punk and rock n roll in Dave’s childhoodgrowing up years for the first half of the book but still learned a great deal about his experiences in music

  9. Mrs I M Walker Mrs I M Walker says:

    Good readI love reading anything and everything about Dave and the Foos The man is just amazing Little bits I didn't know before something I find with every book I read about him Would definitely suggest reading if your a fan and even if your not

  10. Matt Carton Matt Carton says:

    Rambling incoherent Dave and the Foos deserve much better

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