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Mothers Day PDF Epub Mothers Day Author Ren E Knight Ivogue.co.uk Staying With Her Parents At Beauwater Manor, A Luxury Hotel In The English Countryside, Is The Happiest Memory Of Laura S Young Life So Far She S Excited At The Prospect Of Returning To The Hotel A Few Years Later, But In This Riveting Short Story By Ren E Knight, Author Of Disclaimer A Remarkable Debut Novel Of Psychological Suspense Laura Will Discover That Even Though Some Things About Beauwater Manor Are Familiar, Others Are Very, Very Different From What She Remembers.

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    happy mother s day a day for floating reviews like they re in my amniotic sac blub blub today is mother s day, which is like yom kippur or arbor day in the powerpoint presentation of holidays in which i have no personal stake, but i figured i would read this short story in order to feel like a celebrant while you re all out buying last minute bouquets and eating brunch i like to give authors their three book due, so even though i did not like Disclaimer where did not like is me being very polite , i figured i would read this and see if she was better in the short story medium, with less room to make a mess of things.and it s fine if you re any kind of reader you will clock what is going on here pretty early, and it s a competent treatment of a done to death scenario, but even in this short story form, there are some lumps of the well, if we accept this, then how much of this is this variety where the author is so focused on the ...

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    If you have read Renee Knight s debut, Disclaimer, you are aware, how brilliantly she crafts deep unsettling and chilling psychological suspense Her first screenplay, Mother s Day , made it onto the Brit List of best unproduced scripts Great Cover MOTHER S DAY is a short story hypnotic, intriguing, and mysterious A disturbing look into the mind of a young girl Atmospheric mind bending psycho suspense After a traumatic event, a young mind protects itself, with only memories of an earlier time The way she wants to recall her mother readers are kept in the dark Use your imagination However, the way the author writes, the lines are blurred between fact and fiction Fantasy versus reality The complex human mind Brilliant What do you do when you want to escape the ugly Your mind takes you to your happy place Laura is now nine years old Her fondest memories are of Beauwater Manor, a luxury hotel in the heart of the English countryside Ah, the beauty, as she reviews her calendar from 2011 as she turns through each month the photos, cards the tranquil Manor House, a place to make memories that will stay with you forever A children s program, where there are crafts, art, and something for all ages From winte...

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    This is a terrifying story Read it and see why.

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    DISCLAIMER was one of my favorite books read last year, so I was excited to find this short story by the same author At only 32 pages, I wasn t sure what to expect The story is told from the perspective of 9 year old Laura Laura and her family return to a favor...

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    Confusing. Honestly i read this story 4 or 5 times The potential is there, I really wanted to understand it. Maybe it s me Maybe it s a really good story and my mind isn t complex enough to handle it I m not sure Because my mind couldn t keep up it was really hard to keep my mind from skipping p...

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    Different, UniqueA very different story told from a child s point of view about parents and hushed talks about the subjects that adults find hard to talk about with children Very sad.

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    Buen cuento.S lo voy a decir daaaamn.

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    Mother s Day by Renee KnightWhat Wait Are you kidding me I know this is a short story, but the words it does use tell a story I was not expecting Laura goes to a hotel for a getaway with her parents Her mother tells her she will take her to the beach tomorrow , always tomorrow She sees her father drive away and knows he will be back later I was left thinking the father left the family He dropped her mother and herself off at a hotel for a getaway and left them there There is always talking with Laura on the wrong side of the door, maybe they argue and this ...

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    Apropos reading for the drive home on Mother s Day Great concept, but the execution was disappointing It needed much skill I know it s meant to be the murky mental meanderings of a child, but it just came out confusing and flat, as if the writer assumed we knew what was going on, doing her own story a disservice by failing to b...

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    Well written, engaging, thought provoking.Well worth the read This story is an excellent example of how to show, not tell The ending is a masterwork of revelation I usually figure out where the author is headed, but this time I was pleasantly surprised Though my time with little Laura was br...

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