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  • 273 pages
  • Disclaimer
  • Renée Knight
  • Portuguese
  • 01 October 2019

DisclaimerDisclaimer PDF Epub Author Ren E Knight Thomashillier.co.uk Difama O Especial Uma Hist Ria Engenhosa E Cheia De Reviravoltas, Planejada Do Modo Perfeito, Impressionante The New York Times Um Retrato Forte E Convincente De Pessoas For Adas A Encarar Verdades Duras, Insuport Veis The Guardian O Livro De Estreia De Ren E Knight Est Sendo Comparado A Garota Exemplar Uma Premissa Animadora The Wall Street Journal Um Livro Incr Vel O Ritmo Da Hist Ria De Knight Magn Fico The TimesImagine Que Voc Encontre Um Livro Sobre A Sua Vida, Que Revele Um Segredo Que Voc Manteve Escondido Da Sua Fam Lia Por Vinte Anos E Que Voc Achava Que Ningu M Mais Soubesse Um Segredo Devastador.Catherine Ravenscroft Chegou Meia Idade Levando Uma Vida Perfeitamente Normal Casada, Tem Um Filho, Ama O Emprego, Gosta De Ler Nas Horas Vagas Agora Que O Filho Cresceu E Seguiu Seu Pr Prio Rumo, Ela E O Marido Decidiram Se Mudar Para Uma Casa Menor Em Meio Ao Caos Da Mudan A, Catherine Encontra O Completo Estranho, Um Livro Que N O Se Lembra De Ter Comprado Intrigada, Ela Inicia A Leitura, Mas Logo Se D Conta De Algo Terr Vel O Que Est Ali N O Fic O A Narrativa Traz, Com Riqueza De Detalhes, O Dia Em Que Catherine Se Tornou Ref M De Um Segredo Sombrio At Ent O, Ela Achava Que Ningu M Mais Sabia O Que Havia Acontecido Naquele Ver O, Vinte Anos Antes Pelo Menos Ningu M Ainda Vivo.Agora O Mundo Perfeito De Catherine Est Desmoronando, E Sua Nica Esperan A Encarar O Que Realmente Aconteceu Naquele Dia Fat Dico Mesmo Que A Verdade Possa Destru La.

About the Author: Renée Knight

Ren e Knight worked for the BBC directing arts documentaries before turning to writing She has had TV and film scripts commissioned by the BBC, Channel Four and Capital Films In April 2013 she graduated from the Faber Academy Writing a Novel course She lives in London with her husband and two children Transworld Publishers

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    If you trust me at all, then trust me on this one Take a chance and read it Disclaimer It took me awhile to get into this I had almost given up, but then From the reviews I m reading I liked Disclaimer than some The Hook The blurb What if you realized the terrifying book you were reading was all about you Come on now, isn t that enough to reel you in The Line All I felt was soft filth, and it got into my skin and under my fingernails, and its stink invaded my nostrils, clinging to the hairs, soaking up into the tiny blood vessels and polluting my entire system.The Sinker Catherine Ravenscroft soon realizes the book she finds by her beside is far sinister than a light work of fiction She s intrigued by this suspenseful story The Perfect Stranger until she realizes it s all about her Where did it come from Who wrote it And why was it left for her It threatens to expose a secret from her past, one she thought hidden for all time, the consequences which could topple her very existence.Ren e Knight plotted this psychological tale with precision A satisfying read with questions we all struggle to answer How well do we know our spouses How strong is love How well do...

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    With a couple of reservations, I found Disclaimer by Ren e Knight to be well written, engrossing and quite chilling.Catherine, a documentary film maker is given a book She is extremely disturbed to find that the book s leading character is herself Many years ago a terrible incident occurred an incident that Catherine has never come to terms with, has buried and tried to erase The book brings the poison flooding back and threatens to destroy her.The story is told mainly through two viewpoints, which works well and the tension builds effectively It s a tale of betrayal, obsession and growing paranoia.There s also a sadness that seeps through the narrative.My only issue with the book was with a specific narrative device Psychological thriller writers often build a clever artifice, an arrangement of selective facts that create an assumed reality a reality that comes tumbling down the minute a new fact or perspective is added i.e a big surprise for the reader With Disclaimer however, it s a little different.In the first half of the novel especially, you are very aware that secrets are being ke...

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    I m learning to be less bothered about hype I ve said over and over again that most of the hyped and praised and hotly anticipated books I ve read this year have been thoroughly mediocre, and yet only recently has it occurred to me that of course they are it s mediocre books that sell the most Hype still gets to me, I easily get caught up in the must read this first excitement, but I no longer expect it to actually mean a truly great book Disclaimer is a classic case in point a much talked about debut suspense novel that sparked a bidding war and is already set to be translated into 20 languages you know the drill In alternate chapters, it tells the stories of forty something film producer Catherine and retired teacher Stephen Brigstocke, starting with Catherine s discovery of a book apparently left on her bedside table which, she finds, is about a part of her life she s managed to keep secret for twenty years Convinced the author s revenge tactic will tear her family apart, Cat...

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    Another psychological thriller that s good enough, but not great.I liked the unsettling premise of picking up a book in which your darkest secret is laid bare For those of us who read a lot, it is exactly the kind of what if that hits closest to home I spend a lot of time wishing I was in certain books, but on reflection, am pretty happy i m not, especially in the starring role My turbulent past can stay there, thank you very much.Beyond that, Knight does well with the trials and misunderstandings of family interaction, the relationships between people that are determined by what is not known, or acknowledged, about others, than what is It worked well in the denouement and was the basis for a relatively satisfying surprise.However, the novel had a light touch, and I was left unmoved I felt no connection to any of the characters and little real interest in what happened to them The book only took a few hours to rea...

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    This book surprised me in a good way I ll admit I wasn t so sure in the beginning I found the first 1 4 of this book a little confusing Once I was able to get into the flow of the novel it really did become a page turner Keep in mind that you will need to suspend your disbelief nearly throughout but if ...

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    Wow I really enjoyed this book The suspense builds to keep you flying through the pages I thought the plot was well thought out and I have to say I never saw the end coming Give it a try and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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    3.5 Psychological twisty Fast paced, the revelations keep coming and even when I was sold on one theory, another presented itself A very good suspense filled story, one where it tales a while to like any of these characters, not too sure if I ever did but it didn t seem to matte...

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    Disclaimer is a great debut novel Not only is it a psychological thriller, but it is a thought provoking story about two families told from different points of view with really great character development This story shows how the main character, Catherine, has a past that comes back to haunt her and destroy the life that she knows I wavered between 4 and 5 Stars throughout The very beginning, being a 4 because it took me a little while to get into the story, but once I caught on it became very good and had some twists that I didn t see coming that put it in the 5 range The ending was a 4 for me I will definitely be reading Renee Knights next book Thank you to GR Friend Carol If it wasn t for her review I probably would not have purchased this novel.Oh, it took me a we...

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    I ve mentioned several times before that I m not normally keen on stories set in Blighty just too close to home The settings remind me of work and the prevailing weather is normally dismal too Two things that hit the wrong note for me from the get go So the London setting of this debut novel from a former film documentary maker had ground to make up from the start However, it did kick off in interesting fashion with Catherine Ravenscroft also a film documentary maker finding a book beside her bed only to find it to be the story of a part of her own life she s desperate to forget From this point the story is told, partly in flashback, both her her point of view and that of retired schoolteacher Stephen Brigstocke, who is introduced as a rather creepy character and whose relevance to the central narrative becomes apparent as we get deeper into the tale.In truth it is a well told story with several good twists and a decent cast of characters It held my attention to a gripping de...

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    A mother and her child on holidays in Spain A young man in the same holiday resort, a terrible incident and misunderstanding that will tear two families apart. Catherine Ravenscroft has a seemingly happy life Married to Robert, with a young adult son and a successful film maker, she is content with how things are going But when Catherine discovers an unfamiliar book at her bedside entitled, The Perfect Stranger she is shocked by what is written The book will force her to relive an unspeakable moment in her life from 20 years ago that she hoped would be forgotten forever Catherine is desperate to find out not only how the book came into being in her house but also who wrote about something that supposedly only she and one other person who is now dead knew about.On the other side of the coin, we have Stephen Brigstocke who has had his world destroyed after the death of his young son Johnathon and wife, Nancy After going through her belongings he will come across a manuscript that detail s a secret from a women he has never met, Catherine Worse will come when he finds pictures taken by his son that will connect the two families and convince Stephen that his sons passing is because of this women What will follow is a roller coaster ride...

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