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The Adventures of a Revolutionary Soldier The Horrors Of Battle Then Presented Themselves To My Mind In All Their Hideousness I Must Come To It Now, Thought I From A Sedate Life Upon His Grandfather S Farm, Unconcerned With The Brewing Revolution Engulfing The Great United States, Martin Could Never Have Supposed Where Fate May Lead Him Venture My Carcass Where Bullets Fly That Will Never Do For Me However, Anxious Patriotism And An Urge For Adventure Quelled His Misgivings And Before Long Martin Was Marching Into A Land Littered With Bodies To Face The Fire And Sword Of The Mighty British Army In The Years That Followed Martin Was On The Frontline At Some Of The Most Climactic Battles Of The Revolution And Here He Provides A Lucid And Engaging Account Of His Adventures, Dangers And Sufferings During These Campaigns, Not From The Lofty View Of An Officer, But From The Personal And Humble Eyes Of One Of The Lowest Stations In An Army A Private Soldier From His Own Stories, The Words Of His Companions, The Poems, Prose And Proverbs Which Engendered The Revolutionary Fever Of The Time, Martin Paints One Of The Clearest Pictures Of The Founding Era Of Modern America, And One Of The Most Intimate Portrayals Of Life As A Soldier Some Anecdotes Are Humourous, Some Tales Are Brutal, Yet All Of These Observations Are Widespread And Crafted With Wit, Detail And Honesty Joseph Plumb Martin November , May Born In Massachusetts, Was A Soldier In The Continental Army During The American Revolutionary War Martin Participated In The Battle Of Brooklyn, The Battle Of White Plains, The Siege On Fort Mifflin And The Battle Of Monmouth He Witnessed John Andre Being Escorted To His Execution And The Climactic Siege Of Yorktown Martin Was Discharged In He Subsequently Taught In New York For A Year Before Settling In Maine, Becoming One Of The Founders Of The Town Of Prospect In , A Platoon Of US Light Infantry Marching Though Prospect Stopped Outside Of His House And Fired A Salute In Honour Of The Revolutionary War Hero Joseph Martin Died On May At The Age Of

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    Private Joseph Plumb Martin s narrative of his exploits and experiences during the American Revolution represents one of the rare first hand accounts of the war His eloquence and countrified style bring forth a true and genuine feeling for his trials and tribulations through almost the full length of the war His anecdotes and comments are gems If only private soldiers of the Revolution recorded their experiences as Martin had, our understanding and insights into the American Revolution would be so much complete I loved this book.

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