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London Calling Read London Calling Author Sarah Buhrman Natus Join Quill Ink In A Multi Genre Exploration Of London Within These Pages, We Fall In Love, Go Back In Time, Sit On The Edge Of Our Seats With Sweaty Palms And Racing Hearts, And Even Solve Some Mysteries All In Support Of LitWorld, A Charity Tackling Worldwide Illiteracy Please Note That Some Of These Stories Contain Adult Content.FeaturingSlings Arrows By Sarah BuhrmanRing Me By C.L CannonPostcards From London By Rebekah DodsonRipping The Sheets By Shakyra DunnMistaken Identity By Stacey JohnstonMy Partner, The Brit By Jessika KlideThe Cave By Claire LaliqueDestination Wedding By Lily Ryan

  • Kindle Edition
  • London Calling
  • Sarah Buhrman
  • English
  • 02 September 2017

About the Author: Sarah Buhrman

Sarah is an AuthorGoddess, one who embraces the divine honor of creating worlds with words in the hope of inspiring others Sarah has been writing for than 25 years, starting with poetry before moving on to non fiction and fiction She lives in the Midwest with two monsters the kids , an ogre the hubby , and whatever drama llama is coming to visit this week.Sarah is the author of the Runesp

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    London Calling A Quill and ink anthology a thrilling read filled with great reads There are lots of great stories in this collection, there were several that I thought deserved a mention but due to time constraints a mild concussion and being very tired after a shopping trip to London while reading this means I only had time to write up my favourite one, My Partner the Brit by Jessika Klide.I loved this story, I don t know if it was that I was already aware of them from the Siri saga or what but I loved how we got to see Dirk and Piper meet and we get to see them becoming the people that they are We get to see behind the facade that Dirk puts on and his story is one that will have you alternating between punching him and pulling him close Giving him a depth I didn t think possible in such a sh...

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    My Partner The Brit by Jessika KlideThis was so fun,I loved the characters and their attitude was so carefree.Piper was such a fun loving woman and meeting Dirk Sam by the way I love the names was instant attraction and they were so good together until information is found out w...

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    Fantastic collection of books, from a wide range of talented author s My favourite was My partner the brit, a quick and hot read, about Piper and Dirks first meeting Great read

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    I haven t read them all, just My Partner The Brit.Heartache to love and back to heartache and finishing in love Dirk is just a teenager when his world is turned upside down He d signed up to join the army when he was 16 A sequence of events lead him to London to find his father and he finds so much In a short period of time he meets his father, the love of his life and leaves it all behind.Years ...

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    Review is for My Partner, The Brit by Jessika KlideI voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book This was a short and sweet book It was fantastic.Dirk s goes to London to confront the man his mom named as his dad He ends up at a pub and meets the sexy bartender Piper They spend an amazing w...

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    This was a good mix of genres of different short stories Mysteries, supernatural, time travel, romance, and dystopian They are all set in London in different time periods I especially enjoyed the last story very sexy and heartwarming A great anthology of short stories.

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    My Partner the Brit was a great short read Dirk Sam is set to find his father he never knew but finds so much Dirk Sam meets Piper and it is an instalove It takes him a few years to get back to her but is worth it in the end.

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    Every story within this Anthology was amazing I enjoyed each and every one My favourite reads I have reviewed below Mistaken identity review Stacey Johnston This read had me on the edge of my seat, not knowing which way the story would go It had twists I wasn t sure which way they would go and I love that edge in a book Olivia was kidnaped by a deranged sleazy deranged man who preyed upon young innocent girls and abused his nephew Eric when he should have loved and cared for him after his parents tragic death years earlier.Olivia and Eric are in for the fight of their lives when they decide to escape Kenneth s house that has kept them both hostage for entirely different reasons.I loved this novella it had the suspense factor that kept me guessing what way the story would go making my heart rate spike in sections of the story Will they make it out Freedom is just outside the door 5 stars My partner the Brit review Jessika Klide Dirk and piper reviewAwesome read This novella had it all, it...

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    London Calling A Quill and ink anthology has quite a few great reads So many great reads in one book I think my fave was My Partner the Brit. by Jessika Klide This was such a fun and fast read. it is probably my fave from this author. I have read quite a few of her other books. I loved Piper and Dirk s story Dirk is on a mission to find the man his mom had claimed was his father. in doing so he meets Piper. They spend w...

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    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.This is a nIfty collection of novellas set in London and covering a range of genres Because of this, how much any reader will enjoy any given story will depend on how well the reader likes that particular genre Personally, I tend to like Urban Fantasy and Paranormal stories best, so I was impressed with how much I liked some of the othersMy favorite novella was the first one Sticks and Stones by Sarah Buhrman, which happens to be set in the same world as a series of hers I ve been reading called The Runespells and which I whole heartedly recommend if you enjoy urban fantasy The first book is Too Wyrd if you re interested While the story in this collection is set in that world, however, the urban fantasy elements are almost negligible and you don t really need to know anything from the other books to understand and enjoy what s happening here The characters are well developed and the heroes are relatable The action is tense and written clearly enough to follow what s happening I also really liked the sweet BBW romance, Postcards From London which is the next story It s short, but I liked the characters and how well we got to know them and see them grow even in such a compact tale Rippling the Sheets is a bit of a thriller I found the story interesting, but a bit confusing at times Because ...

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