To the Limit Bodyguard #2 PDF Ø Limit Bodyguard

To the Limit Bodyguard #2 PDF Ø Limit Bodyguard

To the Limit Bodyguard #2 [PDF] ✅ To the Limit Bodyguard #2 ✈ Cindy Gerard – When former Secret Service agent Eve Garrett gets a late night call from Tiffany Clayborne saying Eve please come and get me she books over to the bar Tiffany says she's at She met the girl when she w Limit Bodyguard PDF/EPUB ì When former Secret Service agent Eve Garrett gets a late night call from Tiffany Clayborne saying Eve please come and get me she books over to the bar Tiffany says she's at She met the girl when she was still an agent Tiffany was her first assignment and she developed a big sister attachment to the kid To the Kindle - that continues to this day However when Eve gets to the bar she sees some suspicious activity in a dark alley and her gut tells her that Tiffany is involved When she goes after her she's knocked out and when she comes to Tiffany is gone Eve believes that Tiffany is in danger But when she goes to the Limit Bodyguard PDF ✓ Tiffany's father he doesn't want Eve anywhere near Tiffany After all she was in charge the last time Tiffany got hurt Eve and Tiffany have put that incident behind them Her father has not He plans to hire his own private detective to check into this Eve doesn't trust Tiffany's safety to anyone else and decides to hunt for her on her own However during her search in Miami Florida she runs into Clayborne's detective her old flame Mac who loved her and left her He's the last person she wants to see especially on this case However when several attempts are made on Eve's life Mac decides that they should stick together And the closer they get to Tiffany the deadly secrets unfold and the the danger rises.

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  1. Blacky *Romance Addict* Blacky *Romance Addict* says:

    I am addicted to Cindy Gerrard And I just want to continue reading all her booksSo here's a gif review Yeah it sucks but that's as far as I'm gonna goThis one is about Eve and she's the kick ass sister from EDEN SecurityAnd Mac a PI with a great sense of humor They have a history togetherWhen it was discovered what happened to Eve all those years agoThe main story about Tiffany My feelings for Tiffany and all that was happening to herUNTIL she met Billie kinda liked them bothThe action and suspense part of the bookThe bad guy was just a little weird for meThe endingBUT there are some things I didn't likeI kept waiting for her to tell him Tell him what happened It could have been dramatic and emotional and all but NO Just went past it to get it over with It was supposed to be like thisBut it turned out like thisAnd one other thing Why does her every book end with a marriage proposal?Why couldn't they just be happy and together? Why marriage all of the sudden and yes it is all of the sudden because they were together like a week or so facepalmAnyway Ethan is in the next book can't wait

  2. Eastofoz Eastofoz says:

    As far as regular mass market romantic suspense books go this is pretty good but as with most mass market romantic suspense the author unfortunately shirks on the romance and focuses too much on the suspense There was so much potential to make this into a really strong love story but it just never gets there and the love story is almost secondaryBook 2 in Gerard’s Bodyguards series focuses on the sister Eve Garret She gets a disturbing message from a young woman she used to be a bodyguard for and decides to see what’s up As the mystery unravels she realizes that someone is out to kill her too but she doesn’t know why While trying to track down Tiffany she meets up with PI Mac who was her first love in high school but it ended very badly the wham bam thank you ma’am kind and now the sparks fly Mac tries to play it like Mr Cool but mature when he meets her and Eve gives him the icy cold shoulder Mac is a great hero He’s the strong jock type who’s really a sensitive soul when you cut through the macho crap and slowly he lets Eve see that Eve wants everyone to see her as a tough as nails I can get by on my own kind of woman and she is but she wants someone to share her life withThe tension build up between the two is well done especially when Mac calls her cupcake just to get her riled –he does a lot of that throughout the book and deep down she loves it even if she’d have some zingers of a comeback lined up to shut him up The love hate pull between the two of them lasted for a good portion of the book There’s some of that “I’ll protect you no matter what” on Mac’s part which heightened the romance aspect too Unfortunately there was only one good steam scene and the rest are all fade black Hate when authors do that and it’s pretty common in RSAs for the suspense it’s ok if too predictable Spoiled rich girl Tiffany comes from a loveless family stuck with bad people because she’s strung out on drugs they keep plying her with the drugs and take her money while prancing around the States When the psycho killer was revealed I was surprised but it was a somewhat convoluted and unbelievable when a drive by would’ve been so much easier to get their revengeOne thing that wasn’t well developed was Eve’s big secret from high school after her one night with Mac It was built up as something very hush hush and you figure that this will be a big moment between her and Mac but it really fizzled into a few lines of back story narration as if the author was getting close to her word count max so she let that drop The heart to heart never happened A bit sloppy there stringing the reader along like that As for the ending it was way too corny for my likingOverall I really liked the hero the story itself was alright the heroine was good too but it was just missing something in the romance to give it a 5

  3. jenjn79 jenjn79 says:

    I had a hard time getting into this book It wasn't until about halfway through that I was into it enough to want to keep reading I didn't necessarily think it was bad it just didn't trip my switchesSeries noteI wouldn't necessarily say this series so far needs to be read in order but there are probably benefits from doing soSummaryEve Garrett co partner in her family's security business EDEN receives a mysterious message one night from her young friend Tiffany saying the girl is in trouble But when Eve goes to help her she almost gets killed instead Suddenly not only is Tiffany apparently in trouble but someone wants Eve dead as well As she starts to investigate Eve runs into Tyler Mac McClain a guy she had a one night stand with in high school He promised to call the next daybut never did and Eve has let the anger fester for all these yearsWhen Mac sees Eve again he's struck by the woman she's become and by regret over how he treated her in high school He uickly realizes though that it will take a lot to get past the walls she's put up Thankfully he'll have plenty of time to work on it as the two race sometimes separately sometimes together to find Tiffany and avoid whoever wants Eve deadReviewFrom pretty early on this book kinda bored me with the constant antagonism between Mac and Eve I like some angst in my romance but 200 pages of these two battling back and forth got on my nerves I got tired of reading Eve's snarky comments about Mac Grant it what he did to her was wrong but it was 14 years ago He was a dumb guy doing what dumb guys tended to do at that age I just thought she was rather judgmental about himWhich made the romance rather flat for me It had some serious heat when it finally progressed to that part but I felt like something was missing from the emotional connection between the two Like the just needed to seriously clear the air between them And one thing that really bugged me was how Eve's miscarriage after their one night stand in high school was treated It's a big secret she's keeping and at the end all there is is a one paragraph summary saying that night she told him about the baby and they cried together Lame That issue deserved a lot spaceThe storyline was okay I thought it flowed pretty well and the suspense was good There are definitely some dark elements to certain parts of the story the club Oracle thing I wasn't entirely into the whole spoiled rich girl Tiffany thing but I ended up liking the poor girl SoI didn't think this book was as good as the first but I didn't mind it It was mostly a character thing that bugged me I still plan to read of this seriesWARNING this book contains the near gang rape of a supporting character

  4. Quinn Quinn says:

    Thankfully I liked this the second book in Cindy Gerard’s Bodyguard series better than the first It didn’t have any of the cheesy moments that stuck out in To the Edge and there was definitely a lot going on with plenty of twists and turnsResponding to a frantic call from her estranged friend Tiffany Eve Garret sister of Nolan from To the Edge finds herself on the wrong end of a violent attack being told that she is dead but just doesn’t know it yetVery soon after she discovers that Tiffany is in fact missing and Eve instinctively knows something is very wrong While looking for clues into Tiffany’s possible whereabouts Eve crosses paths with Tyler “Mac” McClain the man to whom she lost her virginity 14 years ago who has been hired to find TiffanyTo say that Eve and Mac’s encounter 14 years ago ended badly would be an understatement so it is no surprise that Eve wants nothing to do with Mac now But the threats and attempts on Eve’s life keep coming and Eve has a strange suspicion that they could somehow be connected to Tiffany’s disappearanceEve can look after herself but Tiffany’s safety must come before Eve’s own agenda so she begrudgingly finds herself with Mac on a race across the country and against the clockI was prepared not to like Mac after what he did to Eve when she was 18 I remember being 18 and being told by a guy that he loves you before taking your virginity then being told that he’ll call you tomorrow never to be seen or heard from him again would be pretty devastating But I also remember 18 year old boys and Mac’s behavior while not acceptable was hardly uniueThere was to this sad little tale and the author made much of the secret Eve was keeping from Mac I was pretty disappointed in Gerard for making so much out of it and then blocking the reader from sharing the big reveal A brief sentence saying ”Later that night Eve told him about ” and providing no insight into the discussion was pretty poor formApart from that I really enjoyed Eve and Mac’s rediscovery of each other and watching Eve go from animosity to curiosity to acceptance of the attraction Mac was definitely a likeable character complex tough and human and I appreciated that the author was realistic in her portrayal of his attitude to the encounter 18 years ago There was some great banter between these twoThe suspense plot was pretty good in this one with plenty of changes in location and some pretty nasty characters keeping it moving and keeping it interesting Some nice twists and turns and well developed secondary characters also added textureOf course if there can be one complaint when the suspense element is so strong it is that the romance element often suffers and there were significantly pages devoted to the suspense plot that the romanceI find Ethan to be the most interesting in the Garret family so I’m really looking forward to his book up next in To the Brink

  5. Buggy Buggy says:

    Opening Line Dark she could do Eve Garrett thought as she sat by the curb her Mazda motor runningEve Garrett has never forgotten her first love Tyler “Mac” McCain the arrogant boy who seduced and then abandoned her all those years ago Now a member of her family’s security business EDEN this former FBI agent is on the hunt for the missing teenage daughter of Florida’s most reclusive billionaire A frantic message from the missing party girl takes Eve to a midnight rendezvous where she’s attacked and left for deadThe attack leaves Eve determined then ever to find Tiffany and even though she’s officially been taken off the case Eve sets out for Key West where surprise surprise she runs into Mac now a PI who’s also trying to find “Tiff” At first Eve refuses to share any information with Mac but after a couple of attempts on her life and because he keeps turning up at every new lead she realizes that they’ll have a better chance finding the girl working together rather then against each other Besides he’s changed and Eve doesn’t think she can fight her attraction to this new improved Mac any longer The search takes our couple who remain two steps behind from Florida to New York into Las Vegas and finally small town ArizonaI loved the chase aspect of this story; following leads and travelling to different cities and Mac was a fun and sexy character He was also a real guy with a bum knee and limitations not one of these black op superheroes we see so often in romantic suspense I never uite warmed up to Eve though and for the most part found her annoying Their trip to the bondage sex club was just weird reminding me of Lora Leigh without the graphics although in saying that the ride home in the limo afterwards and the leather cod piece was pretty funny I also liked the peeks we got into Tiffany’s head and grew and sympathetic towards her as the story went on I have to say that at times this story stalled because there was so much introspective dialogue going on Every single thought or action seemed to get analyzed for at least half a page when I just wanted them to get on with it The romance itself never really grabbed me either as delightful as Mac was the connection just seemed to be missing This is book 2 from Cindy Gerard’s Bodyguard series and a pretty good romantic suspense although I still prefer her BOI’s Cheers

  6. Mojca Mojca says:

    After a so so start I really hoped this series would pick up pace especially since the blurb promised a kick ass heroine Well Eve was kick ass but she was also annoying as hellI hate it when authors cannot create some exciting tension between the leads without resorting to the almost nonexistent for so much use and cheep ploy as the big misunderstanding And I hate it even when they let that misunderstanding fester and fester and go on ad infinitum gobbling up the rest of the storyBecause the big misunderstanding used in this instance was so overdone it was pitiful Do you really expect me to believe a strong resilient self made ex Secret Service woman would hold a grudge for fourteen years against the man who took her virginity and then never called her again? It's been only ten years for me and if I met the guy on the street I wouldn't even recognize him But that's real life for you In real life I don't even remember his name he was Dutch I think And even that's pretty much TMI for those reading this reviewAs I said that's what happens in real life In Romancelandia I'd have a voodoo doll stashed in my apartment full of needles wishing the pox on the poor soulI loved the hero though He was uirky funny truly a triple A and probably something along the lines of faccia da schiaffi as the Italians would put it But I loved him to bits Pity he got the annoying end of the stick in the heroine departmentAgain kudos for the mystery though the reader is again left without the pertinent clues and the big reveal comes with a huge huh factor And the Tiffany scenes were redundant if you ask me put in to stretch the almost nonexistent plot for a couple pagesA disappointing excuse for a book if you ask me

  7. Lauren Lauren says:

    To The Limit3 StarsEve Garrett is dragged back into the case that destroyed her career as a Secret Service Agent when Tiffany Clayborne the daughter of an eccentric billionaire disappears without a trace Determined to find the girl Eve faces three distinct problems a Tiffany is a well known party girl skilled at getting herself into trouble b someone is stalking Eve and c PI Tyler Mac McCain a blast from her past is also on Tiffany's trail Can Eve stay alive long enough to save her protectee?Unfortunately the second installment in Gerard's Bodyguards series does not live up to its potential The suspense plot is a confusing mix of disjointed points and the romance is weak and prosaic Eve is supposedly a highly trained and intelligent agent but is constantly caught off guard It is only sheer dumb luck that saves her on multiple occasions Mac isn't much better as his past behavior and current attitude toward Eve portray him as a sexist jerk interested in her physical attributes than her professional skills Instead of pooling resources Mac and Eve take the competitive approach to working the case This is counterproductive not only in terms of the investigation but also to the romance as the lovehate relationship does not develop in a believable manner and the eventual I love yous are unrealistic The mystery is unnecessarily convoluted with a mish mash of threads that ultimately converge but not in a cohesive or unified way Some of the villains are creepy yet inept while others are certainly dangerous but fail to ratchet up the tensions due to a lack of characterization The climax and resolution are formulaic and the explanation has no foundation within the storyline All in all a disappointing read due to the annoying couple and uninspired plot Hopefully the next installment will be better

  8. Rashika (is tired) Rashika (is tired) says:

    LOLNever againMY EYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSWhat a mess people falling in love within a week thinking about marriage in that same time span stupid alpha males they gotta be done right and this book failed the chick falling in love again with a guy who she had a crush on in high school who basically took her virginity and ran off a grown man thinking the best sex of his life before he went at it with the same chick as an adult was when he was 18 that bothers me I am not sure how most people will feel about it The same goes for the girl Again she was a virgin A girl whose been emotionally abused finding love out of nowhere Dude at least let her trust people again before making her magically fall in love with one of the dudes who in a round about way was one of her kidnappers I DONT FUCKING CARE THAT HE NEVER INDULGED IN THE ACTUAL ABUSE HE WITNESSED IT AND DID NOTHING and basically 'did not understand why she would do that to herself' Fuck you man Bad mystery Bad everythingBasically if you're even contemplating reading this read it for the laughs not because you're actually going to get something out of it

  9. Dee Dee says:

    Wasn't sure about Mac in the beginning he came across as a bit of a bum but I soon warmed to him and learnt that he was a loveable rogue and although he wasn't written as the Typical Alpha male he was definately a sexy oneI liked Eve as she was a down to earth woman who had been hurt by men including Mac in the past and found it hard to trust men They were definately well suited and I was glad to see them get their HEA

  10. Glamdring Glamdring says:

    Though the plot was predictable than in To the Edge this was a fast paced and action packed story Here again I really loved Eve and Mac the secondary characters were great and the attraction between Eve and Mac was hot But what I enjoyed the most in this story is that even though she had many occasion to act TSTL Eve was never reckless or stupid I also liked how Cindy Gerard described Mac and Ali’s relationship Poor Mac I hurt for him

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