Payback Epub å Kindle Edition

Payback Epub å Kindle Edition

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  1. Kathy Jo Kathy Jo says:

    Ivy Monroe moved to Otter Creek to get away from her abusive ex boyfriend But even though she's in a new city and he's in jail she still lives in fear She no longer trusts men and shrinks away when ever they are near While in protective custody with her cousin Del she meets Alex Morgan She can't explain it but there is something different about him He's calm uiet and fiercely protective of Ivy He's the only man she feels comfortable around Alex knows that Ivy has been put through the wringer by her ex boyfriend and now suffers from PTSD While some look at her and see victim he looks at her and sees a fighter a survivor He just needs to help his angel see what he sees Just when life is getting back on track and moving forward Alex's past comes back to haunt them A visit from the FBI has him going back to Washington DC to a family who disowned him 15 years ago when he decided to join the military Ivy refuses to let him face his past alone She will stand by his side and will be his rock when he needs one the most But when the threat gets too close to Ivy and Durango Alex will do everything in his power to keep everyone safe For the first time in his life he has too much to live for and he refuses to let anyone stand in the way of his happiness and his happily ever after dreamy sighOh my gosh You guys I absolutely LOVED this book Alex and Ivy are my new favorites I can't even begin to tell you how amazing they are They have both been through SO much and if anyone deserves a HEA it's these two They are perfect for each other One of my favorite parts was the charm bracelet super cute And that proposal dreamy sigh I'm not going to lie I read that part 3 times Haha I am so glad that I started this series The books just keep getting better and better I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the books I'm also looking forward to reading the Fortress Security series I'm definitely intrigued by all these side characters and their stories I'm so glad that I discovered Ms Deel I have been sucked in to every single one of her books I have read so far Gotta love adding authors to your go to list ; Not going to lie this casting was a bit tough I had the hardest time trying to find Alex What do you think? Content Mild violence Talk of abuse No swearing Clean romance just swoony kisses

  2. Christina Christina says:

    Incredible Romantic SuspenseWow this book was intense I felt like I was on the edge of my seat constantly I have been excited to read Alex and Ivy’s story since I finished the previous book where we are first introduced to these two characters Ivy is a great heroine She has been through so much and has a lot of fear PTSD anxiety and deep emotion to overcome I loved watching her fight to become the person she used to be but stronger She was sweet and kind but turned grizzly to anyone who tried to hurt her loved ones Alex was such a fantastic hero He is strong commanding smart and lethal yet has such a patient tender heart where Ivy is concerned He has a lot of emotional baggage from his family that he has to fight through Ivy does as well I loved who they looked to as good examples of marriage and family what they both wanted someday The suspense and action was perfect and complimented the romance wonderfully I loved having those elements woven into this clean romance A great book can’t wait to read from this author

  3. Aimee (Getting Your Read On) Aimee (Getting Your Read On) says:

    So So GoodOoh I really loved this one The characters the suspense the pacing all of it It was so so good

  4. Norma Norma says:

    Format Audiobook His Angel with a spine of steel What happens to a black ops sniper assassin when he finds a pathetic pretty face to protect? He falls in love and becomes sappy silly and careless in his determination to 'save' herAlex Morgan learns that his estranged Senator father has been shot and returns home to see him at the same time facing the hatred of his mother and brother who blamed him for his father's condition Who had wanted the Senator dead? Was it an attempted revenge killing? There is much that is wrong at Hunter's Glen and will die before the puzzle is solvedIvy Monroe only once before trusted a man and he'd hurt her leaving her a terrified mess afraid of him of the dark confined spaces with trust issues and panic attacks though she continued to work as an arts lecturer Secretly she emotionally drooled over the strong sniper so steady and brave When he says he is going to see his father she says she's going with him And from that moment on it's all hearts and flowers a shower of charms and internal angst of shehe loves me heshe loves me not and constant terror for the other's well being YuckThe story is well written with natural dialogue and the characterisation is uite good but oh the patronising sickly sweet romance which dominates everything made this a very hard book for me to finish The ideals might be good and in strange contrast to the cold murderous pursuits of the Durango team but the perfect but damaged delicate little princess imagery was basically some sort of needful male construct for a man who's job it was to kill And the little girl image of love interest Ivy was further emphasized by narrator Kristina Fuller Yuen who performed her with a child voice unlike that of any of the other women but similar to the high pitched words of the toddlers MsYeun's reading was excellent clear briskly paced and with full expression as well as giving a natural and individual voicing to every one of the numerous characters An excellent lerformanceMy thanks to the rights holder of Payback who at my reuest via FAFY freely gifted me with a complimentary copy I verymuch enjoyed the base story of political and family theft and intrigue betrayal and treason which should have dominated the book but was instead sadly deep mired in the overwhelming morass of pseudo romantic angst With at least three uarters of this latter removed I woud have been inclined to recommend this to thriller and conspiracy fans As it stands it's most definitely not for me though I'm sure it would appeal to some

  5. My2CentsBookReviews My2CentsBookReviews says:

    Book 5 rock your world if this story doesn't move you nothing will Hot topics special Ops mission and a deep romantic loveAlex Morgan has the responsibility and burden of being the sniper for special op missions That choice tore his family part they chose not to understand or support Alex works to rescue Josh the unit leader Del and her cousin during a mission That is how Alex meets Ivy who is a survivor of horrid crime This action adventure is unbelievablemust read to believe Alex so sincere n romantic ever one will want a man just like him LOL amazing storyMore reviews and opinions please check out my blog my2centsbookreviewscom thanks

  6. Stephanie Herron Stephanie Herron says:

    Best one of the series So farFound this series by chance and have been binge reading ever since The series started out with triplet sisters finding their spouses after going through times with bad guys Then it moved to their brother who is a retired spec ops soldier This story is about the brothers best friend Alex This one has twists and turns in it than some of the previous I like this series as they can be stand alone but are much better read as a group since the characters from previous stories are in them Well written with a lot of emotion in the characters

  7. Addison Patton Addison Patton says:

    I love every book in this series but this one was definitely my favorite Rebecca Deel definitely knows how to write strong female characters who aren't cliche Ivy's character development is phenomenal and extremely well written I also have a soft spot for Alex Despite everything he's been through he stays true to who he is There were definitely times that my heart ached for him Other times I wanted to reach through the pages of the book to strangle both Cynthia and Porter Morgan The overall story was incredible and will remain on my favorites list for a long time

  8. Diana Rieck Diana Rieck says:

    Book 5 Each book in this series has a different set of leading characters with the regular cast of characters included but book 5 was the one that had me crying the most Ivy Alex are such a wonderful and loving couple their love story was the most touching On to book 6

  9. Nikki Freeman Nikki Freeman says:

    Rebecca Deel is my new FAVORITE author I am obsessed with the FortressOtter Creek series I love the characters and their stories

  10. Carol and Gary Curtis Carol and Gary Curtis says:

    I'm really enjoying this series Just the right combination of romance and action The romance is a little low key but that's no real problem The author Ms Deel does excellent dialoguecertainly fun and gripping

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Payback (Otter Creek #5) ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☆ Payback (Otter Creek #5) Author Rebecca Deel – A mission from his past threatens his futureA stalker has his sights set on art history teacher Ivy Monroe Still recovering from a relationship with an abusive former boyfriend she's determined to win A mission from his past threatens his futureA stalker has his sights set on art history teacher Ivy Monroe Still recovering from a relationship with an abusive former boyfriend she's determined to win this fight over fear and intimidation No one has the right to cage her again When Ivy is nearly killed she takes refuge in the arms of the one man she trustsElite Delta sniper Alex Morgan now trains bodyguards for Fortress Security When his father is shot the feds are convinced Alex is guilty of attempted murder Determined to clear his name and find the shooter he travels to Washington DC with Ivy and his Delta unitHe learns someone leaked information from one of Durango's missions and now he and his unit are targets Worse Ivy is in danger Battling his family and the feds Alex and his friends race the clock to unmask the shooter before he strikes again When Ivy falls into the hands of the enemy nothing will prevent Alex from saving the woman who owns his heart.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 305 pages
  • Payback (Otter Creek #5)
  • Rebecca Deel
  • English
  • 13 September 2016