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Whispers in the Wind PDF/EPUB × Whispers in Kindle -

10 thoughts on “Whispers in the Wind

  1. angela angela says:

    This is my second book by Elizabeth Haran and she is an amazing writer Her writing takes you away into the book and makes you feel you know each character personally You know the landscape the people who live there everything as if you were there I could picture everything the whole time I read this book Her ideas for stories are perfect they keep you not wanting to put the book down Her mind is geniusThis book was great it was in a beautiful setting and had everything necessary to make a book great Love lies compassion heartache and much scheming I would recommend this book to anyone it's a clean book no swearing sex or violence

  2. Ivette Ivette says:

    Susurros en el viento me hizo sentir desesperación en cada página me mantuvo entretenida y enganchada Me enamoré por completo de los personajes crecí con Amelia y odié a Susan a lo largo del libro Es la primera vez ue leo algo sobre Elizabeth Haran y me ha encantado la forma en como te hace adentrarte en la historia y formar parte de ella

  3. joanne joanne says:

    Although the plot and setting were interesting the characters were not believable and I did not think the story very historical accurate I enjoyed the character of Amelia and her growth from a spoilt brat to a caring young lady The other character of Sarah Jones the convict was entirely unbelievable the depth she went to trick everyone making them think she was Amelia was far fetched and that every one believed her Women of that time period would not have had jobs outside of the home especially the upper class They would not have been nurses dance instructs or worked in a bank Overall a good read it you aren't looking for any depth

  4. Caroline Caroline says:

    Heeft een veelbelovend plot twee meisjes lijden schipbreuk een lady en een gevangene de lady loopt geheugenverlies op de gevangene wisselde met haar van indentiteit Vanaf de helft van het boek valt de schrijfster heel veel in herhaling daarom maar twee sterren

  5. Michelle Irwin Michelle Irwin says:

    Loved itReally enjoyed this one Really liked the switching of identitiesand as you readyour feelings for the characters switch also Very entertaining to see how devious and conniving a woman can be to get what she wants

  6. Isa Isa says:

    I enjoyed the book liked the story I just found the dialogues a bit repetitive The characters were also not very clever

  7. Lorena Tassier Lorena Tassier says:

    Amelia y Sarah Australia

  8. Andrea Milano Andrea Milano says:

    Una historia ue disfruté mucho Intriga romance y drama son los ingredientes principales de esta hermosa novela ambientada en los agrestes paisajes de la Australia del siglo XIX 👏👏👏

  9. Anne Monteith Anne Monteith says:

    When we first meet Amelia Define who had lost her parents and younger brother in a tragic accident and she and her companion Lucy she is traveling from Hobart Town Australia to Kangaroo Island New Zealand to live with her guardians that she had not seen since she was a child On the same ship is Sarah Jones a young woman the same age as Amelia but from entirely different circumstances Sarah is very bitter because she was framed for a crime in England she didn’t commit and sentenced to serve seven years hard labor in Australia Having served fives years she is on her way to New Zealand to work for a farmer taking care of his six children and home She hates Amelia on site because she is just like the two girls who had her framed for stealing While they are the same age and share some similarities in appearance Amelia is beautiful and Sarah is plain which Sarah also resents; she feels that she should have the same opportunities as Amelia She has befriended Lucy who is a very sweet girl and while she loathes Amelia she would change places with her in a heartbeat if she could When the ship wrecks theory are the only two survivors After surviving for hours by clinging to a rock they are finally rescued They have to be winched up and Amelia hits her head against the rocks losing her memory When she doesn’t get them back Sarah decides to change places with the spoiled selfish young woman She blames her for Lucy's death and she decides to make her pay for that and everything that has happened to her because of spoiled selfish girls just like herThe novel is beautifully written the characters well drawn and the descriptions of different places make the reader feel that they are there Amelia struggles to come to grips with her situation she doesn’t believe she’s a criminal but has no choice to accept what has happened to her The reader watches as she grows into an amazing human being Sarah manages to continue with the ruse because she has been taught how to read write and speak properly Even after gaining the life she feels she’s owed she becomes even loathsome and despicable contemplating murder not once but twice She constantly lies and manipulates everyone She is no longer content with just assuming Amelia’s identity she wants the fortune the young woman has inherited and once she gets it she wants she plans to return and help her family in England Then she decides that she wants to marry a certain man who does not feel the same and once again she does everything she can to get what she wants There is nothing about her that the reader can like and we keep waiting for her to get caught and punished for what she’s done Eventually her identity is discovered and she’s forced to admit what she’s done She’s returned to the prison but they’re not aware of what she’s done and attempted to do The other things that happen are what made me rate this book as I did Amelia’s growth and the thing she does as a result are wonderful I love the person she becomes and the things she does but I feel cheated because of Sarah’s fate I know many people love this book because of the endings but I did not3755 STARS I want to thank the author andor publisher for providing me with a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review; all opinions are mine

  10. Arta Raituma Arta Raituma says:

    Ideja apmainīt vietām atšķirīgu sabiedrības slāņu sievietes tradicionāla un laba sākums arī cerīgs Taču līdz beigām lasīju tikai aiz pavājas ziņkāres par atrisinājumu Principā neiesaku vērts lasīt kā pludmales lubeni 'pilnīgi nav ko darīt' dēļ Sižeta ātrums 'nāvējošs' dialogos nepārtraukti tiek malta viena un tā pati tēma uz riņķi Un ticiet man vārdi 'cietumniece' 'noziedzniece' un 'rafinēts' jums maigi sakot piegriezīsies ātri Vienīgais jaukums ir nelielā vēsturiskā un ģeogrāfiskā informācija par Austrāliju Un uz ģeniālām beigām varat necerēt

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Whispers in the Wind ✮ [PDF] ✩ Whispers in the Wind By Elizabeth Haran ✻ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Kangaroo Island 1845 Vor der australischen Küste sinkt ein Schiff in einem gewaltigen Sturm Wie durch ein Wunder überleben zwei junge Frauen das Unglück Amelia Divine und Sarah Jones Sie werden von Kangaroo Island Vor der australischen Küste sinkt ein Schiff in einem gewaltigen Sturm Wie durch ein Wunder überleben zwei junge Frauen das Unglück Amelia Divine und Sarah Jones Sie werden von dem Leuchtturmwärter von Cape du Couedic aus der See gerettet Doch Amelia erleidet eine Kopfverletzung und verliert dadurch ihr Gedächtnis Sie kann sich nicht einmal mehr an ihren Namen erinnern – und Sarah nutzt die Gelegenheit den Lauf des Schicksals zu verändern und ihrer trostlosen Zukunft zu entfliehen Das Leben der beiden jungen Frauen wird sich dramatisch verändern.

  • Paperback
  • 573 pages
  • Whispers in the Wind
  • Elizabeth Haran
  • German
  • 20 February 2016
  • 9783404157723

About the Author: Elizabeth Haran

Elizabeth Haran was born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe known as Southern RhodesiaAfterward her family moved to England and wandered from there to Australia Today she lives with her husband in a seaside suburb of Adelaide in South AustraliaShe has two grown sons Her passion for writing she discovered early sPreviously she worked as a model owned a nursery and looked after learning disabled childre.