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The Dead of Night (Piper Blackwell #2) Free The Dead Of Night Piper Blackwell 2 By Jean Rabe Bandcamptomp3.co.uk In Spencer County S History, Mysteries Are Numerous And LethalAs Sheriff Piper Blackwell Rushes To A Clandestine Meeting With An Aging, Paranoid Veteran Who Believes Spies Are Trailing His Every Move, She Is Caught In A Fierce Thunderstorm Pounding Rain Drums Against The Bluff, Washing Away The Earth And Revealing A Grisly Secret Someone Tried To Bury A Long Time Ago Putting A Name To The Skeleton On The Bluff, And Searching For The Thief Who Robbed The Old Veteran Of His Life S Earnings, Sends Piper Delving Into The Sleepy Towns That Dot Her Rural County Now She S Digging Into Pasts Perhaps Best Left Alone Accompanied By Chief Deputy Oren Rosenberg, Piper Seeks To Expose A Truth Someone Wants To Remain Forever Hidden The Investigation May Have Started With A Thunderstorm, But Piper Aims To Finish It And Find Justice Uncovering Fragments Of Spencer County S History Could Prove Dangerous And Deadlier Than She Ever Expected.

About the Author: Jean Rabe

When I am not writing, I toss tennis balls to my cadre of dogs My house is filled with books and dogs, you can smell both when you walk in the front door It s a good smell.I have 36 published novels and am currently writing in the mystery genre My latest mystery, The Dead of Winter, was a finalist for the Clay Award and is the first in the Piper Blackwell series.I live in a tiny town in the

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    In this heart pounding thriller, Sheriff Piper Blackwell and Chief Deputy Oren Rosenberg seeks to expose a truth someone wants to remain forever hidden There are several twists ands turns in this book I loved what I found in these pages ...

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    One of the most difficult things an author ever does is try and bring his or her second volume in a series up to the level of the first Jean Rabe has done just that in her encore appearance of Piper Blackwell, 23 year old sheriff of a tiny town in the upper Midwest The author s deep acquaintance with such small towns is evident, and her studies of police procedure make what happens in the department believable Her characters are well drawn some of them, such as the woman who serves as switchboard on the second shift, are quirky and fun Tensions in the town rise when proof of a serial killer is discovered Tensions are also rising in the police department betwe...

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    Fantastic, even better than the first Piper is growing, she shows her heart and soul in what can be a tough, gritty job Great characters and plenty of details The research shows Everything is tied up nicely, with one of the crimes having an interesting link from past to present Can t wai...

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    Piper Blackwell is dealing with multiple crimes, once again After a serial killer is dumped in her lap on her first day as Spencer Co Indiana sheriff, she now stumbles on literally half buried human bones that may be over 65 years old A late night meeting with an elderly veteran, Mark the Shark, who insists Piper investigate who is stealing his life savings, leads to the grisly discovery.Like that isn t enough, Gretchen, another senior citizen, is terrorizing mail boxes all over the county She is described as missing all the fries out of her Happy Meal In the middle of trying to stop the mailbox mauler, discover the identity of the decades old bones, and get Mark s money back, Piper starts receiving threats to stop her investigating and soon finds herself in imminent danger.Once again, Jean Rabe has written a page turning thriller Set in a small town, with all the small town problems, the characters capture the reader with their similarities and differences from all the real people who cross our lives Rabe has the knack to put the reader smack into every scene.Will Piper continue to serve the citizens of Spencer County, or return to the Army her career before she came home to help her dad Will she overcome criticism because she s still in her early twenties and lacks experience of her seasoned detectives You l...

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    Mark the Shark is a 90 years old veteran he is and thinks that he is being followed He calls Sheriff Piper Blackwell to stop whoever is after him At the same time recent storms have exposed a skeleton on the bluffs Clearly someone was killed but who were they and why were they killed Piper and Oran Rosenberg step up to figure out what is going on But someone wants the past to stay buried and will go to al lengths to keep it so Piper has recently been elected as sheriff and is in the middle of rearranging her staff when Mark calls about being robbed She is hoping that is all that is happening when she gets the news of the bodying being discovered From here it is a break neck pace as secrets are uncovered and someone tries to keep them hidden at any cost.This is a great story that will suck you in, keep you guessing with all the twist and turns, and will leave you shocked at the end I have not read the first book in thi...

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    I m not normally a cozy reader, but I love the Piper Blackwell series It s a bit darker than most cozies and instead of the cookie cutter format we find the unexpected.Rabe s storytelling keeps you locked in the book Though I don t really care for the main character, the rest of the town is full of old friends In this book, we meet Mark the Shark, who is probab...

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    Good Will read of the series

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    Another enjoyable reasLove the Piper Blackwell series hope there are many in the future Love watching her grow into her role.

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    I didn t read the first one, but I dove into this one straight away This book had atmosphere to it, and it had some great writing as well The characters all felt true to life in some ways They weren t perfect by any means, but that made it better I also liked that the mystery was interesting While it...

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