The Bermudez Triangle PDF/EPUB ✓ The Bermudez PDF

The Bermudez Triangle PDF/EPUB ✓ The Bermudez PDF

The Bermudez Triangle [Reading] ➿ The Bermudez Triangle ➶ Maureen Johnson – What happens when your two best friends fall in lovewith each otherTheir friendship went so far back it bordered on the Biblical in the beginning there was Nina and Avery and Mel So says high school s What happens when your two best friends fall in lovewith each otherTheir friendship went so far back it bordered on the Biblical in the beginning there was Nina and Avery and Mel So says high school senior Nina Bermudez about herself and her two best friends nicknamed The Bermudez Triangle The Bermudez PDF or by a jealous wannabe back on Nina's eleventh birthday But the threesome faces their first separation when Nina goes away the summer before their senior year And in ten short weeks everything changesNina returns home bursting with stories about Steve the uirky yet adorable eco warrior she fell for hard while away But when she asks her best friends about their summer romances an awkward silence followsNina soon learns the shocking truth when she sees Mel and Averykissing Their friendship is rocked by what feels like the ultimate challenge But it's only the beginning of a sometimes painful sometimes funny always gripping journey as three girls discover who they are and what they really want.

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  1. Christine Christine says:

    In a search of recent LGBT young adult novels Maureen Johnson's The Bermudez Triangle recently republished as On the Count of Three pops up pretty early on I procrastinated reading this for a long time partially because I have learned what to expect from so called mainstream ueer YA I was mildly intrigued enough by the re issued copy to splurge on it at Barnes Noble all in the name of research of courseThe thing is I really want to like this book I would have given it four stars aside from a few things I loved the three best friend characters and I think Johnson did a really great job of developing the three of them individually It helps that the book is entirely in third person switching between the perspectives of Mel Avery and Nina The reader learns how these three think without having to delve completely into a first person account of their inane ramblings we all have inane ramblings after all I think the premise of this book is really great It's not just a coming out story; it's the story of three girls coming of age and figuring out who they are and who they want to be in the future This is definitely one of the realistic YAs I've ever read and although I found some of the details particularly the random brand name references that appeared throughout to be overwhelming I'd rather have an over detailed world than one with no details at all It was easy to get attached to these three girls in their world especially their varying relationshipsI'll be honest I was rooting for Mel and Avery the whole time A romantic relationship with your best friend? Count me in I've read reviews commenting on the innocence of the book in that all we ever see the girls do is make out but I don't necessarily see this as a bad thing The early stages of their relationship made me smile in spite of myself I certainly liked Mel and Avery better than Nina and Steve Steve felt rather under developed and definitely stereotyped so I don't know how Johnson expected the reader to root for him and Nina view spoilerWhen they break up halfway through the book it came as a relief to me since I saw what was happening all along hide spoiler

  2. Bren Bren says:

    My dad does this thing where he reads the summaries of books I'm reading and then decides whether or not he is impressed Whenever I'm reading some advanced adult literature or a classic he just reads it and mumbles something about it being long or difficult Whenever I read a book by Maureen Johnson he takes one look at the cover and declares That doesn't look like your style of book or That looks kind of like a beach read And as much as I try to convince him that it is not the subject matter that determines a good book but how the author deals with the subject matter he still cannot get past the scantily clad girls on the cover However whenever I get the chance I defend Maureen Johnson because I think she is an amazing writer and this book was no exception It was believable and realistic and funny and true And it dealt with the issue of teens uestioning their sexuality perfectly It was not in the least bit cliche or stereotypical I loved this book and I think everyone should read it

  3. Agatha Lund Agatha Lund says:

    This is the book I wanted to read from Maureen Johnson; it's the story of Nina and her two best friends Mel and Avery when Nina spends the summer at a pre college program Mel and Avery fall in love Johnson handles the difficulties of coming out in high school deftly and Mel who struggles with knowing that she's gay and knowing that Avery her girlfriend probably isn't is a wonderfully sympathetic character possibly my favorite in the book The real world of course doesn't always have a happy ending like the book does but Nina's struggle with feeling left out when her two closest friends are in love Avery's struggle with loving Mel but not being certain she's a lesbian and Mel's broken heart all keep the book moving wonderfully and unlike some of Johnson's other books this felt like it played the emotional undertones out to their fullest extent Wonderful

  4. Brigid ✩ Brigid ✩ says:

    Wow I really liked it This is the third book I've read by Maureen Johnson and it was definitely my fave of her books that I've read so far; although 13 Little Blue Envelopes is a very close second i thought parts of it were a little far fetched But I thought that The Bermudez Triangle was a really good and believable story and addressed an extremely important topic that a lot of people are uncomfortable to discuss wfamily and friends The characters were very well developed and the plot was gripping I loved it and highly recommend it

  5. jv poore jv poore says:

    Maureen Johnson used to be an author I really want to check out Now she is a kick ass author whose books I must ownBermudez Triangle tackles serious issues with wit grit and humor Characters are true and they make real mistakes with actions and reactions honestly and unapologetically portrayed The dialogue is spot on as is the spontaneity uniue to the young This was a uick compelling and captivating read and I'm sure the start of a whole new obsession

  6. Lizzie Lizzie says:

    I love this book's premise so so so very much I think it does a marvelous job with a marvelous idea and becomes a rather useful story about gay teenagers and friendship I'm really glad it's a book Some of the stuff holding it up didn't work as well for me so this is gonna go on the record with 3 stars because that weakness holds it back from being a really wonderful book But it is a wonderful subjectA few things could have balanced a little better for me My biggest problem was Nina and this long distance email boyfriend story Few things about that First Nina's emails to him are clingy and unflattering It's realistic almost as realistic as Mel's understandable I think clingy excitement with Avery and when those were happening at the same time I thought we were going to get a lesson about the parallel We didn't but then when long distance Steve went cold I thought we were going to get a different lesson about it Not so Steve came back And Nina said ok Said no to the charming good friend Parker pawning him off to Scarf Girl in the last sentence like Ducky's random girl at the end of Pretty In Pink Still realistic? But unsatisfying for a novel I can't help but think of how much I liked the boyfriend lesson in Johnson's story in Let It Snow because it feels almost like a rewrite of this one Sometimes the perfect achiever amazing guys are actually very bad for you because truthfully their achievement comes first in their heartsNow some additional business I was going to mention in this review that it couldn't be obvious that the book banners who come after this one couldn't be wrong the characters' actual sexual feelings are handled very very discreetly and a few teenage jokes are made regarding the subject at large and that is it for adult content in the book So it is completely clear this book gets banned because two girls date in itSo I was going to just say that and then link over to the fantastic amazing video rebuttal Maureen Johnson made for YouTube this summer when this flared up again in Florida But as you'll see the video's gone So I'm completely thrown Warner has inexplicably had it removed from the site for infringement So that's really nice and shady there What is going on? How could that be?Here's what I remember about her statements In addition to pointing out the above facts herself that there is nothing at all to be considered adult in the novel she highlighted that the main point is the positive response she has received about the book She talked about teenagers who have contacted her to thank her for a book that they felt helped them She said what gives you the right to make the decision to keep this book unavailable to someone who might need it? She did directly reference news footage from the time which could possibly be owned by WB mostly interviews with her accusers getting the mic Though to my memory she didn't use any footage and just linked to some which she suggested you watch so you know exactly what her attackers are saying It was very well doneJust thought it should be said since it seems she can't even oppose her own censorship without getting censored Which is about the most shameful thing I've ever heardShould you happen to remember of the author's statements from this video I think it could be good to collect comments about it

  7. oliviasbooks oliviasbooks says:

    I've read 113 pages and I'll stop The story is about three best friends in their senior year at High School While dominant Nina had been at leadership camp during summer break witty Avery and shy fragile Mel became lovers which somehow shifted the angles of their former perfect triangle into a mismatched thing that leaves Nina feeling superfluous not really wanted The only person Nina would like to chew this out with is her absent and busy long distance boyfriend Steve a summer souvenir who is too considerate too much in harmony with the environment and too friendly Readers like me get suspicious by this kind of overzealous behavior on the spotIt's not that I did not enjoy The Bermudez Triangle because of the lesbian love focus In my opinion a good love story is a good love story But apart from Jubilee and Steven in Let It Snow Maureen Johnson's protagonists and I do not seem to click 13 Little Blue Envelopes were kind of fun although I observed the heroine in a kind of detached way but Suite Scarlett fell completely flat for me which I also hold Scarlett and the rest of her mottled crew responsible forIn addition the 'Triangle' plot runs on a rather depressing note The elements strewn in for fun Nina's underwear stealing roommate etc were not strong enough to rise the gloomy mess out of the pit But that may be just my point of view

  8. Sylwia (Wish Fulfillment) Sylwia (Wish Fulfillment) says:

    Note The first few pages of the novel start off with every cliche writing trope I recommend pushing through as those are the only pages that are clicheWhy I Recommend Bumping This UP On Your TBR 1 Two of the three characters have interesting journeys when it comes to sexual orientation identity development At the end of the book it seems like they're both straight but before we get to the end of the book they sure participate in some not straight things one is in a relationship with her female best friend and the other has a lot of thoughts about her female best friends that I don't imagine straight people tend to have This heterofluid identity made me think a lot 2 The third protagonist identifies as a lesbian and her coming out story is worthwhile3 The characters are worth reading so character driven readers will enjoy4 Johnson's writing choices are interesting because she skips over the scenes that other authors would describe and drag out I appreciate this uirk to her story telling A LOT because she focuses on the befores and afters of big events which makes the stories mirror life believablyWhy You Might Bump This Down On Your TBR If you mind normalized cheating I would skip this Also Johnson includes some skimmable filler descriptions that are unnecessary Her writing style doesn't work for every reader Also if you are expecting a book about three ueer girls or even an ff romance that is not what you'll be getting here

  9. Hannah Hannah says:

    I feel guilty only giving this book two stars since it really was worth at least 25 and as well Maureen Johnson is one of my favourite authors However I couldn't bring myself to award it a full three starsI didn't find any of the main characters particularly likeable Avery is aloof and flake ish and ultimately never takes responsibility for her actions Mel is the typical weak personality relies on everybody else to speak and think for her She's also incredibly clingy to basically everybody Nina seems like a strong independent character but she is obsessive about Steve and despite him treating her like utter garbage constantly she continually makes excuses for him and forgives him Her obsession turns her into a very selfish character and made me lose a lot of respect for her I found the conclusion to be a little forced and at the same time lacking real resolution This is Maureen Johnson's first novel and whilst it's not weak she has certainly developed and matured her writing style in subseuent books Definitely not my favourite but overall not a complete letdown

  10. Oda Renate Oda Renate says:

    The first 13 chapters were pretty boring it got a bit better after that but not much

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