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Paris for Two Read Paris For Two Phoebe Stone Xxlhuge.eu Set In Paris, This Middle Grade Take On Anna And The French Kiss Will Have Readers Swooning.Most People Go To Paris To Fall In Love, But Twelve Year Old Petunia Beanly Goes To Paris To Hide From It She Knows How Much Love Hurts She Ll Never Forget How Painful It Was To Mess Up Badly With Windel Watson, The Only Boy Who Has Ever Made Her Heart Turn Over Besides, Love Is Really Only For The Golden People, Like Pet S Gorgeous, Glamorous, And Infuriating Older Sister, Ava So When Pet And Her Family Move To Paris For A Year, Her Plan Is To Stay In Her New Room With The Blankets Over Her Head.But Paris Knows How To Find Its Way Into The Shyest Of Hearts And Paris Has A Surprise In Store For Both Beanly Sisters That Will Change The Way They See Themselves, Each Other, And The Swirling Adventure That Is A First Crush.

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    2.5 stars

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    Visit Stay Bookish for book reviews Middle grade Anna and the French Kiss I couldn t possibly pass on reading such a story Since I ve been trying to get into middle grade books for awhile now, when this title with that blurb came up, I just knew I had to check this out Even though I ve never read anything by Phoebe stone, let alone hear anything about her other books, I was so excited to read this MG book set in Paris.Petunia Beanly s family is staying in France for her Dad s sabbatical But it turns out she was wrong to think that this was a chance to escape the embarrassment she made of herself back in America If nothing else, it s an opening to face the fact that she s got a mad crush on Windel Watson However, stuck in the shadow of her beautiful older sister, Petunia or Pet for short, has yet to find the courage to do so.I so badly wanted to adore Paris for Two I was so much alike Pet when I was twelve awkward and shy and out of place I wish I could say I connected with her because of this but it saddens me to report that I did not A seri...

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    Good book my oldest kid loved this book

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    Pet and her family move to Paris for a year for her fathers sabbatical Pet thought she would be so happy there until she discovers, the boy she had a crush on is also going to be there OH NO During her stay in P...

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    In my opinion, Phoebe Stone doesn t get nearly enough credit for her writing I ve been a hard core fan since Deep Down Popular Stone writes realistic middle grade fiction They are sweet stories with endearing characters If I m looking for tween romance, she is my go to person When I started this I wasn t looking for much than a satisfying read It didn t take long for me to become completely absorbed in the story and the characters I admit that I was uncomfortable with the sibling rivalry and the mother s favouritism of the older sister That was just plain creepy The Beanly family is in Paris while the father is on a sabbatical writing about Flaubert Petunia, the younger sister, is happy to be away from America where she made a fool of herself because of a crush on Windel Watson Unfortunately, Windel is also in Paris There are three story lines weaving their way through this book Petunia s humiliating crush on Windel Watson, a piano prodigy from her school, is told in flashbacks The adversarial relationship between Petunia and her older, beautiful sister Ava, is both backdrop and foreground to the other stor...

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    Petunia and WindelStories for young adults don t get any better than this True to real life, historical flashbacks, insecurities at all ages, misunderstandings, family eccentricities and crazinesses, forgiveness, generosity Paris for Two has it all.The fam is in Paris for Dad the Flaubert scholar s sabbatical somewhere it said year long, but events read like spring semester Main character Petunia Beanley that at first I misread as Beauley, probably because of Francophile Dad in a Parisian setting has been crushing forever on schoolmate Windel Watson who by misfortune that in the end turns into good fortune also has come to Paris from the greater Boston area.Phoebe Stone s characters all are that stereotypical larger than life So sorry about the Mom, who favors and coddles elder daughter Ava from a previous relationship, and who apparently is a gifted artist who can t find herself because she s socially and existentially lost on the wrong side of the vast Atlantic expanse The apartment building s concierge shares a lot about and until the book s conclusion still spends much of her time reliving her World War mis history come to think of it, Collette may be the lynchpin of the entire narrative Protagonist Petunia is creative...

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    Though definitely not the most original book, I still appreciated the nostalgic and innocent mood from the book, capturing the feeling of being young, free, and having a crush while being socially awkward I loved the Romeo and Juliet Code because of the adorableness factor I was attracted to this particular book because of the cover and the title since I adore anything related to Paris.I admire Pet because she s a little sister who is overshadowed by her perfect older sister, but Pet is really talented for being twelve I m older than her, but I m still horrible at fashion and don t know anything about it typical Reenie outfit t shirt and worn out dark jeans.It wasn t exactly the most realistic o...

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    A middle grade novel about a 12 year old American girl who goes to live in Paris while her father is on sabbatical She meets her boy crush from school who s in Paris too and enters a fashion design contest where she bases her design on doll clothes a woman designed for dolls in 1945 A sto...

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    I really didn t like that Petunia s family wasn t very nice to her It wasn t fair It was nice that Ava started being nice to her, but why was she such a jerk in the first place When Windel kisses the tip of Petunia s nose that was too much They are thirteen for pity sakes

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    I think this book was amazing if you love Paris this is great she learned how to speak French and then had the Nazis come so they had to be quite for a long time.And she also had a fashion show that she had to design some dresses.

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